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Families covered: Jenny of Cressingham Magna, Jenney of Herringfleet, Jenney of Knodishall (Knotishall), Jenney of Theberton

Edmund Jenney of Knodishall (Knotishall) & Theberton (a 1441)
1. William Jenney of Knodishall (Knotishall) & Theberton
  m. Maude wife of William, presumed mother of ...
  A. John Jenney of Knodishall (Knotishall) & Theberton (d 03.12.1460)
  m1. Matilda Bokell (dau of John Bokell of Buxlow by Jane/Joan, dau of John Leyson of Buxlow & Wade Hall by dau of William Gerard)
  i. Sir William Jenney of Knodishall & Theberton (d 23.12.1483, judge)
  m1. Elizabeth Cawse (dau of Thomas Cawse)
  a. Sir Edmund Jenney of Knodishall & Theberton (d 26.06.1523)
  m. Katherine Boyes (dau of Robert Boyes by Joan, dau of Edmund Wichingham)
(1) William Jenney (b 24.05.1470, dvp 28.02.1519)
  m1. Audrey (Etheldreda) Clere (dau of Sir Robert Clere of Ormesby)
  (A)+ 4 children (dsp)
  Visitation (Norfolk) identifies the mother of William's (surviving) sons as the daughter/heir of Sir William Warren but Visitation (Suffolk) and the Middlesex Pedigrees identify her as ...
m2. Elizabeth Bretton (dau of Thomas Bretton, alderman of London)
  (E) Francis Jenney of Knodishall & Theberton (b 1510, d 18.02.1590)
  m1. Margaret Peyton (dau of Sir Robert Peyton of Isleham)
  (i) Arthur Jenney of Knodishall & Theberton (b c1546, bur 19.03.1604/5)
  m1. Ele or Eley (Elizabeth) Jernegan (bur 28.08.1588, dau of George Jernegan of Somerleyton)
(a) Francis Jenney (dvp 1590)
  m. (1585) Anne Rede (dau of George Rede or Reade of Thorington, she m2. William Jermy)
  ((1)) Sir Arthur Jenney of Knodishall, later of Morton Hall (d before 05.06.1668, judge)
  m1. (1616) Anne Barker (dau of Sir Robert Barker of Tremley)
((A)) Sir Robert Jenney of Knodishall (d 1660)
  m. Elizabeth Offley (d before 10.06.1686, dau of John Offley of Madgley)
  ((i)) Offley Jenney of Leiston, later of Knodishall (d before 15.11.1670)
  m. Alathea Duke (dau of Sir Edward Duke, Bart of Benhall)
  ((a)) Robert Jenney had issue
  (((1))) Catharine Jenney possibly of this generation
m. Nicholas Drury of Intwood
  ((ii)) Edmund Jenney of Bredfield (d before 22.05.1696)
  m. Dorothy Maryott (dau of Robert Maryott of Bredfield)
  ((a)) Arthur Jenney had issue
  ((B)) Francis Jenney of Cantley & Hethersett (dsp before 26.04.1706)
  Visitation includes a note from the Harleian editor that Francis (and his siblings William, George of Morton Hall, Judith and Abigail) were incorrectly shown in the original Visitation as children rather than siblings of Sir Robert.
  m. Sibbell Norris (d before 15.10.1716)
  ((C)) Judith Jenney
  m. Michael (not Sir Thomas, Bart) Rous (brother of Sir John, Bart)
  ((D)) Jerningham Jenney
  m. William Rookwood of Weston
  ((E)) Abigail Jenney
m. Richard Costivel of Bolney
  ((F))+ other issue - William of Elsing (dsp before 10.10.1691), George of Morton Hall (had issue), George (had issue), Suckling (dsp)
  m2. Katherine Porter (dau of Sir John Porter)
  ((J)) Thomas Jenney of Campsey Ash (dsp before 17.09.1675)
  m3. (mcrt 1651) Helen Stonard (dau of Francis Stonard of Essex)
  ((K)) Isabell Jenney
m. John Talbot of Icklingham, Suffolk
  m4. Mary Hull (dau of Thomas Hull, she m2. William Nicoll of Heigham)
  ((L)) Edmund Jenney (b 1664)
  (b) Jernegan Jenney (daughter)
  (c) Ursula Jenney
  m. (c07.1596) William Hammond of Aldeby (d c1622, son of John by Agnes)
  m2. (13.10.1595) Agnes (widow of John Hammond)
  (ii) Christopher Jenney of Theberton (dsp bur 03.03.1609/10, 3rd son)
  m. Bridget Crane (bur 26.11.1607, dau of Robert Crane of Chilton)
  (iii) Elizabeth Jenney
  m. (02.07.1584) "Mr. Simon"
  (iv) Martha Jenney
  m. (11.09.1576) Richard Browne
  (v) Bridget Jenney
  m. (28.09.1597) Robert Sherma
  (vi) Margaret Jenney
  m. (18.05.1586) Arthur Vesey of Hadleigh
  (vii)+ other issue - Thomas, William, Edmund, Anne, Mary
  m2. Margaret or Mary Brograve (dau of Robert Brograve of Beckenham)
  (F) Edmund Jenney (a 1523)
  m. Susan Purefoy (dau of William Purefoy of Buckinghamshire)
(i) Edmond Jenney of Tottenham
  m. Elizabeth Lock (dau of Michael Lock)
  (a)+ issue - Edmond, Benjamin, Susan, Alice
  (2) Robert Jenney (b 1484, a 1494, dsp)
  (3) Sir Christopher Jenney or Jenny of Cressingham Magna, Norfolk (b 1486, d 14.05.1575, judge)
  m1. Elizabeth Eyre (dau of William Eyre of Bury St. Edmunds)
  (A) John Jenny of Cressingham Magna
  m. Elizabeth Spring (d 1588, dau of Robert Spring of Lenham, brother of John of Coxfield)
  (i) William Jenny of Cressingham Magna probably the William who married ...
