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Families covered: Strange of Blackmere, Strange of Cheswardine, Le Strange (L'Estrange) of Hunstanton, Strange of Knokyn (Knockin or Knockyn or Knokin), Lestrange of Wrockwardine

Different sources give different stories about the origins of this family whilst, for the first few generations, there also appears to be some confusion between different members of the family with different names sometimes being used for the same person and generations being mixed up. As with various other families, we take TCP as the lead source but with input from BE1883 and then, provided it is consistent with what we already have (including cross-references from other families), take further input from other sources. A common theme is that this family came to England from Brittany, possibly (but by no means certainly) being descended from a younger son of a Duke of Brittany. The first named by TCP was Roald but, given that a Guy is the first to be mentioned by BE1883, we start with Guy who (according to RootsWeb) may have been Raold's father.
Guy Lestrange (d 1105) may have been father of ...
1. Roald Lestrange (d before 1158)
m. Maud (dau of Ralph de Hunstanton)
  A. Guy le Strange, Sheriff of Salop (Shropshire) (d by 1199)
  i. Ralph le Strange (dsp)
  ii. Margaret le Strange (d 02.1222)
  m. Thomas Noel of Ronton and Ellenhall, Sheriff of Staffordshire (a 1189)
  iii. Joane le Strange
  m. Richard de Wapenburi
  iv. Matilda le Strange (d 04.05.1242)
  m. (c1196) Griffin ap Iorwerth, lord of Sutton (d c01.1221)
B. Hamon le Strange of Wrockwardine (dsp)
  C. John le Strange of Nesse and Cheswardine, Sheriff of Salop and Stafford (d before 12.1178)
  m. Hawise
  i. John le Strange of Cheswardine and Knokyn (d 1233)
  m. Amice or Amicia
  a. John le Strange of Knokyn (d before 26.03.1269)
  BE1883 misses out this John and shows the John who married Amicia as having died in 1269.
  m. Lucy de Tregoz (dau of Robert de Tregoz)
(1) John le Strange of Knokyn (d before 03.1276)
  m. Joan de Somery (dau of Roger de Somery, Lord of Dudley)
  (A) John le Strange, 1st Lord of Knokyn (d by 08.08.1309/10)
  m1. Alienore (de Crawcumbe ?) (d 1282, dau of Joan who was widow of Stephen de Somery)
  m2. Maud (dau of Ebles de Montibus of Ketton)
  Although the dates are such that son John might have been by either marriage, BE1883 and BP1934 report only John's marriage to Maud so is is assumed that she was the mother of John below. Some sources (eg BP1934) report Maud as daughter and heiress of Roger Deyville of Walton Deyville but TCP suggests that it may have been Maud's mother who was the heiress of Deyville.
  (i) John le Strange, 2nd Lord of Knokyn (b c1282, d by 06.02.1310/1)
  m. Isolda (a 18.05.1342, dau of John de Walton of Walton Deyville)
(a) John le Strange, 3rd Lord of Knokyn (dsp by 28.05.1323)
  m. Maud (a 01.04.13224)
  (b) Roger le Strange, 4th Lord of Knokyn (b 15.08.1301, d 29.07.1349)
  m1. Maud
  ((1)) Roger le Strange, 5th Lord of Knokyn (b c1326, d 23.08.1382)
  m. (by 1338) Aline or Alaive FitzAlan (dau of Edmund FitzAlan, 8th Earl of Arundel)
((A)) John le Strange, 6th Lord of Knokyn (d 28.07.1397)
  m. Maud de Mohun (d 1400, dau of John de Mohun, 2nd Lord of Dunster)
  ((i)) Richard le Strange, 7th Lord of Knokyn (b 01.08.1381, d 09.08.1449)
  m1. (after 09.10.1408) Constance (dsp 1438, dau of Lord de Grey)
  m2. (by 26.08.1439) Elizabeth Cobham (d by 17.03.1453-4, dau of Reginald de Cobham, 3rd Lord of Sterborough)
  ((a)) John le Strange, 8th Lord of Knokyn (d 16.10.1479)
m1. (by 27.03.1450) Jacquetta Wydeville (dau of Sir Richard de Wydeville of Grafton, 1st Earl Rivers)
  (((1))) Joan le Strange, Baroness of Knockyn (d 20.03.1513-4)
  m. (c1481) George Stanley, Lord Strange (dvp 05.12.1497)
  m2. Anne
  ((B)) Isabel le Strange (a 1366)
  m. (1351) James Audley, 2nd Lord (b 08.01.1312/3, d 01.04.1386)
  ((C)) Lucy le Strange
  m. William Willoughby, 5th Lord of Eresby (d c1410)
  ((2)) Eleanor le Strange (d 20.04.1396) possibly of this generation
  m. (before 29.11.1360) Reginald (Reynold) de Grey, 2nd Lord of Ruthyn (b c1319/22, d 07-8.1388)
  m2. (before 25.03.1344, sp) Joan Ingham (d before 12.12.1365, dau of Oliver, Lord Ingham)
  BE1883 reports John's marriages the other way round but we follow TCP and BP1934 not least because they report his widow (Joan) as marrying again after his death.
