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Families covered: Button (Bytton) of Bitton

Adam D'Amneville of Bitton, Gloucestershire (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
m. Petronilla
1. Robert D'Amneville of Bitton (a 1227)
  m. Isabella
  A. Petronilla D'Amneville
  m. Nicholas de Oxehaye (dsp)
  B. Petronilla D'Amneville (apparently second of the name)
  m. William de Putot, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (a 1228)
  i. Peteronilla de Putot, heiress of Bitton (d 1286)
  m1. Hugh de Vivon (d 1257)
  a. John de Vivon (b 1252, dsp)
  m2. David le Blund
2. Robert de Button
A. Robert de Button
  i. William de Button
  ii. Sir Adam de Button (d 1299)
  a. Sir John de Button (a 1300)
  (1) John de Button
  m. Havisia de Furneaux
  'Herald & Genealogist' (vol 4, p195) shows John & Havisia as parents of Matthew, whose line is followed, and 3 unnamed daughters, wives of Hampton, Strode & Basset. Those daughters are named, with their spouses and some descendants, on 'Herald & Genealogist' (vol 4, p437). The following is supported by CTG (vol 1, 'Descendants of Mathew Furneaux', p243+) and Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1569+1623, 'Bassett" (in Appendix I)).
(A) Sir John Button or Bitton (dsp)
  (B) Matthew Button or Bitton (d 1374)
  m. Constantia de Kingston (dau of Thomas de Kingston or Kingeston)
(i) Sir John Button (d 1382)
  CTG shows John as father of Katherine by Isabel, dau of Walter Hurst. Herald & Genealogist' (vol 4, p195) shows the following.
  m1. Margery or Margaret de la More (dau of William de la More by Maude de Bitton)
  (a) Katharine Button
  m. Thomas Rugge
  ((1)) Jane Rugge (dsp 1485)
  m1. Robert Greyndour or Grendour (d 1447)
m2. Sir John Barre (d 1483)
  m2. Johanna Hurst (m2. Sir John Deverose)
  (C) Maud Button or Bitton
  m1. William de la More (d 1341)
  m2. Simon Basset (d 1365)
  (D) Elizabeth Button or Bitton
  m. Philpott Hampton
  (E) Beatrix Button or Bitton
  'Herald & Genealogist' (vol 4, p437) identifies Beartix's husband as George Strode, showing them as parents of Henry who m. Elizabeth Brent. CTG, supported by Visitation (Gloucestershire, Basset) and the Strode sources, name him ...
  m. Hugh de Strode (a 1377)
  (2) Thomas de Button (dsp)
  b. Thomas de Buttonm Bishop of Exeter (d 1307, Dean of Wells)

Main source(s): 'Herald & Genealogist' (vol 4, 1867, 'Manor of Bitton, co. Gloucester', p194+) with input/support as reported above.
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