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Families covered: Gargrave of Gargrave, Gargrave of Kinsley, Gargrave of Nostel, Gargrave of Swaythorpe

Foster shows alternatives for the early generations of this family. Normally precedence is indicated by showing one in normal font with the less-favoured ancestry being shown in italics. However, Foster notes that the italicised version comes from the 1612 Visitation, implying that Richard St. George (the producer of that Visitation) favoured that version over the version given in the 1584-5 Visitation (produced by Robert Glover) which was probably based on the 1563/4 Visitation (produced by William Flower). We are not so presumptuous as to give a definitive version where Joseph Foster held back from doing so. Consequently, we show both alternatives but do give rough precedence to the one indicated by Foster as being supported by St. George. The Glover version starts with ...
_ Gargrave of Gargrave & Swaythorpe, Yorkshire
m. _ Otterburne (dau/coheir of Sir Ralph Otterburne of Otterburne)
1. William Gargrave of Swaythorpe the first mentioned in the 1563/4 Visitation where he is shown as "of Suathorpe and Kynesley"
  m. Christian
  A. Sir John Gargrave
  m. Hellen Nesfield (sister/coheir of Sir John Nesfield)
  i. William Gargrave
  Foster combines the pedigree as from the generation after this William, showing this William separately from William of Gargrave (shown in italics by Foster and below). According to Foster, the 1584-5 Visitation shows this William as father of William (elder, m. Agnes Browne), John (m. Margaret Scargill), Robert & Thomas. Flower's 1563-4 Visitation shows William as father of Robert & Thomas (both dsp) & John with that John being father of John (elder, m. Margaret Scargill) & William (m. Agnes Browne).
Foster indicates that St. George's 1612 Visitation starts with ...
Sir John Gargrave of Gargrave (master of the forests)
1. Sir Robert Gargrave of Gargrave (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422, master of the forests, governor of Pontersoon in France)
  A. Sir Thomas Gargrave of Gargrave (d 1428-9, master of the forests, "marshal of the English army")
  i. William Gargrave of Gargrave
  The pedigree appears to be 'secure' from here though it is noted that the following excludes the additional generation (a John) given by the 1563-4 Visitation (mentioned in the note above).
  a. William Gargrave of Swaythorpe & Gargrave
  m. Agnes Browne (dau/heir of Robert Browne of Wakefield)
(1) Robert Gargrave 'of Gargrave'
  m. Alice Beaumont (dau of Richard Beaumont of Whitley)
  (A) Thomas Gargrave 'of Wakefield'
  m. Margaret Leigh (dau of Thomas Leigh of Middleton, aunt of Sir John)
(i) Thomas Gargrave of Wakefield (& Gargrave?) (b 1495, d 28.03.1579, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m. Elizabeth Levett (dau of William Levett of Normanton & Hooton Levett)
  (a) Sir Thomas Gargrave of Kinsley & Nostel (d 16.06.1578)
  m1. Anne Cotton (dau of William Cotton of Oxinoth/Oxenheath by ?? Culpepper)
  ((1)) Sir Cotton Gargrave of Kinsley & Nostel (d 1587)
  m1. Bridget Fairfax (dau of Sir William Fairfax of Stretton)
((A)) Thomas Gargrave 'of Nostel Priory' (b c1561)
  m. Katherine Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse)
  ((i)) Prudence Gargrave
  ((B))+ other issue - John (d infant), Robert
  m2. Agnes Waterton (dau of Thomas Waterton of Walton, son/heir of Sir Thomas)
  ((D)) Sir Richard Gargrave of Nostel & Kinsley (a 1612)
m. Catherine Danvers (sister of Henry, Lord Danvers)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Gargrave (d 1677) who married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Dereham, 1st Bart
  ((ii)) Mary Gargrave who married ...
  m. (1629) Sir Robert Carr of Aswarby, 2nd Bart (d 14.08.1667)
  ((E)) Anne Gargrave
  m. Thomas Venables of Kinderton
  ((F)) Elizabeth Gargrave
  m. William Fenwick of Stanton (b 1581, d 1647)
  ((G)) Priscilla Gargrave
  m. William Hall
  ((H)) Frances Gargrave (b 1587-8)
  m. (Stephen) Tempest of Broughton
  ((I))+ other issue - Robert, John, Francis, Mary
  m2. Jane Appleton (dau of Roger Appleton of Dartford, widow of John Wentworth of Elmsall)
  (b)+ other issue - William, Robert, George, Walter, Ralphe
  (ii) Robert Gargrave of Tankersley, Yorkshire
m. ?? (relict of Sir John Savile, the father of Sir Henry Savile of Thornhill)
  (iii) Alice Gargrave
  m. Thomas Penson of Wakefield
  (2) Thomas Gargrave
  b. John Gargrave
  m. Margaret Scargill (dau of William Scargill of Leade (Leeds?)) ## see here ##
  (1) William Gargrave
  m. Margaret Bradford (dau of William Bradford of Stanley)
  (A) John Gargrave (3rd son)
  m. Katherine
  (i) Katherine Gargrave (dsp)
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - William, Edward
  c.+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Thomas

Main source(s): Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Gargrave of Nostel) with some support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Gargrave)
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