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Families covered: Erskine of Alva, Erskine of Buchan, Erskine of Kellie, Erskine of Mar, St.Clair-Erskine of Rosslyn

John Erskine, 6th Lord, 1st or 22nd Earl of Mar, Regent (d 28.10.1572)
As reported on 'Erskine01', there is some uncertainty as to whether or not this John's formal acceptance as Earl of Mar was acceptance of his family's longstanding claim to that title or a new appointment. In BP1934 (Mar and Kellie), he is shown as 1st Earl but in BP1934 (Mar) he is shown as 22nd Earl with this 'higher numbering' continuing to modern times. TSP dodges the issue by not numbering the Earls.
m. (c29.01.1556-7) Annabella Murray (d 02.1603, dau of William Murray of Tullibardine)
1. John Erskine, 2nd or 23rd Earl of Mar, 1st Lord Cardross (b c1562, d 14.12.1634)
  m1. (c10.1580) Anna (or Agnes) Drummond (d before 1592, dau of David Drummond, 2nd Lord)
A. John Erskine, 3rd or 24th Earl of Mar (d 1653-4)
  m. (06.02.1610) Jean Hay (d 24.05.1668, dau of Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll)
  i. John Erskine, 4th or 25th Earl of Mar, Chancellor (bur 11.09.1668)
  m1. (1641) Mary Scott (dsps before 23.07.1647, dau of Walter Scott, 1st Earl of Buccleuch)
  m2. (mcrt 08.10.1647) Jean or Mary Mackenzie (dau of George Mackenzie, 2nd Earl of Seaforth)
  a. Charles Erskine, 5th or 26th Earl of Mar (b 19.10.1650, d 23.05.1689)
  m. (mcrt 02.04.1674) Mary Maule (dau of George Maule, 2nd Earl of Panmure)
  (1) John Erskine, 6th or 27th Earl of Mar, 'Duke of Mar' (d 05.1732)
After being an active parliamentarian after the Union, becoming Secretary of State for Scotland, John lost favour after the succession of King George I after which he became a fervent Jacobite. This led to his receiving the 'empty' title of Duke of Mar from the Pretender King James VII/III and also to his earldom being attainted.
  m1. (06.04.1703) Margaret Hay (b 30.09.1686, d 25.04.1707, dau of Thomas Hay, 7th Earl of Kinnoull)
  (A) Thomas Erskine, 'Lord Erskine' (dsp 16.03.1766)
  m. (01.10.1741) Charlotte Hope (b c1709, d 24.11.1788, dau of Charles Hope, 1st Earl of Hopetoun)
  (B) John Erskine (d infant)
  m2. (20.07.1714) Frances Pierrepont (d 04.03.1761, dau of Evelyn Pierrepont, 1st Duke of Kingston)
  (C) Frances Erskine, 'Countess of Mar' (d 20.06.1776)
  m. (10.1740) James Erskine (d 27.02.1785) @@ just below
  (2) James Erskine (b c1680, d 24.01.1754, Lord of Session as Lord Grange)
  m. Rachel Chiesly (d 06.1749, dau of John Chiesly of Dalry)
  (A) Charles Erskine (b 27.08.1709, dsp 01.12.1776, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Agnes Syme (d before 16.10.1783)
(B) John Erskine (b 28.03.1711, d young)
  (C) James Erskine (d 27.02.1785)
  m. (10.1740) Frances Erskine (d 20.06.1776, dau of John Erskine, 6th or 27th Earl of Mar) @@ just above
  (i) John Francis Erskine, 7th or 30th Earl of Mar (b 1741, d 20.08.1825)
John's earldom was restored. The numberings are as used in BP1934 for the earldoms of 'Mar and Kellie' and 'Mar' respectively.
  m. (17.03.1770) Frances Floyer (d 20.12.1798, dau of Charles Floyer, Governor of Madras)
  (a) John Thomas Erskine, 8th or 31st Earl of Mar (b 1772, d 20.09.1828)
  m. (17.03.1795) Janet Miller (d 25.08.1825) dau of Patrick Miller of Dalswinton)
  ((1)) John Francis Miller Erskine, 9th or 32nd Earl of Mar, 11th Earl of Kellie (b 28.12.1795, dsp 19.06.1866)
  m. Philadephia Stuart-Menteth (d 15.12.1853, dau of Sir C.G. Stuart-Menteth, Bart)
On the Earl's death there was a split of his titles with the ancient Earldom of Mar passing to his nephew John (presumably because that title could be passed through the female line) and the more recent (1565) creation of that Earldom along with the Earldom of Kellie (which he had inherited from his kinsman Methven Erskine) passing to his heir-male, his cousin Walter.
