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Families covered: Scott of Ancrum, Scott of Balwearie (Balweary), Scott of Brotherton, Scott of Craig, Scott of Craigintinnie, Scott of Dunninald, Scott of Kirkstyle, Scott of Logie, Scott of Rossie, Scott of Usan

Sir William Scott of Balvey, (10th) of Balwearie or Balweary (a 1548)
m. Helen Lauder (dau of Sir William Lauder of Hatton)
1. Michael Scott (dvp unm)
2. Sir William Scott of Balwearie (a 1568)
  m. Janet Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay of Dowhill)
A. Sir James Scott of Balwearie (d 1606)
  m. (mcrt 23.06.1583) Elizabeth Wardlaw (dau of Sir Andrew Wardlaw of Torrie)
  i. William Scott of Balwearie (d 19.09.1622)
  BP1934 does not identify William's wife but BLG1969 suggests that she was Elizabeth Graham daughter of the 4th Earl of Montrose. Whilst prepared to accept that her name was Elizabeth Graham, we doubt that she was a daughter of the Earl (and hence sister of The Great Montrose) for that family was well documented and she is not mentioned by TSP (Montrose). We are more sympathetic to the idea, identified by 'History of the Camerons' (Alexander Mackenzie, p310), that she, mother of Alexander, was ...
  m. Jean Elizabeth Graham (dau of John, 3rd Earl of Montrose, by Jean Drummond)
  a. Walter Scott of Balwearie (dsp unm, Colonel)
(1) BP1934 reports that William's "only son, Col. Walter Scott of Balweary, dsp." It makes no mention of the additional children who are (according to a web site which has since been renamed or withdrawn and so is no longer accessible) reported in 'Scotts of Balwearie' by Carol Clark Johnson. The web site reported that William, a Captain, served in Holland and had the following additional children: Jan, William & Janet. Jan Scott (or Schott) lived in Holland and is reported to have had (by his first wife, Marijckie Jans) a son William Jansen Schutt (d after 04.1706) who married Margaret Grietji Jacobs in 1663 and had issue who lived in America. We have not seen the book but, noting that BP1934 was specific that William had only one son, are doubtful as to the security of this connection - particularly since a contributor, CW (09.10.06), kindly contacted us and reported that the book provides no evidence to support this claim.
(2) As mentioned above, 'History of the Camerons' suggests that William & Jean Elizabeth were parents of ...
  b. Alexander Scott (minister of Melrose)
  (1) Elizabeth Scott
  m. John Luckly or Lucklow (Bailie of Coupar, Fife)
  (A) Elizabeth Luckly
  m. (01.1701) John Cameron (b c1654, d 06.1719, minister of Kincardine)
  ii. James Scott, 1st of Logie
  Although BP1934 & Commoners show James as of this generation, we suspect that he was 2 generations earlier (or possibly 1 generation earlier, being a cousin of the Sir James who d 1606 rather than his son) for that would make the dates more consistent with each other. However, provisionally we keep to following those sources in case it is the dates which are wrong.
  m. Katherine Criek (dau of _ Criek of Criek)
a. James Scott, 2nd of Logie, Provost of Montrose (b 1593, a 1643)
  m1. Margaret Ramsay of Balmain
  (1) James Scott, 3rd of Logie (b 1619)
  m. Margaret Leighton (dau of _ Leighton, Provost of Montrose)
  (A) James Scott of Logie
m. (1670) Agnes Falconer (dau of Sir Alexander Falconer, Bart of Glenfarquhar)
  (i) James Scott of Logie (b 1671)
  m. Isabella Bannerman (dau of Sir Alexander Bannerman, Bart of Elsick)
  (a) James Scott of Logie (dsp 1769)
  (b) John Scott of Logie (d unm, 3rd son)
  (c) Margaret Scott
  m. Alexander Mill of Hatton
  ((1)) Robert Mill of Hatton, later Scott of Logie who married ...
