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Families covered: Graeme (Graham) of Aberuthven, Graham of Braco, Graham of Breckness, Graham of Gorthie, Graeme (Grahame) of Graemeshall, Graeme (Graham) of Inchbrakie, Graeme of Monzie, Graeme of Orchill

Patrick Graham of Inchbrakie and Aberuthven (d 1536)
m. Margaret Stewart (dau of Alexander Stewart, Bishop of Moray)
1. George Graham, 2nd of Inchbrakie (d 1576)
  m. (c1555) Marjorie Rollo (d 24.02.1625, dau of Andrew Rollo of Duncrub)
A. Patrick Graeme, 3rd of Inchbrakie (d 1635)
  m1. Nicola Browne (dau of ?? Browne of Fordell)
  i. George Graeme, 4th of Inchbrakie (d 1654)
  m. Margaret Keith (dau of Sir Alexander Keith of Ludquhairn)
  a. Patrick Graeme, 'Black Pate', 5th of Inchbrakie (d 1687)
  m. (c1630) Jean Drummond (dau of John Drummond, 2nd Lord Maderty)
  (1) George Graeme, 6th of Inchbrakie (d 1704)
  m. Mary Nicholl, heiress of Royston and Granton
  (A) Patrick Graeme, 7th of Inchbrakie (d 1740)
m. (1691) Janet Pearson (dau of Pearson of Kippenross)
  (i) George Graeme (dvp 1737)
  m. Catherine Lindsay (dau of Lindsay of Cavill)
  (a) Patrick Graeme, 8th of Inchbrakie (d 1796)
  m. (1748) Amelia Oliphant (dau of Laurence Oliphant of Gask)
((1)) George Graeme, 9th of Inchbrakie (d 1840, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1792) Margaret Oliphant (d 1839, dau of Laurence Oliphant, 6th of Condie)
  ((2)) Amelia Graeme
  m1. James Campbell of Monzie
  m2. William Graeme of Orchill @1@ below
  ((3)) Louisa Graeme (b 1760)
  m. (1792) Robert Stewart of Fincastle
((4))+ other issue - Patrick (b 1755, d 1785, Lt. Col.), Laurence (b 1758, d 1782, Captain RN), Margaret (b 1756, dsp)
  (b)+ other issue
  (ii) Patrick Graeme (d 1753)
  m. Helen Pearson (dau of Pearson of Kippenross)
  (a) (Helen) Graeme who apparently married ...
  m. George Robertson of Faskally (dspl?)
  (iii) John Graeme (d Edge Hill, America 04.08.1763)
  (B) George Graeme (a 1710)
  (C) Margaret Graeme
  m. (1693) ?? Graeme of Pitcairn @2@ below
(D) Isabella Graeme
  m. William Bryce
  (E) Mary Graeme
  m. George Trail of Aberdalgie (doctor)
  (2) Patrick Graeme
  m. Agnes Smythe (dau of Patrick Smythe of Braco)
  (A) James Graham possibly the James, grandson of Patrick of Inchbrakie, whose family was as follows:
m. Agnes Balfour (dau of James Balfour of Balbirnie)
  (i) Agnes Graham
  m. (1751) John Simson of Brunton
  (B)+ other issue - Patrick ('Father Graeme'), Robert (d 1701, monk), William
  (3) John Graeme (Postmaster General)
  m. Margaret Drummond (d before 1685, dau of David Drummond, 3rd Lord Maderty)
  (A)+ issue - David (d 1689), Amelia
(4) James Graeme of Newton (Solicitor General)
  (A) David Graeme of Newton
  m. Elizabeth Moray (dau of William Moray of Abercairney)
  (5) Anne Graeme
  m1. George (not Patrick) Smith of Rapness
  m2. (1667) Sir Robert Moray of Abercairney
  (6) Margaret Graeme (bur 03.05.1704)
  m. (1669) Robert Nairne of Mukkery, 1st Lord (d 30.05.1683)
  b. Margaret Graeme
  m1. Alexander Robertson of Lude
  m2. Alexander Robertson, 15th of Struan (d 1636)
  ii. John Graeme
  This John is identified by some as the John Graham of Duchray who married Marion Graham, heiress of Rednock. We shall investigate this further. Meanwhile we show the successors of John Graham of Duchray in a Temporary file.
  iii. Marion or Marjory Graeme
  m. (1607) Sir James Oliphant, 1st Bart of Newton (Senator)
  iv. Anna Graeme
  m. _ Toshach of Monzievaird
  v. daughter
  m. Finlay McNabb
m2. (1613) Margaret Scott, heiress of Monzie
  vi. James Graeme of Monzie ancestor of Graemes of Buchlyvie and Pitcairn
  a. George Graeme of Pitcairn
  Thought to be the George, later of Monzie, who married ...
  m. Anna Rollo (dau of Sir John Rollo of Bannockburn) presumed mother of ...