  ((2)) Frances Jemima Erskine (d 20.06.1842)
  m. (12.10.1830) William James Goodeve (d 22.12.1861)
  ((A)) John Francis Erskine Goodeve-Erskine, 33rd Earl of Mar (b 29.03.1836, d 17.06.1930) had issue
  m. (12.09.1866) Alice Mary Sinclair Hamilton (d 06.6.1924, dau of John hamilton of Hilston Park)
  ((3)) Janet Erskine (d 16.05.1861)
  m. (29.04.1830) Edward Wilmot Chetwode of Woodbrook (d 09.05.1874)
  (b) James Floyer Erskine (dsp 15.05.1798)
  m. (12.11.1796) Susan Sharpe (dau of Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe of Hoddom)
  (c) Henry David Erskine (b 10.05.1776, d 31.12.1846)
  m. (22.10.1805) Mary Anne Cooksey (d 04.03.1860, dau of John Cooksey)
  ((1)) Henry David Erskine (d infant)
  ((2)) John Francis Erskine (b 17.11.1808, d unm 29.09.1845, Captain)
  ((3)) Walter Coningsby Erskine, 10th Earl of Mar, 12th Earl of Kellie (b 12.07.1810, 17.01.1872) had issue
  m. (11.09.1834) Elise Youngson (d 14.07.1895, dau of Col. Youngson of Bowscar)
  Walter was successful in claiming the earldoms of Mar (the 1565 creation) and Kellie although he had died before the judgement came through on the Mar earldom.
  ((4)) James Augustus Erskine (b 27.03.1812, d 24.07.1885) had issue
  m1. (15.06.1837) Fanny Delacombe (d 17.09.1851, dau of Gen. Henry Ivatt Delacombe)
  m2. (04.11.1852) Elizabeth Bogue Brodie (d 09.02.1882, dau of George Brodie)
  ((5)) Henry David Erskine (b 15.06.1814, d 07.12.1852) had issue
  m. (27.06.1846) Eliza Ingle (d d 1881, dau of John Ingle)
  ((6)) Charles Thomas Erskine (b 06.01.1821, d unm 05.11.11861, minister)
  ((7)) Anne Caroline Erskine (b 03.09.1823, d 04.12.1891)
  m. (18.06.1856) Joseph Haskell (d 26.02.1871, minister)
  (d) Thomas Erskine (b 10.07.1785, d 01.01.1859, minister) had issue
  m. (04.06.1817) Charlotte Watson (d 01.12.1876, dau of Major Watson)
  (e)+ other issue - (d unm) Charlotte Francis, Mary Anne, Charlotte, Jane, Augusta
  (ii) James Francis Erskine (d 05.04.1806, Colonel)
  m. 'a Swiss lady'
  (a) issue (dsp)
  (D) Mary Erskine (b 05.07.1714, dsp 19.02.1772)
m. (mcrt 21.08.1729) John Keith, 3rd Earl of Kintore (bpt 21.05.1699, dsp 22.11.1758)
  (E) Jean Erskine (b 05.12.1717)
  m. (?) Mr Cox
  (i) daughter
  (F)+ other issue - Francis (b 1716, d young), John (b 1720, Dean of Cork), Rachel (b 28.01.1719, d unm 20.06.1793)
  (3) Harry Erskine (d Almanza 14.04.1707)
  (4) Jean Erskine (d 16.11.1763)
  m. (21.02.1712/02.03.1711/2) Sir Hugh Patterson, Bart of Bannnockburn (d 23.03.1777)
b. George Erskine (d 21.06.1676)
  c. Barbara Erskine
  m. (07.09.1670, sep 1681, sp) James Douglas, 2nd Marquess of Douglas (b c1646, d 25.02.1700)
  d. Mary (or Jean) Erskine
  m. (05.08.1673) John Cunningham, 11th Earl of Glencairn (d 14.12.1703)
  e. Sophia Erskine (d 06.1734)
  m. (1676) Alexander Forbes, 3rd Lord of Pitsligo (d 12.1690)
  ii. Sir Francis Erskine (d unm 1662)
  iii. Elizabeth Erskine (d 1683)
  m. (20.07.1641) Archibald Napier, 2nd Lord of Merchiston (d 1660)
  iv. Mary Erskine (d unm)
  partner unknown
v. Annabella Erskine
  m. Robert Stewart of Culbeg
  m2. (07.12.1592) Marie Stuart (d 11.08.1644, dau of Esme Stuart, 1st Duke of Lennox)
  B. James Erskine, Earl of Buchan (d 01.1639-40)
  m1. Mary Douglas, (6th) Countess of Buchan (d 1628, dau of James Douglas, Earl of Buchan)
  i. James Erskine, 7th Earl of Buchan (d 10.1664)
  m. Marjory Ramsay (dau of William Ramsay, 1st Earl of Dalhousie)
  a. William Erskine, 8th Earl of Buchan (d unm 1695)
  William's successor for the earldom was his kinsman David Erskine, 4th Lord Cardross.
