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Families covered: Rawley of Rawley (Raleigh or Ralegh of Raleigh), Rawleigh of Smallridge

(1) We were somewhat undecided as to whether to name this page with Rawley, Ralegh or Raleigh. Vivian mostly uses "Ralegh". The family's most famous son, the adventurer Sir Walter, nowadays usually has his name spelt Raleigh but it is understood that the spelling in his time was more usually Ralegh or Rawley, the latter possibly being the most common spelling still in use by extant families. Because of that, somewhat arbitrarily, we have used 'Rawley'.
(2) We originally followed the pedigree shown by Visitation (Devon, 1564), giving precedence to that over the pedigree shown by Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623). On 08.02.19 we reviewed the page with Vivian's work and changed the page to report the pedigree shown by Vivian, which supports that shown by the Wiltshire Visitation over than shown by the earlier Visitation to Devon. That meant that the page had to be redone almost completely with parts moved onto another page.
Walter de Ralegh (d Hastings 1066)
m. Beatrix
1. Walter de Ralegh of Pilton, Devon
  A. Walter de Ralegh (a 1100)
  i. Sir Hugh de Ralegh, Sheriff of Devon (a 1110)
  m. _ (dau of Robert, Duke of Normandy, natural son of King Henry II)
  a. Sir Simon de Ralegh (dsp)
  ii. Richard de Ralegh
  This page was initially launched using Visitation (Devon, 1564) which shows the following William as brother & heir of Sir Simon (dsp), both being sons of Sir Hugh Rawley (the first mentioned by that Visitation). Vivian shows William as cousin (son of Richard) of Sir Simon rather than his brother. Vivian also shows William's brother Warine who is not mentioned in the 1564 Visitation.
  a. William de Ralegh (Rawley)
  (1) Sir William de Ralegh (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216, dsp)
  (2) Peter de Ralegh
  m. Margaret Daubeney (dau of Sir Philip Daubeney)
  (A) Sir William de Ralegh (judge)
  m. Joan Stokhay (dau/coheir of Sir John Stokhay)
  (i) Sir Thomas Ralegh or Rawley (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  m. Lora Peverell (dau/coheir of Sir Hugh Peverell)
  (a) Sir Walter Raleigh (dsp, "a famous soldier") mentioned by Vivian but not by Visitation (1564)
  m. Sybila de Umfraville (dau of Gilbert de Umfraville by Mawde, Countess of Angus)
  (b) Sir John Raleigh or Rawley
  m. Joan Tracy (dau of Sir Henry Tracy)
  ((1)) Sir William Raleigh or Rawley
m1. Beatrix Shandos (dau of Sir Robert Shandos)
  ((A)) Sir John Raleigh (or Rawley) of Raleigh
  m. Joan Pettite (dau of Sir Henry Pettite)
  ((i)) Sir Henry Raleigh or Rawley
  ((ii)) Thomazine Raleigh or Rawley
  m. (1384) Sir John Chichester
Raleigh passed into the Chichester family.
  m2. Margaret Botreaux (dau of Sir William Botreaux or Botreulx)
  ((B)) Sir Henry Rawley
  m. Agnes Lambourne (dau of Sir Raffe Lambourne)
  Vivian does not follow this line any further but Visitation (1564) shows Sir Henry & Agnes as the parents of ...
  ((i)) Sir John Rawley
  m. Anne Pomeroy (dau of Sir John Pomeroy)
  (c) Sir Hugh Rawley mentioned by Visitation (1564) but not by Vivian
  (B) Henry de Ralegh identified by Visitation (1564) as ancestor of Rawleys in Warwickshire
  (i) Sir Henry (de) Raleigh of Charles, Devon identified by Vivian as ancestor of Raleighs in Warwickshire
  m. Mabel Punchardon (dau/coheir of Sir John Punchardon)
  (C) Wymond Rawley mentioned by Visitation (1564) but not by Vivian
  (i) Wymond Rawley of Wymond
  (a) Wymond Rawley
  ((1)) Sir Warren Rawley 'of Nettlecombe'
This appears to be the same person as the Walter who is the first mentioned of this family in Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1569+1623, 'Bassett" (in Appendix I)) which supports the following.
  m. Jane (dau of Lord Buttler or Boteler of Wales)
  ((A)) Sir Simond Rawley
  ((i)) Anne or Agnes or Avice Rawley
  m. Baldwyn (not Sir John) Mallett
  ((ii)) Maud Rawley
  m. _ Berry
  ((iii)) Margaret Rawley
  m. _ Moutlert
  ((B)) Maude Rawley, heiress of Steyning
  m. Sir Mathew Furneulx
  (b) Wymond Rawley
  b. Warine de Ralegh of Nettlecombe, Somerset
  (1) Ralph de Ralegh of Nettlecombe (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
  (2) Warine de Ralegh of Nettlecombe - continued below



Warine de Ralegh of Nettlecombe - continued above
This appears to be the Wimond de Ralega (a temp King John), the first mentioned by Visitation (Wiltshire), shown there as father of William (judge) and Wimond father (by Constance Chilton) of Sir Hugh.
1. Warine de Ralegh of Nettlecombe (a 1165) shown by Vivian as ancestor of later Raleighs of Nettlecombe
  m. Margaret
2. Wimond de Ralegh shown by Visitation (Wiltshire) as 'of Coliton and Nettlecombe'
  m. Constance de Chelton (dau/heir of Peter de Chelton of Colleton)
  A. Wimond Raleigh of Collaton Raleigh & Smallridge in Axmouth, Devon generation shown by Vivian but not by Visitation (Wiltshire)
  i. Sir Hugh Rawleigh of Smallridge shown by Visitation (Wiltshire) as 'of Bolleham (a 1280)'
  a. John Rawleigh shown by Visitation (Wiltshire) as 'of Furdell (a 1300)'
  m. Johanna Newton (dau/heir of William Newton of Fardell)
  (1) Sir Henry Rawleigh of Smallridge generation shown by Vivian but not by Visitation (Wiltshire)
  m. Isabell Beaumond
  (A) Sir John Rawleigh of Smallridge generation shown by Vivian but not by Visitation (Wiltshire)
  m. Elizabeth Bamvile
  (i) Sir Peter Rawleigh of Smallridge (a 1330)
m. Mary Dawney (dau/heir) identified by Visitation (Wiltshire) as Margery, dau of Sir John Dawney
  (a) Walter Raleigh shown by Vivian but not by Visitation (Wiltshire)
  ((1)) Joan Raleigh (dsp)
  ((2)) Alice Rawleigh
  m. Henry de la Pomeroy (d 1481)
  (b) Sir John Rawleigh of Fardell, Devon
  m. Matilda Ferrers (dau of William Ferrers)
  ii. Wimond Raleigh (dsp)
  B. William Raleigh, Bishop of Norwich then Winchester (d 20.09.1249-50)
3. Gervase de Ralegh

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Raleigh of Fardell', p638+) with some support/contradiction from Visitation (Frederick Thomas Colby, 1881, Devon, 1564, 'Rawley') and support for the lower section from Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623 (with some additions), 'Raleigh')
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