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Families covered: Lundin or Lundie or Lundy of that ilk, Lundin of Baldastard, Lundin in Balcormo Myln, Lundie of Benholm, Lundie of Berriehill, Lundin of Pratis

Sir John Lundin of that ilk, Governor of Stirling Castle (d c1516)
m. Elizabeth (Isabella) Forrester
1. John Lundie
  A. Elizabeth Lundie
  m. Patrick Halket (d 1573)
2. William Lundie of that ilk (d c1519)
  m. Elizabeth Hepburn (dau of Sir Patrick Hepburn, 1st Lord of Hailes, who d c1483)
A. Sir Thomas Lundin of Pratis (b c1459, dvp)
  m1. (04.07.1488) Isabella Boswell (dau of Boswell of Balmuto)
  i. Walter Lundie of that ilk (b c1490, a 1570)
  m. Elizabeth Lindsay (dau of Sir John of Pitcruvie, Master of Lindsay)
  a. John Lundie (dvp 1557)
  m. (1548) Elizabeth Hepburn (b c1530, dau of Sir Alexander Hepburn of Whitsome)
  (1) William Lundie (dvpsp)
  b. William Lundie of that ilk (d 06.05.1600)
  m1. (c1550) Christian Ruthven (d 1575, dau of William Ruthven, 2nd Lord)
(1) John Lundie of that ilk (d 1605)
  m. (before 1578) Margaret Durie (dau of David Durie of Durie)
  (A) James Lundie of that ilk (dsp)
  m. (mcrt 09.10.1605) Catherine Lindsay (d 1620, dau of James Lindsay, 7th Lord of the Byres)
  (B) William Lundie of that ilk (dsp 1625)
  m. (mcrt 16.06.1623) Anna Wardlaw (dau of Sir Henry Wardlaw, 1st Bart of Pitreavie)
  (C) John Lundie or Lundin of that ilk
  m. Katharine Lindsay (dau of Alexander Lindsay, Bishop of Dunkeld)
(i) Margaret Lundin
  m. (by 25.04.1648) Robert Maitland (b 11.03.1623, d 15.12.1658)
  (D) Andrew Lundie of Falfield (a 1627)
  (E) George Lundie in Saltgreen (d 1655)
  m. Eupham Lundie (dau of Robert Lundie of Balgonie)
  (i) James Lundie of Clatto (b before 1634)
  m. (1663) Margaret Bethune (dau of Andrew Bethune of Blebo)
  (a)+ Catherine (bpt 11.08.1666), James (d before 1709), Alisone (a 1708), John, Mary
  (ii) Margaret Lundie
  m. (26.10.1666) Alexander Nairne
  (iii) Eupham Lundie (d 11.08.1664)
(iv) Catherine Lundie (d 1662)
  (v) Magdalane Lundie
  m. (19.06.1663) Thomas Trail of Blebo
  (F) Margaret Lundin
  m. (c1615) Patrick Lindsay of Wolmerton (b 1571, d 06.1651)
  (G) Agnes Lundin probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Preston, 1st Bart of Airdrie (a 1652)
  (2) Sir James Lundie
  m. (01.03.1602) Christian Ruthven (d by 1634, dau of Sir William Ruthven, 2nd of Ballindean)
  (3) Robert Lundie of Newhall (dsps)
  m. (mcrt 06.02.1596-7) Isabel Leslie (a 1625, dau of James Leslie, Master of Rothes)
  (4) Elizabeth Lundie
m1. (13.10.1580) Andrew Wood of Largo
  m2. Alexander Fairlie (of Braid family)
  (5) Christian Lundie (d 19.07.1602)
  m. (1592) James Pringle, younger of Whytbank (dvp before 03.1616)
  (6) Margaret Lundie (d 1625)
  m. (12.07.1591) Sir Michael Balfour, 1st Lord Balfour of Burleigh (b 1569, d 15.03.1619)
  (7) Katherine Lundie (d 1616)
  m. John Johnstone of Caskieben (b 1565)
  (8) Jean Lundie (d 1597)
  m. William Myrton (son of Thomas Myrton of Cambo)
m2. Elizabeth (or Elspeth) Lundie (d before 10.06.1601, dau of Robert Lundie of Balgonie)
  (9) David Lundie of Newhall
  (A) Robert Lundie of Newhall (d before 14.07.1630)
  (B) David Lundie of Auchtermairnie
  m. _ Cockburn (d 1652)
  (10) Andrew Lundie (d before 1594)
  (11) Agnes (Ann) Lundie
  m1. George Johnstone (of Caskieben family ?)