  b. Marjory Erskine
  m1. (1669) Simon Fraser of Inveralochy
  m2. (09.1683, sps) Charles Fraser, 4th Lord (b before 09.1662, d 12.10.1716)
c. Anne Erskine
  m. James Canaries
  d. Henrietta Erskine
  m. Thomas Forbes of Auchry (d 1701)
  e. Jean Erskine
  m. George Gray of Halkerton
  f. Margaret Erskine probably of this generation
  m. (23.02.1671) William Gray of Invereighty
  (1) Marjory Gray
  m. William Douglas, Provost of Forfar
  ii. John Erskine (dsp)
  iii. Mary Erskine
  m. Alexander Forbes, 2nd Lord of Pitsligo (d after 07.06.1690)
  iv. Margaret Erskine
  m. Sir James Graham of Airth
  v. Elizabeth Erskine (d unm)
  m2. Dorothy Knyvett (dau of Sir Philip Knyvett, Bart of Buckenham)
vi. Dorothy Erskine
  m. _ Walker
  C. Henry Erskine (dvp 1628)
  m. (after 14.12.1625) Margaret Bellenden (dau of Sir James Bellenden of Broughton)
  i. David Erskine, 2nd Lord Cardross (d 1671)
  m1. (mcrt 09.08.1645) Anne Hope (dau of Sir Thomas Hope, Bart of Craighall)
  m2. (1655) Mary Bruce (dau of Sir George Bruce of Carnock)
  D. Alexander Erskine
  p. AnnaBothwell (d c04.1625, dau of 1st Lord Holyroodhouse)
  i. Alexander Erskine (bpt 17.04.1622)
E. Sir Arthur Erskine (d Worcester 03.09.1651)
  m. (25.06.1628) Margaret Buchanan (dau of Sir John Buchanan of Scotscraig)
  i.+ issue - John, William
  F. Sir John Erskine (d before 1668) had issue
  m. (mcrt 1640) Margaret Inglis (dau of William Inglis of Otterstoun)
  G. Sir Charles Erskine of Alva (d 08.07.1663)
  m1. (mcrt 10.01.1639) Mary Hope (bpt 13.06.1620, dau of Sir Thomas Hope, 1st Bart of Craighall)
  i. Sir Charles Erskine, 1st Bart of Alva (b 04.07.1643, d 04.6.1690, 3rd son)
  m. (1670) Christian Dundas (dau of Sir James Dundas of Arniston)
  a. Sir James Erskine, 2nd Bart of Alva (d unm Landen 23.07.1693)
b. Sir John Erskine, 3rd Bart of Alva (d 12.03.1739)
  m. Catherine Sinclair or St. Clair (dau of Henry St. Clair, 10th Lord)
  (1) Sir Charles Erskine, 4th Bart of Alva (d Laffeldt 02.07.1747)
  m. (1743) Henrietta Fraser (dau of Col. Fraser of Dunballoch)
(2) Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Bart of Alva (d 07.08.1765, Lt. General)
  m. (1761) Janet Wedderburn (d 06.1797, dau of Peter Wedderburn of Chesterhall, sister of 1st Earl of Rosslyn)
  (A) Sir James Erskine, later St.Clair-Erskine, 6th Bart of Alva, 2nd Earl of Rosslyn (b 06.02.1762, d 18.01.1837)
  James inherited Rosslyn through his father's mother and the Earldom from his mother's brother who had chosen the title in anticipation of the earldom passing to James.
  m. (04.11.1789/90) Harriet Elizabeth Bouverie (b 1771, d 08.08.1810, dau of Hon. Edward Bouverie)
  (i) James Alexander St.Clair-Erskine, 3rd Earl of Rosslyn (b 15.02.1802, d 16.06.1866, General) had issue
  m. (10.10.1826) Frances Wemyss (d 30.09.1858, dau of Lt. Gen. William Wemyss of Wemyss)
  (ii) Henry Francis Erskine (b 1804, d unm 24.05.1829)
  (iii) Janet Erskine (d 16.11.1880)
  m. (10.11.1829)Bethell Walrond of Dufford House
  (B) John Erskine (d 10.02.1817)
  m. (1802) Mary Mordaunt (d 17.07.1821, dau of Sir John Mordaunt, Bart)
  (i) Mary Erskine (dsp 14.05.1892)
  m. (18.06.1856) Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 11th Bart (d 29.05.1898)
  (C) Henrietta Maria Erskine (d unm 1602.1820)
  c. Charles Erskine of Tinwald (d 05.04.1763, Lord Justice Clerk, Lord of Session as Lord Tinwald)
  m1. (21.12.1712) Grizel Grierson of Barjarg
  (1) Charles Erskine (b 23.10.1716, d unm 25.06.1749, MP)
(2) James Erskine of Barjarg and Alva (b 20.06.1722, d 13.05.1796, Lord of Session as Lord Barjarg then Lord Alva)
  m1. (19.09.1749) Margaret Macguire (d 1766, dau of Hugh Macguire of Drumdow)
  m2. Jean Stirling (dau of John Stirling)
  Uncertain who was the mother of which child.