  m. Anne Thursbye (dau of Edward Thursbye of Doreward's Hall) presumed mother of ...
  (a) Anne Jenny
  m. _ Sendall (son of Thomas)
  (ii) Henry Jenny (5th son)
  m. Mary Smyth of London
  (a) John Jenny of Cressingham Magna
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, Christhopher
  (iii) Ambrose Jenny of Eltham, Kent (d 21.05.1621)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Richard Badgecroft or Batchcroft)
  (a)+ issue - Thomas (dsp), Henry
(iv) Robert Jenny of London (d 24.04.1645)
  m. Mary Smyth (dau of William Smyth of London)
  (a)+ issue - Robert (a 1634), William (a 1634), Francis of London, Ambrose (d young), Edmond (d young), Henry (d young)
  (v) Anne Jenny
  m. Thomas Sendal of Same Tany or Soham Tony
  (vi)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Edmond (dsp), Christopher (dsp), Elizabeth, Margaret
  (B) George Jenny
  (C) Dorothy Jenny
  m. Henry Rypes or Repps of Walton
  (D) Elizabeth Jenny
  m. William Steward of Goldethorp Hall in Swarston (d before 10.01.1611, son of Augustin of Norwich)
m2. Mary (widow of _ Skerne)
  (4) John Jenney or Jenny
  m. Katherine Pellett (dau of William Pellett)
  (A) William Jenny
  m. Anne Litlebery (dau of John Litlebery of Hagworthingham)
  (i) John Jenny of Hornecastle, Lincolnshire
  m. Rose Langton (dau of John Langton of Langton)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas, Humfrey
  (B) Edmond Jenney
(5) Jane Jenney (b 1468, d c03.1540)
  m. William Playters of Sotterley (d 11.11.1512)
  (6) Elizabeth Jenney (b 1471)
  It appears that both the 2nd daughter and the youngest daughter were called Elizabeth. One of them married Richard Littlebury. We provisionally show it to have been the younger.
  (7) Anne Jenney
  m. (before 1493) Thomas Billingford of Blackford Hall near Dunston (d 1506)
  (8) Rose Jenney (b 1474)
  m1. (before 1493) John King of Shelley Hall
  m2. Thomas Aylmer of Polstead and Shelley
(9) Thomasine Jenney
  m. William Duke
  (10) Elizabeth Jenney see note above for her elder sister Elizabeth
  m. Richard Littlebury
  b. Richard Jenney of Herringfleet & Austin's Manor (4th son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Jenney of Herringfleet).
m. Elizabeth Seckford (dau of George Seckford of Seckford, widow of Richard Wolvertson of Culpho who d 1495)
  (1) Robert Jenney of Herringfleet (d 1559)
  m. Mary Berney (dau of John Breney of Reedham, she m2. Henry Brampton of Fritton)
  (A) John Jenney of Herringfleet (a 1566)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1566) - Thomas (d 1590), Robert (b before 1552), Humphrey, Margaret, Anne, Elizabeth, Frances
(2) William Jenney of Fritton (d 1560)
  m1. _ Loveday
  (A)+ 3 sons
  m2. (07.08.1546) Anne Cuddon (dau of Thomas Cuddon of Weston, she m2. Anthony Brampton of Fritton)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas, Sacra, George, Anthony, Ursella
  (3) Anne Jenney
  m. Thomas Hare of Kirby Cane (bur 15.03.1559)
  c. Margery Jenney
  m. Sir Christopher Willoughby of Parham (d c1498)
  d. Eleanor Jenney
  m1. Sir Robert Brewse
  m2. Sir Robert Fiennes (brother of Richard, Lord Dacre)
  e.+ other issue - Hugh (a 1473), Nicholas of Herringfleet (d by 1506)
  m2. Eleanor Sampson (d by 1496, dau of John Sampson of Harkstead, widow of Robert Inglosse of Gunton)
  ii. John Jenney of Hardwick (a 1480, rector of Ufford) had issue
  iii.+ other issue - Anne, Margaret
  m2. Margaret

Main source(s): Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Jenny of Knodishall), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613 & 1664, Jenney), Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Jenney of Tottenham)
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