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Families covered: Blakiston of Blakiston (Blaykeston of Blaykeston), Blakiston of Gibside, Blakiston of London, Blakiston of Old Malton

Hugh de Blaykeston
m. Cecily (dau of Ralph FitzRalph)
1. Roger Blaykeston of Blaykeston
  A. William Blaykeston of Blaykeston (a 1377)
  i. William Blaykeston (d after 1466)
  m. Catherine
a. Nicholas Blaykeston of Blaykeston
  m. _ Fulthorpe
  (1) Hugh Blaykeston (a 1508, chaplain)
  (2) William Blaykeston of Blaykeston
m. Anne Coigniers (dau of Roger Coigniers of Wynyard)
  (A) Thomas Blaykeston (a 1484)
  m. Elizabeth Place (dau of John Place of Halnaby by dau of Thomas Surteys)
(i) John Blaykeston of Blaykeston (b c1535, bur 07.02.1586-7)
  m. Elizabeth Bowes (dau of George Bowes of Stretlam)
(a) Sir William Blakiston of Blakiston (b 1553)
  m. (26.11.1581) Anne Claxton (dau of William Claxton of Winyard)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Blakiston, Bart of Blakiston (bpt 08.07.1582, d 1630)
  m. Mary Constable (dau of Sir Henry Constable of Burton Constable)
  ((A)) Margaret Blakiston (b 1614)
  ((B)) Mary Blakiston
  m. Sir Thomas Smith of Broxton
  ((2)) John Blakiston
  m. Anne Trollop (dau of Francis Trollop of Eden)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Blakiston
  m. John Trollop of Thornley
  ((4)) Anne Blakiston (a 1627)
  m1. Topp Heath of Little Eden (d 1620)
m2. (Talbot) Lisle
  ((5))+ other issue - Raphe of Newby, Frances (d unm)
  (b) Thomas Blaykeston of Newton and Old Malton (d c1625)
  m. Catherine Whitehead of Timemouth
  ((1)) William Blakiston of Old Malton (d 1628)
  m. Anne Briggs (dau of Francis Briggs of Old Malton)
  ((A)) William Blakiston of Old Malton, later of Pidding Hall (b c1621, a 08.1666)
  m. Mary Bellasses (dau of Sir William Bellasses of Murton)
  ((i)) Anne Blaykeston (d infant)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Blakiston
  m. Christopher Copperthwayt of Brignall
  ((C)) Mary Blakiston
  m. Lynley Paget of York
  ((D)) Catherine Blakiston
  m. George Fenwick of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  ((E))+ other issue (d young) - Thomas, Penelope
  ((2)) Elizabeth Blaykeston
  m. Sir George Tonge of Denton
  (c) Christopher Blakiston of Coxhow
  ((1)) daughter
  m. William Kennet
  (d) Marmaduke Blaykeston (rector of Ridmatshall then Sedgefield, prebendary of Durham, 5th son)
  The following comes from 'Whitaker of Hesley Hall, Grayshott Hall, Pylewell Park, and Palermo' by Robert Sanderson Whitaker (1907, 'Families of Sanderson, Blakiston, Jeans', p45 & p53).
  m. (30.06.1595) Margaret James (bur 10.03.1636)
  ((1)) Tobye Blackistone of Newton Hall (d before 24.12.1646)
m. (03.10.1611) Frances Briggs (a 1642, dau/coheir of Francis Briggs of Old Malton)
  ((A)) Robert Blackiston of Old Evet (bpt 10.04.1623, bur 16.10.1688)
  m. Mary (bur 10.12.1702)
  ((i)) Francis Blackiston (bpt 30.06.1654, bur 09.10.1704, vicar of Aycliffe then rector of Whitburne)
m. (07.1723) Margaret Tempest bpt 29.07.1690, bur 06.1748, (dau of William Tempest of Old Durham by Elizabeth, sister of Sir John Sudbury)
  ((a)) Francis Blackiston or Blacketson (bpt 29.04.1729, d c01.01.1779, Rev.)
  m. Hannah Burne (dau of Rev. Walter Burne of Castle Eden)
  (((1))) Margaret Blackiston
m. Thomas Smetham
  (((2))) Mary Blackiston
  m. William Sanderson
  (((3))) Alice Blackiston
  m. Ferdinando Simpson
  (((4)))+ other issue (dsp) - Robert Tempest (bpt 02.06.1752), Hannah
  ((2)) Frances Blakiston probably fits here
  m. John Cosin or Cosyn, Bishop of Durham (b 1594, d 1672)
  (e) Robert Blakiston of Durham (d 1637)
  Not mentioned in Visitation but identified in BP1934 as son of John Blakiston of Blakiston who d 1587.
