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Families covered: Hay of Alderston(e), Hay of Barra, Hay of Hermeston (Herminstone), Hay of Huntingdon, Hay-Macdougal of Makerston, Hay of Mordington

Edmund Hay of Talla (Tallow) (d before 13.10.1466)
TSP (Tweeddale) identified Edmund as ancestor of the Hays of Barra, Rannes, Mountblairy, Cocklaw, Faichfield, Ranfield, Linplum, Alderstown, Mordington, etc.. and notes that he was succeeded by his son Sir William Hay of Tallow. BLG1886 (Gordon of Avochie), which follows the lines of Linplum, Rannes (& Ranfield), identifies Edmund as of Linplum and reports that he was father of Dugald of Linplum by Margaret Kerr. There is some doubt as to the generation of Annabella Boyd. If she was the one who (also) married Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar then it is unlikely that Edmund Hay married after her. If not, then it is possible that Margaret Kerr was Edmund's 2nd wife.
m. (before 09.12.1449) Annabella Boyd (dau/sister of Robert Boyd, 1st Lord, (possibly m2. Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar?))
1. Sir William Hay of Tallow
2. Dugald Hay of Linplum
  m. Helen Cockburn of Newall
  One of Edmund's sons, possibly Sir William or Dugald, was ancestor of the Hays of Barra as follows.
  A. ?? Hay
  i. ?? Hay
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Hay
  (1) ?? Hay
  BEB1841 starts with the undermentioned Sir John, reporting that he was Lord Clerk Register, a Senator of the Court of Justice, etc.. Mentioned in BLG1886 (Buchan-Sydserff of Ruchlaw) as father of Eupheme, sister of Sir John, was ...
  (A) William Hay of Barra
  (i) Sir John Hay of Barra and Lands (d 20.11.1654) - continued below
  m1. (16.05.1602) Marion Johnston (d 08.1621, dau of _, son of _ Johnston of Newby)
  m2. Rebecca Thomson (dau of Alexander Thomson of Duddingston)
  (ii) Eupheme Hay
  m. William Sydserff of Ruchlaw (d before 1624)



