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Families covered: Playters of Ellough, Playters of Sotterley, Playters of Uggeshall, Playters of Worlingham

Thomas Playters of Sotterley
1. Thomas Playters of Thorndon, Sotterley and Uggeshall (d 21.09.1479)
  m. Anne Dennys (dau of John Dennys, sister of Roger of Tannington Manor)
  A. William Playters of Sotterley and Uggeshall (d 11.11.1512)
  m. Jane Jenney (b 1468, d c03.1540, dau of Sir Edmund Jenney of Knodishall)
  i. Christopher Playters of Sotterley, Uggeshall and Bruisyard (Briseworth) (d 22.08.1547)
  m1. Dorothy Aslake (dau of William Aslake of Ellough, Willingham and Carrow)
a. Thomas Playters of Sotterley, Uggeshall and Ellough (d 09.09.1572)
  m. Elizabeth Jermyn (dau of Sir Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrook)
  (1) William Playters of Sotterley, Uggeshall and Ellough (d 06.06.1584)
  m1. (05.02.1559/60) Thomasine Duke (d 23.12.1560, dau of George Duke of Frense)
  (A) Thomas Playters (bur 02.04.1562)
  m2. Elizabeth Timperley (dau of Thomas Timperley of Hintlesham aka Tympley of Hentylsham)
(B) Sir Thomas Playters, 1st Bart of Sotterley (d 18.05.1638)
  m1. Anne Swan (bur 14.10.1594, dau of Sir William Swan of Southfleet)
  (i) Sir William Playters, 2nd Bart of Sotterley (bpt 17.01.1590, bur 24.04.1668)
  m. (16.07.1615) Frances Le Grys (d 09.09.1659, dau of Chistopher Le Grys of Billingford)
  (a) Thomas Playters, Sheriff of Suffolk (bpt 11.09.1617, dvpsp 1651)
  BEB1841 identifies Thomas as the 3rd Bart but he dvp. TCB reports that he is "often, erroneously, said to have been the 3d. Bart."
  m. Rebecca Chapman (dau of Thomas Chapman of Wormley, she m2. Richard Lucy, m3. Sir Rowland Lytton of Knebworth)
(ii) Frances Playters
  m. Hamond Bozown of Wisingset
  m2. (by 1596) Anne Browne (d by 10.1642, dau of Sir Anthony Browne of Elsinge)
  (iii) Thomas Playters (dsp)
  m. Mary Palgrave (dau of Sir Augustine Palgrave of Norwood Berningham)
  (iv) Sir Lyonel Playters, 3rd (not 4th) Bart of Sotterley (bpt 04.03.1605, d 09.1699, rector of Ugshall)
  m. Elizabeth Warner (dau of John Warner of Brandon)
  (a) Sir John Playters, 4th (not 5th) Bart of Sotterley (bpt 21.04.1636, bur 25.08.1721)
m1. (31.01.1662/3, sp) Jane Read (dau of Thomas Read of Bardwell by Bridget, dau of Sir Charles Crofts of Bardwell)
  m2. Isabel Hall (bur 31.12.1720, dau of Thomas Hall of London)
((1))+ issue (d young) - 1 son and 1 daughter
  (b) Sir Lyonel Playters of Ellough (bpt 22.06.1643, bur 16.09.1699)
  BEB1841 identifies Lyonel as the 6th Bart but TCB reports that he died before his brother.
  m. Martha Castel (dau of Talmash Castel of Raveningham)
  ((1)) Sir John Playters, 5th (not 7th) Bart of Sotterley, later of Ellough and Worlingham, Sheriff of Suffolk (bpt 18.05.1680, d 11.12.1768)
  m. (02.08.1710) Elizabeth Felton (b c1690, d 14.11.1748, dau of John Felton of Worlingham, son of Sir Henry of Playford)
  ((A)) John Playters (dvp)
  m1. Anne Caroline Turner (dau of John Turner)
  ((i)) Sir John Playters of Worlingham , 6th (not 8th) Bart (d unm 26.05.1791)
  ((ii)) Sir Charles Playters of East Bergholt, 7th (not 9th) Bart (d unm 1806)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Playters
  m. (1758) John Norris of Winchingham
  m2. Elizabeth Lewis (dau of Joshua Lewis of Great Farringdon)
  ((iv)) Sir William John Playters of Yelverton, 8th Bart (b 1756-7, dspl 23.09.1832)
  m1. (1782) Patena Clarke (dsp 14.08.1825)
  m2. Anne Wright (d before 06.1845)
  BEB1841 notes that William had an illegitimate daughter, Elizabeth Wright. 'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 3, p448), which is confused on the numberings of the baronets, confirms that she was Anne Wright's daughter, born before they married.
