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Families covered: Nisbet of Craigentinny (Crigintinnie), Nisbet of Dean, Nisbet (Hamilton) of Dirleton, Nisbet of Edinburgh, Hamilton of Pencaitland

Adam Nisbet of Edinburgh (d before 1567)
m. Elizabeth Hay
1. Henry (Harry) Nisbet, Provost of Edinburgh (b 1535, d 1607)
  m. Jonet Ballatyne (b 30.09.1541, d 1621, dau of James Ballatyne (Ballenden) of Newtyle (by KatherineTaillefeir), sister of George)
  A. James Nisbet of Restalrig
  m. Marion Arnot (dau of Sir John Arnot of Birswick by Margaret, sister of Thomas Craig of Riccartoun)
i. Sir Henry Nisbet of Restalrig & Crigintinnie or Craigentinny, Edinburgh (d 05.01.1667)
  Henry is the first mentioned by TCB (vol 4, 'Nisbet of Craigintinny', p275+) which supports much of the following.
  m. Isabella Nicholson (dau of Thomas Nicholson of Cockburnspath)
  a. John Nisbet (dvp 24.06.1664)
  b. Sir Richard Nisbet of Craigentinny, later of Dean, 1st Bart (b c1583, d 1682)
  In 1672, Patrick exchanged the Craigentilly estate for the Dean estate with "his 2nd cousin, Alexander Nisbet" (## below).
m. Agnes Brown (dau of James Brown of Stevenston)
  (1) Sir Henry Nisbet of Dean, 2nd Bart (d 08.1713, 2nd son)
  m1. (09.11.1657) Christian Riddell (dau of Sir John RIddell, 3rd Bart, by Helen, dau of Sir Alexander Morrison)
  (A) Sir John Nisbet of Dean, 3rd Bart (d 30.03.1728)
  m. (mcrt 23.08.1717) Anne Myrton (a 03.1748/9, d 13.06.1768?, dau of Sir Andrew Myrton, 1st Bart of Gogar)
  (i) Sir Henry Nisbet of Dean, 4th Bart (d unm Rauchoux 11.10.1746, Captain)
  (ii) Christian Nisbet
  m. (04.1741) John Riddell of Granton
  (iii) Ann Nisbet (d 08.04.1766)
  m. (15.11.1752) John Glassford of Dougalston
  (a) Anne Glassford (eldest daughter)
  m. Henry Riddell of Little Govan
  ((1)) John Riddell (b 1785, antiquary & advocate)
(iv) Euphan Nisbet
  m. (17.01.1743) James Fergusson of Craigdarroch
  (v) Joanna Nisbet (d 02.05.1808)
  m. William Chalmers of Wester Dalry (surgeon in Edinburgh)
  (vi) Jean Nisbet probably of this generation
  m. (1708) Sir Walter Laurie, 3rd Bart of Maxwelton (d 23.11.1731)
  (vii)+ other issue
  (B) Sir Alexander Nisbet of Dean, 5th Bart (d 07.10.1753)
  m. (10.1742) Molly (Mary) Rutherford (d 19.06.1797, dau of John Rutherford)
  (i) Sir Henry Nisbet, 6th Bart (d unm 1762)
  (ii) Sir John Nisbet, 7th Bart (d 1776)
  m. Claudine Favre of France
(a) Sir John Nisbet, 8th Bart (dsp 18.09.1827)
  m. (11.1797) Mary Alston (b 02..02.1778, dau of William Alston of North Carolina)
  ((1)) son (d infant)
  (b) Alexander Nisbet in America (d 1813)
  ((1)) daughter
  (c) daughter (d infant)
  (iii) Elizabeth Nisbet (dsp)
  (C) Sarah Nisbet
  m1. Walter Riddell of Granton (dsp 1738, Captain)
  m2. (1741) Sir John Rutherford
m2. Margaret Sinclair
  (A) Robert Nisbet
  (2) Patrick Nisbet
  m. Anna Belshes
  (A) John Nisbet of Edinburgh (writer)
  (3) James Nisbet of Edinburgh (d before 1724, chirgeon apothecary)
  m. Jonet Baillie (a 1724)
