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NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.              Number of lists : 276

Quadring1 (14KB)Uploaded: 03.06.08 / Updated: 03.06.08
Quadring of Burgh, Quadring of Irby
Quarles1 (19KB)Uploaded: 22.01.20 / Updated: 22.01.20
Quarles of Norwich, Quarles of Rumford, Quarles of Ufford
Quarles2 (07KB)Uploaded: 22.01.20 / Updated: 22.01.20
Quarles of London
Quarme1 (09KB)Uploaded: 15.12.11 / Updated: 15.12.11
Quarme of Mawnan, Quarme of Woodhouse
[Quartermain of North Weston - see QZmisc02 below]
Quellyn1 (06KB)Uploaded: 08.07.10 / Updated: 08.07.10
Quellyn of Lladnwnda, Quellyn of Quellyn, Williams of Quellyn
[Du Quesne - see under DuCane]
Quicke1 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.05.05 / Updated: 18.06.18[originally uploaded as QZmisc02]
Quicke of Newton St. Cyres, Quicke of Sandford
[Quiney - see QZmisc02 below]
Quinn01 (11KB)Uploaded: 08.05.07 / Updated: 08.05.07
Quin of Adare, Quin of Dunraven
(14KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 29.07.09
Quincey of Aslackby, Quincey of Walcott, Quincy (de Quency) of Winchester
QZmisc02 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.04.17 / Updated: 15.05.22
Quiney of Stratford-upon-Avon, Quartermain of North Weston
Radclyffe01 (22KB)Uploaded: 30.10.03 / Updated: 29.08.09
Radclyffe of Chadderton, Radclyffe of Hartshead, Radclyffe of Ordsal, Radclyffe of Smithells
Radclyffe02 (28KB)Uploaded: 30.10.03 / Updated: 12.11.15
Radclyffe (Ratcliffe) of Attleborough, Radclyffe of Farmesden, Radclyffe of Oswaldtwistle, Radclyffe of Overthorpe, Radclyffe of Radclyffe Tower ('of The Tower'), Ratcliffe of Sussex, Radclyffe of Todmorton
Radclyffe03 (29KB)Uploaded: 20.07.04 / Updated: 27.11.16
Radclyffe of Foxdenton, Radcliffe of Hitchin, Radclyffe of Ordsall (or Ordeshall), Radclyffe of Newcroft
Radclyffe04 (24KB)Uploaded: 22.09.06 / Updated: 24.05.19
Radclyffe of Barnsley, Radclyffe of Derwentwater, Radclyffe of Dilston, Radclyffe of Newburgh, Radclyffe of Winmarleigh
Radclyffe05 (17KB)Uploaded: 22.09.06 / Updated: 22.09.06
Radclyffe of Overthorpe, Radclyffe of Todmorton
Radclyffe06 (10KB)Uploaded: 22.09.06 / Updated: 22.09.06
Radclyffe of Mellor
Radclyffe07 (13KB)Uploaded: 31.01.06 / Updated: 31.01.06 [originally named Radclyffe04]
Radclyffe of The Conduit (Manchester), Radclyffe of The Hill (Stretford), Radclyffe of The Poolfold (Manchester), Alexander of The Poolfold
Radclyffe08 (15KB)Uploaded: 20.01.10 / Updated: 23.04.16
Radclyffe of Langley, Radclyffe of Milnsbridge (Milnes Bridge), Radcliffe of Sheffield
Radclyffe09 (10KB)Uploaded: 28.07.14 / Updated: 28.07.14
Radcliffe of Exeter, Radcliffe of Franklyn (Franklin), Radcliffe of Hockworthy Court, Radcliffe of Warleigh
Radford1 (13KB)Uploaded: 07.05.18 / Updated: 20.12.21
Radford of Okeford, Radford of Rockbeare, Radford of Whitchurch
[Ragland (Raglan) of Carn Lwyd - see Tmp05]
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Raikes1 (13KB)Uploaded: 20.03.20 / Updated: 20.03.20
Raikes of Hull, Rakys of Kelfield, Rakys of Stillingfleet
Raikes2 (19KB)Uploaded: 20.03.20 / Updated: 20.03.20
Raikes of Gloucester, Raikes of Hull, Raikes of London, Raikes of Welton
Rainsborough1 (06KB)Uploaded: 28.09.20 / Updated: 28.09.20
Rainsborough of East Greenwich
[Rainsford - see Raynsford below]
[Rakys - see Raikes just above]
[Raleigh - see Rawley below]
Ralston1 (14KB)Uploaded: 20.11.03 / Updated: 21.05.20
Ralston of Auchantorlie, Ralston of Ralston, Ralston of Tower Hill, Ralston of Warwickhill
Ram1 (10KB)Uploaded: 04.06.10 / Updated: 04.06.10
Ram of Clonattin, Ram of Ramsfort
Ramsay01 (09KB)Uploaded: 11.09.03 / Updated: 11.09.03
Ramsay of Dalhousie, Ramsay of Inverleith
Ramsay02 (21KB)Uploaded: 11.09.03 / Updated: 14.10.03
Ramsay of Dalhousie
Ramsay03 (15KB)Uploaded: 11.09.03 / Updated: 06.10.20
Ramsay of Balmounth, Ramsay of Balanbriech, Ramsay of Brechin, Ramsay of Burnturk, Ramsay of Colluthie, Ramsay of Derchester, Ramsay of Wester Ogil , Ramsay of Wyliecleuch
Ramsay04 (18KB)Uploaded: 01.06.04 / Updated: 06.07.17
Ramsay of Abbotshall, Ramsay of Balmain, Ramsay of Waughton
Ramsay05 (09KB)Uploaded: 17.11.05 / Updated: 17.11.05
Ramsay of Whitehill
Ramsay06 (12KB)Uploaded: 20.11.05 / Updated: 20.11.05
Ramsay of Bamff
[Ramsay of Hitcham - see RZmisc11 below]
Ramsden01 (23KB)Uploaded: 21.11.05 / Updated: 21.11.05
Ramsden of Byrom, Ramsden of Carlton Hall, Ramsden of Elland, Ramsden of Longley Hall, Ramsden of Ovenden, Ramsden of Oxton Hall, Ramsden of Rishworth, Ramsden of The Jumples
[Ramsden of Crowstone, Farnley & High Feaneley - see RZmisc09 below]
[Ramsden of Norton - see within Boynton2]
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[Randall of Kentisbury - see RZmisc10 below]
Randolph1 (17KB)Uploaded: 20.01.17 / Updated: 20.01.17
Randolph of Biddenden, Randolph of Burton, Randolph of Canterbury, Randolph of Codington, Randolph of Wallingford
[Randolph of Moray & Strathnith - see RZmisc02 below]
Rankin1 (14KB)Uploaded: 07.06.20 / Updated: 10.06.20
Ranken of Ardgrene, Rankine of Beoch, Ranken of Burnhead, Rankine of Drumdow, Ranken of Sheill, Ranken of Whitehill
Rankin2 (09KB)Uploaded: 16.10.21 / Updated: 16.10.21
Ranken of Colden, Ranken in Kinross, Ranken of Perth
[Ransford - see under Raynsford below]
Rant1 (13KB)Uploaded: 12.10.11 / Updated: 12.10.11
Rant of Dickleburgh, Rant of Norwich, Rant of Worstead, Rant of Yelverton
Rasby1 (12KB)Uploaded: 19.05.13 / Updated: 19.05.13