  (ii) Ebulo le Strange, 'Earl of Lincoln' (dsp)
  m. Alice de Lacy, Countess of Lincoln and Salisbury (dsp 1348, dau of Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln, Earl of Salisbury)
  (iii) Sir Hamon le Strange of Hunstanton (d 1317)
  m. Margaret Vernon (dau of Ralph Vernon)
(a) Hamon le Strange of Hunstanton (d c1362)
  m. Katharine de Camoys (dau of Sir John de Camoys)
  ((1)) Sir John le Strange of Hunstanton (d 1417)
  m. Eleanor Walkfare (dau of Sir Richard Walkfare)
  ((A)) John le Strange of Hunstanton (d 1436)
  m. Alice Beaumont (dau of Nicholas Beaumont)
((i)) Roger le Strange of Hunstanton
  m. Jane Bebe (of Beke)
  ((a)) John le Strange of Hunstanton (dsp 1467)
  m. Joan Brewse (of Wenham)
  ((b)) Sir Henry le Strange of Hunstanton (d 25.11.1485)
  m. Katherina Drury (dau of Roger Drury of Hawstead)
  ((B)) Hamon le Strange
  ((C)) Leonard le Strange
  (iv) Elizabeth le Strange
  m. Grufydd Fychan, Lord of Glyndwrdwy (a 1300)
  (B) Katherine le Strange possibly of this generation
  m1. Sir Alan de Glaseley
  m2. Sir William de Wrottesley of Wrottesley (a 1277, 1312)
  (C) Hawise le Strange apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Robert de Felton of Litcham, 1st Lord (d Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  (2) Hamon le Strange of Wrockwardine
  (3) Robert Strange of Chauton, later of Wrockwardine
BE1883 (which, as mentioned above, missed out a generation of Johns) reports that Robert was 3rd son of Hamon son of John and Amicia. We follow TCP which reports that Robert obtained Wrockwardine from his brother Hamon.
  m. Alianore de Blancminster (Whitechurch) (dau of William de Blancminster)
  (A) John le Strange of Blackmere (d unm by 18.06.1289)
  (B) Fulk le Strange, 1st Lord of Blackmere (b c1267, d by 23.01.1323/4)
  m. Eleanor Giffard (dau of Sir John Giffard, 1st Lord of Brimsfield)
(i) John le Strange, 2nd Lord of Blackmere (b c1305, d 21.07.1349)
  m. Ankaret Boteler (d 08.10.1361, dau of William Boteler of Weem)
  (a) Fulk le Strange, 3rd Lord of Blackmere (b c1330, d 30.08.1349)
m. (mcrt 12.03.1346/7) Elizabeth de Stafford (b after 1332, d 07.08.1375, dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford)
  ((1)) Joan le Strange
  m. John Careless or Carless of Albrighton
  ((2)) Eleanor le Strange
  m. Edward de Acton
  (b) John le Strange, 4th Lord of Blackmere (b c04.1332, d 12.05.1361)
  m. Mary FitzAlan (d 29.08.1396, dau of Richard FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel)
((1)) John le Strange, 5th Lord of Blackmere (b c1353, d 03.08.1375)
  m. Isabel Beauchamp (d 29.09.1416, dau of Thomas de Beauchamp, 3rd Earl of Warwick)
  ((A)) Elizabeth le Strange (b 06.12.1373, dsp 23.08.1383)
  m. (15.03.1382-3) Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal (d 22.09.1400)
  ((2)) Ankaret le Strange (d 1413)
  m1. Sir Richard Talbot, 4th Baron (d 07.09.1396)
  m2. (1400-1) Thomas Nevill, Lord Furnivall (d 14.03.1406-7)
(c) Eleanor le Strange
  An Eleanor of this generation is usually identified as wife of Reginald de Grey, 2nd Lord of Ruthyn, but TCP (Grey of Ruthin) suggests otherwise.
  (d) Maud Strange (b c1333) probably of this generation
  m. Brian de Cornwall of Outragorther, etc (b c1326, d 1392)
  (ii) Elizabeth le Strange shown by various web sites
  m. Sir Robert Corbet of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet (b 1304, d 1375)
  (4) Hawise le Strange shown by some sources as m. Griffith, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn (a 1274)
  (5) Elizabeth le Strange
  m. Robert Corbet
  b. Margery le Strange
  m. Ralph de Pichford

Main source(s): TCP (Strange or Lestrange), BE1883 (Strange of Knockyn), BE1883 (Strange of Blackmere), BLG1952 (Le Strange of Hunstanton), BP1934 (Strange of Knokin), various web sites (including RootsWeb)
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