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Families covered: Johnston of Badifarrow, Johnston of Ballindallach (Ballindauch or Bendauch), Johnston of Caskieben, Johnston of Crimond, Johnston of Craig, Johnston of Hilton, Johnston of Newplace

Stephen de Johnston 'the Clerk' (a 1370, 1384)
m. Margaret de Garviach (dau of Sir Andrew de Garviach of Caskieben, son (by Helen/Elyne of Mar) of Sir James of Cordyce & Balnacraig)
1. John Johnston of Caskieben, Aberdeenshire (d c1428)
  m. Marjory Lichton (dau of _ Lichton of Usan, possibly sister of Henry, Bishop of Aberdeen)
  A. Gilbert Johnston of Ballindallach (aka Bendauch) then Caskieben (d c1476)
  m. (before 1428) Elene Lichton (dau of _ Lichton of Usan)
i. Gilbert Johnston of Ballindallach/Bendauch (dvp)
  m1. Elizabeth Vaus (dau of _ Vaus or Vass of Menie)
  a. Alexander Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben
  m. (before 03.1476) Agnes Glaster (dau of _ Glaster of Glack)
(1) William Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben (d Flodden 09.1513)
  m1. Margaret Meldrum (dau of ?? Meldrum of Fyvie)
  (A) James Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben (d c1548)
  m. Clara Barclay (dau of ?? Barclay of Gartly)
  (i) William Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Margaret Hay (dau of Alexander Hay of Delgaty & Ardendraught)
(a) George Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben (d 1593) - continued below
  m. Christian Forbes (dau of William Forbes, 7th Lord)
  (b) Elizabeth (Bessy) Johnston
  m. Gilbert Hay of Percok
  (c) Margaret Johnston
  m. James Johnston @1@ below
  (d) Violet Vohnston
  m. Patrick Chalmers of Banff
(ii) Gilbert Johnston of Standinstones had issue
  m. Margaret Forbes (dau of William Forbes of Corsindae)
  (iii) George Johnson of Aberdeen had issue
  m. Katharine Menzies (dau of Provost Thomas Menzies of Pitfoddels)
  (iv) Agnes Johnston
  m. _ Reid of Colliston
  (v) Isabel Johnston
  m. ?? of Asloun
  (vi) Elizabeth (Bessy) Johnston
  m. Alexander Chalmers of Strichen (d before 1580)
  (vii) Janet Johnston
  m. Patrick Leith of Edingarroch (dsp before 1580)
  (B) Margaret Johnston
  m. William Blakhall of that ilk (d 05.08.1569)
m2. Margaret Lumsden (dau of Thomas Lumsden of Cullen, widow of William Forbes of Corsindae)
  (C) Gilbert Johnston
  (D) Christian Johnston
  m. ?? of Cairndae (Linton)
  (E) Margaret Johnston
  m. William Forbes of Finziach
  b. daughter
  m. _ Blakhall of Barra
  c. (Agnes) Johnston
  m. (Alexander) Abercromby of Birkenbog (sb Pitmedden)
d. daughter
  m. William Hay of Artrochy
  m2. Elizabeth Forbes (dau of Sir Alexander Forbes, 2nd of Pitsligo)
  e. William Johnston of Ballindallach or Ballindauch or Bendauch
  The following comes from 'Genealogical account of the Family of Johnston of that ilk, formerly of Caskieben' by Alexander Johnston, 1832.
  (1) Alexander Johnston of Ballindauch (a 1509) probably father of ...
