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Families covered: Scott of Boonraw, Scott of Harden, Scott of Highchester, Scott of Synton

The ancestry of Walter Scott, shown below as the 7th laird of Synton, is as reported by BLG1952 (Johnston Stewart (formerly Corse-Scott) of Synton). TSP and BP1934 both start of with this Walter with TSP identifying him as "the first member of the family of whom there is record evidence." Where the sources differ we follow BLG1952 on the presumption that the article there was prepared after further research into the family.
Walter Scott, 7th of Synton
1. Robert Scott of Stirches or Strickshaws, later 8th of Synton (d 1509)
  A. Walter Scott, 9th of Synton (d 1557)
TSP attributes the wives and (for the 2nd marriage) children of this Walter to his grandfather, Walter 7th. BP1934 (Polwarth) does not follow this line beyond naming Walter as his father's heir.
  m1. Marjorie Cockburn (dau of William Cockburn of Henderland)
  i. John Scott of Synton (dvp) omitted by TSP
a. Walter Scott of Synton (dsp c1589) placed by TSP as son of Walter 7th by Marjorie Cockburn
  m. Christian Riddell (dau of James Riddell of that ilk)
  b. George Scott of Synton
  m. Margaret Edmonston (dau of John Edmonston of Ednam)
  (1) Walter Scott of Synton (d 11.07.1608)
  m. Isobel Douglas (dau of William Douglas of Whittinghame)
  (A) George Scott of Synton
  George sold Synton to his kinsman, Francis Scott (below).
  m. Mary Gladstaines (dau of _ Gladstanes of Dode or Whitelaw)
  (i) Walter Scott (d unm)
  (ii) George Scott, 1st of Boonraw
  m. _ Douglas (dau of _ Douglas of Garvald)
  (a) Archibald Scott, 2nd of Boonraw (d unm 1720)
  (iii) Richard Scott (b 1641, d 25.05.1722, minister of Kirkbean)
  m. Katherine Crichton
  (a) Jean Scott
  m. (28.03.1706) Alexander Leslie (d 02.1707)
(B) Anne Scott
  m. Mary Gladstanes (dau of Gladstanes of Dod)
  (C)+ other issue - Archibald (d unm), Elspeth, Christian
  (2) John Scott of Yorkston ancestor of Scott of Headshaw and Laughope
  (3)+ other issue - David, George, Agnes
  c. William Scott of Langope (a 1550) probably ancestor of Scott of Huntly
  d. James Scott of Dodbank probably ancestor of Scott of Satchells
  e. Robert Scott ancestor of Scott of Shielswood
  m2. Margaret Riddell (d 1585, dau of James Riddell of that ilk)
  ii. Robert Scott ancestor of Scott of Stirches
  iii. Thomas Scott ancestor of Scott of Whitehauchbrae
  B. William Scott of Harden (d 02.1561)
TSP and BP1934 (Polwarth) show only 1 wife for William, the daughter of Ker of Fernielee, but BLG1952 (Johnston Stewart of Synton) shows her as William's 2nd wife and shows his 1st wife and mother of Walter as ...
  m1. _ Chisholm (dau of _ Chisholm of Chisholm)
  i. Walter Scott of Harden (d before 13.04.1563)
  a. Walter Scott of Harden, 'Auld Wat' (d 1629)
  m1. (mcrt 21.03.1567) Mary Scott (dau of John Scott, 2nd of Dryhope)
  (1) Sir William Scott of Harden, Sheriff of Selkirk (d 1655)
  m1. (mcrt 14.07.1611) Agnes Murray (dau of Sir Gideon Murray of Elibank)
(A) Sir William Scott of Harden (d 02.02.1699)
  m. (mcrt 26.10.1641) Christian Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd, 7th Lord)
  (i) Sir William Scott of Harden (dsp 12.08.1707)
  m. (16.03.1673) Jean Nisbet (dau of Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton)
  (ii) Robert Scott of Iliston (dsp 02.03.1710)
  m. Jean Ker (d 04.1718, dau of Sir Thomas Ker of Fernielee)
  (iii) Christian Scott
  m. (mcrt 24.07.1673) William Ker of Chatto
(iv) Margaret Scott
  m. (mcrt 24.11.1680) Sir Patrick Scott, Bart of Ancrum (d 1734)
  (B) Sir Gideon Scott of Highchester (d after 1673)
  m. (mcrt 26.01.1643) Margaret Hamilton (dau of Sir Patrick Hamilton of Little Preston)
  (i) Walter Scott, Earl of Tarras (b 23.12.1644, d 09.04.1693)
m1. (09.02.1659) Mary Scott, Countess of Buccleuch (b 31.08.1647, dsp 11.03.1661, dau of Francis Scott, 2nd Earl of Buccleuch)
  m2. (31.12.1677) Helen Hepburn (a 10.1691, dau of Thomas Hepburne of Humbie by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Archibald Johnston of Warriston)
  (a) Gideon Scott of Highchester (b 18.10.1678, d 1707)
  m1. (mcrt 05.11.1697) Anne Kinloch (dsp, dau of Sir Francis Kinloch, Bart of Gilmerton)
  m2. (28.02.1700, Mary Drummond (d 11.10.1754, dau of John Drummond, Earl of Melfort)
  ((1)) Walter Scott of Harden (dsp 13.11.1719)
  ((2)) John Scott of Harden (d 06.1734)
  m. (1719) Jean Erskine (d 17.07.1735, dau of Alexander Erskine, 4th Earl of Kellie)
