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Families covered: Myrton (Myreton) of Cambo, Myrton of Gogar, Myrtoun of Randerston

(1) This family's name has been spelled in various ways including Myrton, Myrtoun, Myretoun, Myreton, Miretoun, Mireton, Mairton and Morton.
(2) 'Fife (P&H)' reports that, on 30th August 1429, the King gave the lands of Randalstoun (originally called Randolfstoun) to Thomas de Myrtoun, dean of Glasgow, "for the good services he had rendered to the royal master."
Thomas de Myrtoun (a 1429, dean of Glasgow) apparently succeeded by his brother ...
John Myrtoun of Randalstoun or Randerston (d 1457)
1. John Myrtoun of Randerston (d 1510?) apparently succeeded by ...
  A. ?? Myrtoun possible intermediary generation
i. Alexander Myrtoun of Randerston (d by 1565)
  m. (c1544) Christian Seytoun (dau of John Seytoun of Lathrisk)
  a. David Myrtoun of Randerston (d c1600)
  (1) David Myrtoun, last of Randerston (d 1629)
  (2) Elizabeth Myrtoun (d 1621) probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Learmonth of Birkhill, later of Balcomie (b c1567, d c1625)
  'Fife P&H' does not mention any other Myrtoun being laird of Randerston but possibly of this generation was ...
  b. William Myrton 'of Randerston'
(1) Grizzel Myrton
  m. (1609) James Traill of Beley (b 1569, d 26.04.1635)
'Fife (P&H)' reports that "Cambo was acquired by David Myrtoun, a member of the family of Myrtoun of Randerston, about 1520, and the estate remained with his direct descendants till 1650." 'East Neuk' reports that Cambo "passed into the hands of the Myrtons, Mairtons, or Mortons, the same family of which a branch was settled in Randerston."
  B. David Myrtoun of Cambo (a 1520, 1542 (1576?), Bailie of Crail) possibly fits here
  i. William Myrton of Cambo (d before 1581)
  m1. ?? Melville (dau of ?? Melville of Carnbee or Carnbie)
a. Thomas Myrtoun of Cambo (d before 1618)
  m. Catherine Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay, Lord)
  (1) William Myrtoun of Cambo (d 1628)
m1. Jean Lundie (d 1597, dau of William Lundie of that ilk)
  m2. (17.10.1598) Margaret Murray (d 08.1620, dau of Sir Andrew Murray)
  (A) Sir Thomas Myrtoun of Cambo (d Falkirk 15.08.1645)
  m. Anne Halkhead or Halkett (dau of Sir Robert Halkett of Pitfirran)
  (i) Sir Patrick Myrtoun, last of Cambo (d 1688)
  m. Elizabeth Preston (dau of Sir John Preston of Airdrie by Agnes Lundie)
MGC reports that "Sir Patrick and his lady have ruined and undone this antient and honourable Fortune and Family" and that their children "are all now in a very poor and mean Condition through their Parents Profuseness and ill Managery."
  (a)+ issue - Robert, 2 daughters
  (ii) ?? Myrton possibly fits here?
The following connection is highly speculative. Immediately after mentioning the children of Sir Patrick & Elizabeth Preston, 'East Neuk' reports that, of this family, was Andrew, father of Sir Robert. It does not report that Andrew was a 1st cousin of Robert but the dates indicate that it is a possibility. It is noted that this is the only generation amongst a few for which only one child was reported (Sir Patrick) even though it is known that there was at least one other child and possibly a few others. We hope to resolve this uncertainty in due course.
  (a) Sir Andrew Myrton, 1st Bart of Gogar (d 08.07.1761) - continued below
  m. (before 1699) Jean Murray (dau of Sir Richard Murray of Priestfield & Melgund)
  (iii) Euphemia Myrtoun (d 08.11.1708) apparently of this generation
  m1. Robert Colvill of Cleish, 1st Lord of Ochiltree (dsp 25.08.1662)
  m2. (before 10.03.1677) James Carmichael of Balniblae (d 20.10.1704)
(iv) Margaret Myrtoun possibly of this generation, father's first name not given
  m. (before 1629) David Carmichael, 7th of Balmedie, etc (d before 14.11.1646)
  (v) Catherine Myrtoun possibly of this generation, father was Thomas
  m. (1632) David Graham of Gorthie (d 11.01.1661)
  (B) Eupham Myrtoun probably the Euphan who married ...
  m. John Monypenny, younger of Pitmilly (dvp 01.08.1617)
  (C) Anna Myrtoun
  (2) John Myrton 'of Pietfield' (a 1608)
  m. (1604) Helen Learmonth of Balcomie
  (3) Helen Myrton
  m. Alexander Cunningham of Barnes
  b. daughter
  m. _ Meldrum of Newhall
  c. daughter
  m. _ Spens of Wormiston
d. daughter
  m. _ Myrton of Randerston
  e. daughter
  m. _ Kay of Strathairly
  f. daughter
m. _ Lundin or Lundy
  g. daughter
  m. (Archibald) Arnot of Scotlandwell
  h. daughter
  m. _ Shaw of Lethendy (Lathangy)
  i. Helen Myrton (d 13.02.1607/8)
  m1. (c1562) Andrew Traill (b 1534, d 11.1582, Colonel)
  m2. Sir Robert Danielstoune (of Camon Laris)
  j. Isabel Myrton
  m. Andrew Fery or Fermor of Craigton
  k. daughter
  m. John Buttel in Crail
  l. daughter
  m. John Murray
  m. daughter
  m. Robert Airth
  n. daughter (nun)
  m2. (before 1571) Elizabeth Spens (dau of _ Spens of Wormiston)
  o. Patrick Myrton
  p. daughter
  m. _ Wemyss of Pittencrieff
  q. daughter
  m. Andrew Melvil in Anstruther
  r. daughter
  m. Walter Geddie in St. Andrews (son of Charles by _ Lawmouth)
  (1) Charles Geddie (dsp)
  (2) William Geddie or Gedde
m. Margaret Wilson
  (A) John Geddie or Gedde
  m. Elisabeth Lentron
  (i) Helen Geddie or Gedde
  m. (11.1690) James Lentron (d 04.1692)
  (a)+ issue (dvp) - 3 daughters
  (ii)+ other issue - Charles (d young), James (d young), Elizabeth
  (B)+ other issue - Alexander, Catharine, Janet
  s. Catherine Maule
  m. (1617) Robert Maule (uncle of the 1st Earl of Panmure)



"said to be descended from the family of Myrton, of Cambo" was ...
Sir Andrew Myrton in Edinburgh, 1st Bart of Gogar, co. Edinburgh (d 08.07.1761) - continued above
m. (before 1699) Jean Murray (dau of Sir Richard Murray of Priestfield & Melgund)
1. Sir Robert Myrton, 2nd Bart of Gogar (d 05.12.1774)
  m. Mary Campbell (d 21.01.1750, dau of ?? Campbell of Skipness)
A. Magdalen Myrton (d by 1767)
  m. (sp?) Sir William Erskine, 1st Bart of Torry (d 1797)
  B. Frances Myrton (d 14.10.1771)
  m. (21.10.1768) Sir William Augustus Cunynghame, 4th Bart of Milncraig (d 17.01.1828)
  C. daughter
2. Elizabeth Myreton
  m. Archibald Stuart, 5th of Torrance
3. Euphame Myreton (d 08.07.1761, 2nd dau)
  m. (mcrt 23.04.1720) George Dalrymple of Dalmahoy (bpt 10.03.1680, d 29.07.1745)
4. Anne Myreton probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Nisbet of Dean & Dirleton

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