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Families covered: Campbell of Ardkinglas (Ardkinglass), Callander of Craigforth

Colin Campbell of Ardkinglass or Ardkinglas, Argylshire (d 1434)
m1. (1396) Christina (dau of Robert Lamont or MacLayman (Maclagman) of Inveryne)
1. John Campbell of Ardkinglas (d before 1460)
  HJHeraldry shows that John married once, to Marion Campbell (implied mother of Colin, Robert and another son ("ancestor of Beach")), and had 2 natural sons, Ewen & Duncan. Provisionally we follow FSCOMT which suggests that Marion was the mother of his natural sons and that his formal wife was ...
  m. _ Gordon (of Huntly)
A. Colin Campbell of Ardkinglas (b c1431, d before 20.02.1478/9)
  m. Marion Houstoun (dau of John Houston of Houston)
  i. John (Iain) Campbell of Ardkinglas (b c1460)
  HJHeraldry just shows 1 wife for John, a dau of the Laird of Buchanan, implied mother of Colin, Archibald, Duncan, Douglas & Patrick. Provisionally, excepting as reported below, we follow FSCOMT which shows as follows.
  m1. (22.06.1486) ?? Buchanan (dau of Walter Buchanan, 14th of Buchanan)
  a. Colin Campbell, 5th of Ardkinglas (d 02.1563)
  HJHeraldry reports only that Colin married 3 times (wives not named) and that he dspm(s), having had a son who dvp. FSCOMT shows as follows.
  m1. (c1504) Marion Colquhoun (b c1487, d 1504, dau of Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss)
  m2. (c1512) Maud (Matilda) Montgomery (a 1542, dau of Hugh Montgomery, 1st Earl of Eglinton)
  (1) Mary Campbell
  m. John Campbell of Lochnell ("Gorm", d Langside 15.05.1568)
  (2) Marion Campbell
  m. Archibald Campbell of Dunstaffnage (d by 13.07.1543)
(3)+ other issue - Robert (d before 1550), Archibald (a 02.1538), Dougall (a 02.1538)
  m3. Beatrix Colquhoun (d 1574, dau of Patrick Colquhoun of Pemonth)
  (6) ?? John Campbell (b c1510!, a 08.1567!!)
  b. Archibald Campbell
  c. Patrick Campbell
  (1) Donald Campbell
  d. Mariota Campbell
  m1. Alexander Macnachton of Mcnachton
  m2. Alasdair Macgregor of Glenstrae (d c1550)
  e. daughter
  m. John Spens of Condie
  FSCOMT identifies John's 2nd wife as Margaret, dau of Patrick Graham of Inchbrakie by Margaret Stewart, and notes that she is sometimes called Janet. We think that she has been confused with the Janet who married her son Dougald. FSCOMT shows that her first son swas born c1491 but the first Graham of Inchbrakie's parents did not marry until about 1509. See note under Janet Graham on the Graham page linked to below.
m2. Margaret Graham
  f. Duncan Campbell of Drumfad (b c1491, a 11.1541)
  m. Marjorie Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Auchreoch, m1.2 Walter Graham)
  g. Dougald (Dougall) Campbell of Ardailtoun (d before 10.05.1550)
  FSCOMT identifies Dougall's wife as Janet Graham (d 1574) who m2. Robert Buchanan of Leny. John Guthrie Smith, in his 'History of Strathendrick' (note on p293), confirms that it was the following Janet who married Dougald and was mother of James of Ardkinglass (her "eldest son"). See also the note regarding Margaret Graham above.
  m.. Janet Graham (dau of Patrick Graham of Inchbrakie, m2. Robert Bucahanan of Leny)
(1)/(2) Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglas (d 1591)
  HJHeraldry just shows 1 wife for James, Elizabeth, dau of the Laird of Lawers, mother of John, Colin, Dougall & Duncan. FSCOMT shows as follows.
  m1. Annas Campbell (d before 1568, dau of James Campbell of Lawers by Mariota Forester)
  (A) Annas Campbell
  m. Colin Campbell of Otter
  m2. (1568) Elspeth Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Murthly)
  (B) Sir John Campbell of Ardkinglas (d before 21.12.1615)
  m1. (mcrt 29.03.1586) Annas Campbell (d 10.1589, dau of Colin Campbell, 6th of Glenorchy)
  m2. (after 07.1592) Margaret or Jean Hamilton (a 1625, dau of John Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Hamilton)
  (C) Colin Campbell (a 03.1621)
  m. (mcrt 10.12.1592) Jonet Graham (dau of Ninian William Graham of Gartmore)
  (i) Margaret Campbell
partner unknown
  (ii) Margaret Campbell (b c1590)
  (D) Dugald Campbell (Dean of Brechin)
  m1. Margaret Kinnaird Carnegie (adu of John Carnegie of Monimail)
  (i) Dougall Campbell
  m2. Katharine Maccur
  (ii) Margaret Campbell
  m. (mcrt 04.05.1603) Archibald Campbell of Innellan (d before 19.01.1606)
  (iii) Euphame Campbell (a 11.1633)
m. David Campbell of Careston
  (iv)+ other issue - Alexander, Nicolas (d unm 047.1635)
  (E) Duncan Campbell
  (F) Elspeth Campbell
  m. Alasdair 'Roy' Macgregar Macevan
(2)/(1) Alexander Campbell of Carcko, Bishop of Brechin (b c1554)
  m1. Margaret Bethune (of Crielet)
  m2. (after 1579) Helen Clephane (b 01.04.1554, d 02.1607/8, dau of George Clephane of Carslogie, widow of Robert Arbuthnot)
  (A) Jean Campbell
  m. Sir John Hamilton of Bargany (d after 1637)
  (B) Margaret (Marjory) Campbell
  m. Sir Alexander Menzies of Weems
(3) William Campbell
  m. _ Macfarlane (dau of Andrew Macfarlane of Gartartan)
  (4) Margaret Campbell
  m. Archibald Campbell of Inverawe
  (5) daughter
  m. _ Macfarlane of Gartartan
  (6) Elspeth Campbell
  m. Charles Campbell of Strachur (d c1601)
  h. Robert Campbell of Auchnatre
  ii. Isobel Campbell --
  m. (before 18.03.1470) Alexander Lindsay of Auchtermonzie, 7th Earl of Crawford (d 07.1517) --
iii. Margaret Campbell
  m. Archibald Campbell of Auchenbreck
  iv. daughter
  m. John Campbell of Duntroon
  v.+ other issue - Archibald, Duncan
  B. Robert Campbell (a 1513, Constable of Carrick)
  C. Anne Campbell
  m. John Houston of Houston
  D. Marion Campbell
  m. John Maclachlan of Maclachlan
  p. Marion Campbell (dau of Iain Campbell of Craignish)
  E. Ewen ("Dowe") Campbell of Dergachy
  F. Duncan Campbell of Clachan (d before 11.09.1511)
  G. Archibald Campbell of Beach had issue
2. Sir Duncan Campbell of Malta
  A. Colin Campbell of Ardentinny (d 1510)
  B. Donald Campbell of Auchawillan
3. Celestine Campbell
m2. _ Campbell (dau of Arthur Campbell of Strachur)

Main source(s): HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'House of Ardkinglass', p12+) with input from FSCOMT which is shown in italics
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