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Families covered: Furneaux of Ashington, Furneaux of Furneaux Pelham, Furneaux of Steyning

Odo de Furneaux (b c1040, from Coutances in Normandy to England)
1. Sir Alan de Furneaux 'of Collumpton & Fen Ottery' (b c1075, from Normandy to Devon)
  A. Sir Geoffrey Furneaux 'of Fen Ottery', Sheriff of Devon
  i. Sir Henry Furneaux, Sheriff of Devon, later of Ashington in Somerset (b c1156)
  m. (c1180) Johanna, heiress of Ashington (dau of Robert FitzWilliam)
  a. Henry Furneaux (b c1181, d 1214/c1221)
  Except as mentioned, the above and the next few generations come from the RogersDNA web site which may be found here. That site is a little confusing at this point because it mentions the eldest sons after Henry as Matthew I and Matthew II, with the younger having a younger son also called Matthew, but then may be read as showing Matthew II as b c1220 and again as b c1245. We presume that it was Matthew I who was b c1220. VCH (Somerset, vol 5, 'Parishes: Kilve') identifies Henry's wife as follows ...
m. Joan (dau of Robert son of William, possibly grandson of Robert de Pirou)
  (1) Matthew Furneaux, Sheriff of Devon (b c1220, d by 1284-5)
  (A) Matthew Furneaux of Ashington, Sheriff of Devon (b c1245, d 1316)
  As mentioned above, the RogersDNA web site suggests that Matthew had a younger son, also named Matthew, who became Sheriff of Somerset, Dorset & Devon and died in 1316 having had a son (Symon) who was born c1271. It seems very unlikely that this Matthew (b c1245) had a grandson b c1271. We think that there were probably only 2 generations of Matthews and that it was this Matthew who is the first mentioned by CTG (vol 1, 'Descendants of Mathew Furneaux', p243+) which is the main source for the following except that it does not name Matthew's wife who is given by both the RogersDNA web site and VCH (Somerset, vol 6, 'Stogursey: Other estates'), the latter reporting that Steyning passed through their mother Maud first to Henry then to Sir Simon then his daughter Elizabeth then his sister Margaret. The following is also supported by Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1569+1623, 'Bassett" (in Appendix I)).
m. Matilda/Maud de Ralegh, heiress of Steyning (dau of Sir Warren de Raleigh of Nettlecombe)
  (i) Sir Simon Furneaux of Steyning 'of Kilve' (d 1359)
  CTG does not identify Simon (Symond)'s wife and reports only his daughter Elizabeth's marriage to Sir John Blount. The RogersDNA web site identifies his wife and mentions a son and Elizabeth's 2nd marriage as follows.
  m. Alice de Umfraville (dau of Sir Henry de Umfraville of Penarth Point)
(a) William Furneaux (b 1328, dvpsp)
  (b) Elizabeth Furneaux of Steyning (a 1386)
  m1. Sir John Blount
  m2. John FitzRoger of Dorset
  (ii) Elianor Furneaux
  m. Sir Henry Haddon or Haydon
  (a) Mary or Amice Haddon
  m. William Fitzwaren
  (iii) Hawise Furneaux
  m. John de Bytton
  (iv) Jane (Joan) Furneaux
  m. Sir John Tirwitt or Tryvett
  (a) Sir John Tyrwit
  m. Isabell
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Tirwyt
  m. Elsabeth
  ((A)) Anne Tirwyt
  m. Sir William Clynton
((i)) Sir William Clynton (dsp)
  ((B)) Jone Tirwyt
  m. John Warde (dsp)
  (v) Margaret Furneaux
  m1. Sir John Beaupre
  (a) Sir John Beaupre
  (b) Isabel Beaupre
  m. John Longland
  m2. Sir Hugh (or John) Longland
  (vi) Matilda Furneaux (b 1287)
  m. Bartholomew PAyn
  (vii) Dionisia Furneaux
  m. ??
  (a) Alice (b 1304, a 1336)
m. William Grede
  (vi)+ other issue (dsp) - Henry of Steyning, Thomas, John
  (2) Henry Furneaux of Kilve (dsp?)
  ii. Sir Robert de Furneaux (3rd son)
  The following comes from MGH (NS5 vol 3 (1918), 'Pedigree of the Scroggs Family", p65+) which identifies Robert as a younger son of Geoffrey of Fen Ottery son of Alan of Collumpton & Fen Ottery.
m. Isabella St. George of Hatley St. George
  a. Sir Michael de Furneaux of Thetford, Norfolk
  m. Alice
  (1) Sir Simon de Furneaux of Furneaux Pelham (Hertfordshire) & Bergham (Cambridgeshire) (d 1306)
  m. Alice Hastings (dau of Philip de Hastings, sister.heir of Miles)
  (A) Simon de Furneaux of Furneaux Pelham (dvp)
  (i) Joane de Furneaux, heiress of Furneaux Pelham
  m. Sir John de la Lee of Albury (d 1370)
  ii.+ other issue - Geoffrey, Sir Alan
  B.+ other issue - Sir Alan (a 1165, judiciary), Philip, William

Main source(s): as reported above with support for the senior line from MGH (NS3 vol 3 (1900), p272+)
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