  (A) John Erskine (b 30.12.1758, d 16.01.1793) had issue
  m. (23.08.1786) Christian Carruthers (dau of John Carruthers)
  (B) Isabella Erskine
  m. Lt. Col. Patrick Tytler (of Woodhouselee family)
(3) Jean Erskine appears to fit here
  m. William Kirkpatrick of Ailsland (b 1705, d 22.05.1778)
  (4) Christian Erskine (d 21.08.1755) appears to fit here
  m. (04.02.1733) Sir Robert Laurie, 4th Bart of Maxwelton (d 28.04.1779)
  m2. (26.08.1753) Elizabeth Harestanes (d 24.10.1806, dau of William Harestanes of Craigs)
  d. Robert Erskine (physician to the Czar of Russia)
  e. Helen Erskine
  m. (02.1691) John Haldane, 14th of Gleneagles (b 31.03.1660, d 26.06.1721)
f. Mary Erskine not mentioned by BP1934
  m. (mcrt 22.01.1685) Sir William Stirling, 2nd Bart of Ardoch (d 02.1702)
  ii. Mary Erskine described in TSP (Belhaven) as "eldest daughter", presumed of this marriage
  m. (31.08.1676) William Hamilton, 3rd of Wishaw (d c1726)
  iii.+ 2 sons (dvpsp)
  m2. Helen Skene (dau of Sir James Skene of Curriehill)
  v. John Erskine of the Sand Haven (Culross, Fife), Provost of Stirling (b 09.1660, d 1733, Colonel, MP)
  BP1934 (Queensberry) identifies John, father of Helen, as brother of Charles, 1st Bart of Alva. A contributor (TF, 16.12.04) kindly reported that he was the Colonel John Erskine who married Euphemia Cochrane and was father of Euphemia by that marriage. Thanks to another contributor (DR) for drawing our attention first (07.01.15) to HoP ("John Erskine") and then (21.01.15) to Margaret Young's 'The Parliaments of Scotland: Burgh and Shire Commissioners' where more information was found on his family.
  m1. (mcrt 17.04.1682) Jean Murray (dau of John Murray of Polmaise)
  a. John Erskine
  b. Helen Erskine (d 20.07.1754)
  m. (mcrt 08.09.1705) Sir William Douglas, 2nd Bart of Kelhead (d 10.10.1733)
  c. Margaret Erskine
m. William Erskine (son of Henry, 3rd Lord Cardross)
  m2. (29.04.1697, sp) Mary Maule (a 1708, dau of George Maule, 2nd Earl of Panmure, widow of Charles Erskine, Earl of Mar)
  m3. (1714) Euphemia Cochrane (dau of William Cochrane of Ochiltree)
  d. Mary Erskine (bpt 1715)
  m. (13.06.1737) Alexander Webster (minister of the Tolbooth, Edinburgh)
  e. Elizabeth Erskine (dvp?)
  f. Euphemia Erskine (d 11.01.1766)
  m. Sir Alexander Boswell, 8th of Auchinleck (b 1706, d 1782, Lord of Session as Lord Auchinleck)
  H. William Erskine (d unm)
  I. Mary Erskine (d 1648)
  m. (mcrt 12.10.1609) William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal (b c1585, d 28.10.1635)
  J. Anna Erskine (d 02.05.1640)
  m. (mcrt 28.12.1614) John Leslie, 6th Earl of Rothes (b c1597, d 23.08.1641)
  K. Margaret Erskine (dsps)
  m. (mcrt 19.06.1618) John Lyon, 2nd Earl of Kinghorne (b 13.08.1596, d 12.05.1646)
  L. Annabella Erskine (a 1608, d young)
  M. Catherine Erskine (d 05.02.1635)
  m. (mcrt 27.02.1622) Thomas Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Haddington (b 25.05.1600, d 30.08.1640)
2. Mary Erskine (dsp 1575)
  m. (13.06.1573) Archibald Douglas, 8th Earl of Angus, de jure Earl of Morton (d 04.08.1588)

Main source(s): TSP (Mar), BP1934 (Mar), BP1934 (Mar and Kellie), TSP (Buchan), BP1934 (Buchan), BP1934 (Rosslyn)
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