Rasby of Rasby (Risby of Risby), Rasby (Risby) of Kirk Smeaton
[Rasby - see also Risby below]
Rashleigh1 (25KB)Uploaded: 01.12.05 / Updated: 17.01.12
Rashleigh of Fowey, Rashleigh of Menabilly
[Rasine of Doncaster - see RZmisc9 below]
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[Ratcliffe - see Radclyffe above]
Rathbone1 (15KB)Uploaded: 30.08.09 / Updated: 30.08.09
Rathborne of Ballymore, Rathbone of Chester, Rathbone of Greenbank, Rathbone of Liverpool, Rathbone of Masefen, Rathborne of Scripplestown
[Rattenbury of Keckbere & Okehampton - see RZmisc01 below]
Rattray01 (12KB)Uploaded: 22.11.05 / Updated: 22.11.05
Rattray of Craighall (later Craighall-Rattray), Rattray of Kinballoch, Rattray of Rattray
[Ravell (Revell) of Stoliford - see RZmisc02 below]
Ravenscroft1 (12KB)Uploaded: 22.07.13 / Updated: 22.07.13
Ravenscroft of Bretton, Ravenscroft of Horsham
Rawdon01 (11KB)Uploaded: 02.08.03 / Updated: 02.08.03
Rawdon of Moira, Rawdon of Rawdon
Rawdon02 (09KB)Uploaded: 24.12.15 / Updated: 24.12.15
Rawdon of Halifax, Briggs of Halifax
Rawley01 (15KB)Uploaded: 28.02.07 / Updated: 08.02.19
Rawley of Rawley (Raleigh or Ralegh of Raleigh), Rawleigh of Smallridge
Rawley02 (14KB)Uploaded: 13.12.09 / Updated: 08.02.19
Raleigh of Farnborough, Raleigh of Walpen
Rawley03 (17KB)Uploaded: 08.02.19 / Updated: 08.02.19
Raleigh (Rawley) of Downton, Rawleigh (Rawley) of Fardell, Rawleigh of Smallridge
Rawlinson01 (17KB)Uploaded: 02.08.07 / Updated: 10.03.22
Rawlinson of Cark Hall, Rawlinson of Graythwaite, Rawlinson of Greenhead, Rawlinson of London, Rawlinson of Stowlangtoft
Rawson1 (14KB)Uploaded: 24.06.12 / Updated: 24.06.12
Rawson of Besacle, Rawson of Bradford, Rawson of Fryston, Rawson of Nidd Hall, Rawson of Shipley
Rawson2 (12KB)Uploaded: 25.06.12 / Updated: 27.06.13
Rawson of Beckfoot, Rawson of Halifax, Rawson of Ingrow, Rawson of Stonyroyd
Rawson3 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.01.22 / Updated: 16.01.22
Rawson of Pitsmoor, Rawson of Sheffield, Rawson of Upper Thorpe, Rawson of Walkley
Rawstorne1 (27KB)Uploaded: 12.03.06 / Updated: 25.10.12
Rawstorne of Dutton, Rawstorne of Lexden, Rawstorne (Rosthorne) of Lum, Rawstorne (Rosthorne) of Newhall
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Ray1 (17KB)Uploaded: 11.09.14 / Updated: 11.09.14
Ray of Denston, Ray of King's Lynn, Ray of Stradishall, Ray of Wickhambrook
Ray2 (15KB)Uploaded: 11.09.14 / Updated: 11.09.14
Ray of Clare, Ray of Denston, Ray of Sudbury, Ray of Wickhambrook
Ray3 (17KB)Uploaded: 10.07.21 / Updated: 10.07.21
Ray of Bury St. Edminds, Ray of Haughley, Ray of Wickhambrook
Raymond01 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.02.11 / Updated: 28.08.12
Raymond of Abbot's Langley, Raymond of Belchamp Hall
Raymond02 (11KB)Uploaded: 27.02.12 / Updated: 17.03.21
Raymond of Barton Court, Raymond-Barker of Fairford Park
Raymond03 (10KB)Uploaded: 13.10.20 / Updated: 13.10.20
Raymond of Chard, Raymond of Ilchester (Ilcester), Raymond of Thornbury
Raymond04 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.10.20 / Updated: 13.10.20
Raymond of Ballyloughrane
[Raymond of Valentine House & Langley - see Temp84]
Rayner1 (15KB)Uploaded: 29.08.16 / Updated: 29.08.16
Rayner of Brotherton, Reyner of Charterhouse, Rayner of East Drayton, Rayner of Ledsham, Rayner of Liversedge
Rayner2 (08KB)Uploaded: 29.08.16 / Updated: 29.08.16
Reyner of Blacker Hall, Reyner of Boyne Hill
[Raynes - see under Reynes below]
Rayney1 (16KB)Uploaded: 09.01.09 / Updated: 09.01.09
Reigny of Edgeford, Rayney of Smethley, Rayney of Tyers Hill, Rayney of West Malling, Rayney of Wrotham
Raynsford1 (19KB)Uploaded: 19.06.07 / Updated: 17.09.21
Raynsford of Brixworth Hall, Raynsford (Raynesford or Rainsford) of Great Tew, Raynsford of Staverton
Raynsford2 (06KB)Uploaded: 17.09.21 / Updated: 17.09.21
Ransford of Clifford Chamhers Manor, Ransford of Gups Hill Manor
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Reade1 (18KB)Uploaded: 07.01.10 / Updated:15.12.19[formerly Reade3]
Rede (Read) of Beccles, Rede of Redesdale, Read (Reade or Rede) of Weston
Reade2 (15KB)Uploaded: 08.02.09 / Updated: 09.07.15
Reade of Bardwell, Reed of Boddington (Bodington), Reed of Bromshill, Reed (Read) of Mitton, Reade of Wrangle
Reade3 (22KB)Uploaded: 13.08.05 / Updated: 15.12.19[formerly Reade1]
Reade of Appelford, Reade of Barton Court, Reade of Beedon, Reade of Dunstew, Reade of Ipsden, Reade of Shipton Court
Reade4 (12KB)Uploaded: 28.11.14 / Updated: 28.11.14
Reade of Faccombe, Reade of Linkenholt, Reade of Redbourne, Reade of Wallop
Reade5 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.07.19 / Updated: 16.08.19
Reed of Basington, Reed of Chipchase, Reed of Chirton, Reed of Hethpool, Reed of Hoppen
Reade6 (16KB)Uploaded: 15.12.19 / Updated:15.12.19
Rede of Boarstall (Borstall), Reade of Folkestone, Read of Norfolk
Reade7 (09KB)Uploaded: 29.09.20 / Updated:29.09.20
Reade of Wickford
[Rede (Reade) of Wenburie (Wembury) - see RZmisc10 below]
[Reade & Reed - see also Reid below]
Rebow1 (07KB)Uploaded: 20.09.12 / Updated: 20.09.12
Rebow of Colchester, Rebow of Wivenhoe (Wyvenhoe)
Reddish1 (11KB)Uploaded: 18.03.22 / Updated: 18.03.22
Reddish of Dodleston, Reddish of Gropenhall (Gropenhale), Reddish of Reddish (Redish of Redish)
[Rede - see Reade just above & Reid below]
[Redish - see under Reddish just above]
Redman01 (21KB)Uploaded: 04.11.10 / Updated: 04.11.10