  (A)+ issue - Patrick (d 1742), Agnes (d 16.02.1734)
  (4) Isabel Nisbet
  m. Alexander Stuart, 2nd of Torrance
(5)+ other issue - David (dvp), Nancy (d 11.1670)
  ii. Robert Nisbet
  a. Agnes Nisbet
  iii. Marion Nisbet
  m. Sir Alexander Dalmahoy of that ilk
  iv. Agnes Nisbet probably of this generation
  m. (before 1625) Sir John Dalzell of Glenae & Newton (d before 23.12.1669)
  B. Sir William Nisbet of Dean, Provost of Edinburgh (b 1569, d before 17.10.1639)
m1. (before 1596) Jonet Williamson (d 05.1622)
  m2. Katherine Dick (d 13.05.1630, dau of Sir William Dick of Braid)
  i. William Nisbet of Dean (d 10.1655)
  m. Margaret Murray (dau of John Murray of Polmais, m2. Alexander Persone of Balmadies)
  a. Alexander Nisbet of Dean (Midlothian), later of Craigentilly (a 1683, d before 18.06.1696)
In 1672, Alexander exchanged the Dean estate for the Craigentilly estate with "his 2nd cousin", Richard Nisbet (## above).
  m. Katherine Porterfield (d by 1693, dau of Walter Porterfield of Comostoune)
  (1) William Nisbet of Craigentilly & Dirleton, Haddington (b c1666, d 10.1724, MP)
  William inherited Dirleton from his kinsman Sir John, the Lord Advocate (above).
  m1. ?? (niece of Jean Morison, dau of Sir Alexander Morison of Prestongrange)
  (A) William Nisbet of Craigentilly & Dirleton (d 03.1733)
m. Christian Bennet (dau of Sir William Bennet of Grubbett, 1st Bart)
  (i) William Nisbet, later Hamilton, of Dirleton (d 01.03.1783)
  m. (02.02.1747) Mary Hamilton (d 13.03.1797, dau/heir of Alexander Hamilton of Pencaitland & Dechmont)
  The following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Pencaitland', p677) & BLG1952 ('Grant of Biel and Dirleton formerly of Kilgraston').
  (a) William Hamilton Nisbet Hamilton of Dirleton & Belhaven (b 1747, d 1822, MP)
  m. (31.01.1777) Mary Manners (dau of Robert Manners, son of 2nd Duke of Rutland)
  ((1)) Mary Christopher Nisbet Hamilton of Dirleton, Belhaven, Pencaitland & Bloxholm (d 09.07.1855)
  m1. (11.03.1799, div 1808) Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin, 11th Earl of Kincardine (b 20.07.1766, d 14.11.1841)
  m2. (20.04.1808) Robert Ferguson of Raith (d 03.12.1840)
  (b) John Hamilton Nisbet of Pencaitland, Dechmont & Winton (b 1751, dsp 1804, MP)
  m. (1782) Janet Dundas (dau of Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord President)
(c) Mary Nisbet or Hamilton of Pencaitland (b 1750)
  m1. (06.03.1779) William Hay of Newhall (d 28.07.1781, Major)
  m2. Walter Frederick Campbell of Islay & Shawfield (b 29.12.1741, d 1816)
  (ii)+ other issue
  (B) Walter Nisbet of Craigentilly (d 01.02.1752)
  (i) Jean Nisbet of Craigentilly (d 1752)
  (C) Jean Nisbet (d 29.08.1790)
  m. (02.04.1749) Alexander Ogilvy of Forglen, 7th Lord Banff (d 01.12.1771)
  (D) Christian Nisbet
  m. Sir John Scott of Ancrum
  (E) Anne Nisbet (d 01.01.1779)
m. Sir John Home, 3rd Bart of Blackadder
  (F) Katherine Nisbet (d 20.1.1763)
  m. (1722) Colin Campbell of Pitliver (dvp c1738)
  (G) Janet Nisbet who married ...
