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Families covered: Hall of Barlow Lees, Hall of Grantham, Hall of Greatford (Gretford) Hall, Hall of Jamaica, Hall of Kettlethorpe

Commoners starts its entry on the Halls of Jamaica with the following: "This is a branch of the Halls of Greatford Hall, in the county of Lincoln, a family of great antiquity and high consideration, who were themselves a scion of the Fitz Williams of Clixby, of the same lineage as Earl Fitzwilliam. A younger son of that house, Arthur Fitz-William, of the Hall, was called, to distinguish him from his brothers, Arthur of the Hall, and that designation became in the sequel, Arthur Hall. Many of his descendants were, for generations after, christened Fitzwilliam Hall." We hope in due course to find the exact connection between the following and the Fitzwilliams (at which time we may redo this page and the apparently connected family shown on Hall02). Meanwhile, we admit to being rather confused by the clear indication that the family branched from the Fitzwilliams at an early time whilst the earliest Fitzwilliams of Clixby we know of did not take that designation until the late 16th / early 17th century i.e. after the time of the following Thomas.
Thomas Hall of Grantham, Lincolnshire (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
m. Alice Bramswell (dau of John Bramswell (by Elizabeth Fox), sister/heir of John Branmswell)
1. Francis Hall of 'Hall Place,' Grantham (Comptroller of Calais)
  m. Elizabeth Wingfield (dau of Sir John Wingfield)
  FMG identifies Elizabeth as dau of Sir John Wingfield "by Susan, Countess of Kent, his wife". There was no Susan, Countess of Kent, around this time. We follow various web sites in identifying Elizabeth as the daughter, reported in BP1934 (Powerscourt) as having married a Francis Hall, of Sir John of Letheringham.
  A. Francis Hall of Grantham (d 07.1553)
Maddison reports that some sources identify Francis's wife as Ursula, sister of Sir Ralph Bourchier, but gives precedence to identifying her as ...
  m. Ursula (sb Elizabeth?) Sherington (bur 05.07.1569, sister of Sir Henry Sherington, m2. John Banaster)
  i. Arthur Hall of Grantham (d 29.12.1605)
  Maddison reports that some sources identify Arthur's wife as Mary, dau of Maurice Berkeley of Wymondham, but gives precedence to identifying her as ...
  m. Mary Denys (bur 30.09.1582, dau of John Denys of London)
  a. Cecil Hall of Grantham (b c1567, bur 05.1625)
  m1. (27.01.1599-1600) Elizabeth Griffin (dau of Sir Edward Griffin of Gumley & Walkerley)
  (1) Griffin Hall of Coleby (bpt 06.03.1601-1)
  (A) Elizabeth Hall (a 1630)
m2. Alice Thorold (d by 01.1631, dau of Sir Edmund Thorold of Hough, widow of John Thompson of Boothby Paynell & _ Gregg)
  (2) Cyrus Hall of Coleby
  m. _ Poole (dau of _ Poole of Syerston by dau of John Thompson of Boothby)
  (3)+ other issue - Cecil (bpt 11.1620), Mary (bpt 07.04.1616), Lucy (a 1630)
  b. Ursula Hall (a 1630)
  m. Arthur Porter of Grantham
  c.+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 04.11.1571), Joan (bpt 19.11.1570, bur 30.07.1571), Anne (d 10/11.1630)
ii. Mary Hall
  m. Maurice Berkeley of Wymondham (b c1530, d 1600)
  iii. Elizabeth Hall
  m. Ralph Bourchier of Staffordshire
  iv. Jane Hall (d 11.05.1598) identified by FMG as sister rather than daughter of Francis
  m1. Francis Neale of Leicestershire
  m2. Henry Skipwith of Keythorpe
v.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, Robert
  B. Edmund / Edward / Thomas / Robert Hall of Gretford or Greatford (bur 24.11.1592, youngest son?)
  FMG names him Edmund. Maddison names him Edward "called also Thomas". BE1883 (Willoughby of Parham) names the husband of Ann as Robert.