Redman of Bossall, Redman (Redmayne) of Harewood Castle, Redman of Levens, Redman of Yealand
Redvers1 (10KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 10.03.04
Redvers of Devon, Redvers of the Isle of Wight, Redvers of Okehampton
[Reed - see under Reade above]
[Rees - see under Rice below]
[Reeve of Leadenham & Thwaite (Thwayte) - see draft Reeve1]
[Reeve - see also Ryves below]
Reid1 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.06.20 / Updated: 13.06.20
Reid of Adamton, Cuninghame-Reid of Auchinharvie, Reid of Barra, Reid of Ewell Grove
[Rempston or Rempeston - see RZmisc07 below]
[Renton of Billie & Lamberton - see draft Renton1]
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Repington1 (11KB)Uploaded: 18.04.10 / Updated: 18.04.10
Repington of Repington
Repington2 (11KB)Uploaded: 18.04.10 / Updated: 18.04.10
Repinton of Amington
Repps1 (20KB)Uploaded: 06.12.14 / Updated: 06.12.14
Repps of Mattishall, Repps of Repps, Repps (Reppes) of Thorp Market, Repps (Reppes) of West Malton
Reresby1 (11KB)Uploaded: 14.02.04 / Updated: 14.02.04
Reresby of Ashover, Reresby of Thribergh (Thrybergh)
Reresby2 (15KB)Uploaded: 14.02.04 / Updated: 18.08.16
Reresby of Ecclesfield, Reresby of Thrybergh (Thribergh)
[Reserson of Guernsey - see under Richardson below]
Reskymer1 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.11.11 / Updated: 21.11.11
Reskymer of Cornwall, Reskimer of Merthen
[Restalrig - see RZmisc02 below]
[Restwold of the Vache - see RZmisc09 below]
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Revel1 (15KB)Uploaded: 01.02.12 / Updated: 01.02.12
Revel of Cold Aston, Revel of Stannington
Revel2 (20KB)Uploaded: 01.02.12 / Updated: 07.05.14
Revel of Brampton, Revell of Carlingthwaite, Revel of Chesterfield, Revell of Ogston, Revel of Whiston, Revell of Wooley
[Revell (Ravell) of Stoliford - see RZmisc02 below]
Reveley1 (15KB)Uploaded: 14.05.08 / Updated: 14.05.08
Reveley of Ancroft, Reveley of Berwick, Reveley of Newby Wiske, Reveley of Newton Underwood, Reveley of Tweedmouth
[Reygate of Steeton (Steveton) - see RZmisc06 below]
[Reynardson of Holywell Hall - see RZmisc08 below]
Reynell01 (23KB)Uploaded: 04.01.09 / Updated: 04.01.09
Reynell of Badlingham, Reynell of East Ogwell, Reynell of Pyttney, Reynell of Trumpington, Reynell of West Ogwell
Reynell02 (22KB)Uploaded: 05.01.09 / Updated: 05.01.09
Reynell of Castle Reynell, Reynell of Killynon, Reynell of Malston, Reynell of Reynella
Reynell03 (18KB)Uploaded: 05.01.09 / Updated: 15.08.20
Reynell of Laleham, Reynell of Newton Abbot(t), Reynell of Shepperton
[Reyner - see under Rayner above]
Reynes1 (12KB)Uploaded: 21.10.15 / Updated: 21.10.15
Reynes of Clifton Reynes, Reynes of Marston
[Reynes of Tudeley then Coneyburrows Park - see RZmisc05 below]
[Reynolds of Plaistow & Whittington - see RZmisc03 below]
Rhodes1 (20KB)Uploaded: 18.08.08 / Updated: 30.11.10
Rodes of Barlborough, Rhodes of Bellair, Rhodes of Modbury, Rodes of Stavely Woodthorpe, Rodes of Thorp
Rhodes2 (13KB)Uploaded: 30.11.10 / Updated: 20.12.15
Rodes of Barlborough, Rodes (Rhodes) of Great Houghton, Rodes of Sturton
Rhodes3 (06KB)Uploaded: 24.12.15 / Updated: 24.12.15
Rhodes of Halifax
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[Ribton of Stillorgan - see RZmisc05 below]
Ricard1 (09KB)Uploaded: 10.01.22 / Updated: 10.01.22
Riccard of Dorset, Ricard of Hatfeild, Ricard of Heck
[Ricard of S. Ouen - see RZmisc10 below]
[Ricardo - see RZmisc04 below]
Rice1 (08KB)Uploaded: 23.09.04 / Updated: 23.09.04
Rice of Newton, Rice Lords Dynevor (Dinevor)
Rice2 (15KB)Uploaded: 22.01.13 / Updated: 07.11.15
Rice of Bushmount, Rice of Dingle, Rice Lord Monteagle, Rice of Mount Rice, Rice of Mount Trenchard
Rice3 (11KB)Uploaded: 28.09.15 / Updated: 28.09.15
Rice of Rickeston, Rice of Scotsborough
Rich1 (14KB)Uploaded: 26.12.03 / Updated: 03.08.09
Rich of Leighs, Rich of London, Rich of Mulbarton, Rich of Rich's Place
Rich2 (21KB)Uploaded: 29.09.04 / Updated: 29.09.04
Rich of Holland, Rich of Roos or Rose Hall, Rich of Stondon, Rich of Warwick
Rich3 (14KB)Uploaded: 29.09.04 / Updated: 29.08.13
Rich of Bullhouse, Rich of Royd, Rich of Sonning (Sunning)
[Rees of Carmarthen & Killymaenllwyd - see within Bowen4]
Richards1 (13KB)Uploaded: 27.06.14 / Updated: 27.06.14
Richard of Maxton, Richards of Stoke, Richards of Yaverland
Richards2 (17KB)Uploaded: 27.06.14 / Updated: 27.06.14
Richards of Ardamine, Richards of Grange (Monksgrange), Richards of Roebuck, Richards of Solsborough
Richards3 (18KB)Uploaded: 29.06.14 / Updated: 29.06.14
Richards of Binnerton, Richards of Halgarrick, Richards of Park, Richards of Rathaspick, Richards of Wexford
[Richards - see also Rickards below]
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Richardson01 (11KB)Uploaded: 23.02.06 / Updated: 08.07.16
Richardson Lords Cramond, Richardson of Honingham, Richardson of Newton
Richardson02 (14KB)Uploaded 04.09.08 / Updated: 19.08.15
Richardson of Augher, Richardson of Castlehill, Richardson of Drum, Richardson of Lisburn, Richardson of Loughgall, Richardson of Springtown
Richardson03 (17KB)Uploaded: 10.08.09 / Updated: 10.08.09
Richardson of Bierley, Richarson of Finden Place, Richardson of East Ferring
Richardson04 (12KB)Uploaded: 24.11.10 / Updated: 24.11.10
Richardson of Forgandenny, Richardson of Pencaitland, Richardson of Pitfour, Richardson of Smeaton
Richardson05 (10KB)Uploaded: 18.08.15 / Updated: 18.08.15
