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Families covered: Bayne-Meldrum of Balmungo, Bayne-Meldrum of Dura, Meldrum of Craigfoodie, Meldrum of Kincaple, Meldrum of Balmullo, Meldrum of Pittormie

John Meldrum
m. (c1650) Helen Bruce (dau of Sir Andrew Bruce, 5th of Earlshall)
1. Andrew Meldrum
2. Thomas Meldrum
  A. Thomas Meldrum of Balmullo
  i. Robert Meldrum of Balmullo
  a. David Meldrum of Balmullo
  (1) Haig (?) Meldrum of Balmullo
  (2) daughter
  B. Robert Meldrum (minister of Kembach)
  i.+ 2 or 3 daughters
3. John Meldrum
  m. (12.1684) Elizabeth Duncan (b c1668, d 18.09.1746)
  A. Robert Meldrum (bpt 23.01.1686)
  i. Robert Meldrum, 1st of Pittormie (b 1723, d 02.1789)
  m. (1773) Jean Swan (b 1743, d 1830, dau of Robert Swan of Prestonhall)
  a. Robert Meldrum, 2nd of Pittormie (b 1777, dsp 1839)
b. Christian Meldrum (bpt 02.04.1779)
  c. John Meldrum of Edenbank, 3rd of Pittormie (b 17.01.1781, d 25.03.1857)
  m. (15.07.1839) Mary Ann Fender (b 22.01.1823, d 17.01.1912, dau of William Fender from Dundee)
  (1) Robert Meldrum, 4th of Pittormie (b 1840, dsp)
  (2) John Meldrum, 5th of Pittormie (b c1842, dsp c1916)
  (3) Christian Meldrum (b 26.08.1846, d 26.10.1931) --
  m. (26.08.1878) Charles Bayne-Meldrum (b 06.10.1841, d 19.02.1949) @@ below --
  (4)+ other issue - Mary (b 1843-4), Jean (b 1844-5)
  d. Andrew Meldrum (b 19.03.1784, d young)
  ii. Andrew Meldrum (of Dron ?)
B. Thomas Meldrum, 1st of Kincaple (b 1701, d 1778, 4th son)
  m. (03.1744) Magdalen Smith (b 11.178, d 12.1793)
  i. Alexander Meldrum, 2nd of Kincaple (dsp, Minister at Kincaple)
  ii. David Meldrum, 1st of Craigfoodie (b 1747, d 1771)
  m. Katherine Bonthorn
  a. David Meldrum, 2nd of Craigfoodie (bpt 01.06.1770, d 1848)
  m. Wilhelmina Menzies (dau of Robert Menzies (by Jean Moir, widow of Alexander Bayne of Rires))
  (1) Alexander Meldrum, 3rd of Kincaple (b 03.05.1800, d 09.02.1866)
  m1. (1828) Margaret Louise Roy (b 1797, d 13.05.1838, dau of William Roy of Nenthorn)
  (A) David Meldrum, later Bayne-Meldrum, 4th of Kincaple, 6th of Rires, 4th of Dura (b 1829, dsp 08.1906)
  David inherited the entailed estates of Dura and Rires from the Bayne family which led to him taking on the name Bayne. He had to sell Rires (to pay death duties) but passed Dura to his half-brother Charles (below). Kincaple went to his full-brother Alexander (see below).
  (B) Isabella Roy Meldrum (b 1830)
  m. (1854) Joseph Henry Lee (d 1897)
  (C) William Roy Meldrum (b 1831)
  (i) Alexander Meldrum had issue
  (D) Wilhelmina Meldrum (b 1831)
  m. Robert Tennant
  (E) Margaret Louisa Meldrum (b c1833)
  m. M. McCulloch
  (F) Agnes Wemyss Meldrum (b 1835, d 1923 ?)
  m. _ Oxley
  (G) Alexander Lewis Meldrum, 5th of Kincaple (b 19.04.1838, d 04/11.1923)
  m. Margaret Barr (d 1920)
  (i) Lewis Meldrum (d young)
  (ii) William Meldrum, 6th/last of Kincaple (b 1865, d 02.1964, to New Zealand) had issue
  m1. Nora Carthew (d 1939)
m2. (1926) Clare Dobson (b 1899)
  (iii) David Meldrum had issue
  m. _ Frankish
  (iv) Elizabeth Meldrum
  m. William (?) Beddington
  (v) Isabella Meldrum
  m. _ Benoit
  m2. (15.12.1840) Elizabeth Maitland (b 17.01.1800, d 06.09.1869, dau of Charles Maitland-Makgill of Rankeillour, sister/coheir of Henry of Balmungo)
(H) Charles Edward Meldrum of Balmungo, later Bayne-Meldrum, 5th of Dura (b 06.10.1841, d 01.1923)
  Charles inherited Dura from his half-brother David (above). This led to him taking on the name Bayne. He passed Dura to his daughter Mary who sold it to pay the duties that arose on his death.
  m1. (1871) Emma Charlotte Roy (d 1873, dau of Frederick Roy of Nenthorn)
  (i) Emma Charlotte Bayne-Meldrum (b 11.1872, d 19.02.1949)
  m2. (26.08.1878) Christian Meldrum (b 1846, d 26.10.1931, dau of John Meldrum, 3rd of Pittormie) @@ above
  (ii) Mary Elizabeth Bayne-Meldrum of Balmungo, 6th/last of Dura (b 02.12.1880, d 26.01.1960)
  m. (1922) John Graham Neish (b c1874, dsp 20.09.1946)
  (iii) Elizabeth Maitland Bayne-Meldrum (b 08.02.1883, d 13.08.1955)
  (iv) Jane Christian Bayne-Meldrum (b 20.06.1886, d 16.08.1893)
  (v) Wilhelmina Menzies Bayne-Meldrum (b 18.01.1889, d 15.11.1990) --
  m. (05.09.1911) Allan Barns-Graham of Lymekilns, Carbeth, etc (b 1874, d 1957) --
  (I) Frederick Maitland Meldrum (b 1843, dsp 1845)
  (2) Jane Meldrum (bpt 08.08.1803, d 07.05.1862) --
  m. (01.05.1843) William Carstairs (b 11.12.1797, d 15.07.1867) --
  (3) David Meldrum, 3rd/last of Craigfoodie (b 1805, dsp 1876)
  (4) Catherine Meldrum
  m1. (13.06.1829) William Bayne, 4th of Rires, 2nd of Dura (dsp 1831)
  m2. Cathcart Methven
  (5) Robert Meldrum (d young)
  b.+ other issue - Madalan (bpt 28.10.1767), Mary (b 29.11.1768)
  iii. Euphame Meldrum (b 1749)
  m. Robert Methven
  iv. Thomas Meldrum
  v. Agnes Meldrum
  m. _ Lawson of Pitlethie
  C.+ other issue - John (dsp 15.08.1717), Ann (bpt 21.07.1688), Margaret (bpt 11.01.1691), Agnes, Janet, Elizabeth, David (bpt 22.04.1698, joint tenant of Seggie), Catherine (bpt 15.08.1707)
4. Joseph Meldrum
  A.+ 2 or 3 daughters

Main source(s): Stirnet's BG Family records (some of which were handwritten so some mistakes may have been made)
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