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Families covered: Dalison of Greetwell, Dalison of Halling, Dalison (Dallyson) of Hamptons, Dalison (Dalyson) of Laughton

Reported by BEB1841 to have "derived from William D'Alanzon, one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror" was ...
William Dalyson
m. Nicola Vavasour (dau of John Vavasour of Spaldington)
1. William Dailison (sic)
A. William Dalyson of Laughton (Lincolnshire), Sheriff of Lancashire (d 16-18.12.1546)
  m. Anne Wastneys (a 1547, dau of Sir George Wastneys of Haddon, widow of Sir John Mallory)
  i. George Dalison of Laughton (d 20.06.1549)
  m. Jane Hopkinson (dau/heir of John Hopkinson or Hopkynson of Kirmington)
a. William Dalison of Kirmington, later of Laughton (b c1535, d 26.01.1586-7)
  m. Anne Dighton (bur 14.06.1570, dau of Robert Dighton of Sturton)
  (1) Sir Roger Dalison, 1st Bart of Laughton (bur 13.05.1620, Lt. General)
  m1. Anne Browne (dau of Sir Valentine Browne or Brawne of Totteridge & Crofts)
  m2. Elizabeth Tyrwhit (dau of Sir Marmaduke Tyrwhit of Scotter)
  (A) Sir Thomas Dalison, 2nd Bart of Laughton (bpt 04.06.1591, dsp Naseby 14.06.1645)
  (B) Edward Dalison (bpt 04.02.1595-6, bur 03.05.1624)
(C) Anne Dalison (d 25.11.1661)
  m. Sir John Wolstenholme
  m3. Anne Tuthill (dau/heir of William Tuthill of Norfolk)
  (2) Elizabeth Dalison (bur 11.04.1592)
  m. John Langton of Langton
  (3)+ other issue - Sir Maximilian, Gilbert
b. Anne Dalison (b c1536)
  m. John Wharfe of Clixby
  c. Ellen Dalison (b c1539)
  m. Thomas Anderson of Castlethorpe
  d.+ other issue - John (b c1537), George (bpt 20.02.1543-4, bur 26.07.1544), Thomas (b 1546-7), Isabel (bur 16.04.1547)
  ii. William Dalison (d 08.01.1558-9, judge, MP) the first mentioned by Berry (except as son of William)
  m. Elizabeth Dighton (d 1576/8, dau of Robert Dighton of Sturton Parva, m2. Sir Frances Ascough, m3. William Haward)
a. William Dalison of Halling, Kent (d 09.11.1585)
  m. (1574) Silvester Dean (d 01.09.1587, dau of Robert Dean of Halling, m2. William Lambard)
  (1) Sir Maximilian Dalison of Halling (d 09.11.1631)
  m1. Paulina Sonds (dsp, dau of Sir Michael Sonds (or Sands) of Throwley)
  m2. Mary Spencer (dau of Sir William Spencer of Yarnton)
  (A) William Dalison of Halling (d 05.1642)
  m. Elizabeth Oxenden (dau of Sir James Oxenden of Dean)
(i) Maximilian Dalison of Halling (b 1632-3, d 22.06.1671)
  m. Frances Stanley (dau/heir of Thomas Stanley of Hamptons and/or West Peckham)
  (a) Thomas Dalison or Dallyson of Hamptons, Kent (d 01.07.1736)
  m1. Susan Style (dau of Sir Thomas Style, 2nd Bart of Wateringbury)
  ((1)) Thomas Dalison or Dallyson of Manton & Hamptons (b 05.10.1684, d 1741)
  m1. Jane Etherington (dau of Richard Etherington of Essex)
  ((A)) Jane Dalison (b 14.02.1722, dsp 07.01.1765)
m. (20.05.1753) Jeffery Amherst, 1st Lord, Field Marshal (b 29.01.1717, dsp 03.08.1797)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Mary b 19.01.1721, (d unm before 13.12.1752)
  m2. (1729) Isabella Burrell (b 1698-9, d 08.1762, dau of Peter Burrell of Langley Park)
  ((D)) William Dalison of Hamptons (b 07.10.1730, d unm 11.01.1809)
  ((E)) Frances Isabella Dalison of Hamptons (dsp 21.12.1818)
  m. (10.06.1768) William Daniel Master of Yotes Court, Sheriff of Kent
  ((F))+ other issue - Thomas (d unm before 27.06.1792), Maximilian (b 23.05.1736, dsp), Merrick (b 06.10.1734, d yoiung)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Dalison (b 21.07.1686)
  m. John Boys of Hode Court (Colonel)
  Hamptons passed through the Boys family into the Hammond family, one of whose members later took the name Dalison.