Richardson of Legacorry, Richardson of Pershore, Richardson of Rich Hill, Richardson of Rossfad
Richardson06 (10KB)Uploaded: 19.08.15 / Updated: 19.08.15
Richardson of Poplar Vale
Richardson07 (16KB)Uploaded: 26.05.17 / Updated: 26.05.17
Reserson of Guernsey, Richardson in Jamaica, Richardson of Jersey
Richmond1 (11KB)Uploaded: 24.07.08 / Updated: 24.07.08
Richmond of Catterlen, Richmond of Highead Castle
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Rickards1 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.07.16 / Updated: 21.07.16
Rickards of Leicester, Rickards of Nottingham
[Rickards of Evenjob - see within Mynors1]
[Rickards - see also Richards above]
Ricketts1 (16KB)Uploaded: 24.11.05 / Updated: 24.11.05
Ricketts of Combe, Ricketts of Jamaica, Jervis of St. Vincent
[Ricketts (Baronet) - see under RZmisc06 below]
Riddell01 (07KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
Riddell of Riddell
Riddell02 (23KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 16.08.09
Riddell of Camieston, Riddel of Friershaw, Riddell of Glenriddell, Riddell of Granton, Riddell of Haining, Riddell of Newhouse, Riddell of Riddell
Riddell03 (20KB)Uploaded: 17.11.05 / Updated: 27.04.19
Riddell of Cheeseburn Grange, Riddell of Felton, Ridell of Gateshead, Riddell of Morpeth, Riddell (Ridell) of Newcastle, Riddell of Swinburne Castle
Riddell04 (07KB)Uploaded: 21.08.12 / Updated: 21.08.12
Riddell of Ardnamurchan, Riddell of Finglass
[Rider - see under Ryder below]
Ridgeway1 (15KB)Uploaded: 22.11.05 / Updated: 10.05.18
Ridgeway of Ballinakill, Ridgeway of Dublin, Ridgeway of Londonderry, Ridgeway of Tor
Ridler1 (10KB)Uploaded: 24.04.20 / Updated: 24.04.20
Ridler of Chalford, Ridler of Edgeworth
Ridley01 (12KB)Uploaded: 25.11.15 / Updated: 25.11.15
Ridley of Ridley (Cheshire), Ridley of Ridley (Northumberland)
Ridley02 (26KB)Uploaded: 25.11.15 / Updated: 15.04.19
Rydley of Battersby, Ridley of Coastley, Ridley of Parkend, Ridley of Ridley (Northumberland), Ridley of Walltown, Ridley of Willimoteswick (Willymondswyke)
Ridley03 (12KB)Uploaded: 25.11.15 / Updated: 25.11.15
Ridley of Blagdon, Ridley of Hardriding, Ridley of Heaton, Ridley of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
[Ridsdale of Ripon & Wakefield - see RZmisc10 below]
[Ridware of Ridware - see RZmisc11 below]
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Rigby1 (24KB)Uploaded: 16.03.12 / Updated: 16.03.12
Rigby of Burgh, Rigby of Harrock, Rigby of Layton, Rigby of Mistley Hall, Rigby of Middleton, Rigby in Wrightington
Rigby2 (09KB)Uploaded: 21.03.12 / Updated: 21.03.12
Rigby of Chowbent, Rigby of Manchester, Rigby of Oldfield
Rigg1 (10KB)Uploaded: 22.03.14 / Updated: 22.03.14
Rigg of Aithernie, Rigg of Carberry, Rigg of Downfield, Rigg of Edinburgh
[Rigge of Hawkshead - see RZmisc06 below]
[Riggs of Riggsdale - see RZmisc05 below]
[Rillestone of Rillestone (Rilston of Rilston) - see Temp89]
[Rimington of Carlton & Broomhead - see RZmisc06 below]
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Risby1 (09KB)Uploaded: 11.09.20 / Updated: 11.09.20
Risby of Felsham, Risby of Lavenham, Risby of Thorpe Morieux
[Risby - see also Rasby above]
Risdon1 (17KB)Uploaded: 02.03.12 / Updated: 02.03.12
Risdon of Bableigh, Risdon of Buckland Brewer, Risdon of Parkham
[Rishton - see under Rushton below]
Risley1 (11KB)Uploaded: 13.10.15 / Updated: 17.11.19
Risley of Chetwode
[Ritchie of Craigton - see RZmisc03 below]
[Rither - see under Ryther]
River01 (08KB)Uploaded: 04.08.07 / Updated: 04.08.07
de la River of Bransby
River02 (15KB)Uploaded: 14.07.08 / Updated: 06.08.10
Rivers of Chafford
[Rivers (de Ripariis) of Ongar & Ryvers Hall - see Temp63]
Rivett1 (12KB)Uploaded: 21.03.21 / Updated: 21.03.21
Ryvet of Bacton, Revett of Bildeston, Ryvet of Brandeston, Ryvet of Fritton, Rivet of Rishangles
Rivett2 (15KB)Uploaded: 21.03.21 / Updated: 21.03.21
Revett of Derby, Rivett of Rattlesden, Rivett of Rowston
Rivington1 (10KB)Uploaded: 12.08.13 / Updated: 12.08.13
Rivington of London
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[Roberdeau of Spitalfields - see Tmp29]
Roberton01 (09KB)Uploaded: 23.06.04 / Updated: 23.06.04
Roberton (Robertoun) of Earnock
Roberton02 (09KB)Uploaded: 23.06.04 / Updated: 15.10.06
Roberton (Robertoun) of Bedlay, Roberton (Robertoun) of Earnock 
Roberts01 (14KB)Uploaded: 01.11.04 / Updated: 12.07.12
Robartes of Radnor, Roberts (Robartes) of Truro
Roberts02 (20KB)Uploaded: 26.05.09 / Updated: 28.10.14
Roberts of Willesden (Willesdon)
Roberts03 (21KB)Uploaded: 27.05.09 / Updated: 19.12.16
Roberts of Cranbrooke, Roberts of Glassenbury
Roberts04 (21KB)Uploaded: 28.05.09 / Updated: 28.05.09
Roberts of Bridgetown, Roberts of Brightfieldstown, Roberts of Glassenbury, Roberts of Kilmoney Abbey, Roberts of Stranbally
Roberts05 (18KB)Uploaded: 21.11.09 / Updated: 21.12.21
Roberts of Caerau, Roberts of Castellior, Roberts of Ty Hen, Family of Treangharad
Roberts06 (12KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 24.10.14
Roberts of Bryn y Neuadd (Brynyneuadd), Roberts of Combmartin
Roberts07 (11KB)Uploaded: 16.12.10 / Updated: 16.12.10
Roberts in Ireland, Roberts of Rhyd y Bont, Roberts of Trefri
Roberts08 (14KB)Uploaded: 21.12.10 / Updated: 16.01.16
Roberts of Hafod y Wern, Roberts of Hendre, Roberts of Methley
Roberts09 (12KB)Uploaded: 30.08.16 / Updated: 30.08.16
Roberts of Sheffield
Roberts10 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.12.16 / Updated: 19.12.16