  m. James Johnstone or Ruthven, Lord Ruthven of Freeland (d 03.07.1783)
  (H)+ other issue including Margaret (bpt 10.09.1690), Magdalen
  m2. (29.03.1688) Jean Bennet (d 29.06.1762, dau of Robert Bennet)
  (J) David Nisbet (d before 08.06.1728)
  (K) Wilhelmina Nisbet (b 1724, d 10.05.1798, youngest (posthumous))
  m. (29.07.1747) David Leslie-Melville, Earl of Leven & Melville (b 1722, d 1802)
  (2) Jean Nisbet (b 1675-6, d 03.1763)
m. Alexander Gordon of Woodhall
  (3) Emilia Nisbet
  m. _ Hepburn (minister)
  (4)+ other issue - Alexander (Captain), Thomas (b c1671, d 14.04.1758, Lt. Colonel,) 4 othet sons?
  b. William Nisbet possibly of this generation
  (1) Ann Nisbet
m. (1737) John Snodgrass of Auchlodmont, Cunninghamehead, etc. (d 1771)
  ii. Jonet Nisbet who married ...
  m. John Murray of Polmaise & Touchadam (a 1663)
  iii. Elizabeth Nisbet (b 02.07.1626)
  C. Sir Patrick Nisbet of Eastbank (d before 07.1648, Lord of Session as 'Lord Eastbank')
  'Heraldic Plates' specifically corrects Alexander Nisbet (the heraldist)'s view that Patrick was nephew of the James & William shown above as his elder brothers.
  m. _ Arthur (dau of John Arthur of Newton Arthur)
  i. Henry Nisbet
ii. Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton (b 07.1610, d 04.1687, Lord Advocate, 'Lord Dirleton')
  m1. _ Moneypennie (dau of _ Moneypennie of Pitmillie)
  a. son (d young)
  m2. Helen Hay
  b. Jean Nisbet (dsp)
  m1. (16.03.1673) Sir William Scott of Harden (dsp 12.08.1707)
  m2. (mcrt 30.06.1710, sp) Sir William Scott, 2nd Bart of Thirlestane (d 08.10.1725)
  m3. Jean Morison (dau of Sir Alexander Morison of Prestongrange)
  iii. Jonet Nisbet
  m. Patrick Blackburne
  iv. Catherine Nisbet (b 08.05.1623, d by 1668)
  m. Walter Riddell of Minto (b c1620, d 1684, son of Walter of Lilliesleaf)
2. William Nesbit of Edinburgh (bailie)
  m. Isobell Mauchane (m2. George Bannatyne of Edinburgh, brother of Jonet) relict of William, presumed mother of ...
  A. Edward Nisbet (b 18.04.1571)
  m. Margaret Crystie (dau of Alexander Crystie)
  i.+ issue - William (a 1614), Isobel
  B. William Nisbet (youngest)
  i. son
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (d before 31.08.1592), Agnes (d before 31.08.1592), Margaret (d before 31.08.1592), Cristiane (d before 31.08.1592), Katherin (d 01.09.1601)
3. Christiane Nesbit
4. Marioune Nesbit (d 08.1568)
  m. John Graham of Edinburgh
  A.+ issue - John, Henry, Thomas, CAtherine, Marion, Margaret
5. Elizabeth Nesbit
  m. Thomas Ackenheid of Edinburgh

Main source(s): 'NisbetPlates' which is 'Alexander Nisbet's Heraldic Plates with introduction & notes' by Andrew Ross & Francis Grant (1892) with some support from 'A System of Heraldry' by Alexander Nisbet (vol 1, 1816, p313+) plus input/support as reported above
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