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Families covered: Salusbury of Bachegraig, Salusbury of Cotton Hall, Salusbury of Llanwern, Salusbury of Lleweny (Llyweni)

Sir Roger Salusbury of Lleweny (a 08.1550)
BLG1952 identified Sir Roger's 1st wife as Elizabeth, dau/coheir of John Hooker, but Griffith shows her as ...
m1. Elizabeth Hookes (dsp, dau/coheir of John Hookes of Conway 'of Leadbrook')
m2. Elizabeth Puleston (sister of Sir John Puleston of Bersham)
1. Sir John Salusbury of Lleweny (d 18.03.1578, Chancellor & Chamberlain of Denbighshire)
  m. Jane Middleton (d 1588, dau/coheir of David Middleton, Mayor of Chester) Griffith suggests that Jane was still living in 1595
  A. John Salusbury (dvp)
  m. (1557) Catherine-y-Berain (d 27.08.1591, dau of Tudor ap Robert Vychan of Berain, m2. Sir Richard Clough)
  i. Thomas Salusbury of Lleweny (d 1586/21.09.1587)
  m. Margaret Wyn (dau of Morris Wyn of Gwydir)
  a. John Salusbury (d infant)
b. Margaret Salusbury
  m. Edward or William Norreys of Speke (d 10.07.1651)
  ii. Sir John 'the Strong' Salusbury of Lleweny (d 1613)
  m. Ursula Stanley (natural dau of Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby, by Jane Halsall of Knowsley)
a. Sir Henry Salusbury, Sheriff of Denbighshire, 1st Bart of Lleweny (d 02.08.1632)
  m1. Hester Myddleton (d 26.01.1614, dau of Sir Thomas Myddleton of Chirck Castle)
  (1) Sir Thomas Salusbury, 2nd Bart of Lleweny (d 08.1643)
  m. (before 08.1632) Hester Tyrrell (dau of Sir Edward Tyrrell, 1st Bart of Thornton)
  (A) Sir Thomas Salusbury, 3rd Bart of Lleweny (b 08.06.1634, d unm 1658)
  Sir Thomas is mentioned by BLG1952, Griffith & TCB but not by BEB1841 which reports that the following Sir John was the only son of Sir Thomas, 2nd Bart.
  (B) Sir John Salusbury, 4th Bart of Lleweny (dsp 23.05.1684)
  m. Jane Williams (dau of Edward Williams of Weige)
(C) Hester Salusbury of Lleweny (d 1710)
  m. Sir Robert Cotton, 1st Bart of Combermere (d 17.12.1712)
  (2) Ursula Salusbury (d 1680)
  m. (31.12.1630) Sir Edward Lloyd of Berthllwyd (d 1666)
  (3)+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, 3 others (d young?)
  m2. (c1617) Elizabeth Vaughan (d by 1642, dau of John Vaughan, 1st Earl of Carbery, widow of Sir Edward Moore)
  (8) Anne Salusbury
  m. Arthur Stanhope (son of Philip, 1st Earl of Chesterfield)
b. Anabella Salusbury
  m. John Johnes of Halkyn
  c. Uriana Salusbury
  m. John Barry of Twisack
  d. Jane Salusbury
  m. Thomas Price of Plas Iolyn
e.+ other issue - John (dsp Prague 08.11.1620, Captain), William (dsp), Ferdinando
  iii. Elizabeth Salusbury
  m. Owen Brereton of Bersham (sb of Burras) (d 1595)
  B. Robert Salusbury shown by Griffith as (eventually) rector of Great Holland, Essex
  m. Margaret Stanley (dau of Edward Stanley of Euloe)
  i. Robert Salusbury of Euloe
  C. Thomas Salusbury of Denbigh
  m. Ellen Rosendale (dau of Richard Lloyd Rosindale)
  i. Jane Salusbury
  m. Henry Williams of Cochwillan
  D. Hugh Salusbury of Chester (dsp)
  m. Anne Stradling (dau of Sir George Stradling)
E. Edward Salusbury (dsp)
  m. Martha Dod (dau of Bartholomew Dod of London)
  F. Roger Salusbury of Bachegraig, Denbighshire
  The following is partly supported by the pedigree 'of the Family of Salusbury' kindly provided by a contributor (CV, 10.03.9) extracted from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford' by Robert Clutterbuck of Watford (1821).
