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Families covered: Byng of Torrington, Byng of Wrotham

Thomas Byng
m. Joan Hicks (dau of Thomas Hicks)
1. John Byng
  m. (1535) Agnes Spencer of Essex
A. Robert Byng of Wrotham, Sheriff of Kent (d 02.09.1595)
  m1. Frances Hill (dau/(co)heir of Richard Hill)
  i. George Byng of Wrotham (b c1556, d 1616)
  m. Jane Cromer (dau of William Cromer of Tunstall)
  a. George Byng of Wrotham (b 1594)
  m. (1617) Catherine Hewett (dau of Sir John Hewett of Headly Hall)
(1) John Byng of Wrotham (d 1683) the first mentioned by BP1934
  m. Philadelphia Johnston of Loans (d 02.1687/8)
  (A) George Byng, 1st Viscount Torrington (b 27.01.1663, d 17.01.1733, Admiral, eldest son)
  m. (05.03.1691) Margaret Master (b 22.02.1669/70, d 01.04.1756, dau of James Master of East Langdon)
  (i) Pattee Byng, 2nd Viscount Torrington (bpt 25.05.1699, d 23.01.1746-7)
  m. (11.06.1724) Charlotte Montagu (d 14.09.1759, dau of Charles Montagu, 1st Duke of Manchester)
(a)+ issue (d young) - Caroline Charlotte, George (b c1728, d 15.005.1730), Frederick (b 09.12.1735, bur 10.01.1735/6)
  (ii) George Byng, 3rd Viscount Torrington (bpt 21.09.1701, d 07.04.1750)
  m. (21.08.1736) Elizabeth Daniel (d 17.03.1759, dau of Lyonel Daniel, son of Sir Peter of Claphan)
  (a) George Byng, 4th Viscount Torrington (b 11.10.1740, d 14.12.1812)
m. (10/20.07.1765) Lucy Boyle (b 27.05.1744, d 18.03.1792, dau of John Boyle, 5th Earl of Cork and Orrery)
  ((1)) Lucy Elizabeth Byng (d 20.09.1844)
  m. (29.05.1788) Orlando Bridgeman, 1st Earl of Bradford (b 19.03.1762, d 07.09.1825)
  ((2)) Georgiana Elizabeth Byng (d 10.10.1801)
  m. (21.03.1786) John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford (06.07.1766, d 20.10.1839)
  ((3)) Isabella Elizabeth Byng (b 21.09.1773, d 01.05.1830)
m. (24.04.1794) Thomas Thynne, 2nd Marquess of Bath (b 25.01.1765, d 27.03.1837)
  ((4)) Emily Byng (d 03.09.1824)
  m. (01.07.1800) Henry Seymour (d 13.02.1843)
  ((5))+ other issue (dvp) - William Henry (d 23.11.1770), William Henry (b 07.05.1775), George (b 24.02.1777, d 13.10.1792)
  (b) John Byng, 5th Viscount Torrington (b 18.02.1742/3, d 08.01.1813)
  m. (03.03.1767) Bridget Forrest (d 1823, dau of Arthur Forrest, Commodore)
  ((1)) George Byng, 6th Viscount Torrington (b 05.01.1768, d 18.06.1831) had issue
  m1. (08.02.1793) Elizabeth Langmead (d 20.08.1810, dau of Philip Langmead of Plymouth)
  m2. (05.10.1811) Frances Harriet Barlow (b c1787, d 07.02.1868, dau of Admiral Sir Robert Barlow)
  ((2)) Edmund Byng (b 1774, d 1854)
  ((3)) John Byng (d 23.11.1811) had issue
  m. (05.11.1806) Amelia Mayne (dau of J. Mayne)
  ((4)) Henry Dilkes Byng (d 24.09.1860, Vice Admiral) had issue
  m. Maria Jane Clerke (d 17.05.1874, dau of J.B. Clerke)
  ((5)) Frederick Gerald Byng (d 05.06.1871)
m. Catherine Neville (d 08.12.1871)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Lucy Byng (d 18.01.1846)
  m1. (26.09.1797) Percy Frazer (d 09.12.1827, Rear Admiral)
  m2. (1836) Rev. George Goodenough Lynn
  ((7)) Cecilia Byng