Roberts of Borzell, Roberts of Warbleton
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Roberts11 (12KB)Uploaded: 19.12.16 / Updated: 13.04.19
Roberts of Brenchley, Roberts of Canterbury, Roberts of Hawkhurst, Roberts of Hexham
Roberts12 (08KB)Uploaded: 08.10.21 / Updated: 08.10.21
Roberts of the Isle of Wight
Roberts13 (11KB)Uploaded: 21.12.21 / Updated: 21.12.21
Roberts of London, Roberts of Ty Hen
[Roberts of Amnodd Wen & Brynysguboriau - see within Lloyd24]
[Roberts of Arienallt Wen - see within Wales33]
[Roberts of Bodsuran & Rhosbadric - see within Wynne08]
Robertson01 (20KB)Uploaded: 02.03.03 / Updated: 06.07.03
Robertson of Glenerochie, Robertson of Lude, Robertson of Struan (Strowan)
Robertson02 (09KB)Uploaded: 03.03.03 / Updated: 17.03.03
Robertson of Drumachine, Robertson of Struan (Strowan)
Robertson03 (18KB)Uploaded: 23.11.05 / Updated: 23.11.05
Robertson of Auchleeks, Robertson of Crabsland, Robertson of Glentilt, Robinson of Banff, Robinson of Cairngall, Robinson of Clermiston, Robinson of Gask, Robinson of Widmerpool Hall
Robertson04 (20KB)Uploaded: 28.06.07 / Updated: 16.04.14
Robertson of Brownsbank, Robertson of Faskally, Robertson of Monkmylne, Robertson of Prenderguest
[Robertson of Gossaburgh - see within Hoseason1]
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[Robinett of Saffron Walden - see RZmisc11 below]
Robinson01 (12KB)Uploaded: 08.04.05 / Updated: 02.04.16
Robinson of Fermanby (Farmanby), Robinson of Grantham, Robinson of Newby
Robinson02 (12KB)Uploaded: 02.04.09 / Updated: 25.03.12
Robinson of London, Robinson of Manchester, Robinson in Northamptonshire
Robinson03 (20KB)Uploaded: 08.12.09 / Updated: 08.12.09
Robinson of Rokeby (Rokesby), Montagu Lords Rokeby
Robinson04 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.11.10 / Updated: 05.11.10
Robinson of Conway, Robinson of Gwersyllt, Robinson-Lytton of Knebworth, Robinson of Monachdy
Robinson05 (13KB)Uploaded: 31.12.11 / Updated: 25.02.16
Robinson of Cadgwith, Robinson of Helston, Robinson of Norton, Robinson of Sheffield, Robinson of Sithney
Robinson06 (25KB)Uploaded: 02.04.16 / Updated: 02.04.16
Robinson of Beverley, Robinson of Deighton (Dighton), Robinson of Hull, Robinson of London, Robinson of Ryther (Rither), Robinson of Thicket, Robinson of Thornton Risborough, Robinson of York
Robinson07 (11KB)Uploaded: 04.04.16 / Updated: 04.04.16
Robinson of Applegarth, Robinson of Cleasby, Robinson of Crosthwaite, Robinson of Easby, Robinson of Kirkby Ravenswath
[Robinson of Kentwell Hall - see Temp17]
[Robinson of Welburn - see within Strangeways02]
[Robinson - see also under Robertson just above]
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Roche01 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.10.03 / Updated: 01.12.18
Roche of Levant, Roche of Roche
Roche02 (16KB)Uploaded: 05.10.03 / Updated: 06.10.03
Roche of Carrigdownan, Roche of Fermoy
Roche03 (15KB)Uploaded: 12.11.06 / Updated: 19.03.13
Roch of Glyn Castle, Roche of Kildinan, Roch of Tourin, Roche of Trabolgan, Roche of Rochemount, Roch of Woodbine Hall
Roche04 (19KB)Uploaded: 12.04.13 / Updated: 12.04.13
Roche of Carass, Roche of Castletown Roche, Roche of Granagh Castle, Roche of Limerick
[Roches of Roche Court - see Temp85]
[Rochead or Rocheid of Inverleith (Innerleith) - see Temp37]
[de la Rochelle of South Ockendon - see Temp83]
Rochfort01 (22KB)Uploaded: 06.05.08 / Updated: 06.05.08
Rochfort of Belvedere, Rochfort of Clogrenane, Rochfort of Kilbride (Kilbryde), Rochfort of Rochfort
Rockley1 (09KB)Uploaded: 24.12.07 / Updated: 24.12.07
Rockley of Faithwayte, Rockley of Rockley (Rokeley of Rokeley)
Rocliffe1 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.01.08 / Updated: 19.01.08
Rocliffe of Cowthorpe, Rocliffe of Rocliffe
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Rodd1 (16KB)Uploaded: 14.08.11 / Updated: 14.08.11
Rodd of Foxley, Rodd of Moreton Jeffreys, Rodd of Rodd, Rodd of Totnes, Rodd of Trebartha Hall, Rodd of Wignall
Roddam1 (13KB)Uploaded: 28.12.07 / Updated: 28.12.07
Roddam of Little Houghton, Roddam of Roddam
[Roddam in Ewart - see under RZmisc11 below]
[Rodes - see under Rhodes above]
[Rodger or Rodgers - see under Rogers below]
Rodney1 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.03.05 / Updated: 06.11.13
Rodney of Rodney Stoke (Stoke Giffard or Stoke Rodney)
Rodney2 (16KB)Uploaded: 19.03.05 / Updated: 06.11.13
Rodney of Rodney Stoke (Stoke Rodney)
[Roe - see Rowe below]
[Roebuck of Sheffield - see RZmisc08 below]
[Roet - see RZmisc01 below]
Rogers01 (11KB)Uploaded: 25.04.06 / Updated: 12.06.14
Rogers of Helston, Rogers of Lanke, Rogers of Penrose, Rogers of Treassowe
Rogers02 (17KB)Uploaded: 16.12.11 / Updated: 13.07.16
Rogers of Blachford, Rodger of Handsworth (Rodgers of Hansworth Woodhouse), Rodgers of Inkersall, Rodgers of Sheffield, Rogers (Rodgers) of Treeton, Rogers of Wisdome
Rogers03 (23KB)Uploaded: 10.05.13 / Updated: 30.04.15
Rogers of Bryanstone, Rogers of Dowdeswell, Rogers of Haresfield, Rogers of Sandwell
Rogers04 (10KB)Uploaded: 14.01.14 / Updated: 14.01.14
Rogers of Bradford (Wiltshire), Rogers of Cannington
Rogers05 (13KB)Uploaded: 29.04.15 / Updated: 29.04.15
Rogers of Dowdeswell, Rogers of Okle Clifford
Rogerson1 (08KB)Uploaded: 01.09.20 / Updated: 01.09.20
Rogerson of Dublin
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Rokeby1 (18KB)Uploaded: 02.07.04 / Updated: 25.03.16
