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Families covered: Powell of Brandlesome Hall, Powell of Bucknell, Powell of Stanedge

Foster starts this pedigree with the following: "This family is stated to derive its descent paternally from Rhys ap Tudor, King of South Wales, on the presumption that the arms of the sovereign were allowed (with the filial difference of the 3rd son of the fifth house) by the Heralds, at their Visitation of London, anno 1634, to the posterity of" ...
Walter Powell of Bucknell, Salop (a temp Elizabeth I who r. 1558-1603)
m. _ Skull of Much Cowarne (heir)
1. Thomas Powell of Bucknell (d 1611-2)
  m. Mary Walcot (dau of John Walcot of Walcot by Mary, dau of Sir Peter Newton)
A. John Powell, later of Stanedge or Stanage Park, Radnorshire
  m1. (1623) Jane Docwra (dau of Thomas Docwra of Puttridge Hitchin)
  i. Samuel Powell of Stanedge (b c1624, d 1686)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1698)
  a. Samuel Powell of Stanedge, Sheriff of Radnor (d 09.1700)
  m. Elizabeth Folliott (dau of Thomas Folliott, sister of Lord Henry, m2. Rev. Thomas Jones of Combe & Goodrich)
  (1) Folliott Powell of Stanedge, Sheriff of Radnor (bpt 31.07.1691, d 07.06.1737)
  m. Constance
  (A) Constance Powell (dsp)
  m. Edmund Cox (Captain)
  (B) Anne Powell (b c1717, d 1809)
  m. Richard Ward
  (C) Sarah Powell
  m. Thomas Cooke (army surgeon)
  (D)+ other issue (d young) - Folliott, Samuel, John
  (2) Samuel Powell of Liverpool, later of Stanedge, Sheriff of Radnor (bpt 05.01.1694, d 17.04.1745)
  m. Elizabeth Richmond (b c1700, d 18.12.1781, dau of Rev. Richard Richmond of Walton & Sephton)
  (A) Richard Powell, last of Stanedge (d 07.1794)
  m. Elizabeth Cottrell (dau of John Cottrell of Searborough)
  (i) Samuel Powell of Green Hammerton Hall (Yorkshire) & Brandlesome Hall (Lancashire) (b 28.01.1760, d 16.06.1834)
  m. (24.02.1796) Frances Richmond (dau of Henry Richmond of Bath by Catherine, dau of John Atherton of Walton Hall)
  (a) Henry Folliott Powell of Brandlesome Hall (b 21.01.1803, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (01.10.1830) Catherine Vassall Burleigh (dau of George Burleigh)
  (b) Samuel Powell of Sharrow Lodge, Ripnon (b 04.03.1805, cleric) had issue
  m. (11.10.1832) Louisa Burnaby Greene (dau of Captain Pitt Burnaby Greene)
  (c) William Wellington Powell (b 18.08.1813, Captain, 6th son) had issue
  m. (1.04.1848) Elizabeth Sarabella Pecco (dau of Assistant Commissary General Christopher Pecco)
  (d) Thomas Folliott Powell (b 22.03.1817, Captain) had issue
  m1. (28.03.1843) Charlotte Henrietta Elizabeth Bolton (dsp 17.02.1844, dau of Col. Samuel Bolton)
  m2. (18.05.1847) Isabella Cooper (d 14.01.1858, dau of John Douglas Cooper of Ashbourne)
  (e) Catherine Powell
  m. (21.04.1829) William Burnaby Greene (Captain RN)
  (f) Elizabeth Powell
  m. (23.01.1829) John Wainwright (RN)
(g)+ other issue - John Cottrell (b 18.01.1798, d unm 10.06.1834, of Lincoln's Inn), Richard Powell (b 030.3.1808, rector of South Stoke), Robert Legh (b 21.06.1811, d unm 04.1834), Frances Anne
  (ii) John Folliott Powell of Sandy Brook (Derbyshire) then Leamington (Warwickshire) & Tempsford Hall (Warwickshire) (b 1771-2, d 09.11.1839, 3rd son)
  m. Frances Armett (dau of Charles Armett of the Lowe & Toft, niece of Sir Joseph Scott of Great Barr, Bart)
  (a) William Powell of Westbury House, Buckinghamshire (b 08.08.1805, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (03.1833) Eliza Miller (dau of Thomas Miller)
  (b) Scott Powell (b 1809, d 1855, Captain, 6th son) had issue
  m. Eliza Meeke (dau of Richard Meeke)
  (c) Frances Powell
  m. Rev. Peyton Blakiston (brother of Sir Matthew, Bart)
  (d) Elizabeth Anne Powell
m. Thelwall Salusbury (vicar of Offley)
  (e)+ other issue - Richard Charles (d unm), John Folliott (dsp 1866), Edward Armett (b 28.11.1806, rector of Toft), Caesar Cottrell. Arthur (dsp), Charles Thomas (d unm), Francis Richard (d unm), Harrison, Mary
  (iii) Harriott Powell (d 03.1819)
  m. Holland Watson of Stockport
  (iv)+ other issue (d young)- John (b 1763, dsp 1788), Anne, Mary, Anna Maria
  (B) Elizabeth Powell
  m. Matthew Stronge of Fairview & Liverpool
(C) Mary Powell (b c1724, dsp 1808)
  m. William Higginson of Whitechurch & Liverpool
  (D) Sarah Powell (dsp 1793)
  m. Ralph Robinson of Liverpool
  (E) Rebecca Powell (d 1775)
  m. Alexander Duff of Mayeer (Captain)
  (F)+ other issue - Folliott of Manchester (d unm 29.11.1791), Samuel of Liverpool (dsp 04.1820), John (dsp 15.01.1789, RN), Samuel (d young), Anne (d young)
  (3) Elizabeth Powell
  m. Richard Knight of Ludlow & Bringwood
  b. Elizabeth Powell
  m. Rev. Robert Adams of Wilcot
  c. Anne Powell
  m1. _ Thornes
  m2. George Gold of Shevlock
  d. Margaret Powell
  m. Thomas Greaves
  e.+ other issue - Littleton of Ludlow (d 1714), Charles (a 1696), Walter (d 1670), Edward (d 1669)
  m2. Elizabeth Walmsley of London
  ii.+ other issue (a 1633) - James (b c1632), Rachel (b c1631)
  B.+ other issue - Humphrey, Anna
2. Richard Powell

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees of the County Families of England' by Joseph Foster (vol I - Lancashire, 1873, 'Pedigree of Powell of Brandelsome Hall') with just a little support from Visitation (London, 1633-4, Powell)
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