  m. (c1781) Mary Ann Ochterlony (dau of James Ouchterluny of Muirhouse)
  (d) Isabella Scott
m. (George) Douglass of Whiteriggs
  (e) Helen Scott
  m1. Robert Mill of Balwyle
  m2. Alexander Turnbull
  (f)+ other issue - Alexander (d unm), Katharine, Mary, Elizabeth
  (ii) Alexander Scott of Baldwie (b 1672, d c1702)
  m. Eliza(beth) Oughterlony
  (a) John Scott (b 01.08.1704, 4th son)
  m. Margaret Wood (b 22.11.1701)
  ((1)) Alexander Scott (b 1735, d Montreal 05.04.1778, Captain)
  m. (176) J. Straton of Lauriston
  ((A))+ issue - John (b c1772, d 06.05.1801), Jessie
  ((2)) William Scott (b 23.06.1736, Captain RN)
  m. (20.06.1779) Janet Scott (b c1751, d 30.12.1832, dau of Robert Scott of Dunninald by Anne, dau of George Middleton of Seaton)
  ((A)) William Scott (b 19.12.1780, d 14/5.03.1809)
  m. (25.04.1807) Emily Evans (d 14/5.03.1809, dau of Thomas Evans)
  ((B)) David Scott (b 10.10.1790) had issue
  m. (02.06.1825) Mary Anne Crawford (dau of William Crawford of Dorking)
  ((C)) Louisa Scott (d 20.02.1794)
  ((D)) Alexa Scott
  m. (01.04.1810) Rev. John Dodgson
  ((3)) Margaret Scott (dsp 1804)
  m. John Laing of Bankhead
  (b) Eliza Scott
  m. William Duncan (Lt.)
  (c) Katharine Scott
  m. Patrick Renny
(d)+ 3 sons (dsp)
  (iii)+ other issue - David of Balhall (b 1673), 4 daughters
  (B) Jean Scott
  m. _ Durham of Grange
  (C) Mary Scott
  m. _ Millne, Provost
(D) Katharine Scott (bur 10.11.1727)
  m. David Oughterlony
  m2. Jean Tailyour of Borrowfield
  (2) Robert Scott of Benholme (b 1620, a 1692) had issue
  m. (25.07.1658) Catherine Elliot (dau of Patrick Elliot of Cramond)
  (3) Hercules Scott (b 1621, d 04.1671)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 (Scott of Brotherton).
  m. Jane Ogilvie (dau of Sir James Ogilvie of New Grange)
  (A) Hercules Scott of Brotherton (b 1659, d 1747)
  m. (1707) Helen Ramsay (dau of Sir Charles Ramsay, Bart of Balmain)
  (i) James Scott of Brotherton (b 1719, dsp 1804)
  (ii) David Scott of Nether Brotherton (b 1725, d 1797)
  m. (1774) Wallace Scott (dau of Archibald Scott of Rossi)
  (a) Hercules Scott of Brotherton (b 1775, d Fort Erie 1814, Colonel)
  (b) James Scott of Brotherton (b 1776, d 22.09.1844)
  (c) Archibald Scott of Stone o'Morphie and Trunkwell (b 1779, d 1834, captain) had issue
  m. (1824) Anna Maria Tulloh (dau of Robert Tulloch of Elliston)
  (d) David Scott of Brotherton (b 16.06.1782, d 18.12.1859) had issue
  m. (15.02.1813) Mary Seddon (d 26.01.1866, dau of William Seddon of Acres Barn)
(iii) Elizabeth Scott
  m. James Mill of Old Montrose
  (iv)+ other issue - Jean, Margaret, Helen, Mary, Katharine
  (B)+ other issue - James of Comieston (General), 5 daughters
  (4) Patrick Scott of Rossie and Craig (b 1623, d 1690)
  m. _ Beattie (dau of David Beattie, Provost of Montrose)
  (A) Patrick Scott of Rossie and Craig, later also of Dunninald and Usan (d 1731)
  m. Margaret Hope (dau of Sir Archibald Hope of Rankeillor, Lord of Session)
  (i) Archibald Scott of Rossie and Craig (d 09.07.1773) ancestor of Scott of Montrose
  (a) Patrick Scott of Rossie and Craig
(b)+ other issue - Hugh, Hope, Mary, Margaret
  (ii) Patrick Scott of Dunninald (b 1705, d 12.1780)
  m. (1740) Anne Middleton (dau of Brig.Gen. John Middleton of Seaton)
  (a) Archibald Scott of Usan (d 20.12.1795)
  m1. Elizabeth Renny, heiress of Usan (d 03.12.1761, granddau of Patrick Renny)
  ((1)) Mary Scott (bpt 05.05.1758)
  m. John Graham of Eskbank
  ((2)) Elizabeth Scott (bpt 11.09.1760)
  m2. (14.07.1774) Margaret Chalmers (dau of Rev. John Chalmers of Sclattie)
  ((3)) Robert Scott (b 25.07.1777, d 1844)
  m. Eliza Scott
  ((A)) Robert Scott (b 1801)
  ((4)) David Scott of Usan (b 14.05.1786, d 20.08.1831, judge in India) had issue
  m. (1812) Charlotte Scott
((5)) Isabella Scott (b 02.06.1775, d 04.03.1816)
  m. Robert Scott (Captain)
  ((6)) Anne Scott (b 15.07.1779)
  (b) David Scott of Dunninald (b 1746, d 04.10.1805)
  m. Louisa Delagard (d 23.03.1803, dau of William Delagard)
  ((1)) Sir David Scott of Dunninald, 2nd Bart (b 25.07.1782, d 18.06.1851) had issue
  David inherited a baronetcy from Sir James Sibbald, 1st Bart of Sillwood Park (dsp 17.09.1819), husband of his aunt Elizabeth Delagard.