  m. Ann Willoughby (bur 25.12.1586, dau of Sir Christopher Willoughby, sister of William, 1st Lord of Parham)
  i. Henry Hall of Gretford or Greatford Hall (d 1616)
  m1. Jane Neale (dau of Francis Neale or Nele of Prestwould & Tugby)
a. Elizabeth Hall
  m. Sir Thomas Mackworth, Bart (d 03.1625-6)
  m2. Margaret Elmes (dau of Edmund or Edward Elmes of Elford or Lilford)
  b. Henry Hall of Burton Coggles & Gretford or Greatford Hall (a 1671)
  m. (23.02.1653-4) Elizabeth Hartop (bpt 21.12.1615, bur 29.06.1676, dau of Sir Edward Hartop, widow of Montague Cholmley of Easton)
  (1) Elizabeth Hall
  m. Sir Hugh Middleton of Pall Mall, Bart
  (2) Frances Hall
  m. John Weston of Ockham
(3) Margaret Hall (d 12.02.1723-4)
  m. Thomas Babington of Rothley Temple (b 1635, d 16.04.1708)
  c. Edmund Hall of Gretford or Greatford (dsp bur 15.07.1664)
  m. Strange Elmes (bur 23.01.1670-1, dau of John Elmes of Swinstead)
  Both Maddison and FMG report that Edmund dsp. However, Commoners starts with the following William, identifying him as "youngest child of Edmund Hall, esq, of Greatford Hall, by Anne, his wife, daughter of John Elmers, esq. of Swinford" which, despite the difference in his mother's name, suggests that Edward did not dsp but was father of ...
  (1) William Hall, in Bilbao then Jamaica (d 18.09.1699)
  m. (26.07.1688) Elizabeth Wyatt (dau of William Wyatt)
  (A) John Hall of Hyde Hall, Jamaica (b 10.1698)
  m. Elizabeth Cossley (sister of Col. John Cossley)
  (i) William James of Jamaica (dsp)
  m. Florence Bletchyndon (dau of Theophilus Bletchyndon, cousin of Coutess Spencer)
  (ii) Cossley Hall of Hyde Hall, etc in Jamaica, and London
  m1. Whitehorne Lade Robinson (dau of George Robinson)
  (a) Rebecca Hyde Hall
  m. Sir John Peshall, Bart
  (b) Florence Hall (d 26.04.1815)
  m. Joseph Daly (RN)
(c)+ other issue - William James of Jamaica (d unm 1827), John Cossley (d unm 06.05.1801), Edmund Hyde (d unm 16.10.1824), Elizabeth Cossley
  m2. Elizabeth Bromley Rose (d 1825, dau of Thomas Rose of Jamaica by _ Bromley)
  (g) Thomas James Hall of Arrow's Foot, Yorkshire (b 12.1793) had issue
  m. Agnes Carr (dau of Robert Carr of Heathfield)
  (h) Ann Rose Hall
  m1. William Green of Trelawney, Jamaica
((1)) Elizabeth William Green
  m. (23.04.1831) Leicester Fitzgerald Charles Stanhope, 5th Earl of Harrington (b 02.09.1784, d 07.09.1862)
  m2. J. Somerville Wood
  (iii) Susannah Hall
  m. Francis Gale of Liguania, Jamaica
  (a) Susannah Hyde Gale (b 03.05.1749, d 20.04.1823)
  m1. Samuel (Sabine) Turner (dsp)
  m2. (20.05.1769) Alan Gardner, 1st Lord (b 12.04.1742, d 01.01.1809, Admiral)
(iv) Amy Hall (d 1773)
  m. (1761) Edward East of Whitehall, Jamaica
  d. John Hall of Barham or Gretford
  m. Catherine (bur 24.07.1675)
  (1)+ issue - John (bpt/bur 09.1670), John (bpt 24.07.1675), Catherine (bpt 20.08.1669), Martha (bpt 04.09.1671, bur 03.10.1671), Mary (bur 06.01.1671-2)
  e. son probably of this generation, possibly one of the above if this was another marriage
  m. Mary Aleyne (dau of Edmund Aleyne of Hatfield Peverell)
  f. Anne Hall (a 1617)
  m. John Pigott of Allington
  g. Alice Hall (b after 1589)
  m. Robert Metham of Bullington
h. Rachel Hall (b after 1589)
  m. Jaques Malet or Mallett