  ((1)) George Blakiston of Houghall and Stapleton-on-Tees (b 1633)
  m. (1654) Mary Bourchier (dau of Sir John Bourchier of Bendingborough)
  ((A)) Bourchier Blakiston (b 1667, d 1709)
((i)) Bourchier Blakiston (dsp 1718)
  ((B)) George Blakiston in London (bpt 10.06.1675)
  m. Elizabeth Kay (dau of Matthew Kay of London)
  ((i)) Sir Matthew Blakiston, Sheriff of London, 1st Bart (b 1702, d 1774)
  m1. Margaret Hall (dau of Rev. Charles Hall of East Harsley)
  ((a)) Charles George Blakiston (dvp unm 1758)
  m2. (sp) Mrs. Mary Blew of Chelsea (d 08.01.1754)
  m3. (1760) Annabella Bayly (d 1807, dau of Thomas Bayly by Bridget Dixie)
((b)) Sir Matthew Blakiston, 2nd Bart (b 06.07.1761, d 20.09.1806)
  m. (09.1782) Anne Rochfort (b c1762, d 27.11.1862, dau of John Rochfort of Clogrenane)
  (((1))) Sir Matthew Blakiston, 3rd Bart (b 13.05.1783, d 23.12.1862) had issue
  m. (12.04.1810) Lucy Mann (d 29.12.1871, dau of James Mann of Linton Place)
  (((2))) John Blakiston of Mobberley Hall (b 08.02.1785, d 04.06.1867) had issue
  m. (26.09.1814) Jane Wright (d 21.06.1874, dau of Rev. Thomas Wright)
  (((3))) Charles Blakiston (b 12.04.1786, d 06.1843) had issue
  m. ((08.1820) Harriet Ridge Nicholl (dau of _ Nicholl of Watford)
  (((4))) Thomas Blakiston (b 03.12.1790, d 30.04.1855, Captain RN) had issue
m. (09.08.1827) Harriot Harvey (d 17.09.1886, dau of John Harvey of Thorpe)
  (((5))) Richard Bayly Blakiston, later Blakiston-Houston of Orangefield and Roddens (b 13.05.1793, d 21.07.1857) had issue
  m. (11.07.1827) Mary Isabella Houston (d 04.11.1873, dau of John Holmes Houston of Orangefield)
  (((6))) Peyton Blakiston (b 25.09.1801, d 17.12.1878) had issue
m. (08.1825) Frances Powell (d 23.02.1858, dau of John Folliott Powell, son of Richard of Stanage)
  ((c)) Charles Blakiston (d infant)
  ((ii)) George Blakiston (d 1764)
  ((C))+ other issue (dsp)
  (f) Muriel Blaykeston
  m. Wiliam Wyclyffe of Wyclyffe
(g) Dorothy Blaykeston (bur 19.10.1631) probably of this generation
  m. John Heath of Kepyer (b c1568, bur 06.01.1639)
  (ii) Humphrey Blaykeston of Fulthorpe 'of Great Chilton'
  m. Margaret Hebborne (dau of Richard Hebborne of Hardwicke)
  (a) Edward Blaykeston of Great Chilton (a 1615)
  m. Thomasine Booth (dau of Robert Booth of Old Durham)
  ((1)) Anne Blaykeston (b c1603, a 1615)
  (b) Anne Blaykeston
  m. Gerard Salveyn of Croxdale (bur 19.09.1609)
  (c) Barbara Blaykeston
  m. Richard Booth of Old Durham
  (iii) Marmaduke Blaykeston
  (iv) Dorothy Blaykeston
  m. George Dent of Newcastle
  (v) Margaret Blaykeston
  m. Cuthbert Myddleton of Newcastle
  (vi) Margery Blaykeston
  m. Francis Baynbrigg of Whitley
  (B) William Blaykeston of Coxson of Coxhow
  m. Eleanor Millot of Whithill
  (i) Roger Blaykeston of Gibside
  m. Elizabeth (or Dorothy) Marley (dau of Richard Marley of Gybsett or Gibside)
(a) William Blaykeston of Gybsett or Gibside (dsp 1608)
  m. Joane Lambton (dau of Robert Lambton of Lambton)
  (b) George Blaykeston of Hedley Hall
  m. Eleanor Thaine (dau of John Thaine of Swaffham)
  ((1)) Sir William Blakiston of Gibside (d 1641)
  m. Jane Lambton (dau of Robert Lambton of Lambton)
((A)) Sir Ralph Blakiston, 1st Bart of Gibside (b c1589, bur 20.12.1650)
  m1. Margaret Fenwick (dau of Sir William Fenwick of Wallington)
  ((i)) Sir William Blakiston, 2nd Bart of Gibside (dsps 1692)
  m. Mary Calvert (dau of Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore)
  ((ii)) Sir Francis Blakiston, 3rd Bart of Gibside (d 08.10.1713)
  m. Anne Bowes (dau of Sir George Bowes of Bradley)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Blakiston
  m. (1693) Sir William Bowes of Streatlam Castle (d 1706)
  ((iii)) Margaret Blakiston
  m. Thomas Moore of Angram Grange
  ((iv))+ other issue - Henry (d young), George of Lintz Hall (d unm after 1681), Robert (dsp), Mary of New Elvet (d unm 1677)
m2. (sp) Frances Wren (dau of Sir Charles Wren of Binchester)
  ((B)) Nicholas Blakiston of Shieldrow had issue
  m. Jane Porter
  ((i)) Jane Blakiston (a 1771) probably of this generation
  m. (c1726) Sir Ralph Conyers, 5th Bart
  ((C)) Roger Blakiston of Hedley had issue
  m. _ Cooke of Newcastle
  ((D)) Margaret Blakiston
  m1. (02.1626/7) Roger Fenwick of Shorflatt (d 02.1635/6)
  m2. Thomas Woodall
  ((E)) Jane Blakiston
m. Toby Dudley of Chopwell
  ((F)) Barbara Blakiston
  m. Lindley Wren (son of Sir Charles Wren)
  ((G))+ other issue - John (had issue), Roger, Lionel, William, Henry (had issue), Dorothy
  ((2)) Henry Blakiston of Archdeacon Newton
  ((A)) Sir William Blakiston
  ((B)) Mary Blakiston
  m. Stephen Thompson of Humbleton (b c1602)
  ((3)) Joan (Jane) Blaykeston
  m. _ Morell
  ((4)) Alice Blaykeston
  m. John Hickes (rector of Whitburn)
  ((5))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Eleanor
  (c) Ann Blaykeston
  m. George Lumley of Axwell House (Asselhouses)
(d) Grace Blaykeston
  m. Christopher Shafto
  (e) Eleanor Blaykeston
  m. _ Bennett
  (f) Mary Blaykeston
  m. _ Hardcastle
  (g)+ other issue - Thomas, Dorothy, Isabella, Barbara
  (ii) Dorothy Blaykeston
  m. Christopher Fulthorpe of Tunstall
  (C) Margery or Margaret Blaykeston
  m. John Trollope of Thornely
  (3) Marmaduke Blaykeston (a 1508)
  m. Elizabeth Fulthorpe alias Place
  b. Thomas Blaykeston possibly the Thomas of Blakiston (d by 1483) who had issue by ...
  m. Joane Kelynghall (a 1483, dau of John Kelynghall of Nether Middleton)
  c. Isabella Blaykeston
2. Ralph Blaykeston (priest)

Main source(s): Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Blakiston of Blakiston), BEB1841 (Blakiston of Blakiston), BEB1841 (Blakiston of Gibside), Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Blakiston of Gibside), BP1934 (Blakiston)
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