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Families covered: Craufurd of Camlarg, Craufurd of Drongan, Craufurd of Kerse (Crawfurd of Carse)
[This page was reworked several times in May 2020 during our review of various families in Ayrshire.]

This family may have descended from Reginald de Crawford of Kerse, brother of Hugh de Crawford of Loudoun (d 1288). Robertson reports that "Many of the original charters and papers, belonging to the ancient families of Kerse and Drumsoy ... perished in a fire (in) 1741. This is the reason that the following genealogy of these families begins much later than it otherwise would have done." Note that there are some contradictions between our Main Sources. We cannot clear those completely but try to make sense of them as follows, giving some precedence to Paterson (whose work was published later than Robertson's). Paterson reports that, after Reginald, "The next mentioned by Crawfurd is Fergus de Craufurd, supposed of Kerse, who was taken prisoner at the battle of Durham in 1346." We start with the next mentioned by Paterson who was ...
Esplin de Craufurd of Kerse (a temp James I who r. 1406-1437)
1. John de Craufurd (a 1444) apparently succeeded by ...
  A. Esplin Craufurd of Kerse (a 1499) the first mentioned by Robertson
m. (by 01.1488) Sibella Little
  i. David Craufurd of Kerse (a 1512) generation omitted by Robertson
  a. Bartholomew Craufurd of Kerse (Crawford of Carse)
  Robertson suggests that Bartholomew succeeded an elder brother, Alexander (a 1505). Paterson does not mention any such Alexander.
  m. Anne (Stewart) (dau of (Andrew Stewart, 2nd) Lord Avandale)
  (1) David Craufurd of Kerse (Carse) (a 1526, d c1570)
m1. Catherine Hamilton (dau of William Hamilton of Sanquhar)
  (A) David Crawfurd of Kerse (Carse) (a 1585, dspm before 1596)
  m. (before 11.1567) Jean (Johanna) Fleming (dau of Lord Fleming)
  (i) daughter
  m. ?? Gordon of Craighlaw
  (ii) Marion Crawford
  m. James Boswell of Auchinleck (d 1618)
  (iii) daughter
  m. _ Wauchope of Edmeston
(iv) Margaret Crawfurd
  m. Patrick Maxwell of Newark (a 1593)
  (B) William Crawfurd (dsp)
  Robertson shows this William as the William of Drumsoy who was father by Christian (dau of James McGill, 1st Viscount Oxenfurd) of the Duncan of Drumsoy who married (c1600) Margaret Fairly. We show the husband of Christian Makgill (McGill) as Alexander, several generations later in the lower section.
  m2. Margaret Chalmers (dau of _ Chalmers of Gadgirth)
  (C) Margaret Crawford possibly fits here, presumed of this marriage
  m. John McDouall of Logan (d 1618)
  b. David Craufurd of Culnorris & Balgregan
m. ??, heiress of Balgregan
  (1) ?? Craufurd
  (A) Alexander Craufurd of Kerse (d 01.1619)
m. Katherine Craufurd
  (i) David Craufurd of Kerse (a 1645)
  Paterson reports that David's "successor was probably of the Camlarg family". We show a candidate for him below.
  m. Jane (Jean) Campbell (d 06.1624, dau of Hugh, Lord Loudoun)
  (a) son (dvp)
  (b) Margaret Crauford possibly of this generation
  m. John Fergusson of Underwood (b after 1666)
  (c) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William (?) Cunyngham of Milncraig
  m2. (sp) Anne Ker (dau of Daniel Ker of Kersland)
  (ii)+ other issue - Alexander, Margaret
  c. Duncan Craufurd of Camlarg (a temp James IV who r. 1488-1513, 3rd son)
  Paterson (p438) identifies the 3rd son as Duncan "of whom came the house of Camlarg". Paterson (p403) reports the view that Duncan left no male heir and that his daughter Margaret carried Camlarg through marriage as shown below. This is supported by Commoners (vol 2 (1836), 'Craufurd of Auchinames', p384).
  (1) Margaret Craufurd
  m. John Craufurd of Drongan @@ just below @@
  d. daughter



