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Families covered: Felton of Edlingham, Felton of Litcham, Felton of Playford

The children of the following Sir William are shown as reported in TCP (Hylton).
Sir William de Felton,1st of Edlingham, Northumberland (d 21.09.1358, Constable of Roxburgh Castle)
m(1). ?? mother of at least Alianore
1. Sir William de Felton, 2nd of Edlingham (d Vitoria 20.03.1366/7)
  TCP (Hylton) reports that the children of William's sisters, Alianore and Agnes, became his heirs. However, this seems to be the William mentioned in BE1883, albeit confused with his father, who had a son Sir John, shown below as uncle of this William.
2. Alianore de Felton
  m. Robert de Hilton, 4th Lord of Hilton (d before 27.05.1370)
3. Agnes de Felton
  m. Robert de Swynborne
TCP (Felton) reports that probably brother of Sir William was the following Sir Robert "whose parentage is unknown".
Sir Robert de Felton of Litcham (Norfolk), 1st Lord (d Bannockburn 24.06.1314, Constable of Scarborough Castle)
m. Hawise Lestraunge (dau of Sir John Lestraunge of Knockin by Joan de Somery)
1. Sir John de Felton of Litcham, 2nd Lord (a 1334, Constable of Newcastle, Admiral)
  m. Sibyl
  A. John de Felton (dsp (vp?) before 20.06.1334)
  B. Sir Hamon de Felton of Litcham, 3rd Lord (d 1379)
  m1. ??
  m2. Margaret (d 25.03.1368, widow of Sir William de Kerdestone of Kerdiston)
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
  i. Mary de Felton
  m. John Breton of Witchingham
  a. Cecily Breton
  m1. Thomas Gardiner (dvp before 10.1391, son of Thomas of Gissing)
  (1) Joan Gardiner (b by 1389, d by 15.02.1391)
  m2. Sir Thomas Gerberge (a 02.1411/2)
b. Katharine Breton (d before 20.04.1401)
  m. Robert Butveleyn of Flordon
  (1) Sir Robert Butveleyn of Flordon and Gissing (d 22.03.1420/1)
  (A) William Butveleyn of Flordon and Gissing
  C. Sir Thomas de Felton of Litcham
  i. Mary de Felton
  m1. Sir Edmond de Hemgrave (dsp)
  m2. John Cursoun of Bylaugh
ii. Alianore de Felton
  m1. Sir Robert d'Ufford of Wrentham
  m2. (by 02.1394/5) Sir Thomas de Hoo of Luton Hoo (d 23.08.1420)
  BE1883, which does not provide any details on his children, says of John, 2nd Lord, that "nothing further appears known, except that he was an ancestor of the Feltons of Playford". We presume (provisionally) that this was through a son not mentioned by TCP, as follows.
  D. ?? de Felton
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations. Some web sites name this son of Sir John as Sir Edmund and show him as father of John (m. Agnes Denys) father of another John who either was the John who married Joan Mossell or was father of that last-mentioned John.
  i. ?? de Felton
  (1) Note that around this time there was a William Felton alias Chapman 'of Playford', father of Margaret who married John Drury of Rougham (1456-1499). The dates for that John Drury seem to be shortly before Playford came into this family so we suspect that that Drury data was wrong in identifying Margaret's father as 'of Playford'. Nevertheless, it is possible that William was a son of this family.
(2) VCH ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: volume 1', Hundred of Diss: Shelfhanger) refers to a sale in 1526 by "Thomas Felton, Esq. which Thomas was son of Robert Felton, Esq. had Margery his wife, sister and heiress to Sir Thomas Sampson of Playford in Suffolk, Knt. which Robert was son of John Chapman, alias Felton, by Joan, the other daughter of Thomas Mossell". That seems to imply that it was Thomas who married Margery Sampson but we presume that that was loose wording and follow BEB1841 which starts with the following John.
a. John Felton the first mentioned by BEB1841, presumably the "John Chapman alias Felton" mentioned by VCH
  BEB1841 identifies John's wife as the heiress of Alcott. VCH identifies her as ...
  m. Joan Mossell (dau/coheir of Thomas Mossell by Margaret, dau of Sir Thomas Vise de Lou, son of William by Rose, sister/heir of Elizabeth de Shotisbroke)
  (1) Robert Felton of Shotley, Suffolk
  m. Margery Sampson (dau/heir of Thomas Sampson of Playford)
  (A) Thomas Felton of Playford, Suffolk (d 1558)
  m. Cecilia Seckford (dau of Thomas Seckford)
(i) Thomas Felton of Playford (d 1577-8)
  m. Mary Cavendish (dau of Sir Richard Cavendish of Trimley)
  (a) Sir Anthony Felton of Playford, Sheriff of Suffolk (d by 1614)
  m. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Henry Grey, 1st Lord of Groby)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Felton, 1st Bart of Playford (d 18.09.1624)
  TCB identifies Sir Henry's Wife as Dorothy, dau of Sir Nicholas Bacon of Redgrave (by Anne Butts), but we suspect that BEB1841 may be correct in identifying her as Dorothy, dau of Sir Bassingborne Gawdy, as he married Dorothy, dau of Sir Nicholas Bacon of Redgrave. This is supported by Visitation (Norfolk, 1613, Gawdy).
