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Families covered: Gifford of Castle Jordan, Giffard (Gifford) of Itchel (Ichel), Gifford of King's Samborne, Gifford of Weston-under-Edge, Gifford of Wooley Green

John Giffard of Boyton, Itchell, Norton, etc (d 1319)
1. John Giffard (b c1300, d 10.06.1327)
  A. John Giffard of Weston under Edge, Gloucestershire (b 27.09.1327, d before 1360)
  m. Alianore (d 24.11.1360)
i. Elizabeth Giffard (b c1351, d 03.11.1361)
2. William Giffard
  A. Sir John Giffard of Itchell, Hampshire (a 1379)
  i. ?? Giffard probable intervening generation
  a. John Giffard of Itchell (d 10.06.1444) the first person mentioned by BLGI1912 (Gifford late of Westbrook)
  m. Maud
(1) William Giffard of Itchell
  This generation is omitted by the family web site but is given by BLGI1912.
  (A) Robert Giffard (b c1418, dsp 03.08.1446)
  m. Johanna (d 27.03.1478)
  (B) John Giffard of Itchell (b c1429, a 1500)
  (i) Sir William Giffard or Gifford of Itchell (d 17.06.1549) - continued below
  m1. Ellenor Pawlett (dau of Sir John Pawlett)
  m2. Jane Rogers (dau of Sir John Rogers)
  (ii) John Giffard or Gifford of Northall, Middlesex
  (iii) Jane Giffard
  m. John Kingsmill (son of Richard of Basingstoke)



Sir William Giffard or Gifford of Itchell (d 17.06.1549) - continued above
m1. Ellenor Pawlett (dau of Sir John Pawlett)
1. John Gifford of Ichell
  m. Joane Bruges (dau of Henry Bruges of Berkshire)
  A. John Gifford of Ichell & Weston-under-Edge
  m. Elizabeth Throgmorton (dau of Sir George Throgmorton)
i. Sir George Gifford
  m. Eleanor Brydges (dau of Edmund Brydges, Lord Chandos)
  ii. Catherin Gifford
  m. William Moore of Haddon
  iii. Elizabeth Gifford
  m. _ Fitzhugh
  iv. Millicent Gifford
  m. John Clavell of Purbeck
  v. Grisegon Gifford
  m. Edward Gray (son of Lord Powis)
vi. Mary Gifford (d 05.1609)
  m1. Sir Richard Baker of Kent (d 1594)
  m2. Richard Fletcher, Bishop of Bristol
  m3. Sir Stephen Thornhurst
vii. Jane Gifford
  m. Edward Yate of Buckland (d 26.02.1596)
  viii. Anne Gifford (d 20.06.1647)
  m. Sir Alexander Brett of Whitstaunton
  ix.+ other issue - John of Charlbury, William (d 11.04.1629, Archbishop of Rheims), Richard, Francis, daughter (d young)
C. Ann Gifford BLG1952 (Wilson (formerly Goddard) of Clyffe Pypard) shows her a generation earlier
  m. Thomas Goddard of Upham and Ogborne St. George
  D.+ other issue - George, Joane, Allice, Mary
2. Richard Gifford of King's Samborne (Sunbourne), Hampshire (b c1499, d 15.11.1568)
  The Visitations show Richard a generation later (son of John by Joane Bruges). Provisionally, we follow the family web site in showing him as of this generation as that site has provided dates for Richard which appear to support this.
