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Families covered: Pringle of Galashiels, Pringle of Pilmuir, Pringle of Smailholm, Pringle (Hoppringill) of Whytbank, Pringle of Yair

(1) Some early generations of this family appear to have had the name Hoppringle which was later shortened to Pringle although Hoppringle appears to have been used by some of the family.
(2) According to BLG1886 (Pringle of Yair), "There are two races of the name of Pringle in the South of Scotland, probably springing from a common ancestor, but their connection has not been traced. The Pringles of Torsonce, on Gala Water, were the head of one race, settled in Midlothian and the adjoining portions of East Lothian and Berwickshire. To them belonged the families of Burnhouse, Hawtree, and Glengelt, and those of Rowchester and Lees, down in the Merse. The other race were the descendants of the Pringles of Whitsun, in co. Berwick, afterwards designed sometimes of Smailholm, and sometimes of Galashiels. Their lands lay chiefly in the lower parts of Gala Water, and on Caddon Water, in co. Selkirk, and in various parts of co. Roxburgh, especially near the Cheviot Border."
Robert Hop Pringle of Whitsun, 1st of Smailholm (d Verneuil 24.08.1424)
1. George Pringle, 2nd of Smailholm (dsp 1459)
2. Robert Pringle, 3rd of Smailholm (dsp after 1470)
3. Alexander Pringle (dsp c1479)
4. David Pringle of Pilmuir, later 4th of Smailholm (d 09.05.1480)
  m. Elspeth Dishington (dau of Sir William Dishington of Ardross)
  A. James Pringle of Pilmuir, 5th of Smailholm
  m. Isabella Murray (dau of Patrick Murray, 1st of Philiphaugh)
i. David Pringle of Galashiels, 6th of Smailholm (d c1535)
  m1. ??
  a. David Pringle (dvp Flodden 09.09.1513)
  b. John Pringle of Galashiels, 7th of Smailholm (d c1566)
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  m. Margaret Gordon (dau of Sir James Gordon of Stichell and Lochinvar)
  (1) Andrew Pringle of Galashiels and Smailholm (d 1585)
  m. Mariota Borthwick (dau of John Borthwick, 5th Lord) wife of Andrew, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Sir James Pringle of Galashiels and Smailholm (d 1635)
  (i) David Pringle (dvp)
  m. (mcrt 12.09.1621) Margaret Scott (dau of Walter Scott of Harden)
  (ii) John Pringle, last of Smailholm (dsp 1650, 3rd son)
  (iii) Jean Pringle
  m. Hugh Scott of Deuchar
  Galashiels passed into this Scott family.
  (iv) Isabel Pringle probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Murray of Philiphaugh (d 1640)
  (vi)+ other issue - son (dvp), George, 2 daughters
(B) Robert Pringle of Howlatstown (dsp 1653)
  (C) Isabella Pringle
  m. George Pringle of Blyndlee
  (2)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  m2. Margaret Lundie (dau of Thomas Lundie or Lundin of Fife)
  c. James Pringle or Hoppringill, 1st of Whytbank (d 11.1563)
  m. Margaret Ker of Linton
  (1) James Hoppringill, 2nd of Whytbank
  m1. (mcrt 14.12.1566) Marion Murray (d 05.1585, dau of Andrew Murray, 2nd of Blackbarony, by Elizabeth Lockhart)
(A) James Hoppringill (dvp before 03.1616)
  m1. (1592) Christian Lundie (d 19.07.1602, dau of William Lundie or Lundin of that ilk)
  (i) James Pringle, 3rd of Whytbank, Sheriff of Selkirkshire (b c1594, d 14.05.1667)
  m. Sophia Schoner (b 1604, d 1626, dau of Martin Schoner of Denmark)
  (a) Alexander Pringle, 4th of Whytbank (b 1626, dsp 25.04.1695)
  m1. (mcrt 11.1646) Margaret Pringle (d 09.1680, dau of James Pringle, 5th of Torwoodlee)
  m2. (1682) Anna Murray (dau of Sir John Murray, 4th of Philiphaugh)
