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Families covered: Sherington of Cranworth, Sherington of Lacock, Sherington of Medborne, Sherington of Sherington

This family's name appears most commonly to have been spelt 'Sherington' but 'Sherrington' was common also. We have followed the spelling in the Visitation. There is a Sherington in Buckinghamshire and a Sherrington in Wiltshire but the following family appears to have come from a Sherington in the parish of Derham in Norfolk.
John Sherington
1. Raffe Sherington
  A. Robert Sherington
  i. Raffe Sherington
  m. _ Delavale (dau/heir of William Delavale)
  a. Henry Sherington of Sherington in Derham, Norfolk
  m. Elizabeth Felton
  (1) Henry Sherington of Sherington
  m. Elizabeth Sowathink (heir) seen on a web site as dau/heir of Edmund de Swathing
  (A) Reingold Sherington (dsp)
  (B) Robert Sherington of Cranworth, Norfolk
  (C) Thomas Sherington of Cranworth
m. Anne Francham of Norfolk (heir)
  (i) Thomas Sherington of Cranworth
  m. Catherine Pyrton (dau of William Pyrton of Little Bentley)
  (a) Sir William Sherington, 1st of Lacock Abbey, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b c1495, d before 06.07.1553)
  Wikipedia ('William Sharington') provides the details on Sir William but notes that he "left no children behind him". We presume that this means that he dspms as Visitation does show him as having had children.
  m1. Ursula Bourchier (natural dau of John Bourchier, Lord Berners)
  ((1)) daughter
  m. _ Wyt of Gloucestershire
  ((2))+ other issue - Edward, Oliver (dsp), Thomas, Thomasin, Anne
m2. Eleanor Walsingham (dau of William Walsingham)
  m3. Grace Farington (widow of Robert Paget, alderman of London)
  (b) Sir Henry Sherington of Lacock (3rd son)
  m. Anne Pagett (dau of Robert Pagett, alderman of London)
  ((1)) Oliva Sherington
  m1. (1574) John Talbott of Salewarpe (d 1581)
  m2. Sir Robert Stapleton of Wighill (b 1547)
((2)) Ursula Sherington
  m. William Sandersonn (dsp, son/heir of Sir Raffe)
  ((3)) Grace Sherington (d 1620)
  m. Sir Anthony Myldmay of Aythorpe
  (c) John Sherington of Medborne, Wiltshire
  m. Anne (Agnes) Kelwich or Kekwich of Essex (heir, m2. Nicholas Stephens of Cheselden)
  ((1)) Edward Sherington of Medborne
  m. Anne Norton
  ((A)) William Sherington of Medborne
  m. Elizabeth Webb (dau of Robert Webb of Clyfford)
  ((B)) Thomas Sherington
  ((C)) Anne Sherington
  m1. ??
((i)) son (dsp)
  m2. _ Sall
  ((ii)) Anne Sall
  ((1))+ other issue - Oliver (dsp), Thomas of London, Thomasin, Anne, Ellenor
  (d) Elizabeth or Ursula Sherington
  m1. Francis Hall (d 1553)
  m2. John Banester
  (e)+ other issue - Thomas, Anthony, Anne
  (ii) Anne Sherington probably of this generation
  m. Edmund (?) Playters
  (iii) Elizabeth Sherington probably of this generation
  m. Richard Bexwell alias Shordich of Bexwell (a 1488)
  (iv) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Jeffery Kempe of Weston

Main source(s): the section on Sherington within Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Talbot)
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