  (A) ?? Johnston of Crimond
  (i) James Johnston of Crimond
  m. Margaret Johnston (dau of William Johnston of that ilk by Margaret Hay) @1@ above
  (a) (Robert) Johnston of Crimond
  m. Agnes Johnston (dau of George Johnston of that ilk by Christian Forbes) @2@ below
  ((1)) Robert Johnston of Crimond, Provost of Aberdeen (a 1637)



George Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben (d 1593) - continued above
m. Christian Forbes (b 24.06.1547, d 1622, dau of William Forbes, 7th Lord)
1. John Johnston 'of that ilk' of Caskieben (b 1565, d 04.02.1613/4)
  m1. Janet Turing (dau of ?? Turing of Foveran)
  A. Sir George Johnston, Sheriff of Aberdeenshire, 1st Bart of Caskieben (a 1641)
  m. Elizabeth Forbes (dau of William Forbes of Tolquhon)
i. Sir George Johnston, last of Caskieben, 2nd Bart (d before 10.06.1695)
  m. ?? Leslie (dau of Sir William Leslie of Wardes, 3rd Bart, by Helen Gordon)
  a. Sir John Johnston, 3rd Bart (b c1648, d unm 23/31.12.1690)
  ii. John Johnston of Newplace or New Place
  m. (1646) Margaret Johnston (dau of Thomas Johnston of Craig) @3@ below
  a. Sir John Johnston of Newplace & Craig, later of Cordyce (renamed Caskieben), 4th Bart (d 11.1724 or Sheriffmuir 1715)
  m. (04.1683) Janet Mitchell (d 09.1725, dau of Thomas Mitchell of Thainston, Provost of Aberdeen)
  (1) John Johnston (b c1690, dvpsp Sheriffmuir 1715)
  (2) Marjory Johnston
  m. (1707) Andrew Burnett of Elrick
  (3) Janet Johnston
  m. Charles Forbes of Sheals
  iii. William Johnston
iv. Jean Johnston
  m. John Irvine of Brucklay
  v. Christian Johnston
  m. William Keith of Lentush (minister of Kinnellar then Monkegy then Udny, professor in Edinburgh)
  B. John Johnston of Sleipiehillock
  m. Beatrix Hay
  C. Elizabeth Johnston
  m. Alexander Bannerman of Elsick (a 1586)
  D. Jean Johnston
m. _ Forbes of Knaperna
  m2. Katherine Lundie (d 1616, dau of William Lundie of that ilk)
  E. Thomas Johnston of Craig (d 08.1656)
  m1. Elpset Strachan
  i. Margaret Johnston
  m. John Johnston of Newplace @3@ above
  ii. Elizabeth Johnston
  m. (1652) Alexander 'Hardhead' Leith of Bucharne
  iii. Isabel Johnston
  m. (1654) Robert Chenye (son of John Cheyne (parson of Kintore))
  iv.+ sons (d young)
  m2. Mary Irvine (d 09.1659, dau of Alexander Irvine of Kingcausie)
  v. Thomas Johnston of Craig (d unm 01.1686)
  vi. William Johnston of Craig (dsp 1716)
  m. Joanna van Millen
vii. John Johnston of Bishopstown (b 1649, d 1716)
  m. (11.1672) Margaret Alexander (d c1736, dau/coheir of John Alexander of Aberdeen)
  a. Sir William Johnston of Craig, 5th Bart (b c1675, d 18.03.1750)
  m. (mcrt 08.01.1704) Jean Sandilands (d 06.1744, dau of James Sandilands of Craibston (by Elizabeth Donaldson of Hilton), sister of Alexander)
  (1) Sir William Johnston of Hilton, 6th Bart (b 11.1714, d 19.03.1794, Commander RN)
  m1. (1751) Sarah Kirby (d 1751, dau of Thomas Kirby of London)
  (A) son (d infant)
  m2. (03.1757) Elizabeth Cleland (b 1730-1, d 25.08.1772, dau of William Cleland of Cleland)
  (B) Sir William Johnston of Hilton, 7th Bart (b 03.08.1760, d 13.01.1844, Colonel, MP) had issue
  m1. (24.02.1783) Mary Bacon (dsp 07.1802, dau of John Bacon of Shrubland Hall)
  m2. (12.1802) Maria Bacon (d 27.10.1847, dau of John Bacon of Fryern House)
  (C) Mary Selby Johnston
  m. Peter Gourlay of St. Vincent Island
  (D) Elinor Sandilands Johnston
  m. Rev. William Uvedale of Barking (cousin)
  (E)+ other issue - Alexander, 4 sons (d infant), 2 daughters
  m3. (sp) (1777) Amy French (dau of Newman French of Bellchampe)
  (2)+ other issue (sons dsp?)