  m. Catherine Clough (dau/coheir of Sir Richard Clough by Catherine-y-Berain, widow of John Salusbury, younger of Lleweny)
  i. John Salusbury of Bachegraig (a 1625, d 29.10.1685)
  m. Elizabeth Ravenscroft (dau of Thomas Ravenscroft of Bretton)
  a. John Salusbury of Bachegraig
  m1. Elizabeth or Margaret Norris (dau of James Norris, son of Sir William of Speke)
  (1) John Salusbury of Bachegraig (d 1685)
  m. Mary Pennant (dau of Daivd Pennant of Bighton)
  (A) Lucy Salusbury (d 14.02.1745)
  m. Thomas Salusbury of Bachegraig @@ just below
  (2) Thomas Salusbury of Bachegraig (d 1700, Colonel)
m1. Anne Perceval (dau of Thomas Perceval of North Weston, widow of Evan Lloyd)
  (A) Thomas Salusbury of Bachegraig (d 06.04.1713-4)
  m. Lucy Salusbury (dau of John Salusbury of Bachegraig) @@ just above
  (i) John Salusbury of Bachegraig, Governor of Nova Scotia (b 01.10.1710, d 11.12.1762)
  m.(02.1738) (Hester Maria) Cotton (s 06.1773, dau of Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, 3rd Bart)
  The following comes mainly from Griffith's Pedigrees (Llyweni, p222).
  (a) Hester Lynch Salusbury (b 16.05.1740, d 05.1821)
  m1. (1763) Henry Thrale in London 'of Streatham'
  ((1)) Hester Maria Thrale (b 1783-4, d 31.03.1857)
  m. (sp) Viscount Keith
  ((2)) Sophia Thrale (b 28.07.1771, d 08.11.1824)
  m. Henry Meyrick Hoare of London
  ((3)) Cecilia Margaret Thrale (b 1776-7, d 01.05.1857)
m. John Meredydd Mostyn of Segrwyd
  ((4))+ other issue including Susanah Arabella (b c1770, d 15.11.1858)
  m2. Gabriel Piozzi (d 1809, "an Italian musician")
  Hester left the Bachegraig estate to Sir John Salusbury Piozzi, later Piozzi-Salusbury.
  (b)+ other issue - Syndey, Vere
  (ii) Sir Thomas (not John) Salusbury (b 1711, dsp 28.10.1773, judge of Admiralty)
  m1. Anna Maria Penrice (dsp 07.03.1759, dau/heir of Sir Henry Penrice)
  m2. Sarah Burroughs (b 1731-2, d 24.06.1804, dau/heir of Samuel Burroughs, widow of Hon, William King (son of Lord Kingston))
  (B) Norfolk Salusbury of Plas-y-Ward, Denbighshire (d 1736)
m. Elizabeth Williams (dau/heir of Robert Williams of Tynewydd and/or Green)
  (i) Robert Salusbury of Cotton Hall (d 1776)
  m. Gwendolen Davis (d 1790, dau/heir of Elliz/Elfis Davis of Nantyrerwheidd)
  (a) Sir Robert Salusbury, Sheriff of Monmouthshire, 1st Bart of Cotton Hall & Llanwern (b 10.09.1756, d 17.11.1817)
  m. (16.05.1780) Catherine Vanne (d 21.07.1836, dau of Charles Vanne of Llanwern)
((1)) Sir Thomas Robert Salusbury, 2nd Bart of Llanwern (b 18.05.1783, dsp 14.02.1835, 2nd son)
  m. (01.10.1833) Elizabeth Mary Salusbury or Burroughs (dau of Rev. Lynch Salusbury, later Burroughs) @@ below
  ((2)) Sir Charles John Salusbury, 3rd Bart of Llanwern (b 07.02.1792, d unm 30.03.1868, rector of Llanwern)
  ((3)) Henry Vanne Salusbury (b 15.11.1796, dsp 17.12.1830)
  m. (1825) Elinor de Mierre (dau of John de Mierre)
  ((4)) Charlotte Gwendolen Salusbury b 06.02.1786, (d 04.02.1861)
  m. (11.05.1811) Thomas Bates Rous of Courtyrala (d 12.1850)
  ((5))+ other issue - Thomas (d 1783), Sarah Katherine (b 26.01.1782), Elizabeth Jane (b 26.06.1787)
(b) John Salusbury (d unm 1792)
  (c) Thomas Salusbury
  Clutterbuck shows Thomas as d unm 1795 but BLG1952 shows that he married ...