Paterson (vol 1) suggests that the following John was probably a member of the above family. However, Paterson (vol 2) mentions that there was an earlier John Craufurd of Drongan living in 1406. Paterson (vol 2) goes on to show that the John who m. the dau of Lord Cathcart was father of John who, by Margaret, dau/heir of Duncan Craufurd of Camlarg, was father of John of Drongan (dsp) & David of Camlarg. Paterson suggests that that John of Drongan (dsp) was succeeded in Drongan by Alexander Craufurd of Balgregan, "the nearest heir". We have not changed the following for what is shown by Paterson (vol 2) but hope to review all this further in due course.
John Craufurd of Drongan
m. Margaret Craufurd (dau/heir of Duncan Craufurd of Canlarg) @@ just above @@
Commoners (vol 2 (1836), 'Craufurd of Auchinames', p384) reports that John & Margaret had 3 sons: John of Drongan, David of Camlarg, and William of Drumsoy.
1. John Craufurd of Drongan (a 1552)
  m1/2. Margaret Kennedy wife mentioned by Commoners
  m2/1. Jonet Cathcart (dau of John Cathcart, 2nd Lord) possibly a wife of this John (or his father)
2. David Craufurd of Camlarg (a 1547)
  Apart from as mentioned just below, the following is supported by Paterson (vol 1, p403) which, having mentioned the above John & Margaret, reports that "it is supposed that (Camlarg) was succeeded to by a younger son of this marriage" and that "The next on record is" this David and that the following Duncan was "in all likelihood the son of David".
  A. Duncan Craufurd of Camlarg
  i. John Craufurd of Camlarg (a 1578)
  ii. David Craufurd
  Paterson (p438) reports that the successor to Kerse after the above David (a 1645) was the undermentioned David (a 1656) who is identified as heir of his grandfather, David in Little Park (d by 1656). We speculate that this David was that David.
  a. ?? Craufurd (dvp)
(1) David Craufurd of Kerse (a 1669)
  (A) Alexander Craufurd of Kerse (d by 1674)
  (i) Alexander Craufurd of Kerse (d 1703-4 or 1709)
  m. Christian Makgill (bpt 19.02.1654, dau of James Makgill, 1st Viscouint Oxenfurd, m2. George Ross of Galston)
  (a) Christian Craufurd (dsp?)
  m. _ Moodie of Melcester
  Paterson (p440) reports that, although Robertson "supposes him to have been the last of the male Craufurds of Kerse; but this was not the case for we find" ...
  (ii) David Craufurd of Barquherry possibly of this generation
  (a) John Craufurd of Kerse (a 1723, dsp?)
  (b) William Craufurd of Kerse (a 1732, dsp?) possibly of this generation
  iii. Quntin Craufurd of Camlarg (a 1605, d by 1610)
Paterson notes the possibility that the Quintin who succeeded John may have been John's uncle rather than his brother.
  m. Margaret Craufurd (d 1616)
  a. William Craufurd of Camlarg (a 1646, dspm)
  (1) Jean Craufurd of Camlarg
  m. John Craufurd of Camlarg (a 1649, on of Alexander of Burne son of Bartholomew of Barnegor heir of Janet Craufurd of Barnegor)
  (A) John Craufurd of Camlarg (a 1666)
  (i) ?? Craufurd (dvp)
  (a) John Craufurd, last of Camlarg (a 1691, Captain)
  m. Jean Arbuthnot (dau of Robert, 3rd Viscount Arbuthnot)
1. William Craufurd or Craufuird of Drumsoy (a 1567)
  Paterson (p327) identifies this William as "second son of Duncan Craufurd of Cumlarg, by Janet Fergusone, of the house of Kilkerran" and adds that he had a brother David. Provisionally, we support Commoners in showing William as of this generation. That is because on p403 Paterson does not support his earlier statement in that he makes no mention of Janet Fergusone as wife of the above Duncan of Camlarg and identifies the only sons of that Duncan as John and his brothers David & Quintine.

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p438+), Crawfurd (Renfrewshire, Robertson's Continuation (1818), p366) with input/support as reported above
[A few elements of the above were originally included in a temporary page on 22.07.08. They had come from cross-references from elsewhere in the database.]
(2) For lower section : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p403+ & p439+), 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p440+)
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