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Families covered: Ferrers of Chartley, Ferrers of Derby, Ferrers of Taynton, Ferrers of Wemme

See here for a page which shows how TCP and BE1883 differ in the way that they report the Earls of Derby. Initially we followed BE1883 but on 27.03.04 we revised the page to follow TCP. Both sources start their article with ...
Walkelin or Walcheline de Ferrieres
1. Henry, Sire de Ferrieres and Chambrai, later of Tutbury and Lechlade (a 1070)
  Some web sites describe Henry as 'Earl of Ferrieres' but TCP (Derby) describes him merely as a Sire.
  m. Bertha
  A. Egenulph (dvp)
i. Henry, Sire de Ferrieres and Chambrai, lord of Oakham and Lechlade (a 1136)
  a. Walkelin, Sire de Ferrieres and Chambrai, lord of Oakham and Lechlade
  (1) Henry, Sire de Ferrieres and Chambrai had issue
  (2) Hugh de Ferrieres of Lechlade (dsp 1204)
  m. Margaret de Say (d c1242, dau of Hugh de Say of Richard's Castle)
  (3) Isabel de Ferrieres (d before 31.05.1252) HJY
  m1. Roger de Mortimer of Wigmore (d 24.06.1214) HJY
  m2. Piers FitzHerbert of Blaen Llyfni (d 01.06.1235)
B. William (dsp)
  C. Robert de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby (d 1139)
  m. Hawise de Vitre (dau of Andre, Seigneur de Vitre)
  i. William de Ferrers (dvpsp)
ii. Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Earl of Derby (d before 1160)
  m. Margaret Peveral (dau of William Peveral of Nottingham)
  a. William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby (d before 21.10.1190)
  m. Sibyl de Braose (dau of William de Braose, Lord of Abergavenny)
  (1) William de Ferrers, 4th Earl of Derby (d 22.09.1247)
  m. (1192) Agnes de Meschines (d 02.11.1246-7, dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester)
(A) William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby (d 24/8.03.1254)
  m1. (before 14.05.1219) Sybil Marshal (dau of William Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke)
  (i) Agnes de Ferrers (d 11.05.1290)
  m. William de Vesci of Alnwick (d 22.10.1253)
  (ii) Isabel de Ferrers
  m1. Gilbert Basset of Wycombe (d 31.07.1241)
  m2. Reginald de Mohun, 5th of Dunster (d 20.01.1257/8)
(iii) Maud de Ferrers (d 12.03.1298/9)
  m1. Simon de Kyme of Kyme (dsp by 30.07.1248)
  m2. William Fort de Vivonne (Vyvon) of Chewton (d by 22.05.1259)
  m3. Aimery, Vicomte de Rochechouart (a 04.1284)
  (iv) Sibyl de Ferrers Y
  m1. John de Vipont of Appleby (d 25.07.1241) marriage mentioned by BE1883 but not by TCP Y
  m2. Frank de Mohun of Midhurst (d 14.09.1273)
(v) Joane de Ferrers (d 10.1267)
  m1. John de Mohun, younger of Dunster (d 1254)
  m2. Robert Aguillon of Watton & Perching (d 15.02.1285/6)
  (vi) Agatha de Ferrers (d 22.05.1306)
  m. Hugh de Mortimer of Chelmarsh (d 06.1275)
  (vii) Eleanor de Ferrers (dsp by 26.10.1274)
  m1. William de Vaux (Vallibus) of Tharston and Wisset (dsp before 05.12.1252)
  m2. Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester (d 25.04.1264)
  m3. (before 09.1267) Roger de Leybourne of Eltham (d c10.1271)
m2. (by 1238) Margaret de Quincy (d before 12.03.1280/1, dau of Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester)
  (viii) Robert de Ferrers, 6th/8th Earl of Derby (b c1239, d 1279)
  Robert rebelled against King Henry III (of England) and lost the earldom.
  m1. (mcrt 26.07.1249) Mary of Angouleme (b c1242, a 07.1266, dau of Hugh le Brun, Count of Angouleme)
  TCP acknowledges the fact that Robert's second wife "is usually said to have been" Alianore, dau of Ralph, Lord Basset but nevertheless reports that wife as ...