Rokeby of Mortham, Rokeby of Rokeby, Rokeby of Skyers (Skiers)
Rokeby2 (21KB)Uploaded: 20.02.14 / Updated: 25.03.16
Rokeby of Arthingworth, Rokeby of Hotham, Rokeby of Moreton (Mortham), Rokeby of Sandall, Rokeby of Skyers (Skiers)
Rokeby3 (14KB)Uploaded: 20.02.14 / Updated: 25.03.16
Rokeby of Marske, Rokeby of Sandal, Rokeby of Slaningford (Slenningford)
[Rokeley - see Rockley above]
[Rokesby - see Rokeby just above]
[Rokewode - see Rookwood below]
Rolfe1 (19KB)Uploaded: 15.03.17 / Updated: 15.03.17
Rolfe of Carsey Priory, Rolfe of Cranworth, Rolfe of Hadley, Rolfe of King's Lynn, Rolfe of New Romney, Rolfe of Narford, Rolfe of Sellinge
[Rolfe of Heacham - see Draft Rolfe2]
Rolle1 (20KB)Uploaded: 18.09.06 / Updated: 15.11.11
Rolle of Hainton (Heanton of Heampton) Satchville, Rolle of Hudscott
Rolle2 (16KB)Uploaded: 15.11.11 / Updated: 15.11.11
Rolle of Marrays (Marrais), Rolle of Stevenstone
Rolleston01 (13KB)Uploaded: 03.01.10 / Updated: 03.01.10
Rolleston of Rolleston, Rolleston of Teemore
Rolleston02 (08KB)Uploaded: 03.01.10 / Updated: 03.01.10
Rolleston of Franckfort Castle, Rolleston of Tornlough
Rolleston03 (16KB)Uploaded: 03.01.10 / Updated: 13.08.16
Rolleston of Lea (Ley), Rolleston of Swarkston, Rolleston of Watnall
Rollo01 (18KB)Uploaded: 10.04.03 / Updated: 19.06.03
Rollo of Balbegie (Balbegy), Rollo (or Rollock) of Duncrub, Rollo of Mello, Rollo of Menmure (Menmuir), Rollo of Pilton, Rollo of Pitmeadie, Rollo of Powis, Rollo of Woodside
Rollo02 (16KB)Uploaded: 21.06.04 / Updated: 21.06.04
Rollo of Duncrub
Rolt1 (17KB)Uploaded: 27.02.17 / Updated: 27.02.17
Rolte of Milton Erneys (Milton Eanest), Rolte of Peyton Hall (Perton Hall), Rolt of Sacombe Park, Bayntun-Rolt of Spye Park
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[Romare of Bolingbroke & Lincoln - see RZmisc02 below]
Romilly1 (08KB)Uploaded: 14.05.20 / Updated: 04.05.20
Romilly of London
Romney1 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.04.20 / Updated: 05.04.20
Romney of Knightwick, Romney of London, Rompeney of Lulldey (Rumney of Lulsley), Rumney of Suckley, Romney of Tedbury
[Romsey of Rockbourne - see Temp86]
Ronayne1 (07KB)Uploaded: 28.01.20 / Updated: 28.01.20
Ronayne of D'Laughtane
[Rooe - see Rowe below]
Rooke1 (18KB)Uploaded: 27.10.14 / Updated: 27.10.14
Rooke of Bigsweir (Bigswear), Rooke of Canterbury, Rooke of Mersham, Rooke of Monks Horton
Rookes1 (16KB)Uploaded: 14.01.11 / Updated: 20.12.15
Rookes of Chilmarton, Rookes (Rooks) of Fawley, Rookes of Roydes Hall
Rookwood1 (13KB)Uploaded: 28.02.20 / Updated: 28.02.20
Rokewode of Aketon (Acton), Rookwood of Coldham Hall, Rookwood of Stanningfield (Rokewode of Stanifilde)
Rookwood2 (09KB)Uploaded: 28.02.20 / Updated: 28.02.20
Rookwood of Euston, Rookwood of Weston
Roope1 (16KB)Uploaded: 11.05.18 / Updated: 11.05.18
Roope of East Allington, Roope of Horswell, Roope of St. Patrick, Roope of South Milton, John Roope of Townstall
[Roope or Roop - see also under Rope just below]
[Roos - see under Ros below]
[Roosevelt in USA - see RZmisc04 below]
Rope1 (08KB)Uploaded: 27.03.22 / Updated: 27.03.22
Rope (Ropp) of Stapeley
[Rope - see also under Roope just above]
Roper1 (15KB)Uploaded: 31.03.05 / Updated: 31.03.05
Roper of Brenley, Roper of St. Dunstan's (Canterbury), Roper of Eltham, Roper of Well Hall
Roper2 (28KB)Uploaded: 31.03.05 / Updated: 31.03.05
Roper of Linsted, Roper of Teynham
Roper3 (12KB)Uploaded: 09.12.05 / Updated: 09.12.05
Rooper of Abbot's Ripton, Roper of Baltinglass, Rooper of Berkhampstead Castle, Rooper of Heanor, Roper (Rooper) of Turnditch
[Ropp - see under Rope just above]
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Ros1 (27KB)Uploaded: 24.01.03 / Updated: 21.10.19
Ros of Belvoir Castle, Roos of Gedney, Ros (Roos) of Hamlake (Helmsley or Helmesley), Ros (Roos) of Ros, Ros of Wark (Werke)
[Roos (Ros) of Ingmanthorpe, Laxton & Snenton - see Draft Ros2]
Roscarrock1 (13KB)Uploaded: 17.01.12 / Updated: 17.01.12
Roscarrock of Crawne, Roscarrock of Roscarrock, Roscarrock of Trehane
Rose01 (10KB)Uploaded: 01.05.03 / Updated: 16.10.05
Rose of Broadley, Rose of Geddes, Rose of Kilravock
Rose02 (20KB)Uploaded: 21.11.03 / Updated: 16.10.05
Rose of Brea, Rose of Cullisse, Rose of Glastullich, Rose of Kilravock, Rose of Rarichie, Rose of Termet
Rose03 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.10.05 / Updated: 16.10.05
Rose of Ballivat, Rose of Insch, Rose of Larachmuir, Rose of Lochiehills
Rose04 (11KB)Uploaded: 16.10.05 / Updated: 16.10.05
Ross of Arnage, Ross of Auchlossin, Ross of Clochcan (Clochean)
Rose05 (14KB)Uploaded: 20.01.13 / Updated: 20.01.13
Rose of Ahabeg, Rose of Foxhall, Rose of Morgans, Rose of Mount Prospect
Rose06 (08KB)Uploaded: 15.11.19 / Updated: 15.11.19
Rose of Daventry, Rose of Eastergate, Rose of Monk's Kirby
[Rosethorne - see within Rawstorne above]
Rosewarne1 (09KB)Uploaded: 17.10.18 / 17.10.18
Rosewarne (Rosowhorne) of Camborne, Rosewarne (Rosowhorne) of Gwinear, Rosewarne of Key (Kea)
Roskruge1 (12KB)Uploaded: 13.07.12 / 13.07.12
Roskruge of St. Anthony
[Rosowhorne - see under Rosewarne just above]
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Ross01 (12KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 05.11.17[originally within RZmisc01]
Early Earls of Ross
(23KB)Uploaded: 16.10.05 / Updated: 10.10.17
Ross of Balnagowan, Ross of Kerse, Ross of Little Allan, Ross of Pitcalnie, Ross of Priesthill
Ross03 (18KB)Uploaded: 14.10.03 / Updated: 16.10.05[originally Ross01 & Ross02]