  m. Anne Goring (dau of John Goring of Burton)
  A. Sir Henry Gifford of King's Samborne (bur 03.11.1592)
  m. (c1570) Susan Bronckar (Bronckner) of Wiltshire
  i. William Gifford of Kings Samborne (bur 30.06.1597)
ii. Sir Richard Gifford of Kings Samborne (bur 28.06.1643)
  m. (16.05.1601) Winifred Wallop (dau of Sir Henry Wallop of Farley Wallop)
  a. Sir Richard Gifford of Kings Samborne (d before 17.02.1661/2)
  m. Anne Fleetwood (dau of Sir Gerrard Fleetwood)
  (1) Richard Gifford 'of Cannington' of Kings Samborne (b c1634, d before 04.11.1679)
  m. (01.07.1675) Mary Cridland (dau of Francis Cridland)
  (A) Jane Gifford (d 1702)
  m1. Fortescue Tynte (d 09.02.1694)
  m2. (03.1696) Hopton Wyndham
  m3. John Codrington
(2) Dutton Gifford of Wooley Green (bur 19.10.1722)
  m1. Anne (bur 04.02.1694)
  (A) Anne Gifford (b c1689, d 26.08.1776)
  m. (17.10.1722) William Pretty (rector of Thruxton)
  m2. Elizabeth
  (B) Richard Gifford of Wooley Green (bpt 23.10.1701, bur 04.06.1769)
  (C)+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 02.05.1698, d before 07.11.1772), Frances (bpt 09.08.1705, d unm 09.09.1772)
  (3)+ other issue - Gabriel, child
  b. Susannah Giffiord (d 05.05.1628)
  m. John St. John of Farley Chamberlayne (d 07.09.1627)
c. Elizabeth Giffiord
  m. _ Corbet
  d. Penelope Giffiord
  m. _ Anderson
  e.+ other issue - Henry (b c1611, bur 22.09.1634), William (bur 1615), Winifred (d 1644-5), Anne
  iii. John Giffiord (bur 24.11.1638, 4th son)
  m. (26.11.1606) Katherine Cutler
  a. Henry Gifford (bpt 17.04.1608, bur 02.12.1656))
  m. Catherine (bur 11.07.1656)
  (1)+ issue - Henry (bpt 23.05.1644), John (bpt 05.05.1646), Richard (bpt 19.03.1648), Elizabeth (bpt 09.08.1642)
  b. Richard Gifford (bpt 06.04.1609)
  m. (15.03.1636) Ann Earth of Dinton
c. Winifred Gifford (bpt 19.09.1612)
  iv. Anne Gifford (d 1651-2)
  m1. (04.01.1593/4) Sir Henry Portman, 1st Bart of Orchard (d 04.12.1612)
  m2. Thomas Nevill
  v. Dorothy Giffiord who probably married ...
  m. Philip Gifford of Lockerley (cousin) @@ below
  vi. Bridget Giffiord
  m. Sir Hercules Pawlett
vii.+ other issue - Henry/Harry, Catherine (bpt 12.05.1573), Elizabeth
  B. John Giffiord of East Tytherley (d 04.1576, to Ireland)
  m. Elizabeth Brabazon (dau of Sir William Brabazon, m2. Sir Henry Duke of Castle Jordan)
  i. Richard Gifford 'of Ballymagarett' of Castle Jordan, co. Meath (bur 14.05.1609? (not 1598?))
  m. Mary Duke (dau of Sir Henry Duke of Castle Jordan by Anne Moore)
  a. Sir John Gifford of Castle Jordan (d 24.04.1657)
  m. (c10.1636) Elizabeth Jephson (dau of Sir John Jephson by Elizabeth Norreys, m2. Bartholomew Purdon)
  The family web site reports that the following Sir Thomas was presumed son of Sir John. BEB1841 (Gifford of Castle Jordan) jumps from Richard (m. Mary Duke) to his grandson ...
(1) Sir Thomas Gifford of Castle Jordan, Bart (dsp 04.05.1662)
  m. (21.04.1662) Martha Temple (dau of Sir John Temple, Master of the Rolls in Ireland, sister of Sir Wlliam, Bart)
  The family web site indicates that there was at least one younger son who carried on the line at Castle Jordan. The following comes from TCB (vol 3. Gifford or Giffard of Castle Jordan) which reports that Sir Thomas's brother/heir was ...
