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Families covered: Meldrum of Fyvie, Meldrum of Meldrum, Meldrum of Seggie

The early generations of this family come from old schedules within the 'BG family records'.
Philippus de Fedarg (a 1236)
1. Sir Philip de Melgdrum (a 1262)
  m. Agnes Comyn (dau of William de Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan)
  A. Sir William de Melgdrum
i. John de Melgdrum (d c1330)
  a. Sir Philip de Meldrum (d 1346)
  (1) Sir Thomas de Meldrum (dspl)
  (2) Sir William de Meldrum (a 1353)
  (A) William de Meldrum (a 1417, 1431)
  (i) Mariotta de Meldrum (d unm)
  (ii) Elisabeth de Meldrum
  m. William Seton, 1st of Meldrum (d Brechin 18.05.1452)
  (3) Philip de Meldrum
  (4) daughter
  m. John de Innerpeffer
  b. William de Meldrum ancestor of the Meldrums of Fyvie
  It appears that Fyvie Castle came into the Meldrum family through marriage with a descendant of Sir Henry Preston who was granted the castle & lands by King Robert III in about 1395. It was sold in 1596 to Alexander Seton, later Chancellor of Scotland. The following has been pulled together from notes on a page within the 'BG family records' which appears to have come from "Fyvie Castle, Its Lairds and Its Times" by A.M.W. Stirling.
  (1) ?? Meldrum presumed intermediary generation, father or grandfather of ...
(A) Alexander Meldrum of Fyvie (a 1438)
  m. _ Preston (dau/coheir of Sir Henry Preston of Fyvie)
  (i) ?? Meldrum possibly Sir Thomas, father of Marjory/Mary
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) ?? Meldrum
  ((1)) ?? Meldrum
  ((A)) Sir George Meldrum of Fyvie (a 1542)
  ((2)) Margaret Meldrum possibly of this generation
  m. William Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben (d Flodden 09.1513)
  (b) Marjory or Mary Meldrum possibly of this generation
  p. Sir William Leslie, 4th of Balquhain (d 18.04.1467)
  ii. Philip de Melgdrum (a 1325)
  B. Thomas Meldrum (a 1272)
  The 'BG family records' identify this Thomas as ancestor of the Meldrums of Seggie. RedBookScot indicates that the following David was ancestor of the Meldrums of Seggie. The dates suggest that David was probably son or grandson of this Thomas.
  i. David Meldrum (de Melkedrum) of Fife (a 08.1296) the first mentioned by RedBookScot
RedBookScot jumps to Alexander (a 1461). The BG family records jump to that Alexander's grandson, Alexander, showing that he was alive in 1449. The only date that RedBookScot mentions about the grandson Alexander is that his son (another Alexander) was confirmed as his heir on 24.05.1508. We are concerned that there may be some confusion with these generations.
  a. ?? Meldrum
  (1) ?? Meldrum
  Uncertain on number of intervening geneations.
  (A) ?? Meldrum
  (i) ?? Meldrum
  (a) Alexander Meldrum of Seggie (a 10.1461)
  ((1)) David Meldrum of Seggie
  m. Elizabeth
  ((A)) Alexander Meldrum of Seggie (a 1449) - continued below
  C. Alexander Meldrum ancestor of the Meldrums of Cleish



Alexander Meldrum of Seggie (a 1449, d before 1508) - continued above
1. Alexander Meldrum of Seggie (d before 18.04.1513)
  m. (c1490) Euphame Boswell (dau of David Boswell of Glassmont, 2nd of Balmuto)
  A. Alexander Meldrum of Seggie (dsp c1513 (Flodden?))
  B. Thomas Meldrum of Seggie (d by 1571)
Provisionally, we follow RedBookScot which shows that Alexander was succeeded by his brother Thomas who was succeeded by his grandson, James (the Senator). However, we used to show things differently (and thought seriously about continuing to do so) because the 'BG family records' identify Alexander's sister Margaret as heiress of (the major part of) Seggie, implying that the male line did not continue from this generation, with that (major part of ) Seggie passing into the Bruce family but then being rented/leased back to the line of Senator James (who is shown by the 'BG family records' below rather than here) who then, having themselves inherited another part of the old Seggie lands, became known as 'of Seggie'.
i. Alexander Meldrum
  a. (Sir) James Meldrum of Seggie (d 15.02.1588, Senator of the College of Justice) see alternate ancestry below
  m. Elizabeth or Elspeth Boswell (dau of David Boswell, 4th of Balmuto)
  (1) Sir David Meldrum of Seggie (d 01.04.1622)
  m. Agnes Leslie (dau of Robert Leslie of Findressie)
  (A)+ issue - James (a 1614), George (a 1622), Robert (a 1644)
  RedBookScot ends with this generation. The 'BG family records' also show that Sir David had 3 sons but names them William ("served heir to Sir David his father 26th June 1622"), Robert & George with one schedule showing it as a possibililty that William had a son (possibly James) who was father of the John Meldurm who married Helen, dau of Sir Andrew Bruce of Earlshall (see below).
  (2) Margaret Meldrum
m. (by 1599) Sir James Shaw or Schaw of Sauchie (d before 08.1623)
  (3)+ other issue - John (a 1609 in Ulster), James, Alexander
  ii. William Meldrum (a 03.1563)
  iii. George Meldrum in Crail (a 03.1563)
  m. Christian Ramsay
  iv. Grissel Meldrum possibly of this generation (see note under Grissel below)
  m. (after 1574) John Melville, 5th of Raith (d 03.1605)
  C. David Meldrum in Crail
  D. Margaret Meldrum
  m. Sir William Bruce, 2nd of Earlshall (b 1486, d 28.01.1584)
  E. Elizabeth Meldrum
  m. James Sandilands of Cruvie and St. Monance (d 02.11.1586)
  F. Grissel Meldrum (d 10.1597)
  m. (1540) Sir James Learmonth of Dairsie, 1st of Balcomie (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  Originally we showed this Grissel as m2. John Melville of Raith but that would have meant that she had 5 children after her early/mid-50s. We now show John Melville's wife a generation later (above).
One of the old Meldrum schedules contained within the 'BG family records' shows the John Meldrum who married Helen, dau of Sir Andrew Bruce as connecting with the main line of Seggie at this generation. Another schedule suggests that that John may have been great-grandson of Sir David, son of (Sir) James the Senator. That had implied that Senator James & Sir David were descended from the following younger son of the above-mentioned Alexander. However, provisionally we follow RedBookScot in showing Senator James above.
2. ?? Meldrum
  A. ?? Meldrum
Uncertain on number of intervening geneations.
  i. ?? Meldrum
  a. ?? Meldrum
  (1) ?? Meldrum (possibly William)
  This grandfather of John was long thought to have been the William who was identified as eldest son of the above-mentioned Sir David of Seggie.
  (A) ?? Meldrum (possibly James)
  (i) John Meldrum
  m. (c1650) Helen Bruce (dau of Sir Andrew Bruce of Earlshall)

Main source(s): RedBookScot (Fife, Meldrum of Seggie), Stirnet's 'BG family records'
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