(ii) George Pringle of Balmungo (d 23.08.1655)
  m. Elspeth Ruthven (dau of Patrick Ruthven, Earl of Forth and Brentford, Field Marshal)
  (a) John Pringle (b c1628, d 22.02.1682, minister of Fogo, 3rd son)
  m. (05.02.1662) Jean Shaw (dau of Rev. John Shaw of Selkirk by Anne, dau of Sir John Murray, 7th of Falahill)
((1)) John Hoppringill, 5th of Whytbank (b 1678, d 1702)
  m. (1699) Christian Scott (d 1770, dau of Sir Patrick Scott, 2nd Bart of Ancrum)
  ((A)) Alexander Pringle, 6th of Whytbank (b 02.1701, d 02.1773)
  m. (1740) Susannah Rutherford (b c1719, d 04.1791, dau of Sir John Rutherford of that ilk)
  ((i)) John Pringle, 7th of Whytbank (d unm 1780)
  ((ii)) Alexander Pringle, later of Yair and Whytbank (b 11.1747, d 1827)
  m. (1789) Mary Dick (dau of Sir Alexander Dick, 3rd Bart of Prestonfield)
  ((a)) Alexander Pringle of Whytbank and Yair (b 30.01.1791, 02.09.1857) had issue
  m. (12.01.1830) Agnes Joanna Dick (dau of Sir William Dick, 4th Bart of Prestonfield, by Joanna Douglas)
  ((b)) John Alexander Pringle of Castledykes (dsp 1839)
  m. (1828) Christian Ann Dirom (d 1830, dau of Lt. Gen. Alexander Dirom, 2nd cousin)
  ((c)) William Alexander Pringle (d 12.12.1855) had issue
  m. Ann Elizabeth Dawnay (d 1874, dau of John Dawnay of Aylesbury)
  ((d)) Robert Keith Pringle of Broadmeadows, The Grove and Thorncliffe (b 12.03.1802, d 12.01.1897) had issue
  m. (15.04.1848) Mary Jane Moore (dau of Gen. George Moore)
((e)) David Pringle of Wilton Lodge (b 1806, d 22.12.1889) had issue
  m1. (1826) Frances Tod (d 1856, dau of Capt. Alexander Tod of Alderston)
  m2. (1858, sp) Mary Anderson (d1884, dau of James Anderson of Wilton Lodge)
  ((f)) Susanna Pringle (b 1796, d 16.05.1840)
m. (06.01.1820) Robert Scott-Moncrieff, 2nd of Fossaway (d 18.01.1864)
  ((g)) Elizabeth Pringle
  m. (02.04.1830) Charles Maitland Christie, 2nd of Durie (d 1871)
  ((h)) Margaret Janet Pringle
  m. William Elmsley (judge in Derby)
  ((i))+ other issue (d unm) - Mary Agnes, Jane (d 1844), Charlotte
  ((iii)) Christian Pringle
  m. (1766) Robert Pasley of Craig and Mount Annan
  ((iv)) Joan Pringle
  m. Alexander Hay of Mordington (d 1788)
  ((v)) Charlotte Pringle (d 1781)
  m. Thomas Mayne in Lisbon
  ((vi))+ other issue - Patrick (d 11.1788), William (d 06.1781), 5 daughters
  ((B))+ 2 daughters
  ((2))+ 1 son and 3 daughters (d unm)
(b)+ other issue - James (dvp?), William (dvp?), Christian
  (iii) Katrine Pringle
  m. William Penman (minister of Crichton)
  m2. (c12.1607) Isabella Moffat (widow of James Stirling)
  (iv) Robert Pringle
  (B) Margaret Pringle (d 01.01.1600)
  m. George Pringle, 4th of Torwoodlee (d c1637)
  (C)+ other issue
  m2. (before 12.1618) Juliane Home (dau of David Home, 6th of Wedderburn, widow of Sir John Ker of Hirsel)
  (2) Marion Pringle or Hoppringill probably of this generation
  m. (mcrt 05.10.1568) William Home of Bassendean
  ii. William Pringle, 1st of Torwoodlee (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Elizabeth Lawson
  iii. Alexander Pringle, 1st of Trinlyknowe (d Flodden 09.09.1513) had issue
  iv. John Pringle, 1st of Blindlee (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  a.+ issue including David (Dean of Melrose Abbey)
  v. Isabella Pringle
  m. Sir David Home, 4th of Wedderburn (d Flodden 09.09.1513)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Pringle of Whytbank, formerly of Yair), BLG1886 (Pringle of Yair)
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