m. (31.10.1805) J. Robert Gregge Hopwood of Hopwood Hall (d 1854)
  ((8)) Anna Maria Bridget Byng (d 30.10.1852)
  m. (29.08.1794) Charles Henry Hall, Dean of Durham (d 1827)
  ((9)) Bridget Augusta Forrest Byng (d 04.03.1876)
  m. (09.07.1806) Charles Herbert (b 05.07.1774, d 12.09.1808, Captain RN)
  ((10)) Georgiana Byng (d 23.07.1856)
  m. Rev. Geoffrey Hornby (d 04.03.1850)
  ((11)) Beatrice Charlotte Byng (d 12.03.1848)
  m. (20.06/30.11.1820) Colin Alexander Campbell (dsp 29.04.1860, rector of Widdington)
((12)) Lucy Juliana Byng (d 27.11.18810
  m. (05.10.1809) Sir John Morris, 2nd Bart (d 24.02.1855)
  (iii) Robert Byng, Governor of Barbados (bpt 27.11.1703, d 10.1740)
  m. (19.12.1734) Elizabeth Forward (dau of Jonathan Forward)
(a) George Byng of Wrotham Park (b 1735, d 1789)
  m. (05.03.1761) Anne Conolly (dau of William Connolly of Castletown by Anne Wentworth)
  ((1)) George Byng of Wrotham Park (b 17.05.1764, dsp 10.01.1847)
  m. Harriet Montgomery (dau of Sir William Montgomery, Bart)
  ((2)) John Byng, 1st Earl of Strafford (b 1772, d 03.06.1860, Field Marshal, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (14.06.1804) Mary Stevens Mackenzie (d 17.06.1806, dau of Peter Mackenzie of Grove House by Mary, dau of Ennis Read of Jamaica) @@ see here @@
  m2. (09.05.1809) Marianne James (d 26.10.1845, dau of Sir Walter James James, formerly Head, 1st Bart of Langley Hall)
  ((3))+ other issue - Robert, Anne Elizabeth (d 1847), Caroline, Frances (d 1851)
  (b)+ other issue - Robert (d 20.06.1756), John (d 1764)
(iv) Edward Byng (b 1706, d 1756, Colonel)
  m. (1730) Mary Bramston (dau of John Bramston of Skreens)
  (v) Sarah Byng
  m. John Osborn, younger of Chicksands (bpt 01.04.1683, dvp bur 14.01.1718-9)
(vi)+ other issue - John (bpt 292.10.1704, d unm 14.03.1757, Admiral), 6 sons (dvp), 3 daughters (dvp)
  (2) Elizabeth Byng
  m. _ Man of Kent
  b. Elizabeth Byng
  m. Thomas Polhill of Wrotham
  c.+ 2 sons and 3 daughters
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Francis
  m2. Mary Maynard (dau of William Maynard)
  iv. Anne Byng
m. David Polhill of Otford
  v.+ other issue - William (governor of Deal Castle), 2 sons
  B. Thomas Byng of Granchester (Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University)
  m. (1571) Catherine Randall
  i. Henry Byng 'of Grandchester' (Serjeant-at-law)
  m. Catherine Clench (dau of Thomas Clench of Holebrook)
  a. Henry Byng
  m. _ Cook (dau of Arthur Cook, son of Sir Edward, Lord Chief Justice)
  b. Edward Byng
  m. _ Cook (dau of Arthur Cook, son of Sir Edward, Lord Chief Justice)
  c. John Byng in Cambridge
m. Grace Goad (dau of Thomas Goad, professor)
  (1) John Byng
  (A)+ issue - Winifred, Catherine
  d.+ other issue
  ii.+ other issue including Andrew (Archdeacon of Norwich, 2nd son)
  C. daughter probably of this generation
  m. William Southland
  D.+ 2 other daughters
2. Rebecca Byng
  m. Henry Goddard of Ruking

Main source(s): Collins (1741, Byng, Viscount Torrington), BP1934 (Torrington) with input from BP1934 (Strafford)
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