  m. Sarah Hatchett (dau of Richard Bulkeley Hatchett)
  (d) Lynch Salusbury, later Burroughs (b 10.10.1764, vicar of Offley)
  m1. (1790) Jane Offley (d 19.05.1815, dau of William Offley of London)
((1)) Elizabeth Mary Salusbury or Burroughs
  m. (01.10.1833) Sir Thomas Robert Salusbury, 2nd Bart of Llanwern (b 18.05.1783, dsp 14.02.1835) @@ above
  m2. Ann Dickie (dau of John Dickie of London)
  (e) Thelwall Salusbury (d 11.1813-4, rector of Graveley, Hertfordshire)
  m. (18.12.1793) Elizabeth Offley (d 04.1811, dau of William Offley)
  ((1)) Robert Salusbury (dsp)
  ((2)) Thelwall John Salusbury (b 28.06.1801, d 09.12.1880, vicar of Offley) had issue
  m. (29.09.1837) Elizabeth Anne Powell (d 10.1882, dau of John Folliott Powell of Tempsford Hall, son of Richard of Stanage Park)
  ((3)) Mary Elizabeth Salusbury (d 08.09.1855)
  m. (by 1829) Charles Payne of Bedford (b 1793, d 21.04.1870)
  ((4)) Anne Salusbury (d 04.1832)
  m. Samuel Stewart
  (ii) Thelwall Salusbury of Gravely, Hertfordshire (d 1814)
  m. Anne (natural dau of James Cecil, Earl of Salisbury)
  (a) Anne Salusbury (b 29.07.1774)
  m. John Telford
  (b)+ other issue - James (b 20.11.1775), Thomas (b 15.03.1786), Robert (b 21.09.1788)
  m2. Judith
  (3) Margaret Salusbury
  m2. Judith Whichcote (da/heir of Thomas or Charles Whichcote of Rosthern, widow of Henry Bowers)
  (4)+ other issue - Charles, Roger, William, Mary, Judith, Susanna, Anne, Martha
  ii. Margaret Salusbury
  m. John Rogers of Demorchion
iii. Elennor Salusbury
  m1. Ralph Snead of Hope
  m2. Robert Grindley of Iscoed
iv. Katharine Salusbury
  m. Roger Vychan ap Roger William ap Rhualt
  v. Jane Salusbury (d unm)
  vi. Anne Salusbury
  m. Foulk ap John Griffith ap Rhwylowynd
  G. George Salusbury of Erbistock (a 1587) ancestor of Salusbury of Bostock
  m. Mary Grosvenor (dau of Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton)
  i. Thomas Salusbury of Erbistock father of Elizabeth, presumed to fit here
  a. Elizabeth Salusbury
  m. (by 1653) John Puleston of Pickhill
  H. Leonard Salusbury (d young)
I. Elizabeth Salusbury
  m1. John Salusbury of Berain 'of Bachymbyd' (d 1580)
  m2. Sir Henry Jones of Abermarlais
  J. Jane Salusbury
  Griffith shows that this Jane married Thomas Price of Plas Iolyn and also another Jane, 2 generations later, who also married a Thomas Price of Plas Iolyn. BLG1952 shows the latter but (supported by Clutterbuck, mentioned above) shows that this Jane married ...
  m. John Hanmer of Hanmer (a 1571)
2. Thomas Salusbury (dsp)
3. Robert Salusbury of Denbigh had issue
  m. Alice Lawton (dau of Thomas Lawton)
4. Foulke Salusbury (d 30.08.1639, alderman of Chester)
  m. Jane Prichard (dau of William Prichard) of Denbigh
5. Jane Salusbury
  m. Thomas Vaughan of Pantglas, Merioneth
6. Grace Salusbury
  m. Robert Wynn ap Cadwaladr of Voelas

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Salusbury of Firgrove) with some support from Griffith's Pedigrees (Llyweni, p222), BEB1841 (Salusbury of Llewenny), TCB (vol i, Salusbury or Salisbury of Lleweny)
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