  ((a)) Elizabeth Wright
  m. Robert Moore
  ((B))+ other issue - Mary, others (d young)
  ((2)) Lyonel Playters (d 01.1722-3) had issue
  m. _ Gould (dau of Dr. _ Goiuld)
((3)) Caroline Playters
  m. John Norris of Witton
  ((4))+ other issue - Richard (d unm), Thomas (d unm), Anne
  (c) Elizabeth Playters
  m. Thomas Edgar of Glemham
  (d)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne, Lydia
  (v) John Playters
  m. Camilla Browne (dau of Thomas Browne of Elsinge)
(vi) Elizabeth Playters
  m. Sir Stephen Soame of Haidon Hall
  (vii) Judith Playters
  m. Richard Moseley
  (viii) Lidia Playters
  m. Henry Warner of Mildenhall
  (ix) Parnel Playters
m. John Harbonne of Barsham
  (x) daughter (d 1681) named Anne in BLG1952 ('Barnwell formerly of Mileham') but see just below
  m. (1618) Edward Barnwell of Hylamm (Mileham) (b 1596, d 30.11.1666)
  (xi) Anne Playters
  m. George Gent of Moyns
  (xii)+ other issue (dsp) - Anthony, Roger
  (C) Elizabeth Playters probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
m. William Cuddon of Shaddingfield
  (D) daughter
  m3. Thomasine Tirrell (dau of Edmund Tirrell of Beeches)
  (E) daughter
  m4. Mary Drake (dau of William Drake of Hardly)
(F)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  (2) Henry Playters (bpt 13.07.1550, 5th son)
  m. Dorothy Anguishe (dau of John Anguishe of South Rainham and Foulsham)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, 'Playters of Sotterley').
  (A) Lionell Playters of Sotterley
  m. Elizabeth Tyrrell (dau of _ Tyrrell of Beche)
  (i) William Playters of Sotterley (a 1664)
  m. Margaret Pike (dau of Richard Pike of Cambridgeshire)
  (a)+ issue (a 1664) - Thomas (b c1658), Lionell
(3) Frances Playters (bpt 11.06.1552, bur 24.02.1614(?))
  m. John Castell of Raveningham (b 1548-9, d 16.04.1593)
  (4) Anne Playters
  m. (18.04.1580) William Crowfoote
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas, John (d 15.07.1609), George (bpt 02.07.1548), son, 4 daughters
  b. Jane Playters
  m. George Hervey
  c. Elizabeth Playters
m. _ Sage of Thorpe
  d.+ other issue - John (d infant), Francis (d infant), Frances (d young)
  m2. Anne Rede (dau of William Rede or Read of Beccles)
  g. Margaret Playters
  m1. John Throckmorton of Claxton
  m2. Arthur Chewt of Ellough (d 1611)
h. Anne Playters
  m1. Gabriel Kent of Horham
  m2. Robert Stanton of Chediston
  i. Dorothy Playters (bur 05.06.1574)
  m. (22.01.1557) Francis Cudden of Weston
  j.+ other issue - William, Christopher, Augustin/Austyne (bur 25.12.1566), Francis, Henry, Thomasine (d unm)
  ii. Mary Playters
  m. John Tilney of Witchford (sb Wexford?)
iii. Anne Playters
  m. Anthony (not Robert) Higham of Tolleshunt Major and Goldhanger
  iv. Margery Playters
  m. Richard Clopton of Ford Hall and Castelyns
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - William (a 03.1540), Robert, George, Edward
  B. Edmund (?) Playters
  m. Anne Sherington (dau of Thomas Sherington of Cranworth)
  C.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Robert, George, son, Agnes
2. Mary Playters possibly of this generation
  m. William Bedingfeld of Fleming's Hall (b c1435, d 1467)

Main source(s): Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, 'Playters of Sotterley'), BEB1841 (Playters of Sotterley), TCB (vol 1, 'Playters of Sotterley', p220+)
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