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Families covered: Vernon of Clontarf Castle, Vernon of Hilton Park
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Henry Vernon of Hilton (b 06.1636/7, d 10.4.1711)
m. (1659) Margaret Ladkins (d 1699, dau of William Ladkins of Shaw & Helledon)
1. Henry Vernon of Hilton (b 1663, d 24.07.1732)
m. (1717) Penelope Philips (d 25.01.1726, dau/coheir of Robert Philips of Newton Regis)
  A. Henry Vernon of Hilton Park (b 21.03.1718)
  m. (26.12.1743) Henrietta Wentworth (d 12.04.1786, dau of Thomas Wentworth, 3rd Lord Raby, 1st Earl of Strafford)
  i. Henry Vernon of Hilton Park (b 21.03.1748, d 27.10.1814)
  m1. (14.10.1775) Penelope Graham (dau of Arthur Graham of Ackley or Hackley House)
  a. Henry Charles Edward Vernon of Harefield Park, later Vernon-Graham of Hilton Park (b 28.09.1779, d 22.03.1861) had issue
  m. (28.02.1804) Maria Cooke (d 03.10.1827, dau of George John Cooke of Harefield Park)
  b. daughter (b 28.09.1779, d c10.1779)
  m2. (23.04.1794) Margaret Fisher (dau of Thomas Fisher of Acton)
c. Frederick William Thomas Vernon, later Vernon-Wentworth of Wentworth Castle, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 20.09.1795, d 13.09.1885) had issue
  m. (23.11.1825) Augusta Brudenell-Bruce (d 23.09.1869, dau of Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 1st Marquess of Ailesbury)
  d. George Augustus Frederick Vernon (b 11.1798, d 1815)
  ii. Henrietta (Harriot) Vernon (d 02.01.1828)
  m1. (19.07.1764) Richard, 1st Earl Grosvenor (b 18.06.1731, d 05.08.1802)
m2.(15.09.1802) George Porter, 6th Baron de Hochepied (General, MP)
  iii. Anna Vernon (d 23.03.1797)
  m. (18.11.1768) Noel Hill, 1st Lord Berwick of Attingham (b 04.1745, d 06.01.1789)
  iv.+ other issue - William (d 06.1775), Levison (d unm 21.09.1831), Lucy, Caroline, Jane (d unm)
  B. Richard Vernon of Hilton Park (b 18.06.17-6, d 16.09.1800, MP, 5th son)
  m. (06/15.02.1759) Evelyn Leveson-Gower (b 26.01.1724-5, d 14.04.1763, dau of John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower, widow of John Fitzpatrick, Earl of Upper Ossory)
  i. Henrietta Vernon (d 1838)
  m. (09.07.1776) George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick (b 16.09.1746, d 1816)
  ii. Caroline Maria Vernon (d 1838) apparently of this generation
  m. (09.12.1797) Robert Percy Smith (b 1770, d 1845, MP)
  iii. daughter 
  C. Penelope Vernon (b 06.06.1722)
  m. Sir William Duckenfield Daniell, Bart of Over Tabley
  D.+ other issue - Thomas Phillips (b 20.11.1719), John (b 20.01.1720, dsp), Edward (b 30.10.1723), Elizabeth (b 17.01.1724, d young)
2. Edward Vernon of London (b 28.12.1665, d 1742)
  The following comes from Burke's 'Royal Families' (vol 2, 1851, pedigree XVIII, 'William Alexander Mackinnon').