  m. Dorothy Gawdy (d 1653, dau of Sir Bassingborne Gawdy)
((A)) Sir Henry Felton, 2nd Bart of Playford (d 1690)
  m. Susannah Talmach (dau of Sir Lionel Talmach, Bart)
  ((i)) Sir Adam Felton, 3rd Bart of Playford (dsp 02.1696)
  m. (1676) Elizabeth Reresby (d 26.12.1695, dau of Sir George Reresby of Thrybergh)
  ((ii)) Sir Thomas Felton, 4th Bart of Playford (d 02.03.1708)
  m. Elizabeth Howard (b c1656, d 12.1681, dau of James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk, 3rd Lord de Walden)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Felton (b 18.12.1676, d 02.05.1741)
  m. (25.07.1695) John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol (d 20.01.1750-1)
  One of their grandsons became 5th Lord Howard de Walden.
  ((iii)) Sir Compton Felton, 5th Bart of Playford (b c1650, d 18.11.1719)
  m. Frances Finch of Playford
TCB suggests that Sir Compton dsp and that the following Elizabeth was daughter of his younger brother, John of Worlingham. We provisionally follow BEB1841.
  ((a)) Elizabeth Felton
  m. John Platers of Worlingham
  ((iv)) Henry Felton (Rector of Long Melford, 5th son)
  m. Lady Isabella May
  ((a)) Henry Felton (d young)
  ((v)) Susan Felton (d 11.12.1726)
BEB1841 identifies Susan's first husband as Thomas Herbert but TCP (Effingham) identifies him as ...
  m1. Philip Harbord of Stanninghall
  m2. (20.01.1689-90, sp) Francis Howard, 5th Lord of Effingham (bpt 17.09.1643, d 30.03.1695)
  ((vi)) Dorothy Felton
  m1. _ Allaxton
  m2. Sir John Poley of Boxted
((vii))+ other issue - Robert (dsp, Captain), Elizabeth (d unm)
  ((B)) John Felton of Worlingham possibly of this generation
  ((i)) Elizabeth Felton (b c1690, d 14.11.1748)
  m. (02.08.1710) Sir John Playters, Bart of Sotterley, later of Ellough and Worlingham (bpt 18.05.1680, d 11.12.1768)
  (b) Beatrix Felton
  m. Thomas Colby of Beccles
  (c) Frances Felton
  m. John Cotton of Essex ## see here ##
  (d) Cicely Felton dau of Thomas by Mary, dau of Sir Richard Gernon?
  m. Richard Freston of Mendham
(ii) Mary Felton (d by 01.10.1589) probably of this generation
  m1. Hugh Brinklow
  m2. (22.02.1562/3) John Harleston of South Ockendon
BE1883 mentions a contemporary of the above John of Litcham, 2nd Lord, as a William, Governor of Roxburgh Castle, summoned to parliament in 1342 (but not afterwards), who left a son Sir John. TCP (Felton) identifies the William of Roxburgh Castle as the William of Edlingham shown above as uncle of John of Litcham, pointing out that that summoning was to a council rather than to a parliament. As TCP, which we view as more reliable than BE1883, identifies William of Edlingham's children differently, as shown above, we initially presumed that BE1883 had confused two if not 3 different Williams, including both the afore-mentioned William, 1st of Edlingham, and his son William. HOWEVER, we then noted that BE1883 reports Sir John as having a daughter Joan who married Walter Falconberg and had a son Thomas. We suspect that this refers to the Constance who married Thomas de Fauconberg, son of Walter, and is shown by TCP (Fauconberge) as dau "most probably, of John de Felton (yr. br. of Sir William de Felton, of Edlingham, Northumberland)". It is understandable that the following Sir John, presumably one of the heirs of William of Edlingham, could have been identified as his son rather than a younger brother or (perhaps more likely given the dates) nephew.
Sir John de Felton (d 21.03.1396)
m1. Joan FitzWilliam (dau of Sir John FitzWilliam)
1. Elizabeth Felton (b c1381)
  m. Sir Edward (Edmund) Hastings
2. Constance (not Joan) Felton (d 05/6.1402)
  m. (before 17.11.1366) Thomas de Fauconberg of Skelton, 5th Lord (b 20.07.1345, d 09.09.1407)
m2. ??
3. Sir John Felton 'of Edlingham' (dsp 1402)

Main source(s): TCP (Felton), BEB1841 (Felton of Playford)
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