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Families covered: Wardlaw of Abden, Wardlaw of Balmule, Wardlaw of Pitreavie

Sir Henry Wardlaw, 1st Bart of Pitreavie and Balmule (d 05.04.1637)
m. Elizabeth Wilson
1. Sir Henry Wardlaw, 2nd Bart of Pitreavie (d 02.03.1653)
  m. (1617) Margaret Beaton (dau of David Beaton of Balfour)
  A. Sir Henry Wardlaw, 3rd Bart of Pitreavie (dsp before 16.05.1654)
  m. (09.06.1653) Margaret Henderson (dau of Sir John Henderson, 5th of Fordell)
  B. Elizabeth Wardlaw
  m. (29.03.1646) Sir Henry Wardlaw, 4th Bart of Pitreavie (d 04.03.1680) @@ just below
2. William Wardlaw of Balmule (d before 11.07.1650)
m. Christian Foulis (dau of James Foulis of Colinston)
  A. Sir Henry Wardlaw, 4th Bart of Pitreavie (d 04.03.1680)
  m. (29.03.1646) Elizabeth Wardlaw (dau of Sir Henry Wardlaw, 2nd Bart of Pitreavie) @@ just above
  i. Sir Henry Wardlaw, 5th Bart of Pitreavie (bpt 19.10.1648, d after 15.05.1683)
  m. (24.04.1673) Elizabeth Skene (dau of John Skene of Hallyards)
  a. Sir Henry Wardlaw, 6th Bart of Pitreavie (d before 05.10.1709)
  m. (13.06.1696) Elizabeth Halkett (dau of Sir Charles Halkett, Bart of Pitfirran)
  (1) Sir Henry Wardlaw, 7th Bart of Pitreavie (dsp)
  (2) Mary Wardlaw probably of this generation
  m. Charles Wedderburn of Gosford
  (3) Margaret Wardlaw (b 1683??) shown as of this generation but 1 earlier?
  m. (10.02.1706) Charles Mitchell of Uresland (d 1726)
  (4)+ 2 daughters
  b. Sir George Wardlaw, 8th Bart of Pitreavie
  m. _ Oliphant
  (1) Sir Henry Wardlaw, 9th Bart of Pitreavie (d unm 1739)
  c. Sir David Wardlaw, 10th Bart of Pitreavie (b 1679)
  m1. Jean Rolland (dau of _ Rolland of Craighouse)
  (1) Sir Henry Wardlaw, 11th Bart of Pitreavie (d 02.1782)
  m. Janet Taylor
  (A) Sir David Wardlaw, 12th Bart of Pitreavie (d 13.04.1793)
  m. Margaret Symson (dau of Andrew Symson of Broomhead)
  (i) Sir John Wardlaw, 13th Bart of Pitreavie (d 01.02.1823, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Jean Mitchell (d 16.02.1800, dau of Charles Mitchell of Pitcadie and Baldbridge by Margaret Forbes)
  (a) Jane Wardlaw (dsp 1855)
  m. Andrew Clarke, later Clarke-Wellwood, of Comrie Castle
  (ii)+ 4 sons (dvp) and 3 daughters
  (B)+ 1 son and 5 daughters
  m2. Jean Mercer of Aldie
  d. William Wardlaw (b 1680)
  m. Mary Bisset
  (1) Sir William Wardlaw, 14th Bart of Pitreavie
  m. (12.07.1782) Elizabeth Anderson (dau of George Anderson of Carlungie)
  (A) George Wardlaw (b 01.12.1785, dvp unm 1817, surgeon RN)
  (B) John Wardlaw (b 10.01.1787, dvp unm 1820)
  (C) Sir Alexander Wardlaw, 15th Bart of Pitreavie (d unm 1833)
  (D) Sir William Wardlaw, 16th Bart of Pitreavie (d unm 23.12.1863)
  (E) Sir Archibald Wardlaw, 17th Bart of Pitreavie (b 25.01.1796, dsp 29.01.1874)
  (2) Henry Wardlaw (b 1746, d 21.07.1820)
  m. Jean Gould (d 08.01.1847)
  (A) James Wardlaw of Tillycoultry (b 1787, d 05.03.1867) had issue
  m1. (1821) Margaret Monro (d 1827, dau of John Monro)
  m2. (1833) Grace Dudgeon (d 1872, dau of Peter Dudgeon of Dollar)
(2) Margaret Wardlaw
  e. Patrick Wardlaw
  m. _ Dalgleish
  ii. Margaret Wardlaw (bpt 26.03.1647)
  m. (06.03.1663) James Kynninmond 'of that ilk' of Craighall
  iii.+ other issue - Christian (bpt 11.07.1650), Elizabeth (bpt 25.06.1658, a 1672)
  B. Elizabeth Wardlaw (bpt 22.07.1624)
  m. (1646) David Boswell of Balgonie
  C.+ other issue - George (a 1655), James (bpt 25.05.1626), Janet
3. John Wardlaw of Abden (b 1600, d 03.1663)
  m. (30.05.1642) Jean Melville (dau of James Melville of Hallhill)
A. John Wardlaw of Abden (b c1647, d 04.01.1716, 3rd son)
  m(3). Christian Dewar
  i. William Wardlaw of Abden (2nd son)
  m. (25.11.1712) Elizabeth Hay
  a. William Wardlaw of Abden
  m. (01.1742) Janet Marshall
  (1) William Wardlaw (b 08.08.1745, Captain RN)
  m. Elizabeth Balfour (dau of Robert Balfour-Ramsay of Balbirnie and Whitehill)
(A) Robert Wardlaw of Tillycoultry, later Wardlaw-Ramsay of Whitehill (2nd son) had issue
  m. (16.04.1811) Anne Lindsay (d 14.01.1846, dau of Alexander Lindsay, 6th Earl of Balcarres, 23rd Earl of Crauford)
  (B)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  b. Elizabeth Wardlaw
  B.+ other issue (d infant) - Henry, James
4. Anna Wardlaw (bpt 25.11.1606)
  m1. (19.06.1623) William Lundie of that ilk (dsp 1625)
  It appears that Anna also married ...
  m2. (mcrt 12.11.1625) Sir David Sibbald, 2nd Bart (a 1673)
5. Elizabeth Wardlaw
  m. (before 03.1646) Alexander Stewart of Physgill (d 1653)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Wardlaw, Bart of Pitreavie), BLG1952 (Wardlaw-Ramsay, formerly of Whitehill)
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