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Families covered: Lindsay of Balcarres, Lindsay of Crawford

David Lindsay, 1st Lord Lindsay of Balcarres (bpt 17.03.1587, d before 31.01.1642)
m. (16.02.1612) Sophia Seton (dau of Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline)
1. Alexander Lindsay, 1st Earl of Balcarres (b 06.07.1618, d 30.08.1659)
  m. (mcrt 04.1640) Anna Mackenzie ( (bur 29.05.1707), dau of Colin Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Seaforth)
A. Charles Lindsay, 2nd Earl of Balcarres (bpt 07.02.1651, d unm 1662, 3rd son)
  B. Colin Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Balcarres (bpt 23.08.1652, d 11.1721/1723)
  m1. (c1670) Mauritia de Nassau (bur 1671, dau of Louis, Lord of Beverwaerth, son of Henry, Prince of Orange)
  i. child (d 1671, stillborn)
  m2. Jean Carnegie (dau of David Carnegie, 2nd Earl of Northesk)
  ii. Anne Lindsay (bpt 20.05.1674, d 03.02.1743)
  m1. (11.06.1699) Alexander Erskine, 4th Earl of Kellie (bpt 14.09.1677, d 08.03.1710)
  m2. (before 16.04.1714) James Seton, 3rd Viscount Kingston (b 29.01.1667, d c1726)
  iii.+ other issue (d infant) - Charles (bpt 1675), Colin (bpt 1680)
m3. Jean Ker (dau of William Ker, 2nd Earl of Roxburgh)
  v. Colin Lindsay, 'Lord Cummerland' (dvp unm by 1706)
  vi. Margaret Lindsay (d before 08.02.1711)
  m. (14.03.1698) John Fleming, 6th Earl of Wigtown (b c1674, d 10.02.1744)
  m4. Margaret Campbell (d 05.1747, dau of James Campbell, 2nd Earl of Loudoun)
vii. Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Balcarres (dsp 25/6.07.1736)
  m. (1718) Elizabeth Scott (d 04/14.09.1768, dau of David Scott of Scotstarvet)
  viii. James Lindsay, 5th Earl of Balcarres (b 14.11.1691, d 20.02.1768)
  James became Chief of the Lindsays following the death of the last Lindsay of Edzell.
  m. (13.10.1749) Anne Dalrymple (b c1727, d 28.11.1820, dau of Sir Robert Dalrymple of Castleton)
a. Alexander Lindsay, 6th Earl of Balcarres, 23rd Earl of Crawford (b 18.01.1752, d 26.03.1825)
  Alexander inherited the earldom of Crawford as successor to his kinsman George Lindsay-Crawford. This meant that the senior line of the family had recovered the senior title which had been diverted after the death of the 16th Earl.
  m. (01.06.1780) Elizabeth Dalrymple (dau of Charles Dalrymple of Castleton family)
  (1) James Lindsay, 24th Earl of Crawford, 7th Earl of Balcarres (b 24.04.1783, d 15.12.1869) had issue
  m. (21.11.1811) Margaret Maria Frances Pennington (d 16.11.1850, dau of John Pennington, 1st Lord Muncaster)
  (2) Charles Robert Lindsay (b 20.08.1784, d 04.07.1835) had issue
  m. (12.02.1814) Elizabeth Thompson (d 08.11.1852, dau of Thomas William Thompson)
(2) Elizabeth Keith Lindsay (b 09.09.1781, d 1825)
  m. (01.1815) Richard Edensor Heathcote of Longton Hall (d 03.05.1850)
  (3) Anne Lindsay (b 19.04.1787, d 14.01.1846)
  m. (16.04.1811) Robert Wardlaw Ramsay of Whitehill (d 1837)
  (4)+ other issue - Richard (b 09.30.1786, d young), Edwin (b 09.30.1786, dsp)
  b. Robert Lindsay of Balcarres (b 25.01.1754, d 04.07.1835)
  m. (25.11.1788) Elizabeth Dick (d 04.07.1835, dau of Sir Alexander Dick of Prestonfield)
  (1) James Lindsay of Balcarres (b 17.04.1793, d 05.12.1855, Lt. General) had issue
  m1. (16.02.1819) Mary Ann Grant (dsp 14.07.1820, dau of Francis Grant of Kilgraston
  m2. (02.04.1823) Anne Trotter (d 10.08.1894, dau of Sir Coutts Trotter, Bart of Westville)
(2) Robert Lindsay of Straiton (b 13.07.1794, d 05.09.1869, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (02.08.1824) Frances Henderson (dau of Sir Robert Henderson, Bart)
  (3) Colin Lindsay (b 06.03.1800, d 18.08.1864, Judge in Delhi, 5th son) had female issue
  m1. (19.03.1824) Augusta Blair (d 19.02.1831, dau of Charles Blair)
  m2. (1832) Margaret Browne (d 10.1833)
  m3. (1834) Emma Watson (d 12.08.1903, dau of H. Watson)
  (4) Charles Bazil Lindsay (b 31.07.1804, dp 31.08.1848)
