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Families covered: Levett of Melton, Levett of Normanton

William Levett of Normanton, Yorkshire (a 10.1447?)
1. William Levett of Normanton (a 1480) the first mentioned by Foster
  m. Elizabeth Syward, heiress of Melton (dau/coheir of Robert Syward of Melton, son of Hugh of Melton)
  A. William Levett of Normanton & Melton
m. (1497) Ann Barnby (dau of John Barnby of Barnby)
  i. William Levett of Normanton & Melton (bur 29.01.1576)
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau/coheir of William Wentworth of Sprotborough by Cicely)
  a. Nicholas Levett of Normanton & Melton (b c1524, bur 08.05.1598)
  m. (03.10.1540) Anne Westby (dau of Ralph Westby of Ravenfield)
(1) Ralph Levett of Normanton & Melton (b 03.01.1581)
  m. Elizabeth West (dau (by Ann) of George West of Barnborough & Aughton (d by 09.1572) & granddau of Richard West of Aughton (d by 05.1551) by Janet)
  (A) Thomas Levett of Normanton & Melton (bpt 31.08.1572, d 16.02.1622)
  m. (02.07.1587) Elizabeth Mirfield (dau of Robert Mirfield of Thurcroft)
  (i) Thomas Levett of Tixover, Sheriff of Rutland (bpt 28.07.1594, a 1650)
  m. Mary Lindley (dau of John Lindley of Leathley)
  (ii) John Levett (a 09.1665, LLD)
  m. Mary Mote (bpt 27.11.1617, dau/coheir of Emmanuel Mote of Melton (son of Robert of Melton by Gertrude, dau/heir of Thomas Fitzwilliam) by Ann, dau of Alvery Copley of Sprotborough)
  (a)+ issue - John (bpt 30.01.1655-6, bur 24.02.1660-1), Isabella (bpt 16.12.1654)
  (iii) Jane Levett (b c1607, d 1632)
  m. (c1627) Andrew Goodhand
  (iv)+ other issue - Ralph (bpt 03.01.1600, a 07.10.1622), Peter (a 07.10.1622), Mary (bpt 06.01.1596, bur 29.04.1624?)
  (B) Robert Levett of Normanton (bpt 07.10.1576, bur 26.01.1655, youngest son)
  m. (30.09.1605) Frances Nalson (dau of John Nalson of Snydale)
  (i) Thomas Levett of Normanton (bpt 01.05.1619, bur 15.07.1655)
  m. (c01.1655) Joanna Jaques (d before 29.04.1713, dau of John Jaques of Epworth (by Anne, dau of Robert Cranshaw of Bentley, widow of _ Walker), m2. Christopher Favell of Normanton)
(a) Robert Levett of Normanton (b 20.11.1657, bur 27.03.1686)
  m. (c1676) Hannah Holdsworth (a 02.1701-2, dau of John Holdsworth of Loscoe Grange)
  ((1)) Thomas Levett of Normanton (bpt 10.11.1679, dsp 26.05.1760)
  m. (c1727) Elizabeth Kaye (b c1687, d 13/18.10.1766, dau of Rev. William Kaye of Kirby by Ruth, dau of Ralph Lutton of Knapton)
  ((2)) Robert Levett of Normanton (bpt 29.10.1682, d unm bur 04.08.1773)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Levett (bpt 21.03.1677, bur 10.02.1770)
  m1. (13.09.1702) William Mitton of Norton Priory
  m2. (10.11.1709) Benjamin Hanson of Melton & Compton (d 12.08.1750)
  ((4)) Hannah Levett (bpt 05.03.1682, a 09.1724)
  m. (c1714) Francis Leake of Rowall
  ((A)) Sarah Leake (a 21.04.1767)
  m. (by 02.08.1758) Ely Coope of Horbury
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas in Normanton (d by 07.08.1803), John of Horbury (d by 21.04.1767, had issue)
  (b) Frances Levett (bpt 06.07.1665)
  m. John Holdworth of Loscoe Grange (d before 03.05.1701, brother of Hannah)
  (c)+ other issue - William (b 21.07.1660, bur 16.01.1666), Thomas of Normanton (bpt 17.03.1662, bur 11.10.1685), Ann (bur 07.01.1659-60)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 03.09.1609), John (bpt 21.09.1613), Robert (bpt 07.11.1622, bur 19.03.1625), Ralph (bpt 28.08.1625, bur 04.10.1625), Katherine (bpt 30.06.1607, d 12.05.1610), Elizabeth (bpt 09.10.1617, bur 03.04.1625), Mary (bpt 03.07.1621), Agnes (bpt 15.04.1627, bur 29.07.1627), Jane (bur 20.05.1627)
(C) Catherine Levett (bpt 22.03.1578)
  m. William Strelley of Strelley
  (D) Elizabeth Levett
  m. (02.04.1583) John Morley
  (E)+ other issue - Francis (bpt/bur 25.08.1571), Nicholas (bur 08.05.1597), William (bpt 25.10.1574, d 16.05.1638), Gertrude (bpt 24.01.1580, bur 12.04.1585)
  (2) Anne Levett
  m. (29.07.1572) Francis Hallom
  (3) Jane Levett (a 1561)
  b. Jane Levett shown as probably of this generation
  m. (27.01.1556) Richard Colbrand of Wath
2. Robert Levett of Normanton (a 1480)
3. Elizabeth Levett shown as probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Gargrave of Wakefield

Main source(s): MGH (NS3, vol 1 (1896, #4, December 1894), 'Levett of Normanton and Melton and Hanson of Normanton, Yorkshire', p117+) with a little support from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Levett of Melton')
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