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Families covered: Rutherford of Edgerston, Rutherford of Fairnington
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Thomas Rutherford of Edgerston
1. Robert Rutherford of Edgerston
  A. Thomas Rutherford of Edgerston
  i. Richard Rutherford 'of that ilk' of Edgerston
  m. ?? (granddau of _ Scott of Buccleuch)
  a. Robert Rutherford of Edgerston
  m. Margaret Riddell (dau of Andrew Riddell of Riddell and Haining)
  (1) John Rutherford 'of that ilk' of Edgerston (d by 1686)
  m. Barbara Abernethy (dau of John Abernethy, Bishop of Caithness)
  (A) Andrew Rutherford 'of that ilk' of Edgerston (dsp 1718)
(B) Thomas Rutherford 'of that ilk' of Edgerston and Hunthill
  m. Susanna Riddell (dau of Walter Riddell of Minto)
  (i) Sir John Rutherford 'of that ilk' of Edgerston and Hunthill
  m1. (1710) Elizabeth Cairncross (dau of _ Cairncross of Colmslie)
  (a) John Rutherford of Edgerston (b 12.06.1712, d Ticonderago 1758)
  m. (11.1737) Ellernor Elliot (dau of Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto)
  ((1)) John Rutherford of Edgerston (b 1748, dsp 1834)
  m. (1787) Mary Ann Leslie-Melville (dau of Alexander Leslie-Melville, Maj-Gen)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Rutherford
  m. (28.12.1763) Andrew Sinclair of Hermandston (b 30.07.1733, d 16.12.1775)
  ((3)) Jane Rutherford
  m. William Oliver of Dinlabyre
  Their eldest son William inherited Edgerston and assumed the name Rutherford.
  ((4))+ other issue - Robert (d c1770), Archibald (d 1790), Ellenor (d unm 10.1822)
  (b) Thomas Rutherford (d 1749)
  m. (1745) Martha Town (dau of _ Town, Alderman of York)
  ((1)) John Rutherford (d 1856)
  m1. (1769) Eleanor Chalke (d 1795, dau of Thomas Chalke of Artane and Grange)
  ((A)) Thomas Rutherford of Fairnington (b 1784, d 27.03.1863, 3rd son)
  m. Caroline Sanderson Ball (dau of William Ball)
  ((B)) Martha Rutherford
  m. Charles Robson
  ((C)) Eleanor Rutherford
m. William Elliott of Harwood
  ((D))+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 1777, d 1815), Charles (b 1780, d 1846)
  m2. Anes Chatto (d 1850, dau of of J. Chatto of Mainhouse)
  ((F)) Walter Rutherford (d 1856)
  m. Mary Knight
  (c) Robert Rutherford of Fairnington, Baron of the Russian Empire (a 1779)
  (d) Walter Rutherford
  m. Mary Alexander (dau of General Alexander)
  (e) Susanna Rutherford (b c1719, d 04.1791)
  m. (1740) Alexander Pringle of Whytbank (b 02.1701, d 02.1773)
  (f) Mary (Molly) Rutherford
  m. Sir Alexander Nisbet of Dean
(g) Elizabeth Rutherford
  m. John Horsbrugh of that ilk (d 17.07.1774)
  (h) Jean Rutherford
  m. Charles Inglis of Manorhead
  (i)+ 11 other children
  m2. (1741) Sarah Nisbet (sister of Sir Alexander Nisbet, Bart)
  (t) Henry Rutherford of Hunthill
  m. Agnes Lauder
  (u) Christian Rutherford
  m. _ Davidson of Hatton and Muirhouse
  (ii) Margaret Rutherford
  We used to show a Margaret of this generation as wife of James Durham, 3rd of Largo. As reported on the Durham page, we have since reviewed that family and revised our understanding of the identity of the relevant Margaret Rutherford.
  (iii)+ 4 daughters (5 daughters in total)
  (C) Robert Rutherford of Bowland

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Rutherfurd of Fairnington), BLG1886 (Rutherfurd of Edgerston)
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