  b. John Johnston
  m. (mcrt 16.02.1717) Isobel Marnoch (dau of John Marnoch in Balnagask)
  (1) John Johnston (b 02.1725, d 1770)
  m. (07.1758) Margaret Chalmers (d 1812, dau of William Chalmers)
  (A) William Johnston (b 01.1762, d 24.02.1832) had issue
  m. (24.10.1801) Catherine Morice (d 25.03.1855, dau of David Morice of Tullos)
  (B) Andrew Johnston of Aberdeen (b 1769, d 1845)
  m. (1794) Margaret Inglis
(i) William Johnston of Aberdeen (b 1795, d 1865) had issue
  m. (1818) Ann Craig (dau of T. Craig)
  (ii) Andrew Johnston (d unm 1876)
c.+ other issue
  viii. James Johnston of Aberdeen (b 1656)
  a. William Johnston of Badifarrow (b c1699, d 1764, "Convener of the Incorporated Trades" of Aberdeen)
  m. (1744) Jean Forbes (d 1778, dau of William Forbes of Badifarrow, sister of John)
  (1) James Johnston of Badifarrow (b 1742)
  m. (1781) Ann Farquharson (dau of Robert Farquharson of Kinaldie, of family of Monaltrie)
  (A)+ issue including Jane (d 1855)
  F. Margaret Johnston
  m. (John) Cheyne (minister of Kinkell)
  i. Mary Cheyne probably of this generation
  m. John Udny of Cultercullen & Newtyle
  G. Christian Johnston
  m. John Forbes of Pitnacalder
  H.+ other issue - Gilbert, James
2. Gilbert Johnston of Ardtannies
  m. Marjorie Leslie (dau of John Leslie of Wardes)
3. George Johnston
  m. (c1590) Agnes Lundy (dau of _ Lundy of Conland)
4. Arthur Johnston (b 1587, d 1641, physician, rector, poet, 5th son)
  m1. (by 1618) Mary Kynuncle (d c04.1624, from Mechlin in Brabant)
  A.+ issue (a 1623) - James, Ludovick, Nicholas, George, Mary, Susannah
  m2. (before 1629) Barbara Gordon (d 03.1650)
  G. William Johnston (bpt 12.1636, professor)
  m. (1662) Helen Cullen (dau of Provost George Cullen of Aberdeen by 1st wife)
  H. Barbara Johnston (b 1631)
  m. (1656) George Cullen of Aberdeen (Provost, m1. ??)
  I. Elizabeth Johnston
  J. Margaret Johnston
  m. (01.1652) George Dalgarno (son of _ of Peathill in Kinkiell)
5. Margaret Johnston
  m1. _ Skene of Skene
  m2. Duncan Forbes of Lethinty & Balnagask (son of ?? of Monymuck)
6. Isabel Johnston
  m. (1586) Peter Blackburn, Bishop of Aberdeen
7. Agnes Johnston
  m. Robert Johnston of Crimond @2@ above
8. Janet Johnston
  m. Robert Johnston of Caiesmill
9. Barbara Johnston
  m. Robert Elphinston of Kinbroun
10. Helen Johnston
  m. _ Spence of Boddom
11. Jean Johnston
  m. Thomas Johnston of Middle Disblair
12.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1620, Dean of Guild of Aberdeen), William (professor)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 17.02.13) : 'Inverurie and the Earldom of the Garioch' by Rev. John Davidson (1878) (with thanks to a contributor (PK, 15.02.13) for drawing this book to our attention) with input as reported above
(2) For lower section (uploaded 27.03.05, expanded 17.02.13) : the above-mentioned 'Inverurie' book with support from BP1934 (Johnston of Caskieben) and a little support from TCB (vol 2, Johnston of Casekieben)
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