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Families covered: Wentworth of Henbury, Wentworth of Raby, Wentworth of Strafford, Wentworth of Wentworth Wodehouse

William Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse (d 04.07.1549)
m. Catherine Beeston (dau of Ralph Beeston of Beeston)
1. Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth Wodehouse, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 14.02.1586-7)
  m. Margaret Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe)
  A. Sir William Wentworth, 1st Bart of Wentworth Wodehouse, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 1614)
  m. Anne Atkinson (dau of Robert Atkinson of Stowell)
i. Sir Thomas Wentworth, 2nd Bart, 1st Lord Raby, 1st Earl of Strafford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b 13.04.1593, d 12.05.1641)
  m1. Margaret Clifford (dau of Francis Clifford, 4th Earl of Cumberland)
  m2. Arabella Holles (dau of John Holles, 1st Earl of Clare)
  a. Sir William Wentworth, 2nd Lord Raby, 2nd Earl of Strafford (dsp 10.1695)
  m1. Henrietta Maria Stanley (dau of James Stanley, Earl of Derby)
  m2. Henrietta (dau of Frederick Charles de Roy de la Rochefoucauld)
  The barony passed to his kinsman Thomas (below ##) who was created Earl of Strafford.
  b. Anne Wentworth (b 08.10.1629, d 02.01.1695/6)
  m. Edward Watson, 2nd Lord Rockingham (b 1630, d 1689/91)
c. Arabella Wentworth
  m. Justin McCarthy, Viscount Mountcashell
  m3. Elizabeth Rodes (dau of Sir Godfrey Rodes)
  d.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Margaret
  ii. Sir William Wentworth of Ashby Puerorum (d Marston Moor 03.07.1644)
  m. (11.07.1627) Elizabeth Savile (d 09.11.1660) dau of Thomas Savile of Hasseldon Hall)
  a. Sir William Wentworth of Northgatehead, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 07.1693)
  m. Isabella Apsley (dau of Sir Allen Apsley)
  (1) William Wentworth (d unm 1693)
  (2) Thomas Wentworth, 3rd Lord Raby, 1st Earl of Strafford (d 15.11.1739)
  Thomas inherited the barony of Raby from his kinsman William (above ##) but the earldom was a new creation.
  m. (09.1711) Anne Johnson (d 19.09.1754, dau of Sir Henry Johnson of Bradenham by Anne, dau of Henry Smithson)
  (A) William Wentworth, 2nd Earl of Strafford (dsp 1791)
m. (28.04.1741) Anne Campbell (dau of John Campbell, Duke of Argyll)
  (B) Anne Wentworth
  m. (1733) William Conolly of Castletown and/or Stratton Hall
  (i) Anne Conolly
  m. (05.03.1761) George Byng of Wrotham Park (b 1735, d 1789)
  One of their sons was created Earl of Strafford in 1847.
  (ii) Caroline Conolly
  m. (24.09.1770) John Hobart, 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 1723, d 1793)
  (C) Lucy Wentworth (d 1771)
  m. (1747) Sir George Howard (d 1796, Field Marshal)
(D) Henrietta Wentworth (d 12.04.1786)
  m. (26.12.1743) Henry Vernon of Hilton Park (b 21.03.1718)
  (3) Peter Wentworth of Henbury (d 01.1738-9)
  m. Juliana Horde (dau of Thomas Horde of Cote)
(A) William Wentworth of Henbury
  m. (23.10.1731) Susannah Slaughter (dau of John Chamberlayne Slaughter of Upper Slaughter Hall)
  (i) Frederick Thomas Wentworth, 3rd Earl of Strafford (b 1732, dsp 07.08.1799)
  Frederick inherited the earldom from his father's cousin William. The title expired with him.
m. (17.02.1772) Elizabeth Gould (d 01.05.1811, dau of Thomas Gould of Milborne St. Andrews and Frome Bellet)
  (ii) Augusta Anne Wentworth, later of Wentworth Castle (dsp 1802)
  m. (30.05.1772) John Hatfield Kaye of Hatfield Hall
  (iii)+ other issue (d unm) - George (b 20.06.1704), Caroline
  (B) Harriet Wentworth (d 05.12.1776)
  m. Thomas Arundel, younger of Stoke Bruers
  (4) Frances Arabella Wentworth (d 16.03.1723/4)
  m. (09.1686) Walter Bellew, 2nd Lord of Duleek (d 1694)
(5) Anne Wentworth
  m. James Donclan
  (6) Isabella Wentworth
  m. Francis Arundel of Stoke Bruers
  (7) Elizabeth Wentworth
  m. (1722) John Arundel, 4th Lord of Trerice (d 1773)
  (8)+ other issue (d unm) - Paul (d Namur 1695), Allan (d Liege 1702)
  b. Anne Wentworth (b c1627, d 20.09.1707)
  m. (c 11.1648) Edward Skinner of Thornton College
  iii. Sir George Wentworth (a 1640, General)
  m. Frances Ruishe (dau of Sir Francis Ruishe of Sarre (Isle of Thanet, Kent))
  a. Ruishe Wentworth of Sarre (d 1686)
  m. Susanna Adye (sister of James Adye of Barham)
  (1) Mary Wentworth (d 29.05.1718)
  m. (25.02.1706-7) Thomas Howard, 6th Lord of Effingham (bpt 07.07.1682, d 13.07.1725)
iv. Mary Wentworth
  m. Sir Richard Hooton of Goldesburgh
  v. Anne Wentworth
  m. Sir George Savile, younger of Thornhill
  vi. Elizabeth Wentworth
  m. (09/1.1636) James Dillon, 3rd Earl of Roscommon (b c1605, d 08.11.1649)
  Possibly one of the above by another marriage was the mother of Isabella, identified in BP1934 (Gore) and BE1883 (Gore, Earl of Ross) as a niece of Thomas, Earl of Strafford.
  vi. daughter
  m. Francis Wickliffe or Wycliffe
  a. Isabella Wickliffe
  m. Sir Paul Gore, 1st Bart of Manor Gore (d 09.1629)
  B. Elizabeth Wentworth
  m. Thomas Danby of Farnley
  C. Barbara Wentworth (d unm)
  D. Margaret Wentworth
  m1. Michael Darcy, younger of Aston (dvp)
  m2. Jasper Blythman of New Lathes (dsp)
  E. Catherine Wentworth
  m. Thomas Gargrave of Nostel Priory

Main source(s): BE1883 (Wentworth of Wentworth, Raby, Strafford) with some support and input from BLG1886 (Wentworth of Wentworth Castle)
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