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Families covered: Blount of Belton, Blount of Ixworth (Ixwarth), Blount of Saxlington (Saxlingham), Blount of Sodington
[Please note that, being unsatisfield with some of the contradictions mentioned on this page, we intend to 'have another go' at it in due course.]

Robert le Blount of Ixworth or Ixwarth (d after 1066)
m. Gundreda (dau of Henry de Ferrieres)
1. Gilbert le Blount of Ixworth
  m. Alicia de Colekirke
  A. William le Blount of Ixworth
  m. Sarah (dau of Hubert de Monchenal)
  i. Gilbert or Hubert le Blount of Ixworth (a 1173)
  m. Agnes de Insula (de Lisle) (a 1198)
  a. William le Blount of Ixworth (b 1153, d 1185)
  m. Cecilia de Vere
  (1) William le Blount of Ixworth (b 1153, d 1185)
  m. Cecilia de Vere
(A) William le Blount of Ixworth (d Lewes 14.05.1264)
  m. Alicia de Capella (d 1281)
  (B) Agnes le Blount
  m. Sir William de Cricketot
  (C) Roisia le Blount
  m. Robert de Valognes of Orford
  b. Sir Stephen le Blount (a 1198)
  m. Maria le Blount (dau of Sir William le Blount of Saxlington) @@ below
  (1) Sir Robert le Blount of Saxlington (d 1288)
  m. Isabel (dau of ??, lord of Odinsels and Belton)
  (A) Sir Robert (or Ralph) le Blount of Belton (a 12.1298)
  m. Cecilia or Alicia Lovett (dau of Sir John Lovett of Hampton Lovett)
  (i) Sir Thomas le Blount of Belton, Lord (d c07.1328)
  m1. (1325) ??
(a) Sir William le Blount of Belton (a 1366)
  ((1)) Sir John Blount of Belton (Constable of Tower of London)
  m1. ??
((A)) Sir Thomas Blount of Belton (dsp 1400)
  m2. (by 1366) Elizabeth Fourneaux (dau of Sir Simon de Fourneaux of Kilve)
  ((B)) William Blount (dsp)
  m. Maud
  ((C)) Alice Blount (dsp c1415)
  m1. Richard Stafford
  m2. Sir Richard Stury
((2)) Isabel le Blount
  m. Alanus de Atkinson
  (b) Nicholas de Blount, later Croke
  m. Agnes Heynes (dau of John Heynes by Alicia Athall)
  m2. Juliana de Leyborne (dau of Sir Thomas de Leyborne)
  (B) Sir William le Blount (d c04.1280 or 1315/6)
  Robinson starts with Sir William, second son of Sir Robert of Saxlingham, and identifies his wife as "Isabel Beauchamp dau. of Earl of Warwick and wid. of Henry Lovett of Elmley Lovett". BE1883 & Commoners identify his wife as Isabel de Beauchamp, daughter of William de Beauchamp, 1st Earl of Warwick. It cannot be that Isabel but perhaps, as TCP (Mountjoy) suggests, a generation earlier.
  m. Isabel de Beauchamp (possibly dau of William de Beauchamp of Elmley)
  (i) Peter le Blount (a 1313, dsp, chamberlain)
(ii) Sir Walter le Blount of The Rock (d 1322)
  There is some confusion here. The Visitation starts with William, father of William who married Isabella whose son Walter of The Rock (ie. this Walter) married twice (order not clear): Johanna, sister of William de Sodington, and Alianora de Bellocampo (shown below as 2nd wife of his son John). Supported by BLG1952 (Riddell of Cheeseburn Grange), TCP, which does not mention any Alianora Beauchamp, suggests that the following Joan (called Johanna by BE1883 and the Visitation) may have been Walter's 2nd wife but confirms her as mother of William and John.
  m1. Eleanor (dsp, widow of John Meriet)
  m2. (before 02.1294) Johanna de Sodington (dau of Ralph, sister/heir of Sir William de Sodington)
  (a) Sir William le Blount of Sodington, Lord (dsp 1337)
m. Margaret de Verdon (b 1310, dau of Theobald de Verdon, 2nd Lord of Alton Castle, lord justice of Ireland)
  (b) Sir John le Blount of Sodington (b c1298, d 1358)
  TCP identifies John's wife as Isoude whose parentage "has not been solved." Visitation names her Isolda. Robinson identifies her as Isolda, dau/heir of Thomas, Lord Mountjoy whilst BE1883 & Commoners identify her as ...