  m. (28.03.1807) Caroline Grindall (d 25.01.1870, dau of Benjamin Grindall)
  ((2)) Diana Scott
m. (23.06.1800) Sir Josias Henry Stracey, Bart
  ((3)) Louisa Scott
  m. (James) Salmond of Waterfoot (d 1805, Major General)
  ((4)) Amelia Sibbald Scott (d unm 09.05.1829)
  (c) Diana Scott (b 1740-1, d 24.02.1825)
  m. (05.05.1770) Alexander Schank of Castlerig
  (B) James Scott of Usan
  m. Ann Scott of Benholm
  (C) Robert Scott of Dunninald
  m. Catherine Fullarton of Kinnabar
  (D) Jean Scott
  m. Alexander Arbuthnot of Knox
  (5) John Scott of Commieston had issue
  (A) James Scott of Commieston (General)
  m. Margaret Wallace
(6) daughter
  m. _ Tailyour of Barrowfield
  (7) daughter
  m. _ Napier of Harvieston
  (8) daughter
  m. _ Rait, Provost of Montrose
  (9) daughter
  m. Sir James Ogilvie of New Grange
  iii. Janet Scott
  m. Sir John Boswell of Balmuto (d before 1640)
  B. Margaret Scott
  m. (mcrt 1584) John Melville, 6th of Raith (b c1563, d 01.1626)
  C. Barbara Scott (d 17.02.1606)
  m. Thomas Fothringham of Pourie (d c1609)
  D.+ other issue - Robert, George, Agnes



Andrew Scott of Glendoick and Kirkstyle
1. Alexander Scott of Kirkstyle
  m. Margaret Ogilvie (dau of Sir Patrick Ogilvie of Inchmartin)
  A. George Scott of Kirkstyle
  m. Catherine Montcrief (dau of Hugh Montcrief of Rind)
i. Patrick Scott of Kirkstyle then Ancrum
  m1. Elizabeth Simson (dau of _ Simson of Monturpie)
  a. Sir John Scott of Kirkstyle, 1st Bart of Ancrum (d 1712)
  m1. Elizabeth Scott (dau of Francis Scott of Mangerton, natural son of 1st Earl of Buccleuch)
  (1) Sir Patrick Scott, 2nd Bart of Ancrum (d 1734)
  m1. (sps) Anne Wallace (dau of William Wallace of Helington)
  m2. (mcrt 24.11.1680) Margaret Scott (dau of Sir William Scott of Harden)
  (A) Sir John Scott, 3rd Bart of Ancrum (d 21.02.1746)
  m. Christian Nisbett (dau of William Nisbett of Dirleton)
  (i) Sir William Scott, 4th Bart of Ancrum (dsp 16.06.1769)
  (ii) John Scott of Craigintinnie (bpt 05.1729)
  m. (12.1756) Margaret Lewis (dau of Chambres Lewis in Leith)
  (a) Sir John Scott of Craigintinnie, 5th Bart of Ancrum (b 1757, d 24.12.1814)
  m. (10.07.1794) Harriet Graham (dau of William Graham of Gartmore)
  ((1)) Sir William Scott, 6th Bart of Ancrum (b 26.07.1803, d 12.10.1871) had issue
m. (1828) Elizabeth Anderson (d 11.04.1878, dau of David Anderson of Balgay)
  ((2)) Harriet Scott
  m. George Oldmixon (Cmdr. RN)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Scott
  m. Col. _ de Fevelas
  ((4))+ other issue - Margaret, Lucy
  (ii) Christian Scott (bpt 10.1730, d 10.1788) probably the Christiana who married ...