  A. James Vernon (heir)
  m. Lydia Purnell (dau of Edward Purnell)
  i. Louisa Vernon (coheir)
  m. (1768) William Mackinnon of Antigua & Binfield (Berkshire)
3.+ other issue - George, Thomas in London (b c1672, d unm 04.04.1742)



John Vernon of Clontarf (bpt 22.05.1632, d 13.03.1670, quartermaster general)
m1. Anne Huish (dau of James Huish of Sand)
1. John Vernon (d unm in London)
m2. Elizabeth Walwyn (dau of Fulke Walwyn of Much Marcle)
2. Edward Vernon of Redmile (minister)
  m. Lettice Bankes (dau of John Bankes of Uttoxeter)
  A. John Vernon of Clontarf Castle (Captain)
  m. Dorothy Grahn (d 07.05.1773, sister of Hans Otto Grahn of Hanover)
i. George Vernon of Clontarf Castle (d before 05.05.1787)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of _ Hughes)
  a. John Vernon of Clontarf Castle
m. (1780) Elizabeth Fletcher (dau of Henry (sb Joseph?) Fletcher of Newton Park)
  (1) George Vernon of Clontarf Castle (d 1822) had issue
  m. (1808) Henrietta Maria Gale-Braddyll (dau of Wilson Gale-Braddyll of Conished Priory)
  (2) John Vernon of Aubone (b 05.1790, d 07.06.1843, minister) had issue
  m. (12.1812) Frances Kearney (dau of John Kearney, Bishop of Ossory)
  (3) Frances Vernon (d 30.01.1867)
  m. (24.05.1806) Bertram Mitford (b 01.10.1774, d 16.12.1844)
(4) Elizabeth Vernon
  m. Charles Arthur Tisdall of Charlesfort
  (5) Maria Vernon
  m1. (17.05.1806) Rev. Pierce Butler (b 1782, d 1808, brother of 3rd Earl of Carrick)
  m2. Walter Fawkes of Farnley
  (6) Charlotte Diana Vernon (d 05.02.1835, youngest dau) apparently of this generation
  m. (12.08.1815) Sir John Wright Guise, 3rd Bart (b 1777, d 1865, General)
  b. George Vernon (d unm 10.05.1802)
  c. Frances Dorothy Vernon (b 17.11.1755, d 29.07.1844)
  m. (22.10.1776) James Crawfurd of Aubun
  d. Diana Vernon (d 16.06.1824)
m. (25.02.1803) Sir Brodrick Chinnery, Bart (b 1779, d 1840)
  ii. Edward Vernon, Sheriff of Dublin (d 14.08.1805)
  m. (01.01.1760) Caroline Catherine Yeates (cousin)
  a. Brabazon Dean Vernon (b 27.11.1768, d 1814, Lt. Colonel, 5th son)
  m. Helen Bond (dau of Harmer Bond of Ballynahallick)
  (1) Charles Vernon of Clifton (Gloucestershire) (b 21.05.1802, d 13.04.1874) had issue
  m. (14.08.1828) Georgina (Georgiana) Katherine Evans, later Vernon-Gore of Derryluskan (dau of Nathaniel Evans of Oldtown)
  (2) Harcourt Vernon (d um, Captain)
  b. Henry Vernon (b 01.05.1771)
  m. (1796) Frances Plunkett (dau of Thomas Plunkett of Portmarnock)
  (1) George Edward Vernon of Grosvenor Place (d 16.03.1870, rector of Carlow) had issue
  m1. (sp) Jane Kingsbury (dau of Archdeacon Thomas Kingsbury)
  m2. Harriet Bruen (d 05.02.1866, dau of Lt. Col. Henry Bruen of Oak Park)
  c.+ other issue - John Frederick (b 21.10.1760, d 18.12.1760), George William (b 16.01.1762, d unm 1792), Francis (b 20.02.1765, dsp 1796, RN), (Sir) Charles Hawley (b 22.07.1766, d unm 24.06.1835), Harcourt (b 18.03.1775, d unm)
  iii. Charlotte Vernon
  m. Thomas Wright of Houghton
  B. Edward Vernon (d unm 1765, rector of St. George's, Bloomsbury)
  C. Catherine Vernon
  m. _ Yeates
3.+ other issue (dsp) - Mary, Elizabeth mentioned by Collins (Egerton Brydges, vol 7 (1812), p405)

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(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (Vernon of Clontarf Castle), BLGI1912 (Vernon of Clontarf Castle)
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