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This section first uploaded on 30.03.08.
Robert Holdenby of Holdenby & Wold (d 06.1411)
m. (by 1375) Maud, heiress of Wold (b c1348, dau of William de la Carnail)
1. John Holdenby of Holdenby & Wold
  A. John Holdenby of Holdenby & Wold (2nd son)
  i. William Holdenby of Holdenby & Wold
  m. Eleanor Mortimer (dau of John Mortimer of Grendon by Anne Longueville)
  a. William Holdenby of Holdenby & Wold (d 07.1498)
  (1) John Holdenby of Holdenby & Wold (b1488, dspms)
  m. Joce (d 1511)
  b. Elizabeth Holdenby
  m1. Henry Hatton of Holdenby
  m2. _ Giles
  ii. John Holdenby of Holdenby Isham (d c1456)
  m. Joan Mortimer (dau of John Mortimer of Grendon by Anne Longueville)
  a. William Holdenby of Holdenby Isham
  m. Agnes (m2. _ Nevill)
  (1) William Holdenby of Holdenby Isham
  B. Jane Holdenby possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Dyve of Brampton
  C. Elizabeth Holdenby possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Mordaunt of Turvey (a 1422)



This section first uploaded on 03.04.08.
Reignold (Reginald) Ragon 'of East Haddon' of Bromham, Bedfordshire (a 1417)
m. Elizabeth Woodville (sister/heir of Thomas Woodville of Grafton)
1. John Ragon
  A. Agnes Ragon
  m. Thomas Wylde of Bromham
  i. Elizabeth Wylde
  m1/2. Henry Dyve of Bromham
  m2/1. William Salisbury of Horton, Northamptonshire
  a. Mary Salisbury
  m. William, Lord Parr of Horton (d 10.09.1546)
  b. Elizabeth Salisbury
  m. John Enderby of Stratton



This section first uploaded on 05.09.13.
John Mylsent of Bergham (Barham?) in Linton, Cambridgeshire (d 27.05.1577)
m1. Elizabeth Gyll (d 10.11.1555, dau of John Gylle of Wydial))
1. Robert Millescent of Barham Hall, Linton the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Etheldred (Audrey) Maynard (bur 27.08.1618, dau of (Sir) John Maynard of St. Albans)
  A. Sir Roger Millecent or Millicent of Barham Hall, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire (d 10.1621)
  m1. Allice Gray (widow of William Cook of Chishill Hall)
  i.+ issue - Robert, Henry, Etheldred (d young)
  m2. Amphilis Grymes (dau of Richard Grymes of Foulsham)
  iv.+ other issue - Amphillis, Katherin
m2. (26.11.1564) Agnes Fleetwood



This section first uploaded on 20.09.17.
Alexander Baillie of Dunean
m. Catherine Monro (dau of George Monro of Milntown)
1. William Baillie (8th?) of Dunean
2. David Baillie, 1st of Dochfour
3. Catherine Baillie
  m. _ Fraser (son of Hugh of Culbokie)



This section first uploaded on 25.09.17.
Sampson Gideon of Stepney, Middlesex (d 17.10.1762, "a Portuguese Jew of immense wealth")
m. Jane Ermell (d 12.12.1778, dau of Charles Ermell)
1. Sampson Gideon, later Eardley of Belvedere (Kent) & Spalding (Lincolnshire), Lord Eardley of Spalding (b 10.10.1745, d 25.12.1824, MP)
  m. (06.12.1766) Maria Marowe Wilmot (b 07.1743, d 01.03.1794, dau of Chief Justice Sir John Eardley Wilmot by Sarah Rivett)
  A. Maria Marowe Gideon or Eardley (b 22.11.1767, d 05.09/10.1834)
  m. (09.1794) (George William Twisleton, later Twisleton-Fiennes, later Eardley-Twisleton-Fiennes) Lord Saye & Sele
  B. Charlotte Elizabeth Gideon or Eardley (d 15.09.1820)
  m. (22.09.1792) Sir Culling Smith, Bart
  C. Selina Gideon or Eardley
  m. (1797) John Walbanke Childers
  D.+ other issue - Sampson (b 29.12.1770, dvp unm 21.05.1824), William (b 22.05.1755, dvp 17.09.1805, Lt. Colonel)



This section first uploaded on 28.06.20.
Gilbert Wye of co. Antrim
1. Mossom Wye (b 1662, d 03.01.1726/7, vicar of St. Peter's, Drogheda)
  m1. _ Piers
  A. William Wye (b 1684, rector of Drogheda & Dunleer)
  m. Jane Brabazon (dau of William Brabazon of Rath House)
  i. Elizabeth Wye (b 1712, d 1782)
  m. (1740) John Urmston
  ii.+ other issue - Brabazon (b 1713), Thomas (b 1715)
  B.+ other issue including Charles (rector of Dromiskin)
  m2. (29.06.1726) Elizabeth Jeans
2. Rebecca Wye
  m. Rev. Adam Ussher



This section first uploaded on 24.02.21
Berry shows arms for this family as "Vair, a chief or". Visitation shows that quartered with another set of arms. Both identify the following John as a 2nd son.
John Tichborne of Cowden, Kent (2nd son)
1. John Tichborne of Cowden (a 1619)
  A. Richard Tichborne of Cowden (a 1619)
  m. Dorothy Saxbie (dau of John Saxbie)
  i. Friswid Tichborne
  m. (by 1619) Thomas Wickenden
  ii. Ann Tichborne
  m. (by 1619) Giles Glid
  iii. Joanna Tichborne who apparently married ...
  m1. John Botting
  m2. John Knight of Cowden (bpt 18.10.1612, bur 12.08.1644)
  iv.+ other issue (a 1619) - Thomas (b c1594), Richard, John, Dorothy, Mary



This section first uploaded on 24.02.21
Visitation (1633-4) identifies the arms of this family as "Or, an eagle displayed sable, beak and legs or, and charged on the breast with a cross patée of the second".
Thomas Lyndsey of Dent, Yorkshire
m. Margaret Hodgson of Dent
1. Miles Lyndsey of Dent
  m. Katherine Ingledue (dau/heir of William Ingledue by Allice Bate)
  A. Edward Lyndsey of Bucksted, Sussex (d 29.03.1630)
  m. Mary Nightingale (dau/coheir of John Nightingale of London)
  i. Richard Lyndsey (b c02.1610, d before 23.05.1664)
  m. Sarah Bish (dau of Edward Bish or Bysshe of Smallfield)
  a. Edward Lyndsey (bur 1657)
  ii. Anne Lyndsey
  m. Goddard Gravenor of Messingham
  iii. Martha Lyndsey
m. Robert Pickering of East Grinsted
  iv. Mary Lyndsey
  m. Lionell Smith (son/heir of Christopher of Buckhurst)
  iv. Elizabeth Lyndsey
  v. Rebecca Lyndsey
  m. Robert Shoebridge of Buxted (d before 21.11.1670)
  v. Jane Lyndsey
  m. (19.12.1637) William Brigden of Buxted
  vi. Sibilla Lyndsey 
  m1. Thomas Gilbert of Uckfield
  m2. (c03.1647-8) Richard Knight of Cowden (bur 31.10.1692)

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