  (1) ?? Graeme of Pitcairn
  m. Margaret Graeme (dau of George Graeme, 6th of Inchbrakie) @2@ above
  (A) David Graeme
  m. Beatrix Grahame of Orchill (d 1734, dau of William Grahame of Orchill)
(i) William Graeme of Orchill
  m. Amelia Graeme (dau of Patrick Graeme, 8th of Inchbrakie) @1@ above
  (a) Margaret Anne Graeme of Orchill
  m. James Gillespie Grahame
  ((1)) Henrietta Grahame of Orchill
  m. (20.10.1840) James Blair Oliphant of Gask (dsp 07.12.1847)
  ((2)) Jane Amelia Gillespie Grahame (d unm 01.1845)
  (b)+ other issue - Patrick (dsp), Lawrence (dsp), Henrietta Maria
  vii. Beatrix Graeme
  m1. Alexander Robertson of Lude (d 1639)
  m2. Donald Robertson (dsp c1660, of Struan family)
B. John Graham (d 1602)
  C. George Graham of Myreside, Bishop of Dunblane then Orkney (b 1565, d 19.12.1643)
  m. (before 29.01.1594-5) Marion Crichton (d 10.04.1632, dau of Sir Robert Crichton of Cluny, Senator)
  i. David Graham of Gorthie (d 11.01.1661)
  m. (1632) Catherine Myrton (dau of Thomas Myrton of Cambo)
  a. Mungo Graham of Gorthie
m1. (1657) Helen Moray (dau of William Moray, 10th of Abercairney)
  m2. (1671) Mary Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Ochtertyre)
  (1) Mungo Graham of Gorthie (b c1672, dsp 16.11.1754)
  b. David Graham of Braco
m1. Margaret Dunbar (dsp, dau of Sir James Dunbar, 1st Bart of Mochrum)
  m2. Catherine Stirling (dau of Sir William Stirling of Ardoch)
  (1) David Graham of Gorthie and Braco (d 04.1792, General)
  m. Catherine Hepburn (dau of James Hepburn of Keith)
  (A) Catherine Graham (b 12.04.1749, d 06/24.05.1804
  m. (13.06.1768) Thomas Trevor, later Hampden, 2nd Viscount Hampden (b 11.09.1746, dsp 20.08.1824)
  (2) Henry Graham (Graeme) of Hanwell (d 1786, Major)
  m. Anne Doughty (sister of Henry Danvers Doughty Hodges of Broadwell ('dau/coheir of Henry Doughty of Bradwell'))
  (A) Anne Graham (Graeme) (d 07.09.1838)
  m. (08.03.1779) Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, 1st Bart of Holygrove (d 12.09.1828, Admiral)
  (3) Mary Graham probably of this generation
  m. (1741) David Smythe of Methven (b 24.06.1711, d 1764)
ii. Patrick Grahame of Rothiesholm, 1st of Graemeshall (b c1610, d 16.01.1675, minister)
  m1. (c26.01.1638) Annas Stewart (d 03.1657, dau of William Stewart of Mains)
  a. James Graeme, 2nd of Graemeshall (b 1652, d 1716)
  m. Mary Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Ochtertyre)
  (1) Patrick Graeme, 3rd of Graemeshall (d 13.05.1742)
  m. (1706) Euphemia Honyman (b c1669, d 1763, dau of Robert Honyman of Graemsay)
  (A) Mungo Graeme, 4th of Graemeshall (d 1762)
  m. (1738) Jean Chancellor (dau of John Chancellor of Shieldhill)
  (i) Patrick Graeme, 5th of Graemeshall (b 1739, d unm 1786)
  (ii) Alexander Graeme, 6th of Graemeshall (b 1741, d unm 05.08.1818, Admiral)
  (iii) William Graeme (d young)
(B) Margaret Graeme
  m. Hugh Sutherland of Kirkwall
  (i) William Sutherland of Greenwall, Jamaica (d 1817)
  m. Henrietta Fea (d 1806, dau of James Fea of Clestrain)
  (a) Alexander Sutherland Graeme, 7th of Graemeshall (b 09.10.1806, d 29.11.1894) had issue
  m. (1828) Mary Anne Graham (d 27.02.1877, dau of Robert Graham of Cossington)
  (2) Mary Grahame possibly of this generation
  m. William Honyman of Graemsay (d 1758)
  b. Jean Grahame
m. (1665) David Craigie of Oversandy
  c. Anne Grahame
  m. (17.12.1653) Thomas Traill of Westove
  There is a Thomas Traill of Westove (b 1648, d 25.10.1689) who married Anna Graham (b c1660) on 06.08.1683. It is not clear whether or not these data conflict.