  m2. Elizabeth Twisden (dsp, dau of Sir Thomas Twisden, 1st Bart of Bradbourne)
  (b) Charles Dalison or Dalyson (d 24.02.1721)
  m1. Bennett Sheafe (d 12.1694, dau of Henry Sheafe of Chatham)
  ((1)) Charles Dalison or Dalyson (b 16.05.1689)
  m. Margaret Hardesty (dau of John Hardesty)
((2)) Bennett Dalison (b 05.05.1693)
  m. (09.08.1709) Rev. Josiah Morgan
  ((3))+ other issue - Maximilian (b 03.1.1687, d 29.05.1688), Henry (b 22.07.1691)
  m2. Katherine
  (c) Elizabeth Dalison (b c1657, d 24.12.1708)
  m. William Hodgkins of Hammersmith
  (d) Mary Dalison
  m. Thomas Kirrill (Kerrill) of Hadlow
(ii) Mary Dalison
  m1. Henry Smith of Leicestershire
  m2. George Tushingham (principal of Staple's Inn)
  (iii) Margaret Dalison (dsp)
  m. John Kirrill of Hadlow
  (B)+ 10 others
  (2) Silvester Dalison
  b. Robert Dalison of Greetwell (dsp before 14.02.1619-20 of Gray's Inn)
  c. Sir Thomas Dalison of Greetwell (d 20.03.1625-6)
  m. Anne Littlebury (d 09.05.1626, dau of Humphrey Littlebury of Stainsby)
  (1) William Dalison of Greetwell (a 1634)
  m. Hester Bleasby (bpt 14.04.1587, dau/heir of George Bleasby of Bleasby (Blesby of Blesby))
  (A) Sir Robert Dalison of Gray's Inn, 'of Greetwell' (b c1617)
  m. Catharine Thorold (dau of Sir Robert Thorold, 1st Bart of Hough) wife of Sir Robert, presumed mother of ...
  (i)+ issue - William, George (b c1618), Katharine, Anne
  (B) George Dalison of Gray's Inn
(2) John Dalison (d 04.10.1597)
  (3) George Dalison of Bleasby (Blesby, Lincolnshire) (a 1626)
  m. Lucy Metcalfe (bpt 09.10.1603, dau of Sir Francis Metcalfe)
  (A)+ issue - Francis/Frances (b 1633-4), William (bur 24.12.1636), Thomas (bpt 08.05.1638), Katharine, Anne (bpt 21.07.1631), Jane (bpt 20.06.1632), Barbara (bpt 12.11.1633), Hester, Anne (bpt 10.05.1639)
  (4) Sir Charles Dalison (d 12.01.1668-9, recorder of Lincoln, Serjeant-at-law)
  m1/2. Elizabeth Smith (dau/coheir of Robert Smith of Lincoln)
  (A) Anne Dalison
  m. Sir William Thorold of Hough
  (B) Elizabeth Dalison
  m. William Brailsford of Welby
(C)+ other issue - William (bpt 01.06.1631), John (dsp), Charles (bpt 26.03.1642, bur 20.09.1642), Charles (b c1650), Sarah (bur 1650), Bridget (a 1668), Martha (a 1668), Susanna (bpt 26.12.1644), mary (a 1668), Sarah (a 1668), Decima (bpt 23.01.1647-8, a1668)
  Maddison reports only Sir Charles's marriage to Elizabeth Smith but it appears that he also married ...
  m2/1. Anne Thorold (dau of Edmund Thorold
  (5) Anne Dalison (d before 1626)
  m. _ Lawrence of Lincolnshire
  (6) Martha Dalison (a 1626)
  m. Laurence Styrop of Lincoln Close
  d. Elizabeth Dalison
  m. John Walker of Somerset
  e. Joyce Dalison
m. Robert (not Walter) Aston of Staffordshire (d 1623)
  f. Barbara Dalison
  m. Sir John Meres of Anbourn (bur 16.05.1630)
  g.+ other issue - Mary, Jane
  iii. Margaret Dalison
  m. William Kiddall of South Ferriby
  iv. daughter
  m. William Pierpoint of Lamforth
  v. Anne Dalison
  m. Edward Tirwhitt of Stanfied (bur 21.12.1590)
  B. Anne Dalyson (bur 30.06.1558) probably of this generation
  m. Humphrey Fitzwilliam of Clayworth (d 28.10.1556)
  C. Isabel Dallison probably of this generation
  m. John Booth of Middle Soyle in Killingholme (bur 08.07.1566)
  D. Jane Dallison possibly fits here
  m. Edmond Marshall (a 1563)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Dalison of Hamptons'), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, 'Dalison of Laughton'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p182+) with support from BEB1841 ('Dalison of Laughton')
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