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Families covered: Cobham of Allington, Cobham of Cobham, Cobham of Rundale (Rundell or Roundall), Cobham of Sterborough

Henry de Cobham of Cobham (a 1211)
1. John de Cobham of Cobham, Sheriff of Kent
  m1. dau of Warine FitzBenedict
  A. John de Cobham of Cobham and Cowling, Sheriff of Kent (d before 30.03.1300)
  m. Joan de Septvans (dau of Robert de Septvans)
i. Henry de Cobham, 1st Lord (b 1260, d 15.08.1339)
  m. (before 07.1285) Maud de Moreville (dau of Eudes de Moreville, widow of Matthew de Columbers)
  a. Sir John de Cobham, 2nd Lord (d 25.02.1354-5, Admiral)
  m1. (1314) Joan de Beauchamp (a 1343, dau of Sir John Beauchamp of Hacche, 1st Lord)
  (1) John de Cobham, 3rd Lord (d 10.01.1407-8)
  m. (1332-3) Margaret Courtenay (d 02.08.1385, dau of Hugh Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon)
  (A) Joan Cobham (dvp 1388)
  m. Sir John de la Pole of Chrishall
  Their daughter Joan became Baroness Cobham. Her daughter (also a Joan) married Sir Thomas Brooke and their son became the first of the Lords Cobham of the Brooke family.
  (2) Joan Cobham
  m. Sir Philip le Despenser of Camoys Manor (b 06.04.1313, d 22/3.08.1349)
m2. Agnes Stone (dau of Richard Stone of Dartford)
  ii. Reginald de Cobham
  B. Sir Henry de Cobham of Rundale (Rundell or Roundall), Governor of Jersey & Guernsey (d 1316)
  The following is supported by 'The Cobhams and Moresbys of Rundale and Allington' by G.O. Bellewes (1911) which was kindly drawn to our attention by a contributor (DS, 14.02.23) as being downloadable from the web site of the Kent Archaeological Society (here). There is also a little input/support from 'The Lords of Cobham, their momuments, and the church' (p82) by J.G. Waller (1877), also on the Kent Archaeological Society site (here).
  m. Joan Penchester (b by 1269, d 1314/5 or 1324, dau of Stephen Penchester (de Pencester) by Roese de Basevile)
  i. John Cobham of Cumbe & Euere (a 1313, dvpsp)
  ii. Stephen de Cobham of Rundale & Allington, 1st Lord (d 1332)
  m1. (before 1309) Isobel (dsp ?)
  m2. Avice (d 1340)
  a. Sir John de Cobham of Allington (etc.), de jure 2nd Lord of Rundale (b 1319, d 14.09.1362)
  It appears that neither John nor any of his successors were called to Parliament. Although TCP identifies them as Lords, BE1883 ('Cobham of Rundell') does not. We compromise and describe them as 'de jure' Lords.
(1) Sir Thomas de Cobham of Allington (etc.), de jure 3rd Lord of Rundale (b 1343, d 1393-4)
  m1. Maud Morice (d before 1389, dau of Thomas Morice)
  (A) Sir Reynold (Reginald) de Cobham of Allington (etc.), de jure 4th Lord of Rundale (d 31.10.1405)
  m. Elizabeth Savage (d 1451, dau of Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing, m2. William Clifford)
  (i) Sir Thomas Cobham, de jure 5th Lord of Rundale (b 1397, d before 1429, 2nd/3rd son)
  (a) Elizabeth Cobham
  We originally speculated that this may have been the Elizabeth, dau of Thomas, Lord Cobham, who m. John Seymour but have since withdrawn from that since another candidate for his wife has been suggested and it would surely have been noted had that John's wife been the heiress to the barony.