  ((A)) Anne Scott
  m. Thomas Shairp of Houston
  ((B)) Mary Scott
  (b) Walter Scott of Whitefield, later of Harden (b 06.01.1682, d 01.1746)
  m1. (mcrt 07.04.1709) Anges Nisbet (dau of John Nisbet of Nisbetfield)
m2. (10.07.1719) Agnes Scott (dau of William Scott of Thirlestane)
  ((1)) Christian Scott (b 04.07.1721)
  m3. (mcrt 13.02.1724) Ann Scott (dau of John Scott of Gorranberry)
  ((2)) Walter Scott of Harden (b 31.12.1724, d 25.01.1793)
  m. (18.04.1754) Diana Hume-Campbell, Baroness Polwarth (b 04.06.1735, d 23.07.1827, dau of Hugh Hume, 3rd Earl of Marchmont)
  ((A)) Hugh Scott, later Hepburne-Scott, 6th Lord Polwarth (b 10.04.1758, d 29.12.1841) had issue
  m. (29.09.1795) Harriet Bruhl (b 25.10.1772, d 19.08.1853, dau of Hans Maurice, Count Bruhl of Martinskirk)
  ((B))+ other issue - Walter (b 25.10.1755, d young), Anne (b 10.02.1755, d unm 15.03.1819), daughter (b 17.12.1756), Diana (b 30.07.1762)
((3)) Francis Scott of Beechwood (b 07.02.1732, d 04.08.1803) had issue
  m. (28.03.1776) Mary Don (d 08.04.1819, dau of Sir Alexander Don, Bart of Newton)
  ((4)) Helen Scott (b 28.04.1727, d 10.10.1765)
  m. (02.11.1756) George Brown of Elliston
  ((5))+ other issue - John (b 15.02.1729, d young), William (b 26.07.1730, d young), Jean (b 09.02.1726), Ann (b 23.04.1733)
  m4. (mcrt 05.10.1736) Christian Ker (dau of Henry Ker of Frogdean)
(c) Margaret Scott (b 19.10.1690)
  m. Thomas Gordon
  (d)+ other issue - William (b 06.01.1682, d young), Thomas (b 08.03.1687, d unm), Francis (b 09.10.1691), Helen (b 16.02.1680), Elizabeth (b 15.09.1683), Mary (b 17.10.1684), Agnes (b 04.02.1686, a 1738), Ann (b 07.12.1688)
  (ii) William Scott
  m. Jean Kirkcaldy (dau of James Kirkcaldy of Grange family)
  (iii) Agnes Scott (dsp before 1661)
  m. (mcrt 17.12.1659) Sir John Riddell, 3rd Bart of Riddell
(iv) Margaret Scott
  m. (11.02.1679) James Corbet, younger of Tolcorse
  (v) Agnes Scott
  m1. (08.04.1687) Sir James Grant, Bart of Dalvey (d 1695)
  m2. William Rutherford of Barnhills (Dr)
  (vi)+ other issue - Thomas, Gideon, Francis, Mary (bpt 23.03.1658, d young)
  (C) Walter Scott, 1st of Raeburn, 'Wat Wudspurs' (d before 1688)
  m. Anne Isabel Mackdougall (dau of William Macdougall of Makerstoun by Margaret Scott)
  (D) James Scott
BP1934 identifies James as ancestor of Scott of Thirlestane which appears to contradict Scott10.
  m. (mcrt 08.02.1659) Agnes Riddell (dau of Sir Walter Riddell of that ilk)
  (E) John Scott of Woll
  m. Agnes Scot (dau of Robert Scot of Harwood)
  (F) Elizabeth Scott (bur 24.06.1663)
  m. (mcrt 18.04.1634) Sir Andrew Ker, Bart of Greenhead
  (G) Margaret Scott
  m. (mcrt 10.10.1638) Thomas Ker of Mersington
(H) Janet Scott
  m. (mcrt 22.01.1639) John Murray (son of Sir John of Philiphaugh)
  (I) Isabella Scott probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. James Johnstone of Westerhall (d 05.1643)
  m2. (mcrt 15.04.1633) Margaret Ker (dau of William Kerr of Linton)
(2) Hugh Scott in Greenhead (of Deuchar)
  m. (mcrt 17.03.1621) Jean Pringle (dau of Sir James (Hop)Pringle of Galashiels)
  (3) Walter Scott in Essinside (d before 18.02.1641)
  m. (mcrt 22.04.1614) Elspeth Hay (dau of John Hay of Haystoun)
  (4) Francis Scott in Howfuird, later of Synton (d c1649)
  George bought Synton from his kinsman, George Scott of Synton (above).
  m. (1624) Isobel Scott (dau of Sir Walter Scott of Whitslaid)
(5) Margaret Scott
  m. Sir Gilbert Eliot of Stobs
  (6) Esther Scott
  m1. Elliot of Falnash
  m2. George Langlands of that ilk
  (7) Janet Scott
  m. (mcrt 23.10.1613) Thomas Scott (son of Walter of Whitslaid)
  m2. (mcrt 09.04.1598) Margaret Edgar (dau of John Edgar of Wedderlie)
  (8) Margaret Scott
  m1. (mcrt 12.09.1621) David Pringle, younger of Galashiels
  m2. (c1625) Sir William Macdougall of Mackerstoun
  b. William Scott (a 01.1591)
  c. Sir James Scott 'of Harden' possibly fits here, "said to be" father of ...
  (1) James Scott of Voesgarth (a 1640, to Shetland in 1630)
  m1. (1639) Agnes Black (dau of Thomas Black of Strom)
  m2. Elizabeth Bruce (dau of Andrew Bruce of Muness)
  m2. _ Ker (dau of Ker of Fernielee)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert of Burnfoot, George of Toderick
  C. David Scott (a 05.1526)

Main source(s): TSP (Polwarth), BP1934 ('Polwarth'), BLG1952 ('Johnston Stewart (formerly Corse-Scott) of Synton')
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