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Families covered: Wardlaw of Balmule, Wardlaw of Torrie, Wardlaw of Wilton

'Fife (P&H' (vol 2, p90) reports that "The Wardlaws are said to have descended from one of the Anglo-Saxon nobles who fled to Scotland in the time of Malcom Caenmhor" (who r. 1058-1093) and "According to a genealogical account of his family made by Cardinal Wardlaw, they had come from Saxony to England in the sixth century, and remained there till 1066." 'Fife (P&H' (vol 2, p247) reports that that account "was preserved in the Royal Library of France until the Revolution of 1789".
Henry de Wardlaw, 1st of Wilton (a 1306)
m. ?? Stewart (possibly dau of Sir James Stewart of Durrisdeer)
1. Henry de Wardlaw, 2nd of Wilton (a 1365)
  m. dau of Halkett of Pittfirrane
  A. Sir William Wardlaw, 3rd of Wilton (a 1398)
  m. Margaret de Wardlaw
  i. Andrew Wardlaw, 4th of Wilton, 1st of Torrie (a 1417)
  m. Christian de Valoniis (dau of Sir James de Valoniis of Torrie)
  a. Sir Henry Wardlaw, 5th of Wilton, 2nd of Torrie (a 1434)
m. Christian Lander
  (1) Henry Wardlaw, 6th of Wilton and of Torrie (a 1458)
  m. Margaret Oliphant (dau of Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie)
  (A) Sir Henry Wardlaw, 7th of Wilton and of Torrie
  m. (1473) Margaret Lindsay (dau of Sir John Lindsay, 1st Lord of the Byres)
  (i) John Wardlaw of Torrie (a 1513)
  m. Elizabeth Bethune (b c1504, dau of John Bethune, 6th of Balfour)
  (a) Henry Wardlaw of Torrie (a 1566)
m1. (1551) Alison Home (dau of Alexander Home, 3rd Lord)
  Wikipedia ("Henry Wardlaw of Torrie", 06.01.24) shows Henry as father, by Alison, of Nicolas + Andrew + Robert and also the Cuthbert in Balmule who married Katherine Dalgleish whom, following BLG1952, we show as his nephew rather than his son (see ## below). BLG1952 names Henry's wife as Alison Home but does not follow this line further other than to mention that "His descendants continued as Lairds of Torrie, until the acquisition of those lands by the family of Bruce in the first half of the 17th century."
((1)) (Sir) Andrew Wardlaw of Torrie (a 1566)
  m. Janet Durie (dau of Henry Kemp (later Durie) of Thomastoun by Janet, dau/heir of Robert Durie of Durie)
  ((A)) James Wardlaw (12th?) of Torrie father of Margaret, probably of this generation
  ((i)) Margaret Wardlaw
  m. David Bethune, 11th of Balfour (b 1574, a 1663)
((B)) Elizabeth Wardlaw probably of this generation
  m. (mcrt 23.06.1583) Sir James Scott of Balwearie (d 1606)
  ((C)) Janet Wardlaw probably of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Bruce, 9th of Clackmannan
  ((2)) Robert Wardlaw
  ((3)) Nicola(s) Wardlaw
  m. Patrick Wood of Bonnytoun
  m2. Katherine Lundy (dau of John Lundy of that ilk) mentioned by Wikipedia
  (b) son
  (c) Nicholas Wardlaw
BLG1952 identifies Nicholas as the 3rd son of John & Elizabeth and reports that his eldest son was ...
  ((1)) Cuthbert Wardlaw of Balmule (b 1539)
  BP1934 starts with Cuthbert, identifying him as "a cadet, apparently, of the family of Wardlaw of Torrie" (see ## above).
  m. (before 1561) Katherine Dalgleish (d 18.02.1621, of Dunnygask)
  ((A)) Nicol Wardlaw of West Lucar (d before 01.07.1645) had issue
  m1. _ Dewar (dau of John Dewar of Foulford)
  m2. Margaret Hutton
  ((B)) Sir Henry Wardlaw, 1st Bart of Pitreavie and Balmule (d 05.04.1637)
  m. Elizabeth Wilson
  ((C)) Robert Wardlaw (b 23.03.1567-8, d 04.12.1618) had issue
  m1. (before 20.12.1600) Katherine Dalgleish (dau of Robert Dalgleish of Tunnygask)
  m2. Marion Law
((D)) Thomas Wardlaw of Logie (b 04.09.1569, Provost of Dunfermline) had issue
  m. (21.07.1601) dau of Thomas Alison
  ((E)) John Wardlaw (a 01.10.1618)
  ((F)) Catherine Wardlaw
  ((G)) daughter possibly Catherine ??
  m. (mcrt 03.03.1681) Alexander Lindsay, 2nd Bart of Evelick (bpt 26.02.1660, a 1709)
  ((2))+ "at least" 2 other sons + 1 daughter
  (ii) Helen Wardlaw --
  m. (07.03.1536) Sir John Makgill (d 1553, Provost of Edinburgh) --
  (iii) Janet Wardlaw possibly of this generation
  m. (mcrt 19.01.1502) Lucas Bruce, 2nd of Cultmalundy (d 05.1529)
  (B) Isabella Wardlaw possibly of this generation
  m. (1487) George Durie 'of that ilk' of Balcurrogol
  (2) Isobel Wardlaw --
  m1. (14.07.1475) Sir Laurence Mercer of Aldie (d 1501) --
  m2. (1504) patrick Mercer of Inchbrakie
  b. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. James Melvill of Carnbee (d before 1437)
  B. son
  C. Henry Wardlaw, Bishop of St. Andrews, Cardinal founded St. Andrew's University in 1411
  D. daughter --
  m. Sir John de Carmychell (a 1374, d before 28.05.1417) --
2. Walter Wardlaw, Cardinal (b c1317, a 1381) Scotland's first Cardinal

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Wardlaw-Ramsay, formerly of Whitehill), BP1934 (Wardlaw, Bart of Pitreavie), 'Fife (P&H)' (vol 2, pp90 & 247)
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