  (2) John Gifford or Giffard of Castle Jordan (d 22.07.1676)
  (A) Duke Gifford or Giffard of Castle Jordan (d before 31.10.1713)
  m. Elizabeth Handcock (dau of William Handcock of Twyford)
  (i) 'Sir' Thomas Gifford of Castle Jordan, 'Bart' (b c1695, d 18.08.1761)
  TCB reports uncertainty as to whether or not this Thomas was created a baronet in his own right and/or was entitled to assume the baronetcy of his greatuncle. Neither his father nor his father assumed the earlier baronetcy whilst it seems to be unclear whether there was actually a new creation for this Thomas or it was presumed that there had been just because Thomas "assumed the style of a Baronet".
  m. (11.1716) Eleanor Edgeworth (d 05.1761, dau of Robert Edgeworth of Longwood by Catherine, dau of Sir Edward Tyrrell, Bart)
(a) 'Sir' Duke Gifford of Castle Jordan, 'Bart', Sheriff of King's County (d 02.1798)
  m. Mary Eustace (d 09.1784, dau/coheir of Alexander Eustace of Cradockstown by Jane, dau of Patrick Lattin of Morristown)
  ((1)) 'Sir' Duke Gifford 'of Bell Park' of Castle Jordan, 'Bart' (d 28.10.1801)
  m. (28.01.1781) Mary Arabella (or Anna Maria) Maddock (d 24.04.1833, dau of Rev. Hinton Maddock of Darland, m2. Marquess of Landsowne)
  ((A)) 'Sir' Thomas Richard Walter Gifford of Castle Jordan, 'Bart' (d unm 22.04.1802)
  ((2)) 'Sir' John Alexander Gifford of Castle Jordan, 'Bart' (d unm 09.1823)
((3)) Ellen Gifford probably of this generation
  m. Rev. Arthur Loftus
  b. Catherine Gifford
  m. Sir George St. George of Carrickdrumrusk (d 05.08.1660)
  c. Elizabeth Gifford probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Colley of Edenderry (d 1645)
  ii. Hampden (Harry) Gifford (bpt 19.05.1574, d unm by 1649)
  iii. Philip Gifford of Lockerley, Hampshire (bpt 06.10.1575, d c02.1653/4)
  m. Dorothy (probably dau of Sir Henry Gifford) @@ above
  a. William Gifford (bur 23.11.1631)
  (1) Richard Gifford (bpt 20.06.1622)
  m. (30.12.1652) Ann Pigott
  (2) William Gifford
b. Robert Gifford (bpt 08.08.1612, bur 30.10.1659, 4th son)
  The family web site notes "identity tentative" alongside Robert's name.
  (1)+ issue - Robert (bpt 06.04.1634, bur 26.02.1654), John (bpt 09.07.1643, bur 29.12.1648), Alice (bpt 19.11.1637, bur 10.05.1653)
  c. daughter
  m. _ South
  d.+ other issue - Philip (bpt 26.05.1608, d by 1666), Riichard (a 1654), Henry (bpt 09.03.1614), Constance (bpt 28.03.1616, bur 14.03.1617), Constance (bpt 10.05.1621, a 1644)
  C. William Gifford of Mottersfont, Hampsthire (bur 28.01.1621/2)
  D. Catherine Gifford
  m. Sir Henry Wallop of Co. Southampton (d 14.04.1599)
3. Mary Gifford
  m. William Jephson of Hardham
4. Jane Gifford
  m. Thomas Haydock of Greywell
5. Alice Gifford
m2. Jane Rogers (dau of Sir John Rogers)
6.+ other issue - Jerome, Elizabeth

Main source(s): the Gifford family web site at https://home.comcast.net/~pgifford11/WestonEdgeGifford.htm with some support for the lower section from Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, Gifford), Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623 (extended), Gifford)
[Part of the lower section was originally shown on Temp24 from 18.08.06 until it was absorbed above.]
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