  m2. Andrew Aytoun of Drumure
  c. Andrew Lundie (dsp c1597)
  m. (c1560) Elizabeth Kerr (d c1594, dau of Sir John Ker of Fernihurst)
  d. James Lundie (a 04.1600)
  (1) James Lundin in Balcormo Myln (a 1616)
  m. Marion Greig (d 01.1617)
  (A) James Lundin in Balcormo Myln (d 25.08.1650)
m. Margaret Trail (sister of Trail of Blebo Hole)
  (i) John Lundin of Baldastard (a 1701)
  m. (02.03.1660) Barbara Ireland (dau of John Ireland of Baldastart)
  (a) Sophia Lundin (b 20.09.1660, d 21.11.1660)
  (b) John Lundin, 2nd of Baldastard
  m. Ann Levingston
  ((1)) John Lundin, 3rd of Baldastard (bpt 29.06.1696)
  m. Christian Durham (dau of Alexander Durham of Largo)
  ((A))+ Robert (bpt 23.01.1702), Margart (bpt 16.03.1705), Archibald (bpt 05.1709), James (bpt 08.02.1711), Alexander (bpt 08.02.1711)
  (c) James Lundie in Balcormo Myln
  m1. Elizabeth Haldane (dau of John Haldane of Myretoune)
  ((1)) John Lundie (bpt 08.01.1693, dsp 1715)
  m2. Janet Gourly
  ((2)) James Lundin (bpt 22.11.1695)
  m1. (29.11.1717) Christian Rhymer
  ((A)) Sophia Lundin (bpt 11.06.1721)
  m2. (14.9.1727) Margaret Condie (dau of Robert Condie in Dalkeith)
  ((B)) James Lundin
  m. Christian Henderson
  ((i)) James Lundin (bpt 18.04.1762)
  ((C)) John Lundin (bpt 09.01.1732)
  m. Margaret Reid
  ((i)) Rachel Lundin (bpt 06.02.1756)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Lundin (bpt 25.09.1737)
  m. (01.09.1753) James Henderson
  ((E)) Magdalene Lundin (bpt 04.09.1740, bur 28.03.1810)
  m. (20.12.1769) Ebenezer Coutts (Bailie in Drumochie)
  ((F)) Robert Lundin (bpt 17.07.1744) (tailor in Drumochie)
  m. Helen Briggs (dau of William Briggs in Elie)
  ((i)) Helen Lundin (bpt 27.07.1774, d 1802)
  m. (1794) James Welsh (Commander RN)
  Grandparents of G.T. Welsh, author of 'Lundins of Fife' which is a prime source for the book reported below as a Main Source for this page.
  ((ii)) Magdalene Lundin (b 1778)
  m1. (1799) John Crevie
  m2. (10.07.1810) James Welsh (Commander RN)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Robert (bpt 11.08.1776, d 1794), Rachel (bpt 19.10.1782, d 1825), Henrietta (bpt 19.10.1783, d 1791), Elizabeth (b 1785), Jane (b 1789)
  ((G))+ other issue - Henrietta (bpt 14.09.1729), Patrick (bpt 28.03.1736), Rachel (bpt 24.09.1742)
  ((3))+ at least 14 other children - Robert (bpt 15.01.1698, d young), William (bpt 14.02.1699, d young), Elizabeth (bpt 09.06.1700), Barbara (bpt 25.10.1701), Thomas (bpt 24.01.1703), Anne (bpt 14.03.1704), Robert (bpt 26.11.1706), Martha (bpt 02.01.1709, d young), Patrick (bpt 05.03.1710), Christian (bpt 08.07.1711), Mary (bpt 09.11.1712), William (bpt 04.04.1714), Margaret (bpt 01.09.1717)
  (ii) James Lundie
  (iii) Robert Lundie (dsp)
  m. (14.02.1668) Ann Moncreif
  (B)+ other issue (William, Robert, Robert, John, Agnes a 1650)
(2) Patrick Lundie
  e. George Lundie
  f. David Lundie of Boynton
  m. Margaret Johnstone
  (1) John Lundie
  g. Elizabeth Lundie
  m. John Haldane, 7th of Gleneagles (b 1524, d 12.1563)
  h. Catherine Lundie (b 1523)
  m1. Paul Dishington of Ardross
  m2. (1543) David Monypenny
  i. Martha Lundie
  m. Archibald Monypenny of Pitmilly
j. Cecillia Lundie (d 25.08.1593)
  m. George Ker of Fawdenside
  k. Margaret Lundie
  m. Sir Patrick Hepburn of Waughton
  l. Isabel Lundie
  m. (mcrt 30.06.1563) John Melville, 5th of Raith (d 03.1605)
  ii. David Lundie of Berriehill
  m1. (after 1525) Elizabeth Lundie (dau of Sir Robert Lundie of Balgonie, Treasurer)
m2. Helen Stewart (dau of Adam Stewart of Brerhill or Berriehill)
  a. George Lundie of Berriehill
  m. Katherine Loch
  (1) George Lundie of Berriehill (a 1592)
  (2)+ other issue (James bpt 08.05.1577, Susanna bpt 05.11.1578, Margaret bpt 01.06.1580)
  iii. Janet Lundie
  m. Sir William Scott, 8th of Balwearie (d after 1532)
  iv. Margaret Lundie
  m. David Pringle of Smallholm and Gallashiels
  m2. (after 1508) Christian Sutherland (dau of Alexander Sutherland of Duffus)
  B. Margaret Lundie --
  m. Sir George Forbes, 3rd of Rires --
C. Anne Lundie
  m. John Melville of Carnbee (a 1496)
3. Thomas Lundie (prebentary of Forlavin)
4. Robert Lundie of Benholm
  m. (c1475) Isobel Erskine (dau of John Erskine, 3rd of Dun)
  A. Robert Lundie of Benholm
  Robert, who is known to have been father of Elizabeth, is presumed also to have been father of ...
  i. William Lundie of Benholm
  m. Helen Carnegie (dau of Sir Robert Carnegie, 5th of Kinnaird)
  ii. Andrew Lundie of Benholm
  m. Margaret Scrymgeour
  iii. Elizabeth Lundie, heiress of Benholm
  m. (mcrt 24.05.1556) Robert Keith, Lord Altrie (b c1539, d before 19.05.1596)
  B. Marion Lundie
  m1. Alexander Keith of Pittendrum (d before 1515)
  m2. (22.09.1515) Robert Arbuthnott of Banff (d 08.11.1551)
5. Christian Lundie
  m. (by 26.02.1509/10) John Forbes, 6th Lord (d 1547)
6. Euphemia Lundie --
  m. (before 11.05.1493) Sir David Wemyss of Wemyss (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --

Main source(s): 'The most ancient Family of Lundin or Lundie of that ilk. A History' compiled by Dr. Robert Lundie Smith with cross-reference support from TSP, etc.
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