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Families covered: Dixie of (Market) Bosworth, Dixie of Catworth

Wolstan Dixie of Chatsworth (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
1. William Dixie
  m. _ Bassingham
  A. Francis Dixie
  m. _ Beridge
  i. Thomas Dixie or Dixy
  m. Anna Jephson of Southampton
  a. Richard Dixie or Dixy
  m. Jane Crathorne (dau of John Crathorne of Lincolnshire)
  (1) Thomas Dixie or Dixy
  m. Brigett Rolt of Huntingdonshire
(A) Dorothea Dixie
  m. _ Barker of Rutland
  (2) John Dixie of Catworth
  m. Charity Henson (dau of Thomas Henson)
  (A) Sir Wolstan Dixie of Bosworth (b c1576, d 25.07.1650)
  m. Frances Beaumont (dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont of Stoughton)
(i) Sir Wolstan Dixie,1st Bart of Bosworth (b c1603, d 13.02.1681-2)
  m1. (1629) Barbara Beaumont (bur 31.12.1666, dau of Sir Henry Beaumont of Gracedieu)
  (a) Sir Beaumont Dixie, 2nd Bart of Bosworth (d 05.1692)
  m. (01.1652) Mary Willoughby (bur 02.12.1710, sister of Sir William Willoughby, Bart)
((1)) Sir Wolstan Dixie, 3rd Bart of Market Bosworth (bpt 25.03.1657, d 10.12.1713)
  m. (10.12.1685) Rebecca Atkins (bur 22.12.1744, dau of Sir Richard Atkins, 1st Bart of Clapham)
  ((A)) Sir Wolstan Dixie, 4th Bart of Market Bosworth (d 29.01.1767)
  m1. (01.05.1735) Anne Frere (d 07.1739, dau of Tobias (sb John?) Frere, 'Governor of Barbados')
  ((i)) Sir Wolstan Dixie, 5th Bart of Market Bosworth (b 09.03.1737, d unm 14.01.1806)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Rebecca, Anne
  m2. (24.12.1741) Theodosia Wright (d 14.07.1751, dau of Henry Wright of Mobberley)
  ((iv)) Eleanor Frances Dixie
  m. George Pochin of Bourne
  ((v)) Rosamund Dixie
  m. Clement Kynnersley of Loxley
  ((vi))+ other issue - Willoughby, 3 daughters (d unm)
  ((B)) Beaumont Dixie (d 22.02.1739-40, rector of Bosworth)
  m. Elizabeth Corbet (dau of Andrew Corbet)
  ((i)) Beaumont Joseph Dixie (d 1780, rector of Blossomville)
  m. Margaret Shewen (dau of Joseph Shewen of Strady)
  ((a)) Sir Beaumont Joseph Dixie, 6th Bart (b 06.07.1769, d unm 14.07.1814)
  ((b)) Sir Willoughby Wolstan Dixie, 7th Bart (d 26.10.1827) had issue
  m. (21.11.1815) Bella Anna Admutt (d 28.12.1830, dau of Rev. Thomas Admutt)
  ((c)) Sir Alexander Dixie, 9th Bart (b 1780, d 29.12.1857, Captain RN) had issue
  m1. (1818) Rosamund Mary Churchill (d 1831, dau of Rev. Joseph Dixie Churchill)
  m2. (sp?) Rebecca Barnham (b c1793, d 08.06.1887, dau of Thomas Barnham)
  ((d)) Richard Thomas Dixie (d 1834, captain) had issue
  m. (03.07.1809) Harriet Wilson (dau of T.H. Wilson of Pamcastle)
  ((e)) Margaret Dixie
  m. Edward Mansell Dawkin
  ((f)) Elizabeth Dixie
  m. Charles Dilke (son of William of Maxstoke Castle)
((g)) Dorothy Dixie
  m. Rev. Henry Small
  ((h))+ other issue - Rebecca (d unm), Clementine (d unm 1840), Caroline (d 03.04.1858)
  ((C)) Richard Dixie (d unm)
  ((D)) Rebecca Maria Dixie (d 26.08.1731)
  m. Sir Henry Atkins, 3rd Bart of Clapham (d 1712)
  ((E)) Bridget Dixie
  m. Thomas Baillie or Bayly of Derby
  ((i)) Annabella Bayly (d 1807)
  m. (1760) Sir Matthew Blakiston, 1st Bart (b 1702, d 1774)
((F)) Margaret Dixie (d 1767)
  m. John Godwin (rector of Bosworth)
  ((2)) Beaumont Dixie
  m. Jane Eyre (dau of Anthony Eyre of Brampton)
  ((3)) John Dixie (rector of Bosworth)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Dixie
  m. Francis Godolphin of Sparger
((5)) Mary Dixie
  m1. Charles Willoughby, 10th Lord of Parham (dsp 09.12.1679)
  m2. George Cokayne (b 16.07.1665, dsp 12.07.1722)
  (b) Henry Dixie
  m. Anne Stringer
  (c) Elizabeth Dixie
  m. Thomas Cromwell (son of Sir Philip)
  (d) Frances Dixie
  m1. Giles Astley (dsp 24.02.1666)
  m2. Charles Conquest
(e) Barbara Dixie
  m1. Richard Pyot
  m2. Thomas Pochin
  (f) Rosamond Dixie
  m. John Ventris
  (g) Carola Dixie
  m. N. Denton
  (h) Lucy Dixie
  m. _ Finch
  m2. (01.09.1670, sp) Frances Hesilrigg (dau of Edward Hesilrigg of Thedingworth)
  (ii) Frances Dixie
  m. Walter Rolt of Clifton
  (iii) Elizabeth Dixie
  m. Sir Varney (or Vere) Noel, 1st Bart of Kirkby Mallory (b c1608, d 1670)
  (iv) Jane Dixie probably the Jane (b 1613-4, d 09.05.1683) who married ...
  m. John Adderley (b c1615, d c1663)
  (v)+ other issue (a 1619) - John (b c1605), Thomas (b c1607), Richard (b c1609), Mary
  (B) Richard Dixie of Bosworth
m. Bridget Bedell (dau of William Bedell of Catworth)
  (i)+ issue (a 1619) - Wolstan, Frances, Bridget, Charity, Jane
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, John
  b. John Dixie or Dixy of Roiston
  (1) Wolstan Dixie (a 1619, rector of Brampton)
  m. Frances Throckmorton (dau of _ Throckmorton of Brampton)
  (A) Yougus (Hugo?) Dixie (a 1619)
  c. Walter Dixie or Dixy
  (1) Walter Dixie (dsp)
  d. Sir Wolstan Dixie of Bosworth, Lord Mayor of London (dsp 08.01.1593-4)
  m. Anna Draper (dau of Christopher Draper, Lord Mayor of London)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Dixie), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Dixie)
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