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Families covered: Anderson of Broughton, Anderson of Castlethorpe, Anderson of Dunholme, Anderson of Eyworth, Anderson of Fixborough

BEB1841 reports that this family originally bore the name L'Isle, and was seated at Broughton in Lincolnshire, but changed its name when Robert L'Isle (a 1413) married the heiress of Anderson. BP1870 reports that the (Anderson) family is supposed to be of Danish extraction and was descended from Roger Anderson of Wrawby (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327). Both those sources start with the following Henry who is identified by Maddison as "a younger son of .... Anderson of Northumberland, said also to be a great-grandson of Roger Anderson of Wrawby".
Henry Anderson of Wraby or Wrawby or Wrawbray, Lincolnshire
Both BEB1841 & BP1870 report that Henry had an only son, Edward. However, Maddison inserts an additional generation between Henry & Edward, an only son named ...
1. William Anderson of Flixborough, Lincolnshire (d 18.10.1557)
  m. Katherine Clayton (niece of ?? Clayton, prior of Thornholme, sister of George (rector of Broughton) & Thomas (rector of Waddingham))
  A. Edward Anderson of Flixborough
  Maddison reports that Edward probably dvp. BP1870 identifies his wife as a niece of William Clayton, prior of Thornhome, whom we (provisionally) show as being his mother.
  i. Thomas Anderson of Castlethorpe in Broughton this line followed only by Maddison ('Anderson of Dunholme, etc.')
  m. Helena Dallison (bur 15.02.1605, dau of George Dallison of Laughton)
  a. Roger Anderson of Castlethorpe & Rose Manor in Elsham (a 1617)
  m. Dorothy L'Estrange of Norfolk (a 1617)
  (1) William Anderson (a 1634, 10th child)
  m. Jane Johnson (dau of William Johnson of Lancashire)
(A)+ issue - Edmund (dsp young), Lyonel (a 1634), Jane (d young), Dorothy (d young), Alice (d young)
  (2) Elizabeth Anderson
  m. John Ravens of Henlow
  (3)+ other issue - Edmund (dsp bur 1592), Robert (a 1634, dsp), Lionel in London, Francis (b 1606), Anne (dsp), Katherine (dsp), Mary (dsp)
  b. Robert Anderson of Castlethorpe (a 1615)
  m1. Joan (dsp bur 1618, widow)
  m2. Elizabeth Earle (a 07.1636, dau of Augustine Earle of Stragglethorpe)
  (1) Frances Anderson (b c1622)
  m. (after 20.07.1636) Richard Williams of Denton
  (A) daughter
  c. Edmund Anderson of Dunholme & Scotter (bur 14.02.1654-3)
  m. (10.04.1621) Frances Disney (bur 24.02.1677-8, dau of _ Disney of Thornby)
  (1) William Anderson of Dunholme (bpt 02.09.1626, bur 02.06.1675, 3rd son)
m. (27.01.1648) Elizabeth Randes (bur 13.03.1674-5, dau of Christopher Randes of Burton-by-Lincoln)
  (A) Edmund Anderson (b 19.07.1652, d before 06.1694, 2nd son)
  The father of Viscountess Jocelyn is normally identified as Charles Anderson of Worcester. Thanks to a contributor (AB, 29.05.12) for advising us that parish register & PCC will entries confirm that Maddison is right in showing Edmund as father of Anna Maria & Charlotte. Apparently, both Edmund & Isabella died quite young and their daughters were brought up by Isabella's family in Worcestershire.
