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Families covered: Lambert of Boyton, Lambert of Kirton, Lambert of Pinchbeck

Of this first family, Commoners reports that "The family of Lambert is supposed to derive from the De Lamberts of France, as both bear the same armorial ensigns." The family shown in the lower section had different arms and so presumably had no connection. They share this page for our convenience.
John Lambert of Kirton, Lincolnshire
1. Richard Lambert of Kirton
  A. John Lambert of Kirton
  m. Joane Conye of Lincolnshire
  i. Richard Lambert, Sheriff of London, 1st of Boyton in Wiltshire (d before 16.09.1567) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Alice Packington (dau of Humphry Packington)
  a. Edward or Edmund Lambert of Boyton (d before 24.02.1608/9)
Visitation identifies Richard's successor (who m. Anne Jackman) as "Edm." (Edmund or Edmond) with a separate Edward of Kevill (d before 16.01.1586/7) shown in italics. Commoners does not mention an Edmund or Edmond but shows Edward as married to ...
  m. Anne Jackman (bur 16.01.1618/9, dau of Edward Jackman of Hornchurch)
  (1) Edward Lambert of Boyton (d 1612)
  m. Dulcibella Swaine (dau of William Swaine of Gunville)
(A)+ issue - Elizabeth (m. ??), Maria (m. ??)
  (2) Thomas Lambert of Boyton (d 30.08.1638)
  m. Anne Dunche (bur 21.10.1649, dau of Walter Dunche of Avebury)
  (A) Edmund Lambert of Keevil (b c1613, d 1643)
  m. (25.05.1635) Elizabeth Cole (dau of Robert Cole of Willingale Doe)
  (i) Thomas Lambert of Boyton (d 1692)
  This is probably the Thomas who married (1656) Mary Bennett. Commoners just shows his marriage to ...
  m. Eleanor Topp (dau of Edward Topp)
  (a) Edward Lambert of Boyton (dsp 1738, MP)
  m. Sarah Blake (dau/heir of Peter Blake of Andover)
  (b) Thomas Lambert (rector of Boyton & Sherrington)
  m. Jane Coker (dau of Sir Henry Coker)
  ((1)) Jane Lambert
  m. Rev. R. Head
  ((2)) Eleanor Lambert
  m. John Mervin
  ((A)) Nelly Mervin (coheir)
m. William White
  ((i)) William Lambert White of Yeovil (a 1845)
  (c) Edward Lambert (rector of Orcheston)
m. Mary St. Barbe (dau of John St. Barbe of Salisbury)
  ((1)) Edmund Lambert of Bagshot, later of Boyton
  m. Anne
  ((A)) Edward Lambert of Boyton (d 1802)
  m1. (1758) Bridget Bourke (dau of John, Viscount Bourke of Mayo)
  ((i)) Aylmer Bourke Lambert of Boyton (a 1846)
m. Catharine Bowater (dsp 1828, dau of Richard Bowater of Witley)
  m2. (1774) Bridget Seymer (dau of Henry Seymer of Hanford)
  ((ii)) Anne Elizabeth Lambert (d young)
  ((iii)) Lucy Lambert
  m. John Bennett of Pyt House
  ((B)) William Lambert (dsp, "chief of Dacca")
  m. "Lady Hope"
  ((C)) Sarah Lambert
  m. Rev. James Verney of Gloucester
  ((D)) Anne Lambert
  m. (Richard) Scroop of Castlecoombe
  ((E))+ other issue - Edward (RN), Richard (d young), Mary (dsp infant?), Mary (dsp)
  ((2)) Edward Lambert of New Sarum (of the Middle Temple)
  m. Mary Norris of nonsuch
  ((A)) Edmund Lambert of Bromham (d 1808, Colonel)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1808) - Edmund, Edward
((B))+ other issue - Edward (rector of Freshfod), 2 daughters
  (d) Eleanor Lambert
  m. Richard Stokes
  (e) Anne Lambert
  m. Samuel Stokes
  (f) Deborah Lambert
  m. _ Kelly
  (g) Elizabeth Lambert
  m. _ Mills
  (ii) Elizabeth Lambert
  m. William Brouncker of Earl Stoke (grandson of Sir Henry of Melksam)
  (B) Thomas Lambert (b c1617, Archdeacon of Sarum)
  m1. Mary Benett (dau of Thomas Benett of Norton Bavant)
  (i) Thomas Lambert
  m2. Anne (widow of William Hearst of Saum)
  (C) Mary Lambert not mentioned by Visitation
  m. J. Bailey
(D)+ other issue - William (b c1616, a 1623), Walter of Sherington (b c1620, a 1623), John (b c1620, a 1623, dsp), Debora (b c1614, a 1623), Anna (b c1619, a 1623), Ruth (b c1621, d 19.12.1669), Martha (b 1622, a 1623)
  (3) Bridget Lambert
  m. Henry Barnes of Duntish Court
  (4) Elizabeth Lambert
  m. (27.08.1612) Christopher Eyres
  (5) Alice Lambert
  m. (05.08.1615) George Hussey of Charlton Horethorne
  (6) Anne Lambert
  Commoners shows that Anne married Sir G. Lambe but Visitation shows that she married ...
  m. (03.01.1596/7) John Lambe of Colston
  (7) Martha Lambert
m. Ellis Swayne
  (8) Jane Lambert
  m. A. Arney or Arneys
  (9) Mary Lambert
  m. (15.09.1617) William Poulton of Kingston Deverel
  (10)+ other issue - Edmund (d before 28.03.1618), John, Richard of Charlton Horethorne (d by 12.1638), Constance, Rebecca
  b. Jane Lambert
  m. J. Jackman
  c. (Margaret) Lambert
  m. John Reppes
  d.+ other issue - Richard of Sherrington, William of London (dsp), Edward of London (dsp), Giles of Oxnead, Elizabeth, Mary
  ii. John Lambert 'of London' had issue
  m. Caroline or Catherine Packington (dau of Humphry Packington)
  iii. Thomas Lambert of London



Christopher Lambert
m. Agnes (dau of Richard Bucock (Bullock?))
1. John Lambert
  m. Margaret Varr (b 1530-1, d 08.06.1615, dau of Amory Carr of Thornton)
  A. Sir Thomas Lambert of Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire (bur 26.07.1613)
  m. Susan Dymoke (bur 05.07.1620, dau of Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby, widow of Arthur Walpole of Pinchbeck)
  i. William Lambert (b 1591-2, bur 22.03.1665-6, 3rd son)
  a.+ issue - William (bpt 08.08.1619), John (bpt 17.01.1620-1), Isaac (bpt 12.11.1626)
  ii. Samuel Lambert (bpt 13.07.1595, bur 15.05.1643, youngest son)
  m. Rachel Bayley (bur 09.05.1656, dau of Thomas Bayley of Pinchbeck)
  a.+ issue - Thomas (bpt 03.08.1623, a 1634), William (a 1634), Leonard (bpt 14.03.1629-30, bur 08.08.1630), Jane (bpt 05.11.1620), Susan (bpt 25.09.1631, bur 02.12.1634), Susan (bur 02.01.1652-3), Elizabeth (bpt 14.09.1634, bur 08.10.1636)
  iii.+ other issue - Charles (b 1588-9, a 1592), Tailboys (bpt 22.03.1588-9, bur 09.05.1591), John (bpt 03.05.1593, bur 13.05.1593)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol 1, 'Lambert of Boyton', p66+), Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, 'Lambert')
(2) For lower section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, 'Lambert of Pinchbeck', p578)
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