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Families covered: Brouncker of Boveridge, Brouncker of Earlstoke (Stoke Earl), Brouncker of Lyons, Brouncker of Melksham
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Robert (not William) Brunker of Melkesham (d before 17.02.1536/7)
m. _ Gouldinge (Gouldringe)
1. Henry Brunker of Brouncker of Melksham & Erlestoke, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d before 12.08.1568)
  m1. Elizabeth Braybrooke (dau of James Braybrooke of Abington)
  A. Joane Brouncker
  m. Ralph Jenings of Churchell, Somerset
  B. Elizabeth Brouncker
  m. Robert Davye of Norfolk
  m2. Ursula Yate (dau of Yate of Lyford)
C. Sir William Brouncker of Melksham and Stoke Earl or Earlstoke or Erlestoke, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d 27.03.1596)
  m. (c01.1568/9) Martha (not Mary) Mildmay (d before 23.08.1614, dau of Sir Walter Mildmay)
  i. Henry Brouncker of Melksham and Stoke Earl or Earlstoke (b c1574, d before 08.02.1600/1)
  m. Gertrude Sadlyer (d 18.02.1611/2, dau of Henry Sadlyer of Everley, she m2. Ambrose Dauntesey)
a. William Brouncker of Melksham and Stoke Earl or Earlstoke (a 1623)
  m. (14.03.1611/2) Anne Dauncey (dau of Sir John Dauncey of Lavington)
  (1) William Brouncker of Earlstoke (b c1620, a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Lambert apparent wife of William, presumed mother of his children
  BE1883 reports that this branch terminated in co-heiresses in 1707. The following connection is partly supported by VCH (Wiltshire, vol 7, 'Parishes: Erlestoke'). Information on Dauntesey's & Anne's spouses was kindly provided by a contributor (CV, 03.05.14).
  (A) Henry Brouncker of Erle Stoke or Earlstoke
  (B) Dauntesey Brouncker of Erle Stoke or Earlstoke (d 1693, 3rd son)
  m. Katherine Harman (d 1718, dau of Sir John Harman by Katherine)
(i) Katherine Brouncker
  m. John Baynton or Bayntun (b 1688, d 24.04.1716)
  (ii) Anne Brouncker
  m. James Townsend of Great Cheverell
  (2) Grace Brouncker (b c1617, a 1623)
  b. Grace Brouncker
  m. (24.06.1619) Thomas Hardinge of Salisbury
  ii. Mary Brouncker
  m. John Winter of Derham
iii. Anne Brouncker
  m. Sir John Jennings
  iv. Elizabeth Brouncker
  m. Hugh Halswell of Wells
  v. Grace Brouncker
  m. Sir Francis Wortelye, Baronet
  D. Sir Henry Brouncker or Brounker, Lord President of Munster (d 03.06.1607)
  m. Anne Parker (bur 22.05.1612, dau of ?? Parker, Lord Morley, sister of Lord Henry (?))
  i. Sir William Brouncker, 1st Viscount Brouncker of Lyons (b 1585, bur 20.11.1645)
  m. Winifred Leigh (d 30.07.1649, dau of Sir William Leigh of Newnham)
  a. William Brouncker, 2nd Viscount Brouncker of Lyons (b 1620, d unm 05.04.1684, President of the Royal Society)
  b. Henry Brouncker, 3rd Viscount Brouncker of Lyons (b c1624, dsp 04.01.1687-8)
  m. (c01.05.1661) Rebecca Rodway (widow of Thomas Jermyn, brother of Earl of St. Albans)
  c. Katherine Brouncker
  d. Elizabeth Brouncker
  m. Charles Skrymsher of Johnston
  ii. Henry Brouncker (3rd son)
  a. ?? Brouncker
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (1) Francis Brouncker
  (A) Henry Brouncker (bpt 1641, d 09.09.1720)
  (i) Francis Brouncker (b 15.09.1677, d 1739)
  (a) Henry Brouncker (b 18.07.1707, d 04.07.1769)
  ((1)) Lewis William Brouncker (b 25.09.1768, d 29.01.1812)
((A)) Henry Brouncker of Boveridge, Dorset (b 30.06.1767, d unm 05.1825)
  ((B)) Lewis William Brouncker (b 25.09.1768, d 29.01.1812)
  m. Harriot
  ((i)) Richard Brouncker of Boveridge, Sheriff (b 13.09.1801) had issue
  m1. (24.07.1827) Maryana Shuckburgh (d 29.11.1833, dau of Rev. Charles William Shuckburgh of Downton House)
  m2. (1836) Catherine Jane Burdett (dau of Capt. George Burdett of Longtown House by Catheirne Dorothea, dau of Col. William Browne by Frances, sister of Isaac Corry, Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland))
  ((ii)) Catherine Brouncker
  m. Thomas Whitmore Wylde Browne of Woodlands
  ((iii)) Barbara Brouncker
  m. Edgar Disney
((iv)) Catherine Brouncker
  m. John Willett of Merley House
  ((v)) Mary Brouncker
  m1. William Finch of Aldbury (Admiral, son of Earl of Aylesford)
  m2. William Strode
  ((vi))+ other issue - Francis, Henrietta, Mary, Annabella
  iii.+ other issue - Edward of Wadham College (dsp), 3 daughters
  E. Susan Brouncker
  m1. Robert Halswell of Gowthurst
  Thanks to a contributor (CV, 28.10.06) for advising us that this was the Susan who (also) married ...
  m2. Henry Gifford of Kings Samborne
  F. Anna Brouncker (d 1607)
  m. Edward Lange of Trowbridge (d 1622, son of Sir Henry of Whaddon)
  G. Elinor Brouncker (d unm)
2. Joane Brouncker
  m. John Smith of Cosham (d 1538)

Main source(s): Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Brunker), BE1883 (Brounckner, Viscount), Commoners (vol iv, Brouncker of Boveridge)
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