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Families covered: Pochin of Barkby, Pochin of Wigston

Richard Pochin of Barkby
m. (by 1447) Alice Willoguhby (dau of William Willoughby of Barkby by Anna, dau of Peter Lincolne of Barkby by Anna, dau of Walter Power of Barkby)
1. John Pochin of Barkby (a 1479)
A. Thomas Pochin of Barkby (d 31.12.1523)
  m. Elizabeth Shirley (dau of Ralph Shirley)
  i. William Pochin of Barkby (b c1493)
  m. Mary (or Maud) Palmer (dau of William Palmer of Stoney Stanton)
  a. George Pochin of Barkby (bur 19.08.1597)
  m. Katherine Skeffington (bur 06.01.1595, dau of Thomas Skeffington of Skeffington)
  (1) William Pochin
(2) Mathew Pochin of Barkby (bur 02.07.1639)
  m. Katherine Blewitt or Blewett
  (A) George Pochin of Barkby (b 1592)
  m1. Elizabeth Dove (dau of Thomas Dove, Bishop of Peterborough)
(i) Thomas Pochin of Barkby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 1618)
  m(1). Bethia Winehope (dau of John Winehope of Moreton)
  (a) Thomas Pochin of Barkby, Sheriff of Leicestershire
  m. (19.10.1676) Mary Hussey (d 1697, dau of Sir Charles Hussey, 1st Bart of Caythorpe)
  ((1)) Thomas Pochin of Barkby, Sheriff of Leicestershire
  m1. Charlotte Hussey (d 1726, dau of Sir Edward Hussey, Bart of Caythorpe)
  ((A)) Thomas Pochin (d young)
  ((B)) Sarah Pochin (dsp)
  m. Rev. George Pochin of Morcott
  ((C)) Charlotte Pochin (d 23.04.1772)
  m. (29.09.1750) Charles James Packe of Prestwold Hall (d 20.10.1816)
  m2. Mary Trollope (dau of Thomas Trollope of Bourne)
((D)) William Pochin of Barkby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d unm 10.09.1798)
  ((E))+ other issue - son, daughter
  ((2)) George Pochin of Hammersmith (d 1756)
  m. Frances Hodgkins (dau of William Hodgkins of Seale)
  ((A)) Thomas Pochin (d 1781)
  m. (1741) Prudence Jenkinson (dau of Rev. Paul Jenkinson of Weston)
  ((i)) Thomas Pochin (d 1789)
  m. Elizabeth Bird (dau of Joseph Bird of West Leake)
  ((a)) Charles Pochin of Barkby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (dsp 1817)
  m. Anne Jane Winstanley (d 1847, dau of Clement Winstanley of Braunston)
  ((b)) George Pochin of Barkby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d 29.12.1831) had issue
  m. (06.03.1811) Elizabeth Norman (d 03.12.1861, dau of Richard Norman of Melton Mowbray)
  ((c)) Frances Pochin
  ((ii)) daughter
  m. Thomas Clarke
  ((B)) George Pochin (dsp 1788, rector of Morcott)
  ((C)) William Pochin (d 1794)
  ((i)) William Pochin (rector of Morcott)
  m. Elizabeth Speed (dau of Philip Speed, widow of Daniel Pogson)
  ((a)) William Pochin (rector of Little Cound)
m. (1804) Mary Greene (dau of Edward Greene)
  ((b))+ other issue
  ((ii)) Frances Pochin
  m. John Askew (rector of North Cadbury)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Pochin
  m. John Thorpe of Loughborough
  ((3)) Elizabeth Pochin possibly of this generation
  m. Lawrence Bourne of Marsh Green (bpt 1677, d 1749)
  ((4))+ other issue - Charles (d young), 6 daughters
  (ii) John Pochin of Wigston (bpt 08.04.1636, bur 25.07.1711)
  m. (25.05.1663) Jane Fryer (bpt 24.10.1641, bur 27.01.1696, dau of Robert Fryer)
  (a) John Pochin of Wigston (bpt 17.11.1688, bur 27.09.1731, eldest son)
  m. (18.10.1701) Mary Bruin (bur 04.01.1745, dau of Richard Bruin of Wigston)
  ((1)) Richard Pochin of Gilmorton (bpt 15.06.1714, 3rd son)
  m. (10.07.1739) Jane Warden of Gilmorton
  ((A)) John Pochin of Great Wigston (bpt 11.02.1740, d 1823)
m. (11.02.1769) Mary Branson (bur 17.05.1775)
  ((i)) John Pochin of Wigston (bpt 29.04.1770, d 01.01.1841)
  m. (20.11.1792) Mary Davenport (b 24.08.1769, d 15.04.1847, dau of John Davenport of Wigston)
  ((a)) William Pochin of Wigston (b 28.09.1794, d 02.05.1850, 2nd son) had issue
  m(2). (23.06.1823) Elizabeth Hurst of Leicester (d 22.06.1866)
  (iii) Poscha Pochin probably of this generation, presumed of this generation
  m. Patrick Johnson of Kilbourn (a 1624)
  m2. Hester Arthington of Arthington
  (B)+ other issue (a 1619) - John (b c1598), Francis (b c1600), Robert (b c1603), Mathew (bc1607), Alice (b c1601), Dorothy (b c1602), Katherine (b c1603), Grace, Pasca, Maria, Margaret
  (3) Dorothy Pochin
  m. William Cogan of Axome
  (4) Ellina Pochin
  m. Richard Harrington of Bagworth
  (5) Katherine Pochin
  m. _ Blewett
  (6) Maria Pochin
  m. Robert Moore of Knighton
  b. William Pochin
  m. Alice Brokesby (dau of Edward Brokesby)
  (1)+ issue (dsp?) - Edward, George, Valentine
  c. Barbara Pochin
  m. Richard Chambers of Gatisby
  (1)+ issue - William, John, Mary, Elizabeth

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Pochin of Barkby Hall), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Pochin) with input from BLG1952 (Pochin of The Willowsic)
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