  m2. (26.06.1269) Alianore de Bohun (d 20.02.1313/4, dau of Sir Humphrey de Bohun, younger of Hereford)
  (a) John de Ferrers, 1st Lord of Chartley (b 20.06.1271, d c1312)
  m. (c1299) Hawyse de Muscegros (d 06.1340, dau of Sir Robert de Muscegros of Charlton)
  ((1)) John de Ferrerrs, 2nd Lord of Chartley (dsp before 23.07.1324)
This John is ommitted by BE1883 so the numberings of the Lords hereafter differ between TCP and BE1883.
  ((2)) Robert de Ferrers, 3rd Lord of Chartley (b 25.03.1309, d 28.08.1350)
  TCP (Ferrers of Chartley) acknowledges that Robert is often cited as having only one wife, Agnes de Bohun, but, apart from identifying his second wife, throws doubt on the identity of his first wife, calling her Margaret and claiming that only 2 daughters of that Bohun family had descendants and they are accounted for. Nevertheless, noting that TCP (Boteler of Wem) names her as Agnes de Bohun (but see note below his second wife below), we show Robert's first wife as ...
  m1. Agnes de Bohun (dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford)
  ((A)) John de Ferrers, 4th Lord of Chartley (b c10.08.1331, d 02.04.1367)
m. Elizabeth de Stafford (b after 1332, d 07.08.1375/6, dau of Ralph, 1st Earl of Stafford)
  ((i)) Robert de Ferrers, 5th Lord of Chartley (b 31.10.1357/9, d 13.03.1412-3)
  m1. (after 16.09.1376) Elizabeth (a 01.1378/9)
  m2. Margaret le Despencer (d 03.11.1415, dau of Edward, Lord Le Despencer)
  ((a)) Edward Ferrers, 6th Lord (b 1389, d 1435-6)
m. Eleanor de la Roche (d 04.11.1440, dau of Thomas de la Roche)
  (((1))) William Ferrers, 7th Lord of Chartley (d 09.06.1450)
  m. Elizabeth Belknap (d 28.05.1470, dau of Sir Hamon Belknap of Seintlynge)
  (((A))) Anne Ferrers (d 1468)
  m. Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley (b 1432, d Bosworth Field 22.08.1485)
  (((2))) Edmund Ferrers of Taynton
  (((A))) Martin Ferrers of Taynton (dsp 22.08.1484)
  (((B))) Henry Ferrers of Taynton (d 12.04.1486)
(((C))) Richard Ferrers of Taynton (d 20.09.1494)
  m. Elizabeth (a 10.1496)
  (((i))) Elizabeth Ferrers
  (((3))) Joan Ferrers
  m. (c29.10.1431) John Clinton, 5th Lord of Maxtock (d 24.09.1464)
  (((4)))+ other issue - Henry, Richard, Edward
  Reported by RS (23.10.05) as being on the IGI was ...
  (((7))) Margaret Ferrers
  m. (before 1448) Sir John de Beauchamp, 1st Lord of Powyke (d 1475)
  ((b)) Philippa Ferrers
  m. Sir Thomas Green of Boughton (b 10.02.1399/1400, d 18.01.1461/2)
  ((c))+ other issue - Thomas (a 04.1416), Edward (d unm)
  m2. Joan de la Mote (d 29.06.1375, of Willisham and St. Pancras)
TCP (Boteler of Wem) identifies the mother of the Robert de Ferrers who married Elizabeth Boteler as Agnes de Bohun. However, a chart in TCP (Ferrers of Chartley), issued later, shows him as by his father's second wife.