m. William Smith of Kelso
  (a) Christiana Smith
  m. William Greenwood of Brookwood Park (d 1844)
  (iii)+ other issue - Patrick (dvp unm 28.09.1742), Walter (bpt 11.1733),
  (B) William Scott (dsp)
  m1. Ann Barton (dau of Capt. Benjamin Barton)
  m2. Elizabeth Ainslie (dau of William Ainslie of Blackhill)
(C) Christian Scott
  m. (c1699) John Pringle of Whitebank (b c1678, d 1703)
  (D) Elizabeth Scott
  m. (1702) George Douglas of Friarshaw (d 1753)
  (E) Jean Scott
  m1. David Muirhouse of Linhouse
  m2. James Gartshore
(F)+ other issue - Anna, Margaret (d unm 1768)
  (2) Charles Scott of Palace Hill
  m. Margaret Rutherford (sister of John Rutherford, '5th Lord')
  (A) John Scott of Belford
  m. Mariona Baillie (dau of A(lexander) Baillie of Ashiestiel) 'by Mary, dau of Bishop Wood of Edinburgh'
  (i) Agnes Scott
  m. (1752) Thomas Cockburn of Rowchester (d 1787)
  (ii) ?? Scott presumed of this family, of this generation
  (a) Henry Scott of Belford
  ((1)) Hannah Charlotte Scott (d 29.04.1850)
  m. (15.08.1822) Sir George Douglas, later Scott-Douglas, 3rd Bart of Springwood (b 18.07.1792, d 23.01.1836)
(B) daughter
  m. _ Sinclair (WS in Edinburgh)
  (C) daughter
  m. _ Ronalds
  (D) daughter
  m. Rev. James Rose of Udney
  (3) Elizabeth Scott (dsp)
  m. Sir William Eliott, 2nd Bart of Stobs (d 19.02.1699)
  (4) Anna Scott
  m1. William Scott, 2nd of Raeburn (d 06.08.1699)
  m2. (1702) John Scott of Sinton
  (5) Cecilia Scott
  m. William Ainslie of Blackhill
(6) Jean Scott
  m. John Murray of Bowhill
  (7) Elizabeth Scott
  m. John Erskine of Shielfield
  (8)+ other issue - John (had issue in New York), Andrew (dsps), William (dsps)
  m2. Elizabeth Bennet (dau of Sir WIlliam Bennet of Grubbet)
  (11) Margaret Scott
  m1. Thomas Scott of Whitslaid
  m2. Sir David Murray of Stenhope or Stanhope, Bart
  (12) Christian Scott
  m. (1711) Sir Thomas Calder, 2nd Bart of Muirtoune (b 1662)
  m3. (sp) Barbara Ker (dau of Walter Ker of Littledean(by))
  b. Agnes Scott
  m. William Douglas of Ardit
  c.+ other issue (dsp) - James, Francis
  m2. Cecilia Drury (dau of Sir Robert Drury of Rougham)
  e. Cecilia Scott
  m. Charles Kerr of Abbotrule (son of 1st Earl of Lothian)
  From reference to the arms given for one of his descendants, the undermentioned Alexander "must have belonged to the Ancrum family". The following connection is wholly speculative.
  ii. ?? Scott
  a. Alexander Scott of Edinburgh (goldsmith) possibly of this generation
  m. (mcrt 09.07.1652) Agnes Wauchope (dau of George Wauchope of Edinburgh (by Agnes Wilson), m2. George, Earl of Linlithgow)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 (Scott of Dunninald), BLG1969 (Scott of Logie-Montrose and Usan) with input from Commoners (vol 4, Scott of Logie)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Ashcroft (formerly Scott) of Ancrum), BP1870 (Scott of Ancrum)
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