  (ii) Eleanor (Alianor) Cobham, heiress of Rundale, Allington, etc.
  m. (after 1412) Thomas Moresby
  (iii)+ other issue (dvpsp) - John, Henry
  (B) William Cobham of Staplehurst & Combe
  m2. Beatrice (a 1395)
  (2) John Cobham of Hever in Hoo
  b. Robert Cobham
  iii. Thomas Cobham of Hollingbourne & Chafford
  a. Thomas Cobham
  (1) Ralph Cobham (a 1402)
b. William Cobham
  (1)+ issue - William, Reginald
  iv. Sir Stephen Cobham 'the younger' (a 1342)
  m. (before 1323) Margaret (a 1342)
  a. henry Cobham of Dunstall
  v. Ralph de Cobham of Norfolk, Lord (d 1325)
  TCP identifies this Ralph as son of John de Cobham "whose relationship to the other members of that large family is unknown". He is not mnentioned by either Bellewes or Waller. The connection we show is as reported by BE1883 ('Cobham of Norfolk').
  m. Mary Roos (d 1362, dau of William de Ros, 2nd Lord)
  a. John de Cobham (b c12.1324, a 1377) had issue
m2. Joan de Neville (dau of Hugh de Neville)
  C. Sir Reginald de Cobham of Orkesden and Eynesford
  m. Joan d'Evere (dau of William d'Evere)
  i. Reginald de Cobham, 1st Lord of Sterborough (b c1295, d 05.10.1361)
  m. Joan de Berkeley (d 02.10.1369, dau of Sir Thomas de Berkeley, 3rd Lord)
  a. Reginald de Cobham, 2nd Lord of Sterborough (b 1348, d 06.07.1403)
  m1. Elizabeth de Stafford (b after 1332, d 07.08.1375/6, dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford)
  (1)+ daughters
  m2. (1380) Eleanor Maltravers (b 1345, d 10.01.1404/5, dau of John, Lord Maltravers)
  (2) Reginald de Cobham, 3rd Lord of Sterborough (b 1381, d 1446)
  m1. Eleanore Culpepper / Colepeper (d 1422, dau of Sir Thomas Culpepper of Rayal)
(A) Reginald (Reynold) Cobham (dvp)
  m1. Thomasine Chideocke (dau of Sir Thomas Chideocke)
  (i) Margaret Cobham (dsps c1460)
  m. Ralph Nevill, 2nd Earl of Westmorland (d 1485)
  m2. Anne Beaumont
(B) Sir Thomas Cobham of Sterborough (d 26.04.1471)
  m1. (before 05.11.1438) Elizabeth Chidiok (d 14.06.1464, dau of Sir John Chidiok)
  m2. Anne Stafford (dau of Humphrey de Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham)
  TCP ('Mountjoy') identifies the following Anne's mother as Elizabeth Chidiok; TCP ('Burgh of Gainsborough') identifies the mother as Anne Stafford. 'MedieGen' reports that the former is wrong ie. it confirms that her mother was Anne Stafford.
  (i) Anne Cobham (d 26.06.1526) under 13 at her 2nd marriage!
  m1. (1475) Edward Blount, 2nd Lord Mountjoy (b c1469, bur sp 01.12.1475)
  m2. (1477) Edward Burgh, 2nd Lord of Gainsborough (d 20.08.1528)
(C) Elizabeth Cobham (d by 17.03.1453-4)
  m. (by 26.08.1439) Richard le Strange, 7th Lord of Knokyn (b 01.08.1381, d 09.08.1449)
  (D) Margaret Cobham
  m. Reginald Curteys
  (E) Alianore Cobham (d 1454)
  Alianore (Eleanor) is shown by TCP as being daughter of the 2nd Lord (by his first wife) but the dates suggest (but do not make it certain) that BE1883 is correct to show her of this generation.
  m. (1428) Humphrey Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester (b 03.10.1390, dspl 23.02.1447)
  (F) Anne Cobham, a nun
  m2. (by 1427) Anne Bardolf (b 24.06.1389, dsp 06.11.1453, dau of Thomas Bardolf, 5th Lord of Wirmegay)
  b. Joan Cobham
  m. Henry de Grey, younger of Codnor (dvp)
2. Reginald de Cobham, Sheriff of Kent (d 1258, Constable of Dover Castle)
3. William de Cobham (a 1257, judge)

Main source(s): BE1883 ('Cobham of Kent'), BE1883 ('Cobham of Sterborough'), TCP ('Cobham', various), BP1934 ('Cobham')
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