  d. Christian Grahame (d 03.03.1681)
  m. David Drummond
  m2. Margaret Sinclair (d 14.02.1681)
  e. Henry Grahame
  f. Cecilia Grahame possibly of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Robert Honyman of Graemsay, Orkney (d 1737)
iii. John Graham of Breckness (d before 1672)
  m. (22.09.1645) Barbara Stewart (dau of Harry Stewart of Graemsay)
  a. Harry Graham of Breckness (b 1648, d 20.06.1718)
  m. (1669) Euphemia Honyman (dau of Andrew Honyman, Bishop of Orkney)
  (1) Andrew Graham of Breckness (b 1672, d 1721)
  m. (1694) Euphemia Honyman (b c1669, d 1763, dau of Robert Honyman of Graemsay)
  (A) Robert Graham of Breckness (b 1696, d before 1754)
  m. Margaret Graham (dau of James Graham of Anstruther) @3@ below
  (i) Robert Graham of Breckness (b 1724, d 09.1780)
  m. (1744) Margaret Brown
  (a) John Graham (b 1747, dvp)
  (b) Patrick Graham of Breckness (b 1748, d 13.11.1800)
  (c) Robert Graham (b 1749)
  m. _ Smith (of Turmiston, Orkney)
(d) Margaret Graham (b 1752, d 13.08.1810)
  m. William Watt in Kirkwall, later of Breckness (d 18.07.1779)
  ((1)) William Graham Watt of Breckness (b 1776, d 23.10.1866) had issue
  m. Anne Traill (dau of Thomas Traill of Frotoft)
  ((2)) Robert Graham Watt (b 1779) had issue
  m. Eliza Rae
  ((3)) Margaret Ann Watt (b 1778)
  m. James Stewart Watt (MD)
  (2) James Graham of Anstruther
(A) Margaret Graham
  m. Robert Graham of Breckness (b 1696, d before 1754) @3@ above
  iv. James Graham in Edinburgh
  m. Mary Hart
  v. Catherine Graham probably of this generation
  m. (1618) Patrick Smyth of Braco (d 25.04.1655)
  D. Beatrice Graham
  m. _ Drummond of Balloch
E. Marjory Graham
  m. Patrick Maxtone, 6th of Cultoquhey (d 1618)
  F. Lilias Graham
  m1. William Colville of Condie
  m2. (1606) Laurence Oliphant of Gask
  G. Anne Graham
  m. George Robertson of Faskally
2. Robert Graham, Archdeacon of Ross (a 1575) ancestor of Graemes of Drynie
3. Nicola Graham
  m. Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre (d 1589)
4. Janet (probably not Margaret) Graham
  BLG1952 shows a daughter Margaret who m. a Campbell of Ardkinglas and then Robert Buchanan, 7th of Leny. The Buchanan records shows Robert's wife as Janet, dau of Patrick Graham of Inchbrakie, mother of a Campbell of Ardkinglass. The Campbell records appear confused. We suspect that, if there was a Margaret of this family who married someone of the family of Campbell of Ardkinglas, she was probably of an earlier generation.
  m1. (Dougald) Campbell (of the family of Ardkinglass)
  m2. Robert Buchanan, 7th of Leny

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Graeme of Aberuthven and formerly of Inchbrakie), BLG1952 (Sutherland Graeme of Graemeshall), BLG1952 (Scarth, formerly Watt, of Breckness)
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