  ((B)) Robert de Ferrers of Willisham, 1st Lord of Wemme (d 12.1380)
  m. Elizabeth Boteler (b c1345, d 06.1411, dau of William Boteler, Lord of Wemme)
  ((i)) Sir Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Lord of Wemme (b 1370, d 1410)
  m. Joan Beaufort (b 1379, d 1440, dau of John Plantagenet 'of Gaunt', Duke of Lancaster)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Ferrers (b 1392, d 1434)
  m. (28.10.1407) Sir John de Greystock, Lord of Greystoke (b 1389, d 1436)
  ((b)) Mary Ferrers (d 25.01.1457/8)
  m. Ralph Nevill (d 26.02.1457/8)
((3)) Perronell de Ferrers (a 20.04.1331)
  m. Richard de Monemuthe of Rowley Regis (dsp 19/20.10.1330)
  ((4)) Alianore de Ferrers
  m. (before 21.05.1329) Sir Thomas de Lathum of Lathum (b by 1301, d 17.09.1370)
  (b) Alianore de Ferrers
  m. (1289) Sir Robert FitzWalter, 1st Lord FitzWalter (b 1247, d 18.01.1325-6)
  (ix) William de Ferrers of Groby (b c1240, d before 20.12.1287)
  m1. Anne Despencer (dau of Sir Hugh le Despenser of Loughborough)
  m2. Alianore de Lovaine (dau of Sir Matthew de Lovaine of Little Easton)
  (x) Joan Ferrers (d 19.03.1309/10) H
  m. (1267) Thomas de Berkeley, 1st Lord (b 1245, d 23.07.1321) H
(xi) Agnes de Ferrers H
  m. Robert de Muscegros, Lord of Deerhurst (b c1252, d 27.12.1280) H
  (B) Thomas de Ferrers of Chartley (dsp)
  (C) Hugh de Ferrers of Bugbrooke
  m. ?? de Mohaut (sister of Roger de Mohaut, steward of Chester)
  (i) Cecily de Ferrers (d before 28.07.1290)
m1. John de Oddingsele (d before 10.08.1257)
  m2. Sir Godfrey de Beaumont of Drayton and Scarning
  (D) Sibyl de Ferrers possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Frank de Bohun of Midhurst (d 14.09.1273)
  Identified as a grandson of the William, Earl of Derby, who m. Agnes de Meschines was the undermentioned Thomas of Loxley.
  (E) ?? de Ferrers
  (i) Thomas de Ferrers or Ferares of Loxley
  (a) Johanna de Ferrers
m. John de Kynardesley (a 1272, 1327)
  (2) Walcheline de Ferrers, lord of Eggington shown by BE1883 as son of William, '3rd Earl'
  m. Goda de Toni (dau of Robert de Toni)
  (A) Robert de Ferrers, lord of Eggington
  Shown by MGH (NS5 vol 5 (1925), p63) as father of Ermentrude & Margery by ...
  m. Joan de Boelond (dau/coheir of William de Boelond of Boelond)
  (i) Ermentrude de Ferrers
  m. Robert de Talbot, Lord of Gainsburg
(ii) Margery de Ferrers
  m. Sir John Chandos
  (3) Agatha de Ferrers HJY
  Agatha is shown by BE1883 (Ferrers) as daughter of Robert, '4th Earl', but she is noted in various web sites (including 'RoyalData') as daughter of William, 3rd Earl, by Sibyl de Braose.
  p. John Plantagenet, 'Lackland', King John of England (b 24.12.1166, d 18.10.1216) HJY
  (4) Petronilla (or Pernell) de Ferrers
Petronilla is shown by BE1883 (Ferrers) as daughter of Robert, 2nd Earl, but TCP (Stafford) identifies her as daughter of William, 3rd Earl, by Sibyl de Braose.
  m. Hervey de Stafford (d 1237)
  iii. Walcheline de Ferrers of Okeham
  As there is a 'Walkelin, Sire de Ferrieres and Chambrai, lord of Oakham and Lechlade' above, it is likely that this Walcheline (reported by BE1883) did not exist.
  iv. Isolda de Ferrers
  m. Stephen de Beauchamp
  v. Maud de Ferrers
  m. (sp) Bertram de Verdon, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d Joppa 1192)
  D. Gundred
  m. Robert le Blount of Ixworth (d after 1066)
  E. Emmeline

Main source(s): TCP (Derby), TCP (Ferrers of Chartley), BE1883 (Ferrers of Derby), BE1883 (Ferrers of Chartley), BE1883 (Ferrers of Wemme) with some support from TCP (Boteler of Wem)
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