  ii. Edward (or Edmund) Hall 'of Gretford' (a 1619)
  m. Margaret Whichcote (dau of Christopher Whichcote of London)
  a. Edmund Hall
  iii. Rachel Hall
  m. Sir Arthur Hopton
  iv. Ann Hall (bur 04.06.1612)
  m. George Mackworth
v. daughter (a 1599)
  m. _ Biston
  vi.+ other issue - Peregrine (d before 06.04.1600), Robert (a 1599)
  C. Alice Hall
  m. Sir Henry Sutton of Aversham
  D.+ other issue - John (d c1552), Robert (dsp), Thomas (dsp)
2. John Hall of Gloucester Hall (Cambridgeshire) & Shardlow (Derbyshire)
  m. Elizabeth de la Hay (dau of _ de la Hay of Litchurch)
  A. Richard Hall of Shardlow
  m. Ann Newton (dau of Robert Newton of Chaddesden)
i. Thomas Hall of Barlow Lees in Dronfield, Derbyshire (d 1617)
  m. Isabel Beresford (bur 07.04.1631, dau of Matthew Beresford of Newton Grange)
  a. Charles Hall of Kettlethorpe and Lincoln's Inn (d 01.12.1669, MP)
  m1. Abigail Bellamy (dau of Gervase Bellamy of Kettlethorpe)
  (1) Isabel Hall (bur 14.04.1631)
m2. Ann Trollope (bpt 02.07.1619, bur 18.06.1660, dau of Sir Thomas Trollope, Bart)
  (2) Thomas Hall of Kettlethorpe
  m1. (08.02.1675-6) Elizabeth Abdy (bur 03.01.1677-8, dau of Sir Robert Abdy, Bart of Albyns)
  (A)+ issue - Elizabeth (bpt 21.12.1676, bur 30.01.1677-8), Sarah (bpt 10.01.1677-8, bur 20.12.1707)
  m. Amy Mildmay (b 14.02.1648-9, dau of Henry Mildmay of Graces, widow of Vincent Amcotts of Harrington)
  (C) Charles Hall of Washington (bpt 06.05.1690, bur 29.08.1743, MP)
  (3)+ other issue - Charles, Richard, Gilbert, Jane, Mary, Amey
b. Thomas Hall of London (bpt 16.10.1609)
  (1) Isabel Hall (bur 31.12.1720)
  m. Sir John Playters of Sotterley, Bart
  c. Richard Hall of Barlow Lees (bpt 25.11.1612, bur 21.09.1665)
  m. Mary Fox (dau of William Fox of Harrich)
  (1) Thomas Hall (bpt 21.12.1645)
  (2) Richard Hall of Barlow Lees (bpt 27.06.1648, bur 14.02.1708)
  m1. (08.06.1675) Lydia Brelsforth (dau of John Brelsforth of the Hill Houses)
  m2. Dorothy Pegge (b c1660, bur 05.09.1711, dau of Edward Pegge of Beauchief)
  (3) Charles Hall (bpt 08.03.1651, rector of Ketelthorpe)
m. Elizabeth Skoles of Leeds
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Charles (b c1687, a 1768, rector of Harrrington), Richard, Gilbert, Jane, Mary, Amy
  (4) Gilbert Hall in Chesterfield (bpt 24.03.1661, apothecary)
  m. (28.07.1685) Rachel Lobley (dau of Rev. John Lobley of Sheffield)
  (A)+ issue - John, Richard, Ann, Elizabeth
  (5) Abigail Hall of Barlow Lees (bur 1703)
  m. (20.01.1657) Ralph Heathcote (rector of Staveley)
  (6) Isabel Hall (bpt 05.01.1653)
  m. (13.05.1679) William Froggatt of The Hagg
(7) Mary Hall (bpt 21.02.1655, bur 15.11.1690)
  m. Thomas Brailsford of Staveley
  (8) Helen Hall (bpt 10.05.1659)
  m. George Kent of Ridgway
  d. Ann Hall
  m. William Newton of Kirkby
  e. Isabel Hall
  m. Huntingdon Smithson
  f. Ellen Hall
  m. Thomas Wright of Unthank
  g.+ other issue - Gilbert (bpt 21.05.1616, d unm), William (d young)
  ii. Richard Hall
3. Jane Hall
  m. Sir John Mering

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Hall, formerly Fitzwilliam, of Grantham), FMG (vol 2, Hall) and, for the Halls of Jamaica, Commoners (vol iv, Hall of Jamaica now of Arrow's Foot)
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