  m. (06.07.1678) Isabella Allen (d 06.1694)
  (i) Anna Maria Anderson (d by 1733)
  m. Timothy Goodwin, Archbishop of Cashel (d 1729)
  (ii) Charlotte Anderson (d 23.02.1747)
  m. (c07.1720) Robert Jocelyn, 1st Viscount, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b c1688, d 1756)
  (B) Katherine Anderson (bpt 09.04.1665, d 03.09.1743)
  m. George Cartwright of Ossington
  (C)+ other issue - Edmund (bpt 05.08.1651, bur 20.08.1651), Francis (b 030.6.1655, bur 04.08.1655), William (b 14.08.1656, d 1656), William (b 13.11.1657), John (b 12.04.159, bur 07.10.1703), Thomas (bpt 04.06.1663), Charles (bpt 27.06.1669, bur 30.08.1669), Charles (b 05.08.1672), Frances (b 15.11.1649, bur 15.12.1649), Elizabeth (b 22.06.1660, bur 08.05.1662), Mary (b 21.10.1661, d 1662), Bridget (bpt 24.09.1666, bur 06.10.1666)
(2)+ other issue - Francis (bpt 14.01.1622-3, bur 21.07.1644), William (bpt 02.01.1624-5, bur 07.02.1624-5)
  d. Sir WIlliam Anderson of Dublin then London (bur 1648)
  (1) Anne Anderson (d unm)
  e. Magdalen Anderson (d 1609)
  m. Robert Davenport
  f. Elizabeth Anderson (a 05.1617)
  g. Susan Anderson (a 07.1617)
m. Thomas Toolet of Southhouse Grange in Legbourne & London (d before 15.07.1617)
  h. Margaret Anderson (bur 23.12.1630)
  m. Richard Gadbury of Eyworth (d 16.10.1624)
  i. Mary Anderson (a 09.1619)
  m. Sir Richard Williamson of Gainsbro' (Master of Requests) (d before 06.09.1619)
  ii. Richard Anderson of Roxby (d unm)
  iii. Sir Edmund Anderson of Broughton (Lincolnshire) & Eyworth (Bedfordshire) (b c1530, d 01.08.1605, Lord Chief Justice)
  m. Magdalen Smith (b c1542, d 09.01.1622, dau of Christopher Smith of Annables)
a. Edward Anderson (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Inkpen (dau of Thomas Inkpen, m2. Sir Edmund Bell of Upwell) ## see here ##
  b. Sir Francis Anderson of Eyworth (d 22.12.1616)
  m1. Judith Soame (d 04.07.1608, dau of Sir Stephen Soame, Lord Mayor of London)
  (1) Edmund Anderson of Eyworth and/or Stratton (bpt 18.05.1607, d 04.04.1638)
  m. Alice Constable (a 1638, dau/heir of Sir John Constable of Dromby or Dromonby by Dorothy, dau of Benedict Barnham of London)
  (A) Dorothy Anderson
  m. Sir John Cotton, Bart of Conington (b 1621)
  (2) Stephen Anderson of Eyworth (a 08.1655)
  m. Catherine Sandys (bur 08.03.1656-7, dau of Sir Edwyn Sandys of Ombersley)
  m2. (1610) Aubrey Butler or Boteler (d 16.09.1652, dau of Sir John Boteler, Bart of Hatfield Woodhall, 1st Lord Butler of Bramfield)
  (3) Sir John Anderson of St. Ives (Huntingdonshire), Bart (b c1604, dsp 1630/03.01.1628)
(4)+ other issue - Frances (bpt 26.12.1615, d unm), Mary (d young)
  c. William Anderson of Lea (a 01.1622-3)
  m1. Joan Essex (dau of Thomas Essex of Lambourne, sister of Sir William, Bart)
  m2. Elizabeth Darnell (a 10.1638, dau of Sir Thomas Darnell of Heyling)
  d. Elizabeth Anderson (a 03.1617)
  m. (sp) Sir Hatton Fermor of Easton Neston, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 28.10.1640)
  e. Grisild (Grisell) Anderson
  m. Sir John Sheffield, younger of Mulgrave (dvp 12.1614)
  f. Catherine Anderson (a 03.1617)
  m. (1592) Sir George Booth, 1st Bart of Dunham Massey (d 24.10.1652)
  g. Margaret Anderson (b 1568, bur 03.08.1630)
  m. (07.1590) Sir Thomas Monson, 1st Bart of Carlton (d 25.05.1641)
  h.+ 2 daughters (d young)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, 'Anderson of Broughton, etc.' & 'Anderson of Dunholme, etc.') with support from BP1870 (Anderson), BEB1841 (Anderson of Eyworth)
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