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Families covered: Gasteneys of Gasteneys, Wastneys (Wastneis) of Headon

Sir Hardulf or Hardolphe Gasteneys
m1. Rananilda
1. Sir Robert Gasteneys
  A. Sir Philip Gasteneys
  m. Amphelia Morley (dau of Sir Robert Morley)
  i. Sir William Gasteneys
  m. Margaret
  a. Sir William Gasteneys
  (1) Sir William Gasteneys
  m. Constantia
(A) Sir John Gasteneys
  m. Isabella Hay (dau of German Hay of Acton)
  (i) Sir William Gasteneys
  m. Joan Brett (dau of Sir John Brett or Brott of Norfolk)
  (a) Sir Thomas Gasteneys or Wasteneys (a 1344)
  m. Johana Toly (dau of John Toly of Wymondham)
  ((1)) Thomasine Gasteneys or Wasteneys
  m. Sir Nicholas de Gresley of Gresley (b by 1350, d by 1389)
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp) - William, John, Thomas
  (b) John Gasteneys (a 1344)
  (ii) John Gasteneys (rector of Cranweys) shown by Visitation as a generation earlier
  (2) Sir William Gastneys or Gastneis (2nd)
  Visitation shows this branch separately from the above branch, apparently not recognising (or disputing?) that this Sir William was younger brother of the above Sir William (which is reported by BEB1841).
  (A) Edmond Gastneis of Totwick (a 1310)
  (i) Sir Hardolphe Gastneis (a 1338)
  m1. Sibbell
(a)+ issue (Thomas (dvpsp), Joane
  m2. Issabell Lexborne
  (ii) Sir Edmond Gastneys or Wastneis
  BEB1841 reports that Sir Edmond was great-grandfather of John of Headon. Visitation shows him as father of Edmond, father of John, father of William and then, in a separate section, shows descent from John of Headon. Provisionally, we show John of Headon as 2nd cousin of the William shown in the first section of the Visitation record but note that this is presumptuous.
  (a) Edmond Gastneys
  ((1)) John Gastneys
  ((A)) William Gastneys
  (b) ?? Gastneys
  ((1)) ?? Gastneys
  ((A)) John Wastneis or Wastnes of Headon or Hedon (a 1433) - continued below
  m. _ Bussie of Lincolnshire
  (iii) Robert Gastneys
  m. Florence
  (iv)+ other issue - William, Reignald, Thomas
m2. Bartreia



John Wastneis or Wastnes of Headon or Hedon (a 1433) - continued above
m. _ Bussie of Lincolnshire
1. Robert Wastneis of Headon and Ousthrop
  m. Elizabeth Nelson (dau of Thomas Nelson of Yorkshire)
  A. George Wastneis of Headon
  m. Elizabeth Blyth (dau of William Blyth or Blithe of Derbyshire)
i. George Wastneis of Headon
  m. Anne Basset (dau of Richard Basset of Fledborough)
  a. George Wastneis of Headon
  m. Mary Melford
  (1) George or Gervase Wastneis of Headon (a 1575)
  m. Jane Reresby (dau of Lyon Rereseby of Thribergh)
  (A) Sir Hardolph Wastneis or Wastneys, Sheriff of Nottinghmashire, 1st Bart of Headon (a 1614)
Visitation shows Sir Hardolph's wife as Jane, dau of John Delabogs of Misterton but indicates (by showing her in brackets) that the Harleian Society shows her as Jane, dau of Jervas Eyre of Keyton. We follow the latter which is as given in BEB1841.
  m. Jane Eyre (dau of Gervase Eyre of Keveton)
  (i) Sir Hardolph Wastneys, 2nd Bart of Headon (b c1612, dsp 1672)
  m. Anne Chichely (dau of Sir Thomas Chichely of Wimpole)
  (ii) John Wastneys of Todwick
  m. _ Ireland of Lancashire
  (a) Hardolph Wastneys (dsp)
  m. Mary Sandys (dau of Col. William Sandys of Askham)
(b) Sir Edward Wastneys, 3rd Bart of Headon (d 12.03.1678)
  m. Catherine Sandys (dau of Col. William Sandys of Askham)
  ((1)) Sir Hardolph Wastneys, 4th Bart of Headon (dsp 17.12.1742)
  m. Judith Johnson (dau of Col. Richard Johnson of Bilsby)
  ((2)) Catherine Wastneys
  m. Edward Hutchinson (captain, son of Samuel of Boston)
((A)) Catherine Hutchinson
  m1. (1728) John Bury of Nottingham
  ((i)) Judith Laetitia Bury (d 1800)
  m. (1755) Anthony Eyre of Grove (b 09.01.1727, d 14.02.1788)
  m2. (sp) Robert Sutton of Scafton
  (c)+ other issue - Daniel (dsp), Jane
  (iii) Anne Wastneys
  m. John Rayner of East Drayton
(iv) Martha Wastneys
  m. Richard Tye of East Retford
  (v) Jane Wastneys (d 1678)
  m. John Kirke of Eaton (b 18.02.1625, d 1678)
  (vi)+ other issue - George, Mary (d unm), Isabel (d unm), Rosamunde (d unm)
  (B) Daniel Wastneis
  (2) Maud Wasteneys (bur 31.03.1599) possibly of this generation
  m. John Mounteney of Creswick in Ecclesfield (a 1513, d 20.01.1573)
  (3)+ other issue - John, Anne
  b. Gefrey Wastneis
  c. Anne Wastneis probably the Anne who married ...
  m1. Sir John Mallory
  m2. William Dalyson of Laughton (d 12.1546)
  ii. Bartholomew Wastneis

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Wastneys of Headon), Visitation (Nottingham, 1569+1614 Wastneys)
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