Sir John Hay of Barra and Lands (d 20.11.1654) - continued above
m1. (16.05.1602) Marion Johnston (d 08.1621, dau of ??, son of ?? Johnston of Newby)
1. Sir Henry Hay (b 08.04.1603)
  m. Helen Benton (dau of _ Benton of Creich)
  A.+ 3 sons and 2 daughters
2. William Hay of Aberlady (b 09.11.1604)
  m. Helen Sinclair (dau of Sir John Sinclair of Stevenston)
  A.+ issue - John, Henry
3. Janet Hay (bpt 07.05.1607)
  m. John Edmonstone
4.+ other issue - John (bpt 11.10.1612), Alexander (bpt 27.02.1614), James (bpt 23.11.1617), David (bpt 23.11.1619), Margaret, Helen (bpt 23.10.1616), Marion (bpt 04.02.1621)
m2. Rebecca Thomson (dau of Alexander Thomson of Duddingston)
11. Thomas Hay of Herminstone (b 1625, d 1697, 8th son)
  m. Anna Gibson (dau of Sir John Gibson of Pentland)
  A. Sir John Hay of Hermistone or Hermeston (and Alderstone), 1st Bart (d 1706)
  m. (27.04.1693) Catherine Suttie (dau of Sir George Suttie, Bart of Balgone)
  i. Sir Thomas Hay, 2nd Bart of Alderstone (dsp 26.11.1769)
  m1. (26.08.1724) Eleanor Dalrymple (dau of Sir Hew Dalrymple, Bart, Lord President)
m2. (31.07.1740) Frances Berkeley (bur 21.09.1757, dau of William Berkeley, Lord of Stratton)
  m3. (14.10.1761) Margaret ('Peggy') Don (dau of John Don)
  ii. Sir George Hay of Alderstone, later Hay-Macdougal of Makerston, 3rd Bart (d 24.02.1777, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Barbara Macdougal (dau of Henry Macdougal of Makerston)
  a. Sir Henry Hay-Macdougal of Makerston, 4th Bart (d 13.04.1825)
  m. (11.05.1782) Isabella Douglas (dau of Admiral Sir James Douglas, Bart)
  (1) Anna Maria Macdougal of Makerston
  m. (11.1810/9) Sir Thomas Brisbane, Bart of Brisbane (d 27.01.1860, Lt. General)
  (2)+ other issue - George (dvp 15.04.1795), Barbara (d unm 08.07.1810), Henrietta, Elizabeth
b. Anne Hay-Macdougal
  m. John Scott of Gala (b 04.1732, d 1785)
  iii. Margaret Hay possibly of this generation
  m. John Mackenzie of Delvine (d 1731)
  iv.+ other issue - Anna, Marion, Catherine
  B. Alexander Hay of Huntingdon (b 1675, d 24.03.1745, 4th son)
  BEB1841 reports that Alexander had Thomas & other issue but provides no more information on his line. It then reports that the baronetcy expired with the 4th Baronet. In fact, as reported by BP1934, one of Alexander's descendants became 5th Baronet as shown below.
  m. Mary Gordon of Lismore
i. Thomas Hay (d 04.02.1755, Lord of Session as Lord Huntingdon)
  m. Margaret Murray (dau of Sir David Murray of Stanhope by Margaret, dau of Sir John Scott, Bart of Ancrum)
  a. Alexander Hay of Mordington (d 1788)
  m1. (1755) Jane Douglas Hamilton (dau of Alexander Hamilton of Ballincrieff)
  (1) Sir Thomas Hay, 5th Bart (d 1832)
  m. (02.01.1793) Anna Howard (dau of Sheffield Howard of New York, widow of Major Bingham)
  (A) Sir James Douglas HamiltonHay, 6th Bart (b 28.12.1800, d 30.07.1873) had issue
  m. (1819) Jane Sanderson (d 24.02.1888, dau of William Sanderson of Springbank)
  (B)+ other issue - Henry Cranston (dsp), Augusta Hill (d unm), Harriet Napier (d unm)
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - George ( 1780), Alexander
  m2. Johanna Pringle (dau of Alexander Pringle of Whitbank)
  (4) John Hay of Newcastle-on-Tyne (b 24.08.1775, d 09.03.1864)
  m. Christian Ker (dau of William Ker of Broadmeadows)
  (A) Alexander Murray Hay of Glen Auldyn, Ramsay, Isle of Man (b 24.01.1799, d 17.07.1864) had issue
  m. (05.1842) Eleanor Mylechreest (dau of Thomas Mylechreest of Ramsay)
  (B) William Ker Hay (b 22.04.1800, d 1893, Surgeon General) had issue
  m. (24.02.1825) Catherine Norvell (d 1883, dau of Charles Swindell Norvell)
  (C) Thomas Pasley Hay (b 01.05.1801, d 28.06.1858, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (24.02.1824) Georgette Heine Arnaud (d 10.12.1784, dau of M. Arnaud)
  (D) George Ker Hay (d 1828)
  b. Patrick (Peter) Hay (Colonel, younger son)
  m. (24.06.1782) Sarah Dashwood (dau of Robert Dashwood of Vallow Wood)
  (1) Eyre Coote Hay (d infant)
(2) Patrick Martin Hay (b 1786, colonel) had issue
  m. (09.09.1819) Mary Susan Clark (dau of Lt. Cmdr. Richard Clark)
  (3) Thomas Hay (b 1790, Captain) had issue
  m. Mary Newell Maxwell (dau of Col. Newell Maxwell of Dumfriesshire)
  (4) Margaret Susannah Hay (dsp)
  m. Thomas Ker (Captain)
(5) Sarah Wood Hay (dsp)
  m. Samuel Rohde
  (6) Anna Maria Hay
  m. (28.07.1817) John Ruxton (not Buxton) of Broad Oak
  c. Thomas Hay in Edinburgh (b 1751, d 1813)
  (1)+ issue - John, David
  d. Margaret Hay
  m1. (Thomas) Wren
  m2. (sp) Sir Alexander Charles George Leith, Bart
  e.+ other issue including David (b 1745, d 1835, Major), William (dsp)
  ii. John Hay of Restalrig (d 1781, secretary to Prince Charles)
a. Alexander Hay (dsp 1791)
  C. Thomas Hay of Mordington (dsp 12.1752)
  m. Jean Renton of Lammerton
  D. William Hay (d in Jamaica)
  i. William Hay (a 1753)
  E. Jean Hay
  m. Mark Learmouth
  F.+ other issue - Alexander (d infant), Andrew (dsp, captain), Margaret
12. George Hay (bpt 29.03.1629)
  m. Jean Spottiswoode (dau of Sir Henry Spottiswoode)
  A. Richard Hay, 'Father Hay' (b 1661, antiquarian, later prior of Bernicourt)
13. Margaret Hay (bpt 26.04.1624)
  m. John Stewart of Kettleston (son of Sir Lewis of Kirkhill)
14. Anna Hay (bpt 02.11.1626)
  m. David Aikenhead
15.+ other issue - Andrew (b 24.03.1623, d 20.11.1702, priest), Patrick, Rebeca (bpt 20.01.1628)

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Hay of Alderston), BP1934 (Hay of Alderston)
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