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Families covered: Bozun (Buzun or Bozonn) of Wissingset

(1) BHO suggests that the family name is derived from the French word boujon, a broad-headed arrow. Somewhat arbitrarily, we spell the name as Bozun whereas BHO uses Buzun and Visitation uses Bozonn. There are families of same or similar name on Bozun2.
(2) Visitation starts with Herbert "who came in with William the Conqr" but BHO reports that this view "appears to be a mistake", suggesting that that Herbert or Hubert was descended from Ralph son of Walter who was the one who obtained Wissingset from Ralph Bigot, one of the Conqueror's chieftains.
Walter Bozun (a temp William the Conqueror who r. 1066-1087)
1. Ralph Bozun
  A. ?? Bozun presumed intermediary generation
  i. Herbert or Hubert Bozun (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
  a. Sir Roger Bozun of Wyssingsett (Wissingset), Norfolk (a 1202)
  (1) Sir Peter Bozun of Wissingset (a 1233)
The following follows Visitation but it is not fully consistent with BHO which, for example, mentions a Peter (son of Sir Peter) who was lord in 1308.
  (A) Sir Roger Bozun
  (i) Sir Peter Bozun
  (a) Sir John Bozun
  ((1)) Sir Peter Bozun
  ((A)) Sir John Bozun
  ((i)) John Bozun (a 1360)
  ((a)) William Bozun of Wissingset (a 1386) - continued below
  m. Maud or Margery
  ((2)) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Andrew Yelverton (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)



William Bozun of Wissingset (a 1386) - continued above
Visitation identifies William's wife as Margery, widow of Sir Richard Bellowes [de Belhouse]. BHO identifies her as ...
m. Maud (dau of Sir Richard de Belhouse)
1. John Bozun of Wissingset
m. Jane Spynke (dau of Richard Spynke of Norwich)
Visitation shows John & Jane as father of the following Richard. BHO suggests that Richard was probably John's brother.
2. Richard Bozun of Wissingset (a 1417, d 1450-1)
  m. Margaret Chapys (dau/heir of Richard Chape or Chapys of Chappis, m2. John Pecock of Norwich)
  A. William Bozun of Wissingset
  m. Alice Guybon (dau of Stephen Guybon of North Lynn, m2. William Rokewood)
  i. John Bozun of Wissingset or Wissingsett (d 1489)
  m. Eleanor Woodhouse (dau of Sir Edward Woodhouse of Kymberley, relict of Edmund Hastings, m3. Thomas Cressemer)
a. John Bozun of Wissingset (a 1555)
  m. Elizabeth Rouncey or Rouncerey of Brittany, France
  (1) Robert Bozun of Wissingset
  m1. Elizabeth Kervile (dau of Humphrey Kervile or Kervill of Wignall St. Mary)
(A) Roger Bozun of Wissingset
  m. Anne L'Estrange (dau of Sir Hamon L'Estrange of Hunstanton)
  (i) Hamon Bozun of Wissingset
  m. (c1608) Frances Playters (dau of Sir Thomas Playters of Soterly)
  (a) Thomas Bozun, last of Wissingset (a 1657, d unm)
  BHO reports that the following were mentioned in Hamon's father Roger's will as children of Hamon. Visitation shows Elizabeth, Anne & Catherine as Roger's daughters. Provisionally, noting that his son Thomas did not pass Wissingset to another member of his family, we show them all as Hamon's siblings.
  (ii) Elizabeth Bozun
  m. Christopher Crow of Bilney
  (iii) Anne Bozun
  m. Bartholomew Johnson of Bittering
  (iv) Catherine Bozun
  Visitation shows that Catherine m. William Howard of Stanham. BHO shows that she married ...
  m. William Harman of Stanhow
  (v) Susan Bozun not mentioned by Visitation
  m. Thomas Goodrick of North Creake
  (vi)+ other issue - Roger, William not mentioned by Visitation
  (B) Elizabeth Bozun
  m. John Buck of Old Walsingham
  (C) Jane Bozun
  m. William Prentys of Burston
  (D) Amy Bozun
  m. _ Lovell of Laxfield
  (E)+ other issue - Herbert, Thomas, Rouncery
  m2. Winifride (widow of Robert Coke)
  (2) Anne Bozun
  m. _ Bullye
  (3) Ellenor Bozun
  m. Thomas Burton of Fremyngham
  ii.+ other issue - Sir Thomas (monk), Constance (nun)
2. Margaret Bozun

Main source(s): BHP ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', vol 10, Launditch Hundred: Wissingset), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Bozonn)
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