  m1. Isolda de Mountjoy (d 1347, dau of Sir Thomas de Mountjoy)
  ((1)) Richard Blount of Sodington (dsp after 1359)
  ((2)) Sir John Blount of Sodington (d 1423)
  m1. Juliana Foulhurst or Foulshurst
((A)) John Blount (dvp)
  m. Isabella Fowleshurst (dau of John Fowleshurst)
  ((i)) John Blount of Sodington
  m. Catherine Corbet (dau of Thomas Corbet of Stanford)
  ((ii)) Isabella Blount
  m. _ Scriven
  ((iii)) other issue - Edmund, William, John
m2. Isabella Cornwall (dau of Sir Bryan Cornwall of Kinlett)
  ((B)) John Blount of Kynlet
  m. Alice Delabere (dau of Kinard Delabere of Cheshire)
  m3. Helen
  ((3)) Walter de Blount (dsp)
  BE1883 and Visitation show this Walter as different from the Walter by the 2nd marriage but TCP suggests that this was the Walter below (who married Sancha de Ayala).
  m. Matildis
  m2. Eleanor Beauchamp (dau of John Beauchamp, 2nd Lord of Hacche)
((4)) Sir Walter Blount of Barton and Belton (d Shrewsbury 21.07.1403, standard bearer)
  m. (c1373) Sancha de Ayala (d 1418, dau of Don Diego Gomez de Toledo)
  ((A)) Walter Blount (dvpsp)
  ((B)) Sir John Blount, Governor of Calais (dsp Rouen before 01.09.1418)
((C)) Sir Thomas Blount (d 1456, treasurer of Normandy)
  m1. Margaret Gresley (dau of Sir Thomas Gresley of Gresley)
  ((i)) Sir Walter Blount, 1st Lord Mountjoy (b c1420, d 01.08.1474)
  m1. (by 1442) Ellen Byron (dau of Sir John Byron of Clayton)
m2. (before 25.11.1467) Anne Neville (d 20.09.1480, dau of Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland)
  ((ii)) Sir Thomas Blount of Milton Ross (d 1468)
  m1. Anna Hally (dau of John Hally)
  m2. Margaret Clifton (dau of Gervase Clifton of Clifton)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Blount
  m. Ralph Shirley of West Heston
((iv)) Sanchia Blount
  m. Edward Langford
  ((v)) Agnes Blount
  m. (Ralph) Wolseley
  m2. Elizabeth
  ((D)) Sir James Blount of Grendon Warren
  m. Anne Parker (dau of Roger or James Parker of Lillinghall)
  ((E)) Peter Blount (dsp)
((F)) Constantia Blount (d 09.1432)
  m1. Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing, Fenwick, etc. (dsp 11.1395)
  m2. (before 10.12.1401) Sir John Sutton of Dudley Castle (b c1380, d 29.08.1406)
  ((G)) Anne Blount (a 1415)
  m. Thomas Griffith of Wichnor
  Whilst BE1883, BLG1886 (Darell-Blount of Maple Durham) & Visitation mention only Sancha as Sir Walter's wife and BE1883 & BLG1886 report that their younger son Peter dsp, & Visitation mentions a Peter with no further details, BEB1841 (Blount of Tittenhanger) shows the ancestor of the Tittenhanger branch as a Peter by a different spouse/partner (Ellen Hall). Visitation shows the ancestor of that Branch as John, son of Walter and Sanchia, who married an Alicia. As a compromise, we show the ancestor as Peter, presumed illegitimate.
  p. Ellen Hall (dau of John Hall of Dovebridge)
  ((H)) Peter Blount
  (c) Walter le Blount (dsp)
  (2) Sir John le Blount
  m. Constance (sister of Sir Richard de Wrotham)



Brother of the above Robert was ...
Sir William le Blount of Saxlington or Saxingham
1. ?? le Blount
  A. Sir William le Blount of Saxlington
  i. Sir William le Blount of Saxlington (d after 1216)
  a. Maria le Blount
  m. Sir Stephen le Blount (a 1198) @@ above

Main source(s): BE1883 (Blount of Mountjoy and Devon) with support from TCP (Mountjoy), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Blount), Commoners (vol i, Croke of Studley), Robinson (Hereford, 'Blount of Eye, Grendon and Orleton', p250)
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