  m. (19.07.1842) Anna McDonnell (dau of Aenas Ranald McDonnell, 19th of Glengarry)
  (5) Mary Butler Lindsay (d 27.03.1829)
  m. (18.11.1815) Charles Maitland Christie of Durie (d 1872)
  (6) Cecilia Martha Harvey Lindsay (d 31.07.1847)
m. (25.07.1821) James Head (d 26.08.1824/9)
  (7) Elizabeth Pringle Lindsay (b c1802, dsp 21.05.1886)
  m. (12.02.1850) Rev. Anthony Lefroy Courtenay
  (8)+ other issue - Alexander Dick (b 03.07.1792, dsp), William Duff (b 24.07.1795, d 12.1813), Anne Keith Yorke (d unm 14.02.1875)
  c. Charles Dalrymple Lindsay, Bishop of Kildare (b 15.12.1760, d 08.08.1846, 6th son)
  m1. (01.01.1790) Elizabeth Fydell (d 07.02.1797, dau of Thomas Fydell of Boston)
  (1) Charles Lindsay, Archdeacon of Kildare (b 12.10.1790, d 23.04.1855)
  m. (28.09.1819) Anne Rowley (b c1792, d 18.09.1876, dau of Owsley Rowley of Priory Hill)
(A) Caroline Frances Lindsay (d 03.01.1900)
  m. (30.10.1849) George Dawson Rowley of Moorcott Hall & Brighton, Sheriff of Rutland (b 03.05.1822, d 21.11.1878, cousin)
  (2) Thomas Lindsay (b 26.12.1792, d Vittoria 21.06.1813)
  (3) Philip Yorke Lindsay (b 07.02.1795, d 16.12.1832, 5th son) had issue, extinct
  m. (04.04.1816) Helena Elizabeth Blaney (dau of Charles Blaney)
(4) Elizabeth Frances Lindsay (b 30.11.1791, d 11.08.1812)
  m. (21.10.1811) Sir Compton Pocklington Domville, Bart of Sautrey House
  (5)+ other issue (d infant) - Philip Yorke, James, Anne Margaret
  m2. (02.06.1798) Catherine Eliza Coussmaker (dau of Evert George Coussmaker of Dane Court)
  (8) George Hayward Lindsay of Glasnevin (b 10.06.1799, d 03.01.1866) had issue
  m. (03.09.1828) Mary Catherine Gore (d 28.04.1885, sister of Philip Yorke Gore, 4th Earl of Arran)
  (9) Henry Lindsay (b 16.10.1800, d unm 19.02.1880)
  d. John Lindsay (b 15.03/05.1762, dsp 05/06.03.1826, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (02.12.1806/02.04.1800) Charlotte North (d 25.10.1849, dau of Frederick North, Prime Minister, 2nd Earl of Guildford)
  e. Hugh Primrose Lindsay of Plaistow Lodge (b 30.10.1763, d 23.04.1844)
  m. (14.01.1799) Jane Gordon (d 26.05.1862, dau of Alexander Gordon, 'Lord Rockville')
  (1) Hugh Hamilton Lindsay (b 12.08.1802, dsp 05.1881)
  m. (17.12.1852) Anna McDonnell (dau of Aenas Ranald McDonnell, 19th of Glengarry)
  (2) Anne Lindsay (b 15.06.1800, d 01.12.1885)
m. (16.10.1817) Sir Edmond Antrobus, Bart of Antrobus and Rutherford
  f. Anne Lindsay (b 27.11.1750, dsp 06.05.1825)
  m. (31.10.1793) Andrew Barnard
  g. Margaret Lindsay (b 14.02.1753, dsps)
  m1. (26.06.1770) Alexander Fordyce of Roehampton
  m2. (01.09.1812) Sir James Bland Burges, Bart (Knight Marshal of England)
  h. Elizabeth Scott Lindsay (b 11.10.1763, d 26.05.1858)
  m. (24.07.1782) Philip Yorke, 3rd Earl of Hardwicke, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (b 31.05.1757, d 18.11.1834)
  i.+ other issue (d unm) - Colin (b 05.04.1755, d 1796, Brigadier), James Stair (b 16.12.1758, d Cuddalore 13.06.1783, Captain), William (b 21.11.1759, d 1785)
  ix. Eleanor Lindsay (d 07.08.1735)
  m. (03.1726) James Fraser of Lonmay (d 10.08.1729)
  x. Elizabeth Lindsay (d unm 1745)
  C. Henrietta Lindsay (a 1712)
  m. (before 28.02.1680) Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart of Auchinbreck (d by 1712)
  D. Sophia Lindsay (bpt 09.10.1649)
  m. (c1678, sp) Charles Campbell (of Argyll family)
  E.+ other issue - David (bpt 03.06.1641, d infant), John (bpt 09.10.1648, d infant), Anna (bpt 29.11.1642, nun)
2. Sophia Lindsay (b 02.06.1624, dsp bur 11.06.1653)
  m. Sir Robert Murray (Justice Clerk)
3.+ other issue - John (b 19.05.1625), David (b 27.03.1627, d 07.04.1650), Margaret (b 20.02.1615, d 15.04.1630), Isabel (b 10.12.1619), Lilias (b 23.02.1621, d 25.11.1632), Jean (b 24.04.1622, d 17.07.1623), Jean (b 31.12.1630, d 12.06.1631), Anne (b 31.12.1630, d 08.06.1631)

Main source(s): TSP (Balcarres), BP1934 (Crawford), TSP (Crawford)
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