Ross of Halkhead
Ross04 (05KB)Uploaded: 10.08.07 / Updated: 10.08.07
Rosse of Cawton, Rosse of Dent
Ross05 (22KB)Uploaded: 11.10.17 / Updated: 11.10.17
Ross of Aldie, Ross of Dornoch, Ross of Eye, Ross of Little Allan, Ross of Little Tarrell, Ross of Nether Pitkerie, Ross of Pitkeriel, Ross of Tain
Ross06 (17KB)Uploaded: 09.10.17 / Updated: 10.10.17
Ross of Invercharron, Ross of Inverchasley, Ross of Kindeace, Ross of Pitcalnie, Ross of Tarlogie
Ross07 (21KB)Uploaded: 09.10.17 / Updated: 09.10.17
Ross of Brealangwell, Ross of Easterfearn, Ross of Gladfield, Ross of Invercharron
Ross08 (29KB)Uploaded: 10.10.17 / Updated: 10.10.17
Ross of Balblair, Ross of Balmachy, Ross of Kerse, Ross of Logie Easter, Ross of Shandwick, Ross of Tain
Ross09 (15KB)Uploaded: 10.10.17 / Updated: 10.10.17
Ross of Achnacloich, Ross of Dunskaith, Ross of Ferne, Ross of Liverpool, Ross of Morangie (Morinchies), Ross of Tolly (Tollie)
Ross10 (14KB)Uploaded: 01.05.15 / Updated: 11.10.17[originally Ross05]
Ross of Little Tarrell, Ross of Lund, Ross of Scarpoe, Ross of Sound
[Ross of Balkail - see within Frere4]
[Ross of Galston - see Tmp18]
[Ross - see also under Ros & Rose above]
[Rossell - see under Russell below]
[Rossendale (Rosindale) of Foxhall & Henllan - see within Lloyd08]
Rosseter1 (10KB)Uploaded: 16.04.09 / Updated: 16.04.09
Rosseter of Minting, Rosseter of Somerby
[Rossington of Scropton & Dronfield - see RZmisc01 below]
[Rosuggan of St. Erme - see RZmisc06 below]
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Rothe1 (15KB)Uploaded: 18.03.13 / Updated: 18.03.13
Rothe of Butler's Grove, Rothe of Kilcullen, Rothe of Mount Rothe
Rotheram1 (15KB)Uploaded: 08.05.08 / Updated: 08.05.08
Rotheram of Farley, Rotheram of Someryes (Someries), Rotheram of Triermore
Rotheram2 (07KB)Uploaded: 31.08.16 / Updated: 31.08.16
Rotherham (Rotheram) of Dronfield
Rothwell1 (17KB)Uploaded: 19.05.14 / Updated: 23.09.19
Rothwell of Berford, Rothwell of Cannonstown, Rothwell of Ewerby, Rothwell of Rockfield, Rothwell of Stapleford
[Rotsey - see RZmisc08 below]
Roundell1 (13KB)Uploaded: 11.08.09 / Updated: 11.08.09
Roundell of Gledstone, Roundell of Hutton Wansley, Roundell of Marton, Roundell of Screven
Rous01 (19KB)Uploaded: 02.11.06 / Updated: 02.11.06
Rous of Cranford, Rous of Dennington, Rous of Henham Hall, Rous of Stradbroke
Rous02 (15KB)Uploaded: 29.11.06 / Updated: 07.12.10
Rowse of Little Stewkley, Rous of Ragley, Rouse of Rouse Lench
Rous03 (20KB)Uploaded: 08.02.07 / Updated: 08.02.19
Rous of Courtyrala, Rous of Edmerstone, Rous of Halton, Rous of Little Modbury, Rous of Piercefield
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Rowan1 (11KB)Uploaded: 12.08.13 / Updated: 12.08.13
Rowan of Garry, Rowan of Greenhead, Rowan of Maghera, Rowan of Mullans
Rowe01 (16KB)Uploaded: 04.06.08 / Updated: 14.02.21
Rowe of Clapham, Rowe (Rooe or Roe) of London, Rowe of Muswell Hill, Rowe of Shacklewell
Rowe02 (17KB)Uploaded: 07.12.11 / Updated: 07.12.11
Rowe (Row) of Kingston, Rowe of Lamerton
Rowe03 (09KB)Uploaded: 29.12.20 / Updated: 29.12.20
Rowe of Pevensey, Rowe of Westham
Rowlands01 (16KB)Uploaded: 02.09.10 / Updated: 02.09.10
Rowlands of Meyllteyrn, Rowlands of Plas Gwyn, Price of Neugwl Ganol
[Rowlands of Plas Nant & Plastirion - see within Wales56]
Rowley01 (25KB)Uploaded: 01.10.06 / Updated: 01.10.06
Rowley of Kinfare, Rowley of Newton in Worfield, Rowley of Priory Hill, Rowley of Rowley, Rowley of Stapulford in Worfield, Rowley of Tendring Hall
Rowley02 (08KB)Uploaded: 02.10.06 / Updated: 02.10.06
Rowley of Castle Roe, Rowley Lords Langford, Rowley of Lawton, Rowley of Summerhill (Somerhill)
[Roy of Nenthorn - see RZmisc01 below]
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[Rudd of Aberglassney - see RZmisc04 below]
[Ruddock of Hexham & Okerland - see RZmisc11 below]
Rudge1 (18KB)Uploaded: 16.10.13 / Updated: 16.10.13
Rudge of Evesham, Rugge of Seysdon, Rudge (Rugge) of Trysull
[Rugge of Stirtloe - see Temp49]
[Rudhale or Rudhall - see RZmisc07 below]
[Rudiard or Rudierd - see under Rudyard below]
[Ruding of Westcotes & Rudings of Martyn Hosentryd - see Temp96]
[Rudsdell - see RZmisc09 below]
Rudston1 (08KB)Uploaded: 05.03.10 / Updated: 05.03.10
Rudston of Ely, Rudston of Hayton, Rudston of Swaffham Bulbeck
Rudston2 (17KB)Uploaded: 05.03.10 / Updated: 05.03.10
Rudston of Hayton, Rudston of Boughton Monchensi
Rudyard1 (19KB)Uploaded: 24.12.20 / Updated: 13.02.21
Rudyard of Delacres, Rudyard (Rudiard, Rudierd or Rudyerd) of Rudyard
Rufford1 (11KB)Uploaded: 25.05.21 / Updated: 25.05.21
Rufford of Butlers (Rufforde of Buttlers), Rufford of Sapey
Rugeley1 (18KB)Uploaded: 29.11.07 / Updated: 29.11.07
Rugeley of Dunton, Rugeley of Hawksyard
Rugeley2 (09KB)Uploaded: 29.11.07 / Updated: 29.11.07
Rugeley of Shenston, Rugeley of Stapenhill
[Rugge - see under Rudge just above]
Rumbold1 (09KB)Uploaded: 07.03.06 / Updated: 07.03.06
Rumbould of Burbage, Rumbold of Woodhall
[Rumney - see under Romney above]
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Rush01 (16KB)Uploaded: 19.10.12 / Updated: 19.10.12
Rush of Benhall, Rush of Bishop's Stortford, Rush of Boreham, Ruish of Castle Jordan, Rush of Chapmans, Rush of Farthinghoe, Rush of Kirkley
Rushbrook1 (09KB)Uploaded: 17.07.17 / Updated: 14.11.20
Rushbrooke of Great Barton, Rushbrooke of Honington, Rushbrook of Rushbrook, Rushbrooke of Rushbrooke Park
[Rushforth - see under Rushworth below]
[Rushout of Maylards & Northwick - see RZmisc03 below]
Rushton1 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.04.20 / Updated: 12.04.20
Rushton (Rishton) of Dunkenhalgh (Dunkenhawe, Donkenhalgh, etc.), Rishton of Rishton
Rushton2 (16KB)Uploaded: 12.04.20 / Updated: 13.04.20
Rushton of Antley, Rishton of Dunnishope, Rishton (Rushton) of Pontalghe
[Rushworth (or Rushforth) of Acklington Park - see RZmisc10 below]
Russell01 (14KB)Uploaded: 28.09.03 / Updated: 08.11.21
Russell of Barwick, Russell of Kingston Russell, Russell of Strensham
Russell02 (14KB)Uploaded: 14.03.03 / Updated: 13.12.04
Russell of Bedford, Russell of Berwick, Russell of Thornhaugh
Russell03 (17KB)Uploaded: 01.12.03 / Updated: 01.12.03
Russell of Bedford
Russell04 (20KB)Uploaded: 04.10.04 / Updated: 13.10.15
Russell of Chequers, Russell of Chippenham, Russell of Fordham, Russell of Yaverland
Russell05 (12KB)Uploaded: 14.12.04 / Updated: 29.05.12
Russell of Arnabie, Russell of Brancepeth Castle, Russell of Rowenlands, Russell of Strensham
Russell06 (08KB)Uploaded: 28.05.10 / Updated: 28.05.10
Rossell of Ratcliffe (Radcliffe)
[Russell of Isle of Nevis - see within KZmisc04]
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[Ruthall - see RZmisc07 below]
Rutherford1 (18KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 07.07.03
Rutherford of Chatto, Rutherford of Hunthill, Rutherford of Rutherford, Rutherford of Wrightsland, Rutherford of Quarryholes
Rutherford2 (12KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 07.03.08
Rutherfurd of Capehope, Rutherford of Hunthill, Rutherfurd of Littleheugh
Rutherford3 (11KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 07.07.03
Rutherford of Edgerston, Rutherford of Fairnington
Ruthven1 (08KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
Ruthven of Ruthven
Ruthven2 (26KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 27.11.07
Ruthven of Ballindean, Ruthven of Dunglass, Ruthven of Freeland, Ruthven of Gardyne, Ruthven of Gowrie, Ruthven of Ruthven
Ruthven3 (06KB)Uploaded: 27.11.07 / Updated: 27.11.07
Ruthven of Freeland
[Rutter - see RZmisc05 below]
Rutton1 (08KB)Uploaded: 22.12.16 / Updated: 22.12.16
Rutton of Ashford, Rutton of London, Rutton of Sandwich
Ruxton1 (13KB)Uploaded: 10.08.07 / Updated: 10.08.07
Ruxton of Ardee House, Ruxton of Black Castle
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Ryan1 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.10.20 / Updated: 10.10.20
Ryan of Ballymackeogh, Ryan of Ballyvistea, Ryan of Inch, Ryan of Scarteen
Ryder1 (13KB)Uploaded: 21.11.07 / Updated: 24.04.17
Rider of Boughton Place, Ryder of Harrowby, Ryther of Leighton
Ryder2 (06KB)Uploaded: 03.06.18 / Updated: 03.06.18
Rider (Ryder) of Beare Ferris (Bere Ferrers), Rider of Rumleigh
[Ryder - see also Ryther just below]
[Rye of Ryecourt - see RZmisc03 below]
[de Rye of Criche, etc. - see Temp16]
Ryle1 (07KB)Uploaded: 21.03.11 / Updated: 21.03.11
Ryle of Highgreave (Highgrove), Ryle of Macclesfield
Ryther1 (14KB)Uploaded: 07.08.07 / Updated: 07.08.07
Ryther of Harewood Castle, Ryther of Ryther, Ryther of Scarcroft
[Ryther - see also Ryder just above]
Ryves1 (20KB)Uploaded: 08.08.14 / Updated: 08.08.14
Ryves of Damory Court, Ryves of Ranston (Randelstone)
[Ryves - see also Reeve above]
[Ryvet - see under Rivett above]
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RZmisc01 (15KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 19.06.18
Roy of Nenthorn, Roet, Rossington of Dronfield, Rossington of Scropton, Rattenbury of Keckbere, Rattenbury (Ratenburie) of Okehampton
RZmisc02 (15KB)Uploaded: 20.03.03 / Updated: 08.02.19
Randolph of Moray, Randolph of Strathnith, Restalrig of Restalrig (Lestalric), Romare of Bolingbroke, Romare of Lincoln, Revell (Ravell) of Stoliford
RZmisc03 (20KB)Uploaded: 28.08.04 / Updated: 02.06.20
Ritchie of Busbie, Ritchie of Craigton, Rushout of Maylards, Rushout of Northwick, Rye of Ryecourt, Reynolds of Plaistow, Reynolds of Whittington
RZmisc04 (16KB)Uploaded: 16.06.05 / Updated: 02.08.20
Roosevelt in the USA, Ricardo of Bromesberrow Place, Ricardo of Gatcombe Park, Rudd of Aberglassney
RZmisc05 (14KB)Uploaded: 31.05.10 / Updated: 08.05.21
Ribton of Stillorgan, Rutter of Denbigh, Rutter of Mitcham, Riggs of Riggsdale, Reynes of Coneyburrows Park, Reynes of Tudeley
RZmisc06 (16KB)Uploaded: 10.06.12 / Updated: 16.05.14
Rigge of Hawkshead, Rosuggan of St. Erme, Ricketts (Baronet), Reygate of Steeton (Steveton), Rimington of Broomhead, Rimington of Carlton
RZmisc07 (12KB)Uploaded: 09.07.15 / Updated: 10.05.22
Rudhall (Rudhale) of Rudhall, Ruthall of Moulsoe, Rempston (Rempeston)
RZmisc08 (17KB)Uploaded: 05.11.15 / Updated: 24.08.16
Rotsey of Colemore, Rotsey of King's Norton, Reynardson of Holywell Hall, Roebuck of Sheffield
RZmisc09 (18KB)Uploaded: 03.06.16 / Updated: 18.08.16
Rasine of Doncaster, Restwold of the Vache, Ramsden of Crowstone, Ramsden-Fawkes of Farnley, Ramsden of High Feaneley, Rudsdell in Northampton, Rudsdell of York
RZmisc10 (17KB)Uploaded: 30.08.16 / Updated: 10.05.18
Ridsdale of Ripon, Ridsdale of Wakefield, Ricard of S. Ouen, Rushworth (Rushforth) of Acklington Park, Randall of Kentisbury, Rede (Reade) of Wenburie (Wembury)
RZmisc11 (13KB)Uploaded: 15.04.19 / Updated: 17.11.20
Ruddock of Hexham, Ruddock of Okerland, Roddam in Ewart, Ridware of Ridware, Ramsay of Hitcham, Robinett of Saffron Walden

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