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Families covered: Learmonth (or Lermont) of Balcomie, Learmonth of Birkhill, Learmonth of Clatto, Learmonth of Dairsie, Learmonth of Firthfield, Learmonth of Logie, Learmonth of St. Andrews
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John Learmonth of Whitekirk (b c1370)
m. Margaret Douglas
1. John Learmonth of Clatto and Logie, Provost of St. Andrews (b c1400)
  m1. Margaret Wemyss (of Cairns)
  A. Robert Learmonth of Clatto and Logie, Provost of St. Andrews (b c1445, d after 1480)
  m. (before 1474) Beatrice Martine (dau of George Martine, of Medhope and Fasca Hall)
  i. John Learmonth of Clatto
  m. (before 1494) Niddrie Wauchop
  a. Elizabeth Learmonth
  m. Andrew Baird of Lavoroklaw (d 10.02.1542/3, of Posso family)
  ii. David Learmonth of Clatto and Dairsie, Provost of St. Andrews (d 28.02.1525/6, 7th child)
  m. (c1500) Anna or Agnes Kinnimonth (a 1526, of Hill)
a. Robert Learmonth of Dairsie
  (1) David Learmonth
  b. Beatrice Learmonth
  c. Sir James Learmonth of Dairsie, 1st of Balcomie (d Pinkie 10.09.1547, Provost of St. Andrews, Ambassador)
  This James was Master of the Household for King James V of Scots.
  m1. (c1520) Katherine Ramsay (of Clatto or Pittedie)
  (1) Sir Patrick Learmonth of Dairsie (d by 1593, 'Provost for Life' of St. Andrews)
  m1. (c1540, div) Isobel Balfour (probably dau of Andrew Balfour, 2nd of Munquhanny)
  (A) James Learmonth of Dairsie (b 1541, a 1593, Provost of St. Andrews)
  m. (mcrt 11.12.1560) Janet Sandilands (b 1544, dau of James Sandilands of Cruvie and St. Monance)
  (i) Patrick Learmonth (b c1561, Captain in Sweden)
  (ii) Elspet Learmonth
  m. (27.01.1592/3) Walter Chisolm
  (iii) James Learmonth of Dairsie (b 1565)
  (a) James Learmonth (b before 1580)
  (b) Andrew Learmonth (b c1580)
  ((1)) George Andreevich (Yuru) Learmonth (b 1596, d 1634 in Russia)
  George is believed to be the progenitor of the Lermontovs in Russia.
  m1. Ekaterina (Catherine) (d 1659)
  ((A)) Ekaterina Yurieovna Lermontova
  m2. Maria Muchailnova
  ((B))+ other issue - Piotr (d 1679), Andrew Henry (d 1652), William (d 1636)
  (iv) William Learmonth of Dairsie (b after 1565, d before 1616, 10th child)
  m. Christian Makeson
  (a) John Learmonth (3rd son)
  ((1)) Robert Learmonth
  (b)+ other isse - Robert, Patrick
  (v)+ other issue - Isobel (b 1563), Janet, David, John, Margaret, Robert
  (B) Patrick Learmonth of Dron
  m. Janet Forbes, 'Lady Carslogie' (widow of Patrick's cousin, George Clephane who d 01.02.1582)
  (i) James Learmonth
  m. Margaret Scot (of Snydie)
  (a)+ 2 children
  partner unknown
  (ii) James Learmonth
m. Margaret Scott in Nydie
  (a)+ 2 children
  (C) John Learmonth
  (D) Elizabeth (Elspet) Learmonth (b 1545)
  m. William Kirkcaldy, Kerr of Grange
  m2. (mcrt 16.02.1550/1) Grisel Sempill (d 10.1575, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord)
  (2) George Learmonth of Balcomie (d 06.1585)
  m. (before 18.08.1548) Euphemia Leslie (d 04.1588, dau of George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes)
(A) Sir James Learmonth of Balcomie (b 1564, d 22.03.1597/8)
  m. (09.09.1587) Anna Mercer (dau of Laurence Mercer of Aldie)
  partner(s) unknown
  (i) 3 children
  (B) George Learmonth of Balcomie (b 1565)
  m. (c1591) Catherine
  (i)+ 2 daughters - Catherine, Euphemia
  (C) Sir John Learmonth of Birkhill, later of Balcomie (b c1567, d c1625)
  m. Elizabeth Myrton (d 1621/25/12.12.1617, dau of David Myrton of Randerston)
  (i) David Learmonth (b 1600, d 1627, Captain for Sweden) 2nd son
  (ii) Sir John Learmonth of Balcomie (b 1601, d 16.05.1627, Captain in Denmark, Lord of Session)
  m1. Margaret
  (a) Thomas Learmonth (b c1636)
m. Helen Craig
  ((1))+ other issue (b c1662) - Mark (d 1701), Margaret
  m2. Cecile Makgill (dau of James Makgill of Rankeillour)
  (iii) Sir James Learmonth of Balcomie (b 1602, d 03.02.1656/7)
  m. Margaret Sandilands (b c1597, dau of William Sandilands of Petlair and St. Monance)
  (a) John Learmonth of Balcomie (b c1620, d 08.10.1651, Captain)
  (b) Robert Learmonth of Balcomie (d 1696, 4th son)
  (c) Margaret Learmonth
  m. Sir William Gordon, 4th Bart of Lesmoir (b c1620, d c1695)
  (d) Grissell Learmonth probably of this generation
  m1. Alexander Bonard of Balgirsho
m2. (after 1654) Robert Balfour
  (e)+ other issue - James, George (b c1626, d c1678)
  (iv) Andrew Learmonth (d 04.11.1662, minister of Liberton)
  m. Agnes Aytoun
  (a)+ issue - Jean, David, John
  (v) Anna Learmonth
  m. John Bonar of Lumquhat
  (vi) Catherine Learmonth
  m. James Melville of Halhill
  (vii) Cecilia Learmonth
  m. John Schevas of Kemback
  (viii) Margaret Learmonth (b 1621)
  m. (c1641) William Moncrief of Randiston
(ix)+ other issue - George (b 1599), Euphemia (b 1602), Elspeth, Helen, Isobel, Robert, Thomas (d 10.02.1700/1), Susanna (b after 1626, d 10.02.1700/1)
  (D) Helen Learmonth (b 1568)
  m. (1604) John Myrton of Pietfield (b 1564, d before 1624)
  (E) William Learmonth of Balcomie (b 1568)
  m. (1596) Cecilia Wemyss (b 1562)
  (i)+ issue - George, Cecilia, Elspeth, David, Helen, Isobel, Robert, Thomas
  (F) Robert Learmonth of St. Nicholas (b 1582, d 1643)
  m. (28.02.1598/9) Margaret Skene (b 1584, Sir John Skene of Curriehill)
(i) John Learmonth (b c1600, d before 1652)
  (a)+ issue - Robert, David, John
  (ii)+ other issue - George, Robert, Euphemia, Elizabeth, Margaret, Helen
  (G) Katherine Learmonth
  m. Cuthbert Borthwick in Edinburgh
  (H) Isobel Learmonth
  m. (08.1572) Thomas Forrester of Strathendrie
  (I) Euphame Learmonth (b before 1568, d 1613)
  m. William Barclay in St. Andrews (d 1641)
  (J) Margaret Learmonth probably of this generation
  m. Andrew or Archibald Sibbald of Rankeillour
  (K)+ other issue - Elspeth, Jean
  (3) James Learmonth of Firthfield, Provost of Kirkleugh (b after 1525, d 02.03.1572)
  m. Margaret Kirkcaldy
  (A) William Learmonth of Firthfield (b 1547, d 06.1611)
  m. Marion Aidie
  (i) William Learmonth in St. Andrews (d 20.02.1614/5)
  m. Janet Geddie (d 27.09.1636)
  (ii) Thomas Learmonth
  (iii) Mary Learmonth
  m. Andrew Greer
(B) Patrick Learmonth
  (C) James Learmonth of Firthfield
  (4) Agnes Learmonth apparently of this generation, of this marriage --
  m. John Traill of Magask (b 1521, dvp before 1549) --
  m2. (1540) Grissel Meldrum (d 10.1597, dau of Alexander Meldrum of Seggie)
  (4) David Learmonth (b 1541)
  (6) Thomas Learmonth of Dairsie (b 1542)
  (A) Christian Learmont --
  m. George Clephane of Carslogie (d 1557) --
  (B) Mariota/Margaret Learmonth --
  m. (c1541) Thomas Duddingston, 1st of Kilduncan --
  (C) Agnes Learmonth
m. John Trail of Blebo
  (7) Margaret Learmonth (b 1545) --
  Margaret is shown as m1. David Spens m2. David Spens. However, this appears to be the Margaret who (also) married Sir William Kirkcaldy, presumably (from the dates) between the Davids.
  m1. (1562) David Spens of Wormiston (b c1538, d 04.09.1571)
  m2. Sir William Kirkcaldy of Grange (b c1520, d 03.08.1573) --
  m3. Sir David Spens of Wormiston (d c1586)
  Probably of this generation, but (is so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  (8) Elizabeth Learmonth --
  m. Sir George Haliburton of Pitcur (d before 16.12.1597) --
  d.+ other issue - John, William
  iii. Elizabeth Learmonth probably of this generation
  m. (30.04.1512) Sir James Wyschart of Pittarrow (d before 06.1525)
  iv.+ other issue - George, Helen, Janet, Beatrice, Robert, Alison
  B. George Learmonth (a 1496, Prior of Pluscarden)
  m2. Janet Giffard (dau of James Gifford of Yester and Sheriffhall)
  C.+ other issue - John, James
  m3. (c24.03.1467/8) Margaret Walch
2. Robert Learmonth

Main source(s): Alistair Learmonth (to whom many thanks for his input and co-operation) with some support from 'Fife